Best Binder Reviews 2023

Shopping for a binder whether online or offline is not an easy task. This is because there are many products out there and also many factors to consider before making a choice. For this reason, we have undertaken a thorough research on the subject. At the end of our research, we came up with a list of some of the best binder brands in the market. This would help narrow down your search while giving you options from brands that offer top quality products. We also have lists of other good binders from these brands and we assure you that any product you choose from them would give you good value for your money. You can also check out our other review on zipper binders if you’re interested.
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Our Top Choice
Cardinal 4-Pack 1.5” D-Ring Binders
Cardinal offers office solutions that are meant to enhance workplace efficiency. These products come at affordable prices with hassle-free delivery and great customer service.
Made with 100% recycled fiber. Long-lasting poly material. No-glare transparent overlay. Back mounted D-rings with dual opening and closing triggers. Holds 25% more sheets.
Not tough enough for heavy duty use.
With pockets
1 subject notebook
D; 3 rings; 1.5 inches
10.4 x 4.7 x 11.6 inches; 4lbs
Black; red; blue; green
Best Value
Five Star Flex 1” Hybrid NoteBinder
Five Star is a part of ACCO family of brands, manufacturers and distributors of home, office and school supplies. Its products are easy to use, functional and budget-friendly.
Can hold 200 sheets. Laminated plastic covers. TechLock ring. Comes with 20 quad ruled sheets and 60 college ruled sheets. Five plastic pocket dividers. Self-sticking labels.
The plastic covers are easily damaged with use.
2-pocket and prong
1 subject notebook; 200 sheets
Round; 3 rings; 1 inch
10.5 x 1.25 x 11.5 inches; 1.2lbs
6 colors available
Case-it King Sized Zip Tab Binder
Case-it makes top quality binders that help you in the hard task of organizing your busy life. Its products are top quality, affordable and backed with money-back guarantees.
Extra-large 4-inch D-rings. 5-tab file folder. Made with top quality Kraft board. Inbuilt shoulder strap and handle. Gusseted zipper for folder. Inner pocket for extra storage.
Inner pocket makes the folder a bit difficult to zip
Zippered; 5-color tabbed files
7 subject notebooks
D; 3 rings; 4 inches
13 x 5.2 x 14.6 inches; 2.5lbs
8 colors available
Avery Durable View Binder
Avery Products Corporation started January 1st 1935 and has consistently provided innovative solutions for organizing and making life at home, school or work less stressful.
Made with DuraHinge and DuraEdge designs. Deep texture coating with a linen design. 2 inner pockets for extra storage. Holds 500 sheets. 2’’ slant rings. Customizable cover.
The rings are not easy to open.
2 pockets
500 sheets
Slant; 3 rings; 2 inches
11 x 3 x 11.6 inches; 1lb
9 colors available
Wilson Jones 362 Basic Round Ring Binder
Wilson Jones’ goal is to enable you manage your life, maximize time and achieve your goals with products that simplify organization and remove stress from your daily life.
Made with PVC-free polypro material. Two inner pockets for extra storage. Three 1-inch round rings. Holds 175 sheets. Clear and customizable spine and cover sleeves.
Not strong enough for heavy duty or rigorous use.
2 opaque interior pockets
175 sheets
Round; 3 rings; 1 inch
10 x 1.4 x 11.3 inches; 0.3lbs
White; black

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What is the Best Binder?

Binders come with differing features that meet different individual preferences. Therefore to get what’s best for you, you have to note the features that meet your specification and look out for it when you go shopping. It is the satisfaction that you get from your purchase that determines whether you got the best binder for you or not.
Our Top Choice
Save yourself the hassle of looking for loose sheets or documents by organizing them all with the Cardinal Binder. It’s made with non-stick material that ensures that there’s no toner or ink smudge on your documents. Looking for more office supplies for documentation and presentations, check out the Cardinal ShowFile Display Book with Custom Cover Pocket

Cardinal 4-Pack Fashion View 1.5" D-Ring Binders - Available in Assorted Colors or White

Cardinal is a manufacturer and distributor of office supplies; it is proud to partner with you in productivity. Its office solutions are meant to be time and effort saving and make office management easier. It understands that for a workplace to be productive, a number of things have to be properly orchestrated. And that’s why it simplifies and centralizes the whole process of placing orders and the logistics involved so that you can concentrate on major business issues.

It has been in business for over sixty years and has gained a broad range of experience that helps it to make products that serve to enhance workplace efficiency. It also makes these products available at affordable prices, with free next day delivery and excellent customer service that would promptly take care of any issues arising from your orders or delivery.

Tired of looking for class notes, recipe sheets or one important document or the other? The Cardinal Binder provides a convenient solution. It is great for organizing and storing those loose sheets and documents and is made with top quality non-stick PVC–free poly material which ensures that whatever material you store in the binder remains in good condition. The transparent overlay doesn’t reflect light and gives you the liberty to personalize your binder on every side; this helps you to label your binder for quick identification of its contents. It also has back mounted D-rings that have double triggers for opening and closing it and the cover boards are made from fully recycled fiber.

Cardinal has many other binders that are appropriate for different types of documentation. Listed below are a few of these binders…
  • Cardinal SuperLife Pro Easy Open ClearVue Locking Slant-D Ring Binder, 1.5-Inch, Black (54661): This binder is made with heavy duty and sturdy poly construction and has a spine and front cover that you can personalize. The rings are easy to open, close and lock with just one touch. The poly materials is PVC free and doesn’t stick which means your documents remain in good condition; no smudged toner or ink. It also has interior pockets in the front and the back
  • Cardinal Economy Round Ring View Binders, 1 Inch, Black, 4 per Pack (79512): It’s made with good quality Poly material that wouldn’t stick to whatever is stored in it. The transparent overlay allows you to personalize it on every side and it has a round metal ring that’s mounted on the back. The cover boards are made from hundred percent recycled fiber
  • Cardinal Premier Easy Open ClearVue Locking Round Ring Binder, 3-Inch, White (11130CB): This binder has rings that are easy to open, close and lock with just a touch and it received an award from the Arthritis Foundation for ease of use. The cover is made with PVC - free and non-stick transparent material which ensures that whatever material you store in it doesn’t stick to it and also allows you to customize the three sides. It also has four pockets inside for better organization and three inches white locking round rings
  • Cardinal SuperLife Pro Easy Open ClearVue Locking Slant-D Ring Binder, 1.5 Inch, Blue (54420): This binder is made with non stick poly material and has two inner pockets. The cover is tough and also non stick to ensure that whatever material you store in it remains in good condition. The rings are easy to open and close and the transparent overlay on the front cover allows you to personalize it
  • CRD14022 - Cardinal SuperLife Easy Open Locking Slant-D Ring Binder: This binder is made with heavy duty construction and has a lifetime warranty on the cover. The rings are easy to open, close and lock with just a touch and the double fold hinge is guaranteed against damage. The material also ensures that you can transfer materials without damaging them and the adhesive labels on the spine makes it easy for you to identify its contents
Best Value
Organize your loose papers and documents and take notes in class with The Five Star Binder. It’s versatile and has the flexibility to be used like a notebook and also a binder with adequate capacity to hold 200 sheets. If you’re looking for paper that would work well with the Five Star binders, we recommend the Five Star Filler Paper

Five Star Flex 1-Inch Hybrid Note Binder - Available in 6 Colors

Five Star is part of ACCO, a family of brands that provide office, school and home supplies. Five Star manufactures products that provide students with premium grade educational tools required for success at school. ACCO brands have more than 150 years of experience in helping people and businesses to learn, plan and organize stuff in everyday life. These long years of experience enable Five Star to provide unique products that are on the cutting edge and follow market trend. These products are easy to use, functional and affordable and made with durable materials such that most of them come with guarantees. An example of this are binders; they all come with a guarantee to last for one school year without cracking or falling apart even under rigorous daily use.

The Five Star Binder is versatile and has the flexibility to be used like a notebook and also a binder. You can use this binder to organize your loose sheets, class notes and handouts and other documents and also fold the cover back to use as a notebook. It has the capacity to hold as many as two hundred sheets and three strong rings to keep these sheets firmly in place. Its laminated plastic covers and the TechLock rings contribute to its flexibility. It comes in variety of colors to allow you to have a different NoteBinder for each subject. This binder comes with twenty quad lined sheets and sixty college-lined sheets, five plastic pocket dividers and self-sticking labels that allow you to easily identify the contents. It is guaranteed to last through the school year!

Five Star has other wonderful binders that you can select from; check out these ones…
  • Five Star Zipper Binder, 2 Inch 3 Ring Binder, Expansion Panel (29052): This two-inch binder is sturdily built and is guaranteed to last all year. It has the capacity to hold up a combination of 580 sheets; inner five pocket expandable file that can hold 200 sheets and a 3-ring device that can hold 380 sheets. It also has an external expansion panel that provides storage and easy access to your textbooks or notebooks. The color sent out on order is chosen randomly so you'll get any color that’s available.
  • Five Star Binder Pocket Folder,12 Pack: Made of a long lasting one-piece plastic construction it’s strong enough to withstand damage that comes with the usage. It has tabs inside the pocket file that holds the papers in place and the backed spine also contributes to keeping your papers firmly in place. It has opaque cover that allows you to personalize it and keep your binder neat.
  • Five Star 2" Durable Zipper Binder, (72540): Made of quality water-resistant material, it has a total capacity to hold 530 sheets and is guaranteed to last the whole year. The zipper pocket gives you a secure place to store smaller items and supplies. It has double zippers that allow you to quickly access the contents and a durable handle for ease of transportation.
  • Five Star Zipper Binder, 2 Inch 3 Ring Binder (29036BB7): It’s made with long lasting material that’s water resistant. It has three detachable file folders that can contain 150 papers and two inch rings that can contain 380 sheets. It has a zipper pocket that you can use to store small items, dual zippers for easy and quick access to contents and a strong handle for ease of transportation.
  • Five Star Zipper Binder (29052): It's made of durable materials that guarantee that it would last you the whole year. The external expansion panel helps you to keep your notebooks and textbooks and access them easily; the inner five-pocket expanding file allows you to organize 200 sheets while the three-ring devise allows you to store 380 sheets. It also has outer pockets, pen hooks and coupled mesh inner pockets and zippered closure and a durable handle for ease of transportation.
Organize your school notes, handouts and other important documents with this durable and well-constructed Case-it Binder. You can easily carry your notes around with the handle and shoulder strap that makes it portable. If you want something that can also be used as a laptop bag, we recommend the Case-it Universal 2-Inch 3-Ring Zipper Binder

Case-it King Sized Zip Tab 4-Inch D-Ring Binder with 5-Tab File Folder - Available in 8 Colors

Case-it manufactures top quality binders that provide unique organizational implements for use at home or school. These products are meant to help people with the progressively hard task of organizing their daily lives that keep getting busier. Everything it manufactures is driven by the desire to innovate and create designs that would help people stay ahead in the game of life. It also thinks ahead of the times to make products that people would need even before they think of it. This ability to be forward thinking and stay on the cutting edge of technology has also made it one of the leaders in the industry. Case-it is so confident about the quality of the products that it makes and sells that every product has a money- back guarantee and school items have extended warranty for the whole school year.

The Case-it Binder is designed to hold all your loose sheets and documents; with extra sized 4-inch D-rings and 5-tab file folder, organizing all these documents is easy. The binder is made with Kraft board which gives it a strong and firm shape that would not warp and the unique design of the zipper gives you ease of access to the file folders without having to open the entire binder. The spine is designed in such a way that it lies flat when you open it which makes it simpler to add and remove papers and a shoulder strap and handle also make it easy to carry around.

Case-it has myriads of products in this category and they include the following…
  • Case-it 2-Inch Ring Zipper Binder D-251-PUR: It's made of Trilobal Nylon and has inbuilt shoulder strap and handle which makes it easy to carry. It also has complete mesh pocket on the outside and two interior pockets that provide additional storage for stuff like calculator and pens. The zipper is also designed for ease of opening and closing and it has 2-inch O-rings.
  • Case-it Open Tab Hook Loop Closure 2-Inch Binder, S-816-RED: Made with a strong body construction, it has a 5-color tabbed extending file with interior mesh pocket that has zip and inner folder pocket for documents. It also has an inner pocket for flash drive and three 2-inch O-rings.
  • Case-it Z-Binder Two-in-One 1.5-Inch D-Ring Zipper Binders, Z-176-PUR: This is a two in one 1.5 inch D-ring binder with boosters. It’s made with a rigid body construction and has inbuilt shoulder strap and handle. It has two full size interior pockets, two external pockets for folders, two interior pockets for documents and six interior net pockets.
  • Case-it Mighty Zip Tab 3-Inch Zipper Binder D-146-PUR: It has 3 inches round ring and 5 tab file folder that enables you to properly organize your stuff. A separate zipper allows you access to the 5 tab file while the angled zipper makes for ease of writing. The shoulder strap and handle also makes mobility easier.
  • Case-it, The Z, 2-in-1 Zipper 3-Ring Binder, Green Chevron, Z-178-P: This three-ring binder has a three-inch capacity and is made with material that’s puncture and tear-resistant. The one-of-a-kind "z" design provides double storage. It has external and interior pockets for different items and a shoulder strap and handle for ease of mobility
Organize your class notes, proceedings, assignments and other documents with the Avery Binder. It is sturdily built with durable materials which makes it perfect for repeated referencing. If you want some plastic dividers, the Avery Big Tab Insertable Two-Pocket Plastic Dividers is highly recommended.

Avery Durable View Binder with DuraHinge - Available in 4 Pack Sizes, 6 Sizes and 9 Colors

Avery Products Corporation was established January 1st 1935 and it offers innovative solutions for, work, home and school. It was R. Stanton Avery that first introduced the self adhesive label in 1935 and that pioneering spirit is what grew to become Avery Products Corporation—one of the global leaders in the manufacturing of self-adhesive labels, dividers, labeling software, binders and other products that enhance organization and make life at home, school or work less stressful. It also offers its customers free templates and designs that they can use to customize products bought from it. It endeavors to make shopping and placing your orders as simple as possible with its team of customer care personnel that are readily available to sort out any issue that you may encounter.

Organize your class notes, proceedings, assignments and other documents with the Avery Binder. It is sturdily built with durable materials which makes it perfect for repeated referencing. It’s made with the DuraHinge design that makes it stronger, more durable and tear-resistant and the DuraEdge which makes the top and the sides to be more pliant so as to be split-resistant. The deep texture coating has a linen design which gives it a sleek finish and top quality appearance and feel. It has two inner pockets that you can also use to organize loose sheets while the rings can hold as many as 500 sheets. You can also personalize the cover of your binder with free designs and templates at

Avery has many more binders that help you organize your documents better. Listed below are a few of them...
  • Avery Economy View Binder with 1-Inch Round Ring, White, Pack Of 4 (19200): Not designed for heavy duty, it comes with transparent overlay that allows you to personalize the front cover. It has two inner pockets and the 1-inch round ring can hold up to 175 sheets. Comes with guarantee.
  • Avery Heavy-Duty View Binder, White, Pack of 4 (79781): This binder is ideal for frequent use and is made with the DuraHinge and DuraEdge that makes it stronger, more durable and tear-resistant with the top and sides also made more pliant and split-resistant. The slant rings can be opened with one touch and can hold 375 sheets.
  • Avery Durable Binder, Red (27203): It’s made with the DuraHinge and DuraEdge design. It’s strong, durable and tear- resistant. The top and sides are also more pliable which makes it more resistant to splitting. The slant rings can hold as many as 500 sheets and it has two inner pockets for extra storage. You can also personalize your binder cover with free designs and template from
  • Avery Heavy-Duty Nonstick View Binder (05301): The material is non-stick and is safe for the archives. Documents can stay in it for long without smudges or damage. It is sturdy and well-constructed and the slant ring can hold as many as 220 sheets. It has four inner pockets with which you can organize your documents.
  • Avery Dual Color Durable View Binder (17215): This is a fun binder that has a dual-color combo and is an ideal back-to-school product. The transparent overlay allows you to personalize the cover of your binder. The slant rings have the capacity to hold more sheets than binders with round rings. The pages of the binder lies flat and the rings are back-mounted.
The Wilson Jones Binder enables you to organize and store loose sheets, notes and documents and also keep the documents that you reference often handy. It’s an eco-friendly product that’s made with 100% recycled chipboard. If you need a binder that specifically designed for presentations, we recommend the Wilson Jones View-Tab Presentation Binder.

Wilson Jones 362 Basic Round 1-Inch 3 Ring View Binders - Available in 2 Colors and 3 Pack Sizes

Wilson Jones was established in 1893 and it started out with the creation of the 3-ring binder. Its mission and goal is to enable you to manage your life, maximize time and achieve your goals. This, it works hard to achieve with products that simplify organization and remove stress from your daily life. These products include dividers, binders, sheet protectors, accounting supplies, report cover and business essentials. Having been in business for more than one hundred years, it has garnered experience from years of research and interaction with thousands of business people and has learned how to create organizational implements that are versatile and allows you to develop the systems that are best suited to your needs.

The Wilson Jones Binder enables you to organize and store loose sheets, notes and documents and also keep the documents that you reference often handy. This basic 3-ring clear view binder is an ideal organizational implement that’s made with long lasting PVC–free polypropylene material with O rings that make it easy to turn the pages of your binder that has the capacity to hold 175 sheets. The material is eco-friendly and wouldn’t emit toxins into the environment; it can also withstand very cold weather without breaking down. The transparent spine and cover sleeve allows you to customize it the way you want, making it possible for you to reuse it as often as you want and for different projects. The two inner pockets provide storage for papers that are not punched and the chipboard is hundred percent recycled with seventy five percent post-consumer waste.

Wilson Jones has many more binders that would enhance your organizing tasks and help you have more hassle-free days. Check out a few of them…
  • Wilson Jones 3 Ring Binder 5 Inch, Ultra Duty D-Ring View Binder with Extra Durable Hinge, Customizable, Black (W86651): It’s made with PVC-free polypro materials that are by far more durable than vinyl, with extra strong hinge that’s guaranteed to last for years. The three rings are easy to open with just one touch. Four inner pockets provide extra storage space. The 5-inch D-lock rings give it the capacity to hold 880 sheets.
  • Wilson Jones Heavy Duty Round Ring View Binder with Extra Durable Hinge, 2 Inch, Customizable, Red (W363-44-1797): Made with PVC- free polypro material that’s more durable than vinyl, it has strong binder cover and long lasting hinge that you can rely on to serve you for years. The cover and spine can also be customized for your various projects and subjects. This two-inch O-ring binder can hold up to 500 sheets and the two inner pockets also provide extra storage space.
  • Wilson Jones Heavy Duty Round Ring Binder 2" Green: It's made with PVC-free polypro material and has three 2-inch O rings with the capacity to hold 500 sheets. Two inner pockets provide extra storage and the long lasting spine affords you long years of use.
  • Wilson Jones 3 Ring Binder 1 Inch, Round Ring View Binder Kit, Tab Dividers, White, 4 Pack (W362-14WKIT1): This kit comes with four 1'' white binder and a set of 8-tab insertable dividers that come in various colors. The transparent overlay spine and cover allows you to customize the binder and the two inner pockets give you extra storage space. The standard O-rings can hold up to 175 sheets.
  • Wilson Jones 3 Ring Binder 1-1/2 Inch, Round Ring View Binder, Basic, 362 Series, Customizable, White, 4 Pack (W70362-34WPP): It’s made with hundred percent recycled chipboard with seventy five percent post-consumer waste and has the capacity to hold up to 330 sheets. The transparent overlay spine and covers allow you to customize the binder. The two inner pockets give you space to store papers that are not punched.

How Do I Choose the Best Binder?

What’s the big deal about binders you ask? Can’t I just put my papers in a flat file or a brown envelop? Hmmm! Of course you can but let’s look at this scenario.

You have a presentation to make in a bid for a contract worth XYZ and you walk into the board or conference room with your brown envelop full of loose sheets and post it sticky notes and a paper notebook. How do you expect to retrieve those documents in the proper order without looking like a klutz? Contrast with this; your notes, diagrams and pictures, all arranged in your clear view binder and all you do is turn to the appropriate page as required. You have an air of professionalism and inspire confidence in your prospective client. That’s the big deal about binders!

Also imagine how cluttered and disorganized an office desk would be with notes, documents and loose sheets lying all around? How do you store papers and documents in a filing cabinet without a binder? Unless you just want to dump the papers in there and you know that it wouldn’t be fun when you want to retrieve any particular one.

Binders are not only useful in the office, they are also useful at home and at school; homemakers can organize and store those recipes, coupons, household receipt and related documents in different binders for easy reference when needed. Students also use binders for projects, class notes and handouts and take home assignments. They save you the hassle of ever having to look for any piece of paper or document because you can label each binder appropriately and there are even some that you can reuse for more than one project.
The price of binders would differ based on several factors and these include the material it’s made of, the size and type of the rings, the capacity of the rings, other features and the brand.

Many brands have built a reputation for producing only top quality products and people have come to trust them implicitly. Products from such brands are usually more expensive than the ones from brands that are not yet tested and tried. Heavy duty binders cost more than flexible binders because they are used for more rigorous tasks and they last longer. Binders with extra large rings don’t cost the same thing as binders with 1’’ rings. There are also binders that either double as laptop bags or can be used as notes in addition to being binders; these models certainly would cost more than those that are not versatile.

Our findings show that you can get a good binder depending on the factors mentioned within a price range of $7 to $30. This is not to say that you cannot get cheap binders but we advise against buying a binder based on only consideration of the price. You may end up getting a product that wouldn’t serve its purpose at all or one that would fall apart under the pressure of daily use. We always endeavor to feature only products that are of good quality and brands that have proven reputations. So we assure you that you would get a good bargain from any of the products in the price range we have chosen.
Binders are important tools in the organization of any office, home or school; this is because you can’t just leave your loose sheets, notes, documents, recipes and papers lying around. You need something to organize and store them and that something is called a binder.

Choosing the right binder determines the value you’ll get from your purchase. Here are some important features you should look out for when shopping for one…
  • Material - This affects the durability of both the binder and the contents
  • Size - This refers to the size of the ring(s) of the binder
  • Capacity - This determines how many sheets it can contain
  • Design - This is the style and shape of the binder
  • Type – This is talking about the type of rings ; O rings, D-rings, slanted or straight etc
Stay with us while we further explore the benefits of these features.
Construction and Design
Before choosing a binder, it is important that you note the type of job you want to use it for. Would you be using it for presentations, referencing or archiving? Who is going to use the binder? A student, office executive or homemaker? The answer to these questions would enable you to pick the appropriate binder.

Binders are made with similar materials that have one thing in common; they are all water and moisture-resistant. This is essential because you don’t want to find out that the document you put in your binder has stuck to the cover or that the ink or toner smudged. Non-stick material ensures that this does not happen and that no matter how long the documents stay in the binder and no matter the weather conditions, your document remain in good shape.

Students require binders that can withstand being stuffed in and out of backpacks for a whole school year. The age/grade of the student is also important; the needs of a college student can no way be compared to that of a middle or high school kid, not to mention, an elementary school kid. There are different binders that are suitable for each class of user and when you look at the reviews for the product, you would know whether it’s appropriate or not.

There are flexible binders that can be used both as notebooks and as binders. These usually work well for college students and although, they may be a bit lighter than other binders, it is appropriate for mature users. For rambunctious elementary or middle schoolers, you might consider buying binders that have zippers and a handle and shoulder strap. This is to provide extra protection for the contents and also make it easy for them to carry it to and fro school without having to stuff it into any backpack.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you are buying binders for office use, you need to consider what and how they’ll be used. There are different binders for different tasks and choosing the wrong one would impact on the performance. There are binders that are best suited for presentations, others for archiving and some others for frequently referenced documents. We get complaints from people about a binder being of poor quality or not working as advertised, only to find out that the binder is being used for the wrong purpose.

Binders with clear overlay allow you to customize the spine and covers for easy identification of contents. These are great for presentations. The ones referred to as non-view binders are perfect for archiving and most of them have rigid long lasting covers that are non-stick and would keep your document in good shape for long. There are flexible binders that are made to hold fewer documents and they can easily fit into backpacks or briefcases. These are ideal for reports or low scale presentation.

Another vital feature that should be considered is the type and size of the binder ring as it determines how many sheets the binder can hold, how easy it would be to turn the pages and the ease with which you can remove and add sheets.
The round or O rings hold the lowest number of sheets and usually come in small sizes. The D-rings can hold more sheets than the O-rings and lasts longer but the slant rings last longer than the D-rings though they hold fewer sheets than them.

Back-mounted D-rings allow the binder to lie flat when open and makes for easy turning of the pages; they also have double triggers that make opening and closing the rings easy.

Most of the products out there would list the features that it carries but you would do yourself the favor of reading reviews by people who have bought and used the product so that way you would verify these claims.

Get the Best Binder of 2023!

Thank you for patiently reading through to the end of this review. We believe that the time spent reading this was not a waste. We are optimistic that we have furnished you with enough information to make the right choice and that you’ll go ahead and choose the best binder for your use. You’ll be glad you did!

Our Top Choice
Cardinal 4-Pack 1.5” D-Ring Binders
Best Value
Five Star Flex 1” Hybrid NoteBinder
Case-it King Sized Zip Tab Binder
Avery Durable View Binder
Wilson Jones 362 Basic Round Ring Binder