Best Bird Cage Reviews 2023

Having pet birds in your home is an absolute delight; however, this comes with a huge responsibility to look after them and provide the best home possible. We have done extensive research of the best birdcages brands in an effort to make everything easier when shopping for one. At the end of it all, we hope you find a bird cage designed to house your bird or birds comfortably, while still allowing you access to the feeding stations, making handling your pet and cleaning their cages as simple as possible.
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Our Top Choice
Prevue Deluxe Bird Cage
Prevue Pet Products outdid themselves by creating this spacy bird cage. Better access and improved security make this bird cage worthy of a spot on our list.
Exterior Playstand. Easy clean grille. Triple toy hook design.
The assembly may be difficult for some people.
36 ½ x 27 3/8 x 63 ½ Inches
Wrought iron
90-day return
Best Value
YML Shell Top Bird Cage
The YML group puts 15 years of pet product expertise into building this very affordable bird cage. This simple design will give your bird the room it needs without being obtrusive.
Feeding cups. Easy assembly.
Huge birds may feel cramped
18 x 14 x 35 Inches
Shell top
Black. Available in white
1 Year
Midwest Hacienda Bird Cage
Midwest Homes For Pets is an all-American branch of Midwest Metal Products. Their Hacienda Dometop is a true testament to their skill in metal working and design.
Easy clean gloss finish. Outside access food cups. Easy assembly.
A bit cramped for big birds.
48 x 34 x 60 Inches
Pearl white/Ruby/Platinum
1 Year
HQ Cages Scrolltop Bird Cage
HQ Cages provides cages for about 100,000 birds every year. The Black Silver is a solid cage that serves its purpose with no complaints from clients.
Ideal for medium and moderately large birds. Wheeled stand.
Assembly is difficult for some users.
22 x 17 x 55 Inches
Black w/ white tray
1 Year
Vision M02 Bird Cage
Vision is a Hagen company brand that sought to up the pet cage game, and up it they did. With the M02 cage, Vision gave pet owners an ideal roosting site for their little birds.
Included green perches. Waste and debris retention. Independent double doors.
Only for small birds.
16 x 25 x 34 Inches
1 Year (you can extend)

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What is the Best Bird Cage?

The best pet bird cage is dependent on your pet. Some pets like a little extra room so they can pace up and down. If your bird likes flapping its wings for sport, you may need to consider more headroom. Feeding methods also play a role in the selection of a bird cage. Getting the housing wrong may not only stunt your pet’s development, it could also make Tweety the canary especially noisy. Let’s look through some top choices so you and your pet can both be happy with your living arrangements.
Our Top Choice
The Prevue Deluxe bird cage stands tall in its class, literally. It’s a spacious, structurally stable bird cage that encompasses play, food, and comfort for your pet bird. However, if you have a bigger bird the Prevue Empire large bird cage is a stellar alternative.

Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Parrot Bird Cage with Playtop Bird Cage

Before there were other companies, there was Prevue. This company has seen history unravel for over 140 years, but they continue to hold the fort in building all sorts of pet housing and accessories.

The company’s Deluxe Parrot Bird Cage would make any pet owner proud to have, as it not only ensures their bird has enough space, but also guarantees the birds will be safe. The debris tray and pull-out grille adds a touch of class while letting you clean the cage as often as you’d like. The double lock feature is an added security measure.

Here are a few other features that come with this impressive cage:
  • Dome top design – Give your bird the feel of freedom with an incredible amount of space.
  • Easy rolling casters – Easily move the cage to any location with the casters on the cage stand.
  • Double locks – You can rest easy knowing your bird is safe and secure.
  • Exterior play stand – This play stand has a perch, ladder, and hooks so you can put treats in the cage for your bird’s access.
  • Pull-out grille – With a debris tray that collects any waste, you can quickly clean the cage whenever you want.
  • 2-in-1 doors – You can open the door either by swinging it outward or in downward landing style.
Best Value
The YML Shell Top is an excellent cage for small and medium sized birds as it allows them space to move around. With four feeder cups included, you can put in a variety of treats and food for your bird and its friends. If your bird is really small, you may opt to go for the smaller, more affordable YML 5804 shell top bird cage instead.

YML Tall Shell Top Cage with Pull Out Plastic Tray

YML Group has stamped its name on just about any pet supplies. From cages for your bird to supplies for your pet fish, YML has been in the business of pets for a decade and a half, creating affordable supplies that suit your needs.

The YML Shell Top is a simply designed and elegantly finished cage that promises your bird plenty of space, so you don’t have to compromise on comfort.
Here are some of the main features you will be enjoying with this cage:
  • Quadruple feeder doors and feeders – Access the cage easily and without the mess when putting food in the cage.
  • Door pin – With this door pin, you don’t have to worry about your bird breaking out while you’re away.
  • Pull out plastic tray – The easy-to-remove and easy-to-clean plastic tray gives you the freedom to clean up spills and keep your bird dirt free.
  • 3/8 bar spacing – The cage is well spaced so your bird can be secure while still enjoying maximum circulation.
  • Swing out door – Your bird can get in and out through the generously-spaced door.
The Hacienda Dometop is a top shelf cage ideal for small and medium birds. Your pet bird gets to have its treats and move around the cage very easily. Midwest also offers a play top alternative with the same great benefits and features.

Avian Adventures Grande Dometop Bird Cage with Perimeter seed guards

Midwest Homes for Pets has built a legacy of trust with its clientele and innovation for better products. With a history spanning 90 years, the company has moved from stride to stride, always outdoing themselves in pet products.

The Hacienda Dometop is a top-rated pet bird cage that has been getting rave reviews purely because the attention to detail that went into it. It has impeccable finish, and ease of access is a huge bonus for an already great cage.

Take a look at some of the features that make this cage so highly recommended:
  • Easy clean powder coat finish – The glossy finish on the cage lets you clean and polish it easily.
  • Breeder Box Access When you need to access the cage without being intrusive, the breeder box access is an excellent way.
  • Bird-resistant locks – The Hacienda Dometop comes with increased security to avoid any “prison breaks.”
  • Interlocking panels – Assemble the cage without needing to tighten any nuts or bolts.
  • Perimeter seed guards – Minimize on spills from any seeds you put in the cage.
  • Interchangeable slide-out pans – Clean the inside of the cage by pulling out the pans and replacing them with cleaner ones.
The HQ Cages Scrolltop Bird Cage oozes simple sophistication. Sturdy and convenient, it is an ideal cage if you own a medium-sized bird. The scrolltop design gives your bird some space to perch, even when it is outside the cage. If you prefer a dometop design that retains similar features, check out the HQ Dome Top Bird Cage with Rolling Stand; it's equally good and a few bucks cheaper!

HQ Opening Scrolltop Birdcage with Stand

Since 1998, HQ Cages has used the latest technology and the highest standards of artistry to create a European and American client base for their cages. Using functional designs, they can come up with over 100,000 cages per year.
The GA82217C Black Silver is an affordable cage that stands tall among other more expensive brands.

These are some of the features that give this cage a 4.5 rating on Amazon.
  • 3mm thick bars – This cage has a strong structure that evokes confidence in any user.
  • Easily removable tray – The tray at the bottom is plastic, and can be removed easily for cleaning.
  • Stainless steel bowls – The three bowls in the cage are easy to fill and are suitable for food, water, and treats.
  • External perch – The sturdy perch is ideal for the bird to get acquainted with the cage.
For a small bird, the M02 is the definition of a good home, with technology optimized to help you take the best care of your bird. If you have a bigger bird and would like that Vision assurance, the Vision Bird Cage for Large Birds is just what you need.

Vision Hagen Bird Cage for Canaries with Detachable Base and Debris Guard

In 1955, Rolf Hagen began a journey that would make Hagen the world’s biggest private multinational pet product company. With12 brands under the Hagen umbrella, the company continues to provide great products in all matters pertaining to pets.

The M02 is a complete compact cage that is fit for a small bird’s full day of activity.

These features earn the M02 its 4.7 star rating on Amazon:
  • Debris guard – Keep the exterior of your cage as mess-free as you wish.
  • Detachable base – Clean the cage easily when you remove the detachable base.
  • Green perches – Your bird can experience the feeling of a free environment with the four perches included.
  • Food and water dishes – 2 cups are enough for food and water.
  • Raised ridges – The raised ridge design gives your little bird fresh air and keeps the cage mildew-free.

How Do I Choose the Best Bird Cage?

Pets are the equivalent of an in-house therapist … who occasionally knocks over a precious vase. As much as pets can be a handful, they are incredibly helpful to your well-being and for companionship. In return for all the goodness they provide us, we give them food and a cool house where they can hide. Thus, you must be ready to provide everything a bird requires in ensuring its safety and keeping it happy and healthy. One of these things is getting your bird the best cage out there where it can comfortably move around, flap its wings, and perch in different parts.

Just like a dog needs a comfortable, clean crate where it can rest, birds require a clean and large enough cage to allow addition of other accessories such as bird toys and a few perches for it to remain active. You’ll also want to ensure you get a cage large enough for the type and number of feathered friends you plan to keep.

Some cages come with perches and food dishes designed to fit in with the cage itself – often handy for simple and convenient methods of feeding. You can still get perches and toys separately for those that come without these important accessories, of course, but they might not fit in so well. If you have a bird that you let fly around your home, it will also have an opening large enough for it to come and go – and in this case, you might want to purchase a free-standing perch for the room.

Your birds can easily get bored, so having plenty for them to do is also essential to keeping them healthy. With the wide selection of bird cages on sale today, finding the best one for your feathered friend can be a daunting task. But, having the right information, combined with knowing what you want, can help you make an informed decision.
A cage serves as your bird’s home and for that reason, you need to find one that best suits the unique needs of your bird whilst staying within your budget. Bird cages are available in varying sizes, shapes and prices and you can spend anywhere from $64 to $480. The prices are mostly dictated by the quality of material, size, and design as well as the extra accessories included. Does the most costly mean better quality? Well, the most expensive come with virtually everything you might need on a bird’s cage from the best build materials to additional accessories, ample space, and stunning designs.

If you are working on a tight budget, a less expensive bird cage can also serve so long as it has ample space and includes the vital features necessary to keeping your bird safe and comfy. Just don’t go for one of those super cheap bird cages – they wouldn’t even keep Tweety safe from Sylvester the Puddy Tat…
There are numerous types of pet bird species, each having unique personalities and housing requirements. Thus, there are several factors you need to consider while buying a bird cage so you get the right type and size for your bird. Below are some of the important features to look for while shopping for the right one.
  • Size You obviously want your bird comfortable while in the cage. So, knowing your bird’s species and the number of occupants in a single cage can help you get the most appropriate cage size.
  • Style There are various cage styles on the market, and you need to consider choosing the one that compliments your personal taste while still being easy to clean.
  • Construction Go for a cage that’s strong enough to withstand any abuse your bird can cause, to help keep your bird intact and safe from injury. Get the highest quality cage that’s within your budget.
  • Bar Spacing Your cage’s bar spacing should be of appropriate width to prevent limb and toe trapping, but also to ensure your bird can’t squeeze its head through.
Construction and Design
When it comes to bird cage construction, less is more. Cages with less hardware are better because the bird has less to remove and disassemble. Regardless of the size of cage, the materials used can differ greatly. The most common one is stainless steel – either galvanized or powder-coated – for its sturdy nature providing protection and comfort for your birds.

That said, every cage offers an array of safety features on top of their durable construction. Cage latches, for instance, are offered in three distinct types all suited to prevent your birds from escaping. Virtually all cages have built-in access and feeding doors for safe and easy food and water deposits. Some of these cages are designed with sliding doors that employ gravity to maintain closure, while others have hinged or swing-out doors using a tension closure.
Performance and Ease of Use
As far as performance and ease of use is concerned, our top selections boast complete horizontal cage doors to make it easier to access the cage’s interior and feed your bird.

How would it feel, having your bird in a crystal clean cage? These cages are packed with features that enable easy cleaning and maintenance, such as slide-out litter trays and removable grates. These features save you the hassle of disassembling the cage while cleaning those hard-to-reach areas – especially helpful in large bird cages.
Many cages also come with caster wheels installed for easy transporting to different spots of a room without having to remove the bird from the cage every now and then.

Get the Best Bird Cage of 2023!

Pets deserve the best. While there are plenty of bird cages out there, you need to provide your pet bird with the sort of housing that will make it fly back to its chill spot. This review breaks down the basics of a good cage, giving you 5 of the market’s best in pet bird cages. We hope it helps you make a decision. If none of these cages meets your demands, you can always find what you’re looking for from inexhaustible sources just a click away.

Our Top Choice
Prevue Deluxe Bird Cage
Best Value
YML Shell Top Bird Cage
Midwest Hacienda Bird Cage
HQ Cages Scrolltop Bird Cage
Vision M02 Bird Cage