Best Bird Food Reviews 2023

Bird feed is a wonderful way to bring your garden to life with constant twittering visitors of all shapes and sizes. It is also necessary for bird lovers who keep tame birds in their homes. To help you choose the best bird food for your garden or pet, we have selected five of the best bird food brands on the market, and a product to feature from each, to give you a better feel for what different brands have to offer and what’s available to you.
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Bird Type
Our Top Choice
Chubby Mealworms Dried Mealworms
American brand Chubby Mealworms sells a large variety of bird, reptile, fish and small mammal feed made from 100% natural grubs!
This bird feed is packed full of protein, vitamins and natural oils that are easy to handle. It comes in a handy re-sealable package – with many bulk buying options for savings.
Some customers found that the mealworms were broken and powdery.
Dried worms
Available in 17 sizes
Wild birds, chickens & more
100% dried mealworms
Best Value
Heath Outdoor Products Birdie's Blend Suet Cake
Heath Outdoor Products was created in 1948 with the mission of providing its customers with top-quality home and garden equipment.
This bird feed is suitable for all weather conditions and includes non-melt technology. It’s also perfect for attracting a variety of colorful songbirds!
Some customers found the product to be quite messy – may want to hang away from patios and porches.
Suet cake
Pack of 12 11.25 ounce cakes
Great for attracting songbirds
Seeds and white millet
Individually packaged
Lyric Fruit & Nut Wild Bird Mix
Lyric was created in 1993 with the mission to attract more birds to feeders across America in a healthy, sustainable way.
This bird feed contains 13 all-natural ingredients that are suitable for a variety of bird types. It also contains no fillers and is suitable for year-round use.
Some customers found the product attracted more squirrels than birds.
Premium fruit and nut mix
5 pounds or 20 pounds
Good for any birds
Fruits, seeds, shell-free nuts
Non resealable bag
Wagner’s Greatest Variety Blend Bird Food
Wagner’s has been creating premium wild bird feed products for well over 100 years.
Attracts the widest range of wild birds because of blend. It includes over 11 different ingredients that are suitable for a variety of birds and feeders.
Some customers found the feed was quite messy because of the shells left behind by the birds.
Wild bird/songbird blend
6 pounds or 16 pounds
Good for all wild and songbirds
Blend with 40% sunflower seeds
Re-sealable bag
Harrison’s Bird Foods Adult Lifetime Fine Blend
Harrison’s Bird Foods makes organic, healthy bird food using natural ingredients that are free from colors and preservatives.
This feed is ideal for small to medium sized, non-breeding and non-molting birds. Prevents both metabolic bone disease and elevated cholesterol.
Some customers found that their birds weren’t fond of the feed.
Adult maintenance formula
1 pound or 5 pounds
Non-breeding, non-molting birds
Seeds, nuts, peas and rice
Must be refrigerated

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What is the Best Bird Food?

Hopefully, after reading our little buying guide, you have a better understanding of what types of birds prefer what food and the particular type of bird feed that is suitable for you and your garden (or your caged pets). This will make the whole selection process MUCH easier, and allow you to narrow your options down dramatically. So let’s stop "flapping" about and get looking at our top five picks!
Our Top Choice
Chubby Mealworms Bulk Dried Mealworms are ideal for a variety of different animals, and are healthy too! If you are after a larger mealworm, take a look at Chubby Dried Super Worms instead which are over three times the size of the regular worms.

Chubby Mealworms Dried Mealworms for Wild Birds and Chickens - Available in a Variety of Bulk Size Options for Savings, Also Good for Reptiles

Chubby Mealworms is an American brand that sells a variety of bird, reptile and hedgehog feed made from 100% natural grubs! It's the number one brand in North America for wild birds, poultry, hedgehogs, reptiles and much, much more. The brand specializes in dried mealworms and insects that are packed with protein, vitamins and natural oils. It also offers products in a whole collection of sizes that are suitable for a range of customers and pets.

Chubby Mealworms Bulk Dried Mealworms are available in over 17 different bulk buying sizes! Dried mealworms are much easier to handle and store than live mealworms, and are both USDA and FDA approved. This animal feed is high in protein, vitamins and edible oils that are a healthy and tasty treat for your pet or wildlife. It also comes in top quality, re-sealable packaging, so the contents are kept fresh. You can also get these worms freeze dried, or you can opt for “bigger” worms.
Best Value
Heath Outdoor Products Birdie's Blend Suet Cake is a high-energy treat that will keep birds coming back for more! If you fancy a different flavor for your winged companions, why not try Heath Outdoor Products Suet Songbird Very Berry Cake instead?

Heath Outdoor Products Birdie's Blend 11.25 oz Suet Cake - Also Available Bundled with Suet Basket Feeder

Heath Outdoor Products was founded in 1948 by the Heath family. It offers customers a variety of bird feeders, houses, suet cakes, lawn and garden products, planters AND ancillary products! Today, Heath Outdoor Products is one of the biggest bird feeder brands in the world, offering high-quality feed and equipment to improve your home and garden.

We are big fans of the Heath Outdoor Products Birdie's Blend Suet Cake due to its variety of buying options, and it’s a #1 best seller on Amazon too! This no-melt suet cake is suitable for all seasons and is a high-energy treat for goldfinches, kinglets, cardinals and more. With its guaranteed freshness, this suet cake is suitable for even the coldest days! If you don’t have a feeder yet, these cakes are sold bundled with a suet basket for easy hanging.
The Lyric Fruit & Nut Wild Bird Mix is a tasty, healthy and high-energy way to feed your feathered friends whatever the weather. If you are after a feed specifically for arboreal birds, try Lyric's Peanut Pieces Wild Bird Food instead!

Lyric Fruit & Nut High Energy Wild Bird Mix – Gourmet Blend Available in Two Sizes

Lyric is passionate about attracting more birds to American feeders by providing nutritional value, great taste, variety and freshness. Not only are Lyric’s products sustainable, they are hand-crafted to attract a variety of different breeds of bird.

We LOVE Lyric’s Fruit and Nut Wild Bird Mix due to its sizing options and variety of ingredients that include fruits, seeds and shell-free nuts. This bird mix contains 13 all-natural ingredients that attract chickadees, robins, titmice and so many more! It contains absolutely no fillers. This bird feed is high-energy and suitable for feeding all year round.

For bird-lovers who don’t want to have to share this premium quality bird food with the squirrels in the yard, you may want to invest in a squirrel proof bird feeder.
Wagner’s Greatest Variety Blend Bird Food is ideal for both perching and ground songbirds. It contains over 40% sunflower seeds! If you are looking for a feed more suitable for backyard birds, get Wagner’s Farmer's Delight Wild Bird Food instead!

Wagner's Greatest Variety Blend- Available in 6lb. or 16lb. Bag

Wagner's was founded in 1894, and is the leading manufacturer of premium wild bird food products in America. It's also the oldest and largest wild bird food company in the United States. Today, Wagner is committed to bringing customers high-quality and high standard products with industry-leading, innovative creations.

Wagner’s Greatest Variety Blend Bird Food has multiple buying options. This gourmet blend includes over 11 ingredients, with over 40% of the product made from sunflower seed. This bird food is ideal for tube, hopper or platform feeders and comes in a handy re-sealable slider bag. If you are looking to attract both perching and ground songbirds, this is the feed for you!
Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Fine is perfect for anyone looking to give their little feathered friends a nutritional and healthy feed. If you need feed for slightly larger birds, take a look at Harrison’s High Potency Coarse instead!

Harrison's Adult Lifetime Fine - Premium, Certified Organic Formula, Available in Two Sizes

Harrison’s Bird Foods makes health foods for birds with organic, natural ingredients. Its products are proven to yield long-term health benefits, and prevent both metabolic bone disease and elevated cholesterol. With the help of vets and avian nutritionists, Harrison’s has been able to make products that really make a difference to the overall health of your birds.

Harrison’s Adult Lifetime Fine is a maintenance formula ideal for small to medium birds. It contains no artificial colors, sweeteners, flavors or preservatives. This product perfectly meets the nutritional requirements for a range of healthy, non-breeding, non-molting birds such as lovebirds, doves and cockatiels, and it's certified organic too!

How Do I Choose the Best Bird Food?

We can all appreciate the joys of feeding birds in the garden, and watching them flock over one by one, pecking away at the tasty treats left out for them in the bird feeder. Even if you have a caged bird, there is something wonderful about watching them chomping away at their favorite foods. (Just make sure you have a carpet sweeper or portable mini-vac for all those pesky shells!) Feeding birds in your garden is a fun way to bring your backyard to life, and in the spring, it can even help support parenting birds throughout the breeding season.

For those of you looking to attract wild birds, you are probably wondering: what’s the best bird food to leave out for your feathered friends? This depends on what type of birds you are looking to attract. Much like humans, birds have their own tastes and favorite foods. Different breeds of bird will be attracted to different things, so let’s have a look at the varieties of bird feed that are available:
  • Sunflower Seeds - Sunflower seeds are perhaps one of the most popular bird foods, because they can be used all year round. Some birds even prefer them to peanuts! They are high in oil, and great for shiny feathers and healthy claws and beaks. A great advantage of using sunflower seeds is that they can be enjoyed by most garden bird species.
  • Suet Balls or Cakes - Suet balls are fat-based and are great during the winter months, as they are high-energy food. They are specifically designed to be used all year round, but can soften or melt during hotter periods. This type of bird feed is ideal for small garden birds.
  • Mealworms - Mealworms are a firm favorite of insect-eating birds such as robins and blue tits. Due to their natural design, mealworms can be used to feed birds in any season. Many people prefer to use dried mealworms, as they are easy to store, less messy and can be used straight out of the packet.
  • Fruit and Nut Mixes - These types of feed are usually only suitable for larger birds. This is because nut and fruit chunks tend to be too large for little birdies to chew on. This type of feed is ideal for pets such as parrots.
Ok, now that we have a better understanding of the main types of bird foods, let’s turn our attention to things to take in to consideration when making your purchase.
The cost of your bird feed depends on the size of the product, the quality of ingredients and also on what it’s being used for. Most bird feed will range between $10 and $40 – or you can purchase bulk bird food for additional. Feed on the higher end of this scale often comes in bulk and therefore can save you money in the long run. Bird feed also tends to be more expensive if it’s for a pet, as the products tend to be more nutritionally balanced (such as fruit and nut-based mixes).

Bird foods such as suet balls or mealworms tend to be at the lower end of this scale, as they are more suited to garden birds and poultry (this doesn’t mean that the quality is lower, as long as you chose a reputable brand). Cheap bird food is available ($10 or less), but quite often these products come in smaller quantities and don’t offer as much energy as other, more expensive bird feed.
When it comes to selecting the best bird feed for you, your birdies and your garden, this is going to depend on what birds you are trying to attract, as well as your price range. There are a few features, however, that we recommend keeping an eye out for to ensure you get the most out of your feed.

Here are some important features to look for:
  • Re-sealable packaging
  • Suitable for a variety of birds
  • Suitable for all seasons
  • Natural products and ingredients
Construction and Design
When it comes to bird feed, we recommend choosing a product that is re-sealable, as this will keep the feed fresher for longer. It also stops insects and other unwanted guests from getting into the feed, and prevents smells from the feed lingering around your home. This is particularly relevant if you have chosen a fat-based product such as suet cakes, as they tend to perish easily when left out too long.

Another feature we recommend looking for is bird feed that’s suitable for a variety of birds. This will mean you will have a range of birds visiting your garden, and make your bird watching all the more interesting! It will also save you some pennies, as you won’t have to buy several types of feed.

One thing we definitely suggest looking for in your new bird feed is a product that is suitable all year round. These types of product tend to last longer, and save you the hassle of having to select products based on the weather.

Finally, we recommend looking for bird feed that contains natural products and ingredients, as it’s healthier for birds' tummies! Much like us, birds need a variety of nutrients to stay fit and healthy. Buying products that are organic and natural will aid birds in growth and development, and help them during colder winter months.
Performance and Ease of Use
Again, for the best ease of use, we recommend purchasing a product that is re-sealable, or transferring the feed into a closable container. This will keep the feed fresher for longer and prevent ants and insects from getting into the feed. If you have opted for suet balls or fresh mealworms, you may want to keep these products refrigerated, as they tend to perish easily when left out in the heat. When leaving feed out for birds, you must make sure to replace it once the food becomes stale or rotten, as the feed will become harmful and can irritate some birds' stomachs.

You will also want to make sure that you have chosen a bird feeder that works with the type of birds you want to attract and the feed that you purchase. Keep in mind that birds are not the only wild animals that enjoy fresh fruits, nuts and seeds. If you don’t want to feed the squirrels, make sure that you get a feeder that is either squirrel proof, or hang it somewhere that they can’t reach.

Finally, there is a downside that comes with feeding birds “naturally” with seeds that are in shells – the birds leave the scraps behind, dropping them to the ground. If you want to avoid this kind of mess, hang your bird feeder away from patios, porches or anywhere that the mess would be considered an eyesore.

Get the Best Bird Food of 2023!

After reading our top picks, you have likely found the best bird feed for you and your garden, and are now eagerly awaiting your new feathered friends' arrival. However, if this isn’t the case and you are yet to find a feed that’s right for you, don’t worry! We have selected brands that have a wide variety of bird food to choose from. Simply browse their other products to find something right for you!

Our Top Choice
Chubby Mealworms Dried Mealworms
Best Value
Heath Outdoor Products Birdie's Blend Suet Cake
Lyric Fruit & Nut Wild Bird Mix
Wagner’s Greatest Variety Blend Bird Food
Harrison’s Bird Foods Adult Lifetime Fine Blend