Best Bird House Reviews 2023

Have you ever thought of having several bird families live with you? It could be that little thing you need to make the difference in your backyard. Well, you don’t have to go out in the wild to get beautiful birds as you can draw them close to home with a simple but efficient strategy – a birdhouse! We’re here to help you decide your best option from some of the best birdhouse brands out there.
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Our Top Choice
River's Edge Products Oak Tree/Leaf Bird House
With stunning passion, River's Edge Products offers outdoor enthusiasts unique and innovative gifts with quality products.
Built with heavy-duty resin. Has a natural rustic look – a perfect home for birds. Comes with a hanging chain. Easy to install. Can accommodate large birds.
Stopper at the bottom can hang open so ensure it’s secure.
Round log
9 x 9 x 9 inches
Best Value
Furniture Creations Ginger-Bread Style Bird House
Focused on providing quality products to customers at reasonable prices, Furniture Creations’ commitment has been consistent since 2001.
Comes with a metal ring hanger. Is very eay to install. Has a multi level partition to house several birds. Designed with a bamboo or palm roofing making it leak proof.
You might have to glue new moss on the house.
Gingerbread Style
10.5 x 5.5 x 12.5 inches
Avian bird
Home Bazaar Novelty Cottage Bird House
For almost two decades now, Home Bazaar’s been dedicated to creating spectacular bird feeders and birdhouses with great success.
Designed with a paddleboard on the back for easy hanging. Unpainted nest box making it a great choice for most birds. Has drainage and ventilation holes, making it ideal for seasonal birds.
Vulnerable to the elements.
7.8 x 10.8 x 10.2 inches
Small nesting birds
Red Carpet Long Face Hank Bird House
Red Carpet Studio’s exploration of the outdoors has seen the company make impressive quality products for almost two decades.
Features a cleanout hole in the backside, making cleaning easy. Needs only one nail, so installation is fast and easy. Has a resin and hand-painted finish, making it durable.
Not ideal home for larger birds.
Sculpted Face
7.25 x 4.5 x 14 inches
Chickadees, Hummingbird
Woodlink Bluebird Bird House
Woodlink has been going green with recycled plastics, while bird feeders and houses have been at the front of its product list.
Built with re-forested cedar wood. Both sturdy and durable. Ventilation gap on the top. Drain hole at the bottom to prevent water logging inside.
Entry hole not wide for larger birds.
Basic wooden design
6.2 x 7.1 x 11.8 inches
Red cedar wood
Eastern Bluebird

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What is the Best Bird House?

Getting the perfect bird house for your backyard decor not only needs to complement your outdoors but have the needed features to attract the birds you would like to see. Now that you are well informed of the features to look out for let’s jump to the review.
Our Top Choice
This River's Edge Products Oak Tree Leaf Bird House is built with heavy-duty resin to withstand exposing it to scorching environments. If you’re looking for a bird house with an all wood construction then check out the River's Edge Products Log-Cabin Bird House.

River's Edge Products Oak and Tree Leaf Brown Bird House

Whether you want to decorate your lake house, cabin, home or any other outdoor place, River’s Edge may be just the right place to turn. The company’s committed to offering outdoor enthusiasts nothing short of the ideal designs of merchandise and gifts for outdoor diehards. If it has anything to do with outdoor decoration, this company will have something for you to make it the best.

Whenever you have a birdhouse around, keeping it clean might feel like a responsibility, but it’s always fun in a way. To help you relate with your outdoor neighbors, this River's Edge Products Oak Tree Leaf Bird House is designed with a bottom opening for easy access and cleaning. So, you can enjoy working on it occasionally and, most importantly, keep it tidy for them. And there is more – it comes with a number of benefits, so you’ll always find something fascinating about it.

Here are some of the other features to look out for:
  • A well-built design and durable resin is essential for the house’s lasting stability to guarantee you a good return on your money.
  • If you have large birds around, a two-inch hole on the side is wide enough for most of them to fit in easily.
  • What’s more, hanging it should not be a problem, as it comes with a hanging chain that you can use to set it whenever you want.
  • With a rustic natural look, it blends in quite well with the environment on your backyard, a magnificent piece of artisanship.
Best Value
This Furniture Creations Ginger-Bread Style Bird House comes with a metal ring hanger for easy installation in lofty places. How about pairing your purchase with a Furniture Creations Verdigris-Gazebo Bird Feeder. It’s plastic and about ¾ inch high to attract more birds to your yard.

Furniture Creations Avian Condo Ginger-Bread Style Bird House

If you’re looking for a wide variety of options, Furniture Creations is one of the best places to turn. From living room to the bedroom, dining room and a lot more options, the array of products at this company is one you will always fall in love with. Not to mention, the price is also unbeatable. When it comes to opportunities, this is where you can get it at its best.

What could be more interesting for your yard than an intriguing birdhouse? There’s always something special about any house that not only looks attractive for the birds, but also for you and anyone visiting your front or backyard. The Furniture Creations Ginger-Bread Style Bird House with attached side houses makes it a great home for several birds to live at once as well as making it attractive for everyone around.

These are some of the additional features:
  • The house sits on a slender, tall platform, with several stairs in front to add to its magnificent beauty.
  • A sturdy metal ring hanger on this one is apparently all you need to keep your birdhouse fitted whenever you want it.
  • With a palm or bamboo roofing, leaking is out of the question, which means a safe and comfortable home for birds.
  • Sitting on a wooden platform, you can also place it on a fence post, and watch it attract new neighbors.
If you’re looking for an easy to install birdhouse, a paddleboard on the back of the Home Bazaar Novelty Cottage Bird House makes hanging it quite easy. Alternatively, if you’re looking for a beachside bird house design that’s easy to clean in sea foam blue, check out the Home Bazaar Hand-Made Sea-foam Blue Beachside Cottage Bird House.

Home Bazaar Novelty Hand-Made Cottage Bird House— Available in White, Blue/Pine, Red/Pine

A combination of love for nature and birds, with technical and design capabilities is essential for Home Bazaar’s pursuit for quality products. The company has even gone the extra mile to include a number of Architectural Birdhouses, Garden Accessories, pedestals, and feeders. This comes with the use of fine material and attention to detail to create products that can serve you outdoors for years.

Taking care of your birdhouse is as important for you as it is for the birds, but the first thing to keep in mind is how ideal the conditions are inside despite the weather conditions outside. Ventilation and drainage holes make a house ideal for use in any weather, cold or wet. With a finely crafted and bird-friendly nature, this Home Bazaar Novelty Cottage Bird House is made with fine materials as well as attention to detail to produce an ideal home for your neighbors. And it doesn’t end here; the birdhouse also features several impressive features too.

Here are just a few of them:
  • The birdhouse is super easy to install with a paddle board on its back, not forgetting that it requires no building, so you can have it in place within minutes of receiving the package.
  • It’s easy to clean, with a removable back wall that allows easy access for fast cleanout. This is ideal for the convenience of both birds and owners alike.
  • The birdhouse is also built to make the birds happy, with a well-crafted and decorative design for outdoor use.
  • The kiln-dried hardwood used in constructing this house is essential for it’s sturdy and durable build.
  • A water-based non-toxic paint helps keep the house looking attractive and the birds happy as well.
If the red/pine design is not your favorite color, you can check out the Blue/pine or white options too.
The Red Carpet Long Face Hank Bird House features a cleanout hole in the backside, which makes cleaning and maintaining it super easy. If you love pink and artistic structures then check out the Red Carpet Wood and Metal Pink Scrolling Bird House, designed with a pink roof and an art inspired accent.

Red Carpet Long Face Hank Birdie in The Woods Bird House

If there is one thing Red Carpet has embraced, it’s the commitment to a variety of products, from chimes to feeders, birdhouses, wind spinners, several kinetic garden décor options and garden stakes. The company keeps seeking ways to add new products to the garden and yard production line to enhance your experience in these areas.

The moment you get yourself a birdhouse, you’ll start thinking about keeping it clean. Well, if you can’t access the inside easily, this can be a challenge, but this Red Carpet Long Face Hank Bird House design is all about making this super easy. A cleanout hole in the back makes cleaning your birdhouse a breeze, an opportunity to keep your neighbors happy around you.

What’s more, the birdhouse packs a lot more features:
  • Cast from quality resin with a hand-painted finish, the house is a combination of both durability and attractiveness.
  • Installing it is simple, as you can just hang it on the wall or fasten to a tree using a single nail.
  • With up to 4.5 inches deep, the house is spacious enough to accommodate a medium size bird without a struggle.
  • The elf-like appearance with a long beard makes this house not only interesting and well-crafted but a standout feature in your yard.
The Woodlink Bluebird Bird House is a great deal. Built with re-forested cedar wood, it’s both sturdy and durable. If you’re looking for an a-frame bird house with rustic branding and a hole size ideal for wrens or chickadees, check out the Woodlink Bird House A-Frame.

Woodlink Bluebird Wooden Bird House

When it comes to variety, Woodlink always comes out on top. From birdhouses to feeders as well as accessories, the company always has something unique to offer. It also deals in a variety of bird-related products made from different materials like glass and metal, cedar, and plastic. This has seen the company win trust with retail stores as well as consumers for over twenty years.

Having a birdhouse that can’t hold up for long enough can be both frustrating and a total waste of money. If you want to beat this challenge, you need to get a well-built house that can weather the different seasons and keep your feathered neighbors comfortable. Built from a re-forested and kiln-dried cedar wood, this Woodlink Bluebird Bird House is weather resistant as well as keeping insects at bay. And the best part? Well, there’s always something more to go for in this birdhouse.

Here are some of the features you need to check out:
  • The construction is a sturdy one, screwed together with zinc chromate screws that are rust resistant, making it ideal for resisting temperature changes.
  • With up to a half inch ventilation gap on the top as well as a drain hole on the bottom, this bird house is a great home for birds.
  • What’s more, an easy-to-open front panel makes cleaning this house as well as checking nesting birds easier without necessarily disturbing them.
  • The entry hole is half an inch opening, wide enough for eastern bluebirds and other birds of similar size.
  • What’s more, the house is ornithologically designed to draw bluebirds to it.

How Do I Choose the Best Bird House?

Whether in your front yard, backyard or inside the house, having a special natural touch in your décor always goes a long way. What could be lovelier than a bunch of birds singing their harmonies outside, or a natural décor in your living room? Well, if there’s one thing that can make the difference it's a birdhouse! Your family and guests cannot associate with nature more than having a brush with these little creatures either indoors or outdoors. So, why do you need to go for a birdhouse, and what can it do for you?

Just like bird cages, birdhouses are usually built to last for years. This is all thanks to the attention to detail in the construction, as well as the use of sturdy materials. You can also count on the natural aspect in most of these houses, which makes them easily blend in with the backyard environment.

The other great thing about birdhouses is just how easy they can be to use, especially if you like keeping your neighbors comfortable. Most of them are simple to install right from the box, as they’re assembled and ready for use on arrival. If you choose one with a metal ring or chain for hanging, all you’ll need is a hammer and a few weather-resistant zinc screws to have it in place. When it comes to cleaning, you’ll have an easy time, as most of them feature a removable front or back part for easy access.

Another aspect you’ll love about birdhouses is the natural rustic look they come with. If you’re a nature enthusiast, this can be the real deal for you. Even better, if you want something to offer as a gift, then you can’t make someone happier than handing them this great souvenir. So, you thought a bat house was all you could go for? Well, you haven’t seen it all until you lay your hands on one of these magnificent pieces.

Before you make the move to checking out our selected birdhouses, you need to look at the features first.
You can get a good birdhouse for between $15 and $90, although some high-end options can be a little bit pricier. But why this huge price difference? Well, there are a number of factors that affect the price of any birdhouse. If you are going for one with features like easy to remove panels for cleaning and ideal roofing or several nests, you can expect to spend a little more. The same goes for the material used in making the birdhouse too.

You will have to dig deeper into your pocket if you want a hardwood or resin built birdhouse, and if you want the brand everyone is talking about. We highly suggest, though, that you watch out for the really cheap birdhouse options. It is crucial to ensure you do not make the mistake of falling for these, as they could mean disaster for the birds, and sometimes for you too. These cheap birdhouse options could mean the lack of critical features like a drainage hole, good roofing system, or sufficient nest mouth.
When it comes to looking for the ideal birdhouse for you, you need to ensure you get the best deal possible, and what better way to get there than looking for the right features? Well, here are a number to consider:
  • Style – From basic designs to the complex cottage types, rounded, gingerbread style and long face hunks, these birdhouses can come in an array of shapes. The most important thing here is going for what best fits your preference. With all these designs at your disposal, you can always get what you need.
  • Size – Most birdhouses’ dimensions differ from one to the other, and so does the weight. Although the dimensions can be largely distinct, most birdhouses are relatively light. This is by design for birdhouses hung on walls or trees.
  • Material – When it comes to the material, you can expect to find a wide range of options in most birdhouses. Whether you prefer wood, polymeric, ply board, or resin, birdhouses will always have something for you. The material a birdhouse is built with also plays a major role in several aspects, from durability to efficiency, so making your decision wisely can be handy.
  • Birds – Birdhouses usually attract different types of birds, from blue birds to finches, titmice, nuthatches, chickadees, and wrens to mention but a few. The type of birds your birdhouse will attract depends on the features it comes with.
  • Capacity – Depending on the size of the birdhouse, you can have a single or several birds housed in any one of them. Larger birdhouses will accommodate more birds, but a small one with single entry hole will be suited for a single bird.
Construction and Design
The construction of any birdhouse could mean the difference between getting the best one and falling for a total waste of money. If you want to avoid hitting the wrong button, these are some of the features to look out for.
  • Material - This needs to be solid, for making a firm house that can give you a lasting service. What’s more, most of the houses feature different sizes of holes for different types of birds. Whether you love smaller birds or the larger species, you will always have a chance to go for the perfect option for you.
  • Natural look - Since most of these houses are meant for use in backyard or front yard, they are usually built to blend in seamlessly with the natural environment. Most of them are hand painted with natural finish paints that reflect the trees in the area you want to have them fitted.
  • Installation - From hanging to placing on platforms, birdhouses have different options for placement in the area you want to fix them. The types made for hanging come with a metal ring or chain hanger, while the ones for placing on posts come with a platform for easy installation.
  • Sturdy design - The first thing you’ll notice about most birdhouses is the ideal design meant to stand the severe weather out there. Even more interesting is the variety of designs you can find in a birdhouse. From simple types to the complex types with several chambers, you can have the opportunity to choose the right house for your favorite types of birds.
Performance and Ease of Use
When the construction and design may be pleasing to behold, if your birdhouse cannot deliver, it is not worth your money. To ensure you are getting what you need, you need to further consider a few points.

Since the birdhouse will be outdoors all the time, the relentless harsh weather can significantly reduce its durability. However, well-built houses are not prone to this hazard. With the ideal pine or bamboo roofing among other sturdy roofing material, most of them are designed to take a beating years on end without losing their edges

Having birds in your birdhouse is one thing, but keeping them happy is the real challenge. One of the ways to ensure birds are getting nothing short of the best in their stay is keeping the house clean for them. To make this feat easier for you, most of these birdhouses are built with a removable back wall for easy access when you want to clean it out. Others come with an access hole for sprinkling in the water while cleaning as well as a drainage hole for keeping it dry

Get the Best Bird House of 2023!

Having read our review, we are sure by now you have found the best birdhouse for you. But if you are not convinced yet, not to worry, you can always browse our recommended brands for more products like these. It’s time to give your natural neighbors a home they’ll love.

Our Top Choice
River's Edge Products Oak Tree/Leaf Bird House
Best Value
Furniture Creations Ginger-Bread Style Bird House
Home Bazaar Novelty Cottage Bird House
Red Carpet Long Face Hank Bird House
Woodlink Bluebird Bird House