Best Bilge Pump Reviews 2023

Do you need a bilge pump and are you confused with the numerous options out there? You’re in luck, as we have done extensive research on these pumps and have found five top quality brands, so all you have to do is read our review. We have picked one product from each brand to showcase, but in the unlikely event that none of the featured ones meet your requirements, check the other models offered by these brands through the various links in our review. You simply can’t go wrong with any of these companies.
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Our Top Choice
SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump Hose
SeaSense relies on extensive research and customer feedback to design and create quality, reliable bilge pumps.
Lightweight and rust-resistant. Has an anti-leak design with a removable hose that makes it easy to store. The compact design lets it reach into small, tight areas.
Its manual operation restricts it to small-scale applications.
Hand pump
1100 GPH
36 x 36 in.
18 x 20 in; 1 lb.
Best Value
Rule Submersible Bilge Pump
Rule sells high-quality, long-lasting, and superior-performing bilge pumps that are rust-resistant and high- powered.
Compact design. Made of strong durable materials. Silent and vibration-less operation. Rust- and corrosion- protected.
It does not have a built-in float switch.
500 GPH
3 x 4 in.
12 volts
3.5 x 6 x 7.5 in
Seaflo 12 Volt Electric Bilge Pump
Seaflo prides itself on manufacturing high-quality, functional and versatile bilge pumps with many applications, from agricultural to residential.
Encased in high-impact ABS housing. Operates silently and without vibration, and has anti-airlock protection and exclusive moisture tight seals.
Isolated complaints that it cannot handle debris.
3700 GPH
1 x 1 in.
12 volts
7.28 x 5.49 x 7.16 in; 0.3 lbs
Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Pump
Seattle Sports is committed to maintaining a high standard in the manufacture of high-performance bilge pumps and other gear.
Comfortable, easy-to-grip rubber handle. Made with high-impact heavy-duty plastic. Compact for quick and easy storage.
It is manually operated.
Hand pump
Not Specified
1 x 1 in.
Not Specified
21.5 x 4.8 x 3 in; 0.75 lbs
Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump
Shoreline Marine is known for manufacturing marine and boating accessories, as well as bilge pumps to keep water out of your boat.
Motor is housed in tough thermoplastic casing. Easy to install. Comes with mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware, and can handle extended use.
Not automatic.
600 GPH
3 x 4 in.
3.6 x 5.5 x 8.2 in; 0.5lbs

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What is the Best Bilge Pump?

What type of pump you should buy depends on exactly what you need it for and how you need it to perform. Do you want one with high GPH, one with voltage protection, or just one that won’t cost you a fortune while doing a great job? Just keep your requirements in mind while reading these reviews and we're sure you will find one that suits your needs.
Our Top Choice
If you need a bilge pump that will do the job without compromise, you can’t go wrong with the SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump. It is a highly effective unit that can be used to pump out even muddy water without any adverse effects. Do you need a pump for your boat? Get the SeaSense 1100 GPH Bilge Pump to help you pump more water in less time.

SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump Hose – Available in 4 Sizes


SeaSense manufactures rigorously tested, innovative products, ensuring superior quality and functionality in order to meet and surpass customers’ expectations. This brand has been around since 1984 and sure has the experience. It is a well trusted brand in the marine industry.

The SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump ($36.95) comes in different sizes. The one you choose will depend on what you need it for. It has an anti-leak design with a removable hose, making it easy to store. It is lightweight and rust-resistant. This and its compact design make this bilge pump good for reaching small and narrow areas to pump out water.

Its high-impact handle is ergonomically designed for easy grip. There is a plunger spacer at the end of the shaft inside the tube that prevents the shaft from coming up too far and misaligning the plunger washer, which forces water up and out through the outlet and into the hose.

This pump can be used for very dirty water, as it will not suck in mud and rocks. This makes it very useful for irrigation repairs. Just make sure you pump some clean water through it and flush out the muddy water to avoid blockage. You can also change the hose if the one that comes with it is not long enough. It will not affect the pump's functionality in any way.

This pump is ideal for small, tight areas.

Best Value
The Rule 25D Submersible Bilge Pump features an easy-clean snap-lock strainer with silent and vibration-less operation. This pump is rust- and corrosion-protected, and very durable. If you prefer a bilge pump that has similar features but is automatic, go for the Rule 25S Automatic Bilge Pump.

Rule 25D Submersible Bilge Pump, 500/1100 Gallon Per Hour, 12 Volt DC, Non-Automatic


Rule was founded in 1974 with the aim of selling water pumps, pumping systems, and accessories. Since then, it has partnered with over fifty major high-end manufacturers, making water pumps for residential, agricultural, commercial, and industrial applications. Its products are of superior quality and functionality in addition to being budget-friendly.

The Rule 25D Submersible Bilge Pump ($19.82) is a non-automatic 500-gallon-per-hour, 12V DC pump that works excellently for a humble price tag. It features an easy-clean snap-lock strainer with silent and vibration-less operation. It has a compact design and is made of strong, durable materials.

This pump is fitted with marine-grade blocked wiring, which protects and extends the motor's life. It features anti-airlock protection and ignition protection, and will not burn out if it runs on dry. This pump is also rust- and corrosion-protected, as it is fully submersible. It is recommended for smaller applications.

The Seaflo 12 Volt Electric Bilge Pump is electric and fully submersible. Its heavy-duty motors have stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies for maximum protection. If what you need is a bilge pump with a lower GPH, but that's automatic and has an auto float switch, get the Seaflo Automatic Submersible Boat Bilge Water Pump. It's also submersible.

Seaflo 3700 GPH 12v Boat Marine Plumbing Electric Bilge Pump


Seaflo specializes in researching, designing and manufacturing micro pumps, pressure systems, AC/DC pumps, DC blowers and other related accessories that are used in the marine, industrial, agricultural, and water sports industries. It also takes responsibility for the supply and marketing of its numerous products, as well as after-sales services, ensuring you get a great user experience.

The Seaflo 12 Volt Electric Bilge Pump ($104.99) is electric and fully submersible. It is ideal for use in a boat to pump out water from a leaking cabin or from an errant wave. The pump is encased in high-impact ABS housing. Its heavy-duty motors have stainless steel shafts and tough thermoplastic bodies for maximum protection.

Its unique automatic discharge function can endure long-term continuous operation. How’s that for heavy-duty? This small pump is highly efficient and can pump out 3700 gallons of water per hour. This pump comes in 12 and 24 volt versions. It operates silently and without vibration, and has anti-airlock protection and exclusive moisture-tight seals.

The Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Pump features a very comfortable, easy-to-grip rubber handle for convenient use. It is super-lightweight, and its compact design makes it easy to store. If you already have a bilge pump for your boat, you should also have a safety kit for extra assurance. Look no further than the Seattle Sports Deluxe Safety Kit, with paddle float, safety whistle, and multistrobe.

Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Pump in High Visibility Yellow


Seattle Sports was founded in 1983 by two brothers who are paddlers themselves. They wanted to create dry bags that would reliably seal out water and ensure dry and safe paddling. This brand was one of the first companies to manufacture dry bags using radio frequency seam welding. Since then, Seattle Sports has been manufacturing other products, such as paddling and car top accessories, camping gear, and boat carts.

The Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Pump ($19.74) features a very comfortable, easy-to-grip molded rubber handle for convenient use. Its neon green color is quite bright for added visibility. You can add a one-inch internal diameter hose to this pump to route water further away from your boat, though this is not necessary. At 12 ounces, this is a super-lightweight pump, which is easy to use and compact for quick storage. It is constructed with high-impact heavy-duty plastic.

Here are some other great products by Seattle Sports:

  • Seattle Sports Breakaway Bilge Pump -- Modular bilge pump with an aluminum shaft and an eight-gallon-per-minute capacity
  • Seattle Sports Bilge Pump with Float -- Comes with an eight-gallon-per-minute capacity and foam collar to keep it afloat if dropped into water accidentally
  • Seattle Sports Basic Safety Kit -- Starter kit for boaters with safety whistle, paddle float, dual-chamber and paddlers bilge pump
The Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump 600 GPH is easy to install and has universal mounting that does not need any modification. It comes with mounting brackets and stainless steel hardware. If you would like this same product but with more GPH, you’re in luck! The Shoreline Marine 800 GPH Bilge Pump is what you need.

Shoreline Marine 600 Gallons Per Hour Bilge Pump


With Shoreline Marine’s wide range of after-market marine and boating parts and accessories, it has you covered from bow to stern. After many years of experience, this brand knows all about the usual problems encountered in boating and related activities, and seeks to provide valuable solutions through its high-quality products. It also has step-by-step videos and instructions available to help out its numerous do-it-yourself fans.

The Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump 600 GPH ($13.73) pumps out 600 gallons per hour through its ¾-inch output hose. This electric pump is easy to install and has universal mounting that does not need any modification. It comes with mounting bracket and stainless steel hardware. Its motor is housed in tough thermoplastic casing.

There are other bilge pumps from this brand. Some of them are listed below:

  • Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump (Manual 36 inches) -- Delivers high flow for emergency use and is great for dinghies, canoes and small boats
  • Shoreline Marine 1100 GPH Bilge Pump – An easy-to-install unit with rugged plastic housing and quality tinned wire ends
  • Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump (Manual 24 inches) -- Designed for use on dinghies, canoes and small boats, and great to have in case of emergency

How Do I Choose the Best Bilge Pump?

Let’s delve into a situation that has unfortunately happened to many sailors:
What was that sound?

      I think we just hit something and there's been some damage to the hull.

Are we taking in water?

      Yes, we seem to be taking in water.

How much water?

      Quite an amount and it's coming in steadily.

Are you bailing now?

      Not yet.

WHAT? Bail as fast as you can. Bail! Bail!! Bail!!!Lucky for you, this does not need to be the scenario if you’ve got yourself a handy bilge pump. All experienced sailors are used to having their vessels take on water. They may not all be as dramatic as the exchange above, but in any case, whether it’s just a huge wave or rain splashing water into the boat, or any number of other reasons, having water sit there is not a good thing.

Water sitting in boats for too long can result in a couple of complications. It can damage the boat’s hull, create imbalance in the ship, it can even lead to the creation or widening of a leak in the hull. For these reasons, it’s always important to remove this water as soon as it collects. The good old-fashioned way of doing this is by bailing the water out using bowls or buckets, which is highly inefficient, to say the least.

Bilge pumps are the more efficient means of removing water that collects in any vessel – big or small. A bilge pump works by using pressure to direct water through tubes and out of its hose. This highly effective device can be the difference between smooth sailing and a disaster. Whether you use an inflatable boat, canoe, kayak, or a yacht, it is imperative to have a means to remove water quickly and regularly.

Bilge pumps are a necessary addition for safe sailing and they come in different power ratings, sizes and more. Finding the best bilge pump for your boat can be a confusing process, but in this guide, we will help simplify the process for you.


We understand that you need a good bilge pump. We also understand that you may not have all the money to spend on this important item. With this in mind, we went ahead and conducted thorough investigation to ascertain how much a good bilge pump will cost. From our research, we found that a good bilge pump can be bought for anywhere between $15 and $100.

A bilge pump’s price is based on factors including the type of bilge pump, the output, the power, and more. What you will choose depends on your budget and the features that are critical for you. There certainly are more expensive ones as well as cheaper ones that didn’t fit our qualifications. While you can of course choose to invest in the more expensive ones if they have the features you desire, we decided to leave out cheap pumps, and advise you to do the same, as they often perform inadequately.


Finding the bilge pump that will most effectively serve your specific needs can be difficult if you don’t know what to look out for. To makes this easier for you, we have detailed some important features for you to consider in order to make the best decision possible. These include:

  • Type
  • Output
  • Power
  • Size and Shape
  • Hose
  • Protection
  • Portability
  • Float Switch

Now let’s examine these a little further.

Construction and Design

There are different types of bilge pumps which can be differentiated by their methods of operation. There are the hand pumps which require the force of manual pumping to work, the manually activated pumps which need to simply be switched on/off, and finally, the automatic pumps, which will automatically suck water when they detect it. The different types obviously mean different levels of convenience during operation. Of all the different types, only the hand pumps do not need any form of electricity to work, which can give them the advantage over the other pumps in certain situations.

The rate at which the bilge pumps remove water is also very important for consideration. This is measured in GPH (gallons per hour), which determines how effective the pump is. Bilge pumps with higher than normal GPHs are best for big or fragile vessels. They are also better in cases with greater water intake which threatens the safety of you, your passengers, and your vessel, as they allow the water to be sucked out more rapidly.

Some bilge pumps depend on electricity to function, such as manual and automatic pumps. These will usually need to be plugged to an electrical outlet from time to time in order to function, so it is important to make sure your boat is able to provide this power. Each bilge pump will also have its own voltage, leaving it up to you to determine if it suits you and your boat.

Bilge pumps come in different sizes and shapes. Hand pumps have a similar narrow tube shape, while others might have a more rounded shape. This can be of importance with regards to how much space there is and where it can be stored when not in use. This can be more important with smaller boats which have limited space capabilities compared to larger boats.

The hose is the portion of the bilge pump that funnels the water out. This can be an attachable pipe or a protruding plastic portion of the bilge pump. Some pumps are designed to allow you to attach a pipe of any length you want.

Performance and Ease of Use

A device like a bilge pump will frequently come into contact with water. This can lead to rust and corrosion in its various parts. Certain bilge pumps brands take this into consideration and make sure they use materials that are rust and corrosion protected or provide parts with extra coverings for the more sensitive parts.

Some bilge pumps are more portable than others, and some with detachable hoses, this can be important based on the size of the boat. Certain boats or canoes have little space and therefore should be outfitted with the smallest pump possible.

The float switch is one of the more important parts of an automatic bilge pump. The float switch will automatically engage the pumping function of the bilge pump when the water level gets to a preset point. This can be a very convenient addition, but you must be careful to not be overly reliant on it, as it could lead to dangerous mishaps if it happens to malfunction.

Get the Best Bilge Pump of 2023!

Now that you’re finished reading our review, we hope you have all the information you need to confidently purchase a pump that will serve you the best.

Our Top Choice
SeaSense Hand Bilge Pump Hose
Best Value
Rule Submersible Bilge Pump
Seaflo 12 Volt Electric Bilge Pump
Seattle Sports Paddler’s Bilge Pump
Shoreline Marine Bilge Pump