Best Binding Machine Reviews 2023

Companies and individuals are fast depending on in-house printing for their content production and packaging in a bid to save costs associated with outsourcing such projects. However, this undertaking also requires the use of binding machines, but finding a suitable option on the market is a challenge. Therefore, we’ve taken up the onerous task and narrowed the options down to five of the best binding machine brands out there, featuring one from each. You only have to read through our review to get the best, while noting that these brands have other variants in case you want to see more options. That said, let’s go through our buying guide to help you recognize your priorities.
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Our Top Choice
TruBind TB-S20A Coil Binding Machine
Lamination Depot, a seller of TruBind’s goods, is a prominent distributor of high-quality office consumables and printing equipment.
Wide, padded handlebar. Lightweight and portable. Adjustable depth margin. All its dies can be disengaged. Comes with coil crimping pliers. 4:1 binding coil.
The spinning wheel moves way too fast for some.
Coil - Manual/Electric
17.1 x 13.2 x 8.1 inches; 18 lbs.
Up to 2 inch thickness
Up to 20 sheets at a time
Left, right or two-handed
Best Value
Fellowes Star+ 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine
Fellowes prides itself in offering high-performance and the best-quality office supplies and mobile accessories that make everyday activities convenient.
Fast and easy to use. Can bind up to 150 pages. ¾-inch comb. Documents load vertically. Adjustable guide. Built-in comb storage. 15-sheet punching capacity.
It’s a hassle getting the papers on the comb.
Comb - Manual
3.1 x 9.8 x 17.7 inches; 9.7 lbs.
Up to 300 sheets / 1.5 inches
Up to 15 sheets at a time
Left, right or two-handed
Akiles RubiCoil Coil Punch for Binding
Founded in 1993, Akiles has become a leading brand in the business of document finishing with its top-performance and durable office machines and accessories.
Comfortable handle. Requires minimal effort. Punches holes neatly. Has effective margin guide. Assists coil insertion. Certified for quality. Steel dies. Versatile.
A bit expensive for a manual binding machine but that's because it can punch more than just paper.
Coil - Manual
17.1 x 12.3 x 8.9 inches; 16 lbs.
Depends on coil size
Up to 10 sheets at a time
Left, right or two-handed
GBC ProClick Desktop Binding Punch
GBC is a global leader in the laminating and binding markets and prides itself in being the pioneer of the tabletop laminating machine.
Lightweight. Easy to use. Has a small footprint. Works great on laminated papers. Punches 6 sheets. Compatible with GBC ProClick binding spines.
Only ideal for light usage.
Spine Binders - Manual
6 x 18.8 x 4.1 inches; 0.06 lbs.
Use with ProClick spines
Up to 6 sheets at a time
No handle - slider
Marigold 19-Hole Binding Machine
Marigold manufactures high-performance products that help you get your work done conveniently and efficiently whether it’s at the office or at home.
Adjustable guides. Binds 250 sheets. Clean-cut punches. Accepts multiple comb sizes. Multiple margin depths. Punches 10 letter-sized 20-pound paper.
Only suitable for medium-duty applications.
Punching pins - Manual
14 x 9.5 x 5.5 inches; 4 lbs.
Up to 250 sheets
Up to 10 sheets at a time
Right hand operation

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What is the Best Binding Machine?

At this point, you have a clear understanding of binding machines and know the features that will suit your needs the most. Now, you only have to read our reviews of individual brands/products, focusing on one that's likely to suit your needs. We firmly believe you’ll be able to choose the best binding machine at a price you can afford.
Our Top Choice
The TruBind TB-S20A Coil Binding Machine with Electric Coil Inserter uses a 4:1 binding coil which you can put into place either manually or with the moving coil roller which makes binding quick, easy, and accurate. If you want a lower-capacity binding machine, go for the TruBind Coil Binding Machine with Electric Coil Inserter (TB-S12) which has a 12-sheet capacity.

TruBind TB-S20A Coil Binding Machine with Electric Coil Inserter - Binds Up to 2" Thickness

Lamination Depot was founded in 2002, and since then it has been committed to supplying and distributing only top-quality and reliable business consumables, such as those made by TruBind. It also offers other printing equipment for laminating, punching, binding, etc. It stocks inventory in large quantities and sells in bulk, which is how it manages to offer its products at affordable prices. Best of all, it has a team of committed customer service professionals who are willing to offer you support at all times.

The TruBind Coil Binding Machine will save you a lot of time on book binding with its fast-spinning roller that inserts the coil and can bind sheets up to 2 inches thick. It can punch up to 20 pages manually and its maximum sheet size is A4. Ideal for use in offices and schools, this binding machine has several features to offer:
  • Sturdy metal construct
  • 4:1 plastic binding coils
  • 20-sheet punch capacity
  • Side guide and depth margin can be adjusted
  • Comes with electric coil inserter
  • 11.81-inch maximum binding length
  • Binding capacity of up to 2 inches
  • All its dies can be disengaged
  • Comes with coil crimping pliers
  • Nicely-sized handle for use by either or both hands
  • 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
Best Value
The Fellowes Binding Machine Star+ Comb Binding has hardened steel dies that can punch up to 15 sheets at once, which helps you save a lot of time with bulk jobs. If you’d prefer a thermal binding machine, you can go for the Fellowes Binding Machine Helios 60 Thermal which is available in 2 styles.

Fellowes Binding Machine Star+ Comb Binding – Available in 2 Styles

For over 100 years, Fellowes has been one of the leading suppliers of office equipment and essentials. Operating from Itasca, Illinois and with subsidiaries in many countries, the brand has become known for its superior-quality products that stand the test of time and continue to deliver in performance. It stays abreast with trends and continues to create innovative products that are relevant.

The Fellowes Star+ Binding Machine is an ideal light-duty binding machine, especially for use in homes and small business settings. It has a vertical loading system and a guiding system that ensures accurate punching. You can hardly make a mistake with this machine as it has a tool that allows you to select a comb size that’ll work for whatever document you may be in need of binding. The following are some of the features of this binding machine:
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Works great with laminated sheets
  • Can bind up to 150 sheets
  • Edge guide for accurate punching
  • Loads vertically
  • Comb guide to select the right comb for your document
  • Built-in comb storage
  • 15-sheet punching capacity
  • 2-year warranty
The Akiles RubiCoil 4:1 Pitch Coil Punching Machine for Binding + Inserting Channel has well-arranged steel dies that can punch through paper, polypropylene, PVC, etc. with precision and in a neat finish. If you’d prefer a heavy-duty wire punch instead, go for the Akiles WireMac-31 Wire Punch & Binding Equipment which is of all-metal construct with a 20-sheet punching capacity.

Akiles RubiCoil 4:1 Pitch Coil Punching Machine for Binding and Inserting Channel

Akiles Products, Inc., was founded in 1993 with the aim of offering superior-performance office equipment and accessories such as laminating machines, comb and wire binding machines, punches, etc. It also makes commercial-grade office equipment, which it distributes throughout the Americas. It has clearly become a market-leader, making it a brand you’d do well to associate with.

The Akiles RubiCoil Machine for Binding is a versatile device that can punch through paper and a host of other plastic types. Its metal casing and steel dies indicate quality and durability, and its guides let you precisely position the first hole so you can have a well-centered punch. This machine is lightweight and quite easy to use, so you can easily store it or even move it around. The following are some other features of this binding machine:
  • Metal chassis and steel dies
  • Creates 4:1 pitch holes
  • Can drill through paper, polypropylene, PVC, polyester, etc.
  • Can bind documents of up to 11 inches wide and no more than 100 sheets
  • Overhead handle for low-effort punching
  • Adjustable paper guide
  • Grooved channel for easy coil insertion
  • ISO 9002-certified for quality
  • Has a 10-sheet punching capacity
  • 1-year warranty
The GBC ProClick P50 Desktop Binding Machine is a great device for small jobs as it can punch 6 sheets and is compatible with the GBC ProClick binding spines that offer 360o rotation for easy future adjustments. If you want a bigger and higher-capacity binder, check out the GBC CombBind C110 Binding Machine which can punch 15 sheets and bind up to 300 sheets.

GBC ProClick P50 Desktop Binding Punch - Use with ProClick Spines

William N. Lane founded General Binding Corporation in 1947 with the aim of simplifying printing finishing processes. It created the first electric binding punch as well as the tabletop laminating machine. In 2005, GBC joined ACCO Brands, partnering with a world-renowned, big-name supplier of similar products. It has a broad range of quality products that make everyday office routines fast and convenient for improved productivity.

The GBC ProClick Binding Machine is designed and works differently from the regular binding machine. Its plastic casing and small narrow footprint make it lightweight and portable. Its appearance elegantly disguises it as desktop décor when not in use. While it’s easy to store, if you don’t want to put it away that’s one more thing to beautify your workspace. The following are some features of this binding machine:
  • Efficient design
  • Portable and lightweight
  • No assembly required
  • Has a 6-sheet punch capacity
  • Works great with ProClick editable spines
  • Can work with smaller paper sizes
  • Easy to use and store
  • 1-year limited warranty
The Marigold 19-hole Letter Size Comb Ring Binding Machine has strong punching pins that can punch ten letter-sized 20-pound paper at once, reducing time spent on punching jobs drastically. If you’d also like a laminator, you can check out the Marigold 9" Thermal Laminator which has a fast warm-up and one-touch button control.

Marigold 19-hole Letter Size Comb Ring Binding Machine with Starter Set - Industrial Punching Pins

Located in Colorado, Marigold was established to help people get their work done the easy and fun way. Its products are high-quality and innovatively designed to do just that. This is a brand that’s focused on customer satisfaction, which is why it puts in all its effort to ensure its products are durable and reliable. Its successes have enabled it to expand its reach, with businesses in other countries.

The Marigold 19-hole Binding Machine is a well-designed machine that’s suitable for letter-sized papers and can accommodate several other smaller sizes. Its handle lets you punch holes in a stack of paper in one fell swoop with minimal effort. With this device, you’ll steadily bind booklets like a professional. Below are some other features of this efficient binding machine:
  • Sturdy design
  • Adjustable guide for accurate punching
  • Strong punching pins
  • Can punch up to 10 sheets and bind up to 250 sheets
  • Comes with 100 ¼-inch comb binding spines
  • Has multiple margin depths
  • Makes clean-cut punches and binds neatly

How Do I Choose the Best Binding Machine?

Investing in office equipment is a smart way to cut down on outsourcing and the downs that come with it. Some of such equipment include wireless printers or, if you can afford it, an all-in-one inkjet printer which cancels out the need for a fax machine. A tool that will crown your effort in getting the equipment mentioned above is the binding machine, and it is as relevant for large office settings as it is for a hobbyist or someone who runs a home office.

While binding machines will help you prepare your documents or materials for safekeeping or distribution, you must bear in mind that no binding machine can make up for low-quality printer paper. Therefore, to get the best output from your binding machine, you must ensure that only quality materials are used to prepare your project.

The best binding machines will help you get things done in little time—whether you’re preparing your presentation materials, packaging brochures for clients and prospects, or finishing your school project. The right binding machine will easily punch through stacks of paper in one fell swoop. Most binding machines also work with different sizes of paper and have guides for aligning paper in the right position. Read on and get a better understanding of how to select the best binding machine for you.
Binding machines have different binding systems depending on the need you have and the project you’re working on; this explains why some people have more than one binding machine. Sheet capacity, mode of operation, design, and construction are the features that cause variations in binding machine prices.

A high-end binding machine that has hard steel dies and a side margin guide can cost about $170, while a less expensive option with useful functionalities will cost about $75. We came across cheap binding machines during our research, but they are not viable options as they’re made with questionable materials, and their punch dies aren’t sharp enough. It’s best to spend a little more for a better product.
In-house printing is the in-thing even if you run a one-person show. With a binding machine, you can align, punch, and bind bulks of sheets of paper together. This will give your projects and documents professional finishing in record time. If you’ve made up your mind to get one for yourself, look out for these features:
  • Binding system
  • Mode of operation
  • Sheet capacity
  • Application
The list above presents a summary of what to expect from a binding machine. As you proceed, you’ll come to understand the essence of these features and why they are important in your shopping process.
Construction and Design
Binding machines will help you package your documents in the most presentable, attractive, and durable way depending on the end-result you want to achieve. Binding machines have different binding systems that produce different results; there are comb binding, wire binding, and spiral binding machines, among others.
  • Comb binding is the most suitable for documents that will be revised and amended later on, and it’s appropriate for settings where information changes regularly.
  • Wire binding is an attractive binding that’s suitable for marketing and advertising efforts, but isn’t easily amendable.
  • Spiral or coil binding provides the professional touch of wire binding while also affording the opportunity to make changes over time.
Binding machines have both manual operation as well as electric/battery operations. Manually-operated binding machines have limited punching capacity compared to electric binding machines that are suitable for heavy-duty use. It’s important to heed the punching capacity of the binding machine as any disregard can cause the quality and longevity of the device to deteriorate. The same applies to binding machines that use thermal energy.

Each model of binding machine has its range of applications. Some are only suitable for binding A4 paper; some options will conveniently bind materials like PP, polyester, and PVC. There are also variations in the number of sheets that can be bound by each machine. Some high-end ones can punch about twenty sheets of 20-pound bond paper at a time, while some smaller ones can only punch fewer sheets at once.
Performance and Ease of Use
Binding machines are worth the investment because they’re easy to use and help to create a more organized office rack if used for in-house purposes. Those who use binding machines for marketing purposes also enjoy their ease of use and dependability. Binding machines are practical tools for enhancing communication and can be operated by anyone willing to learn.

There are some that come with replaceable parts and they also require little maintenance, with parts that can be easily cleaned. However, make sure you follow the instructions in the manual regarding these issues. Most binding machines have additional features that ensure they perform impeccable jobs, such as chip trays to collect paper chips and side margin control in comb binding machines.

It’s important that you bind documents according to the volume stipulated in the manual. This will not only preserve the lifespan of your device, but will also prevent any damage from occurring to your documents or injury from happening during usage.

Get the Best Binding Machine of 2023!

You’ve done a good job to have reached the end of this review. Of course, your reward is in the resultant confidence you’ll have when making your purchase based on the information given. Don’t tarry anymore; make that purchase and start binding your documents and projects neatly and professionally.

Our Top Choice
TruBind TB-S20A Coil Binding Machine
Best Value
Fellowes Star+ 150 Manual Comb Binding Machine
Akiles RubiCoil Coil Punch for Binding
GBC ProClick Desktop Binding Punch
Marigold 19-Hole Binding Machine