Best BJJ Rash Guard Reviews 2023

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) is a combat sport that is catching on among many combat sports lovers. Far from the days when one needed just shorts for combat sports, many are now turning to rash guards for both protection and better performance. With the increase in demand for rash guards, many types from different brands are now on offer. This presents a new challenge for anyone who wants to get one – the challenge of knowing which to choose from the sea of options available. We understand how stressful this can be and have decided to provide you with a solution. We spent some time researching brands that make BJJ rash guards and found five of the best rash guard brands. We looked closer into these brands and, from the wide selection of rash guards they have on offer, chose one from each for this review. Each one we highlighted will give a good idea of what each brand offers. If our selection meets your requirements, just go ahead and order one. If not, take some time to look at the other models offered by these brands. We hope this helps make the process of choosing easier for you.
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Our Top Choice
Hayabusa Metaru 47 Silver Rashguard
Hayabusa is committed to the delivery of combat sports products that are of top quality, innovative and designed with the best technology to deliver top performance every time.
Well made. Top-quality materials. Lovely design. Comfortable. Prevents body odor. Flexible. IBJJF compliant. Has thermoregulation. Durable.
Some may find it a bit too tight.
Long sleeve
AG Compression fabric
Black/brown; 3 colors
Small and medium
Best Value
Elite Sports Star Short Sleeve Rashguard
Elite Sports is committed to providing top-quality and affordable combat sport products and accessories that will enhance the performance of athletes everywhere.
Good quality. Lovely design. Anti-microbial treatment. Breathable. Wicks sweat. Fashionable and comfortable. Doesn't ride up. Multi-purpose. Durable.
May not be comfortable for people with big biceps and triceps.
Short sleeve
Polyester and spandex
Hi-viz; 6 colors
Pressure Grappling Women's Rash Guard
Pressure Grappling has one objective, and that is to provide Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes with top-quality and innovative gear that enhances their performance.
Good quality. Lovely designs. Vibrant colors. Fits different body sizes. UV protection. Silicone lockdown waistband. Moisture control. Durable.
For women only.
Short sleeve
Polyester and spandex
Blue shark; 5 colors
RVCA Men's VA Rashguard
RVCA is committed to delivering products inspired by music, art, fashion and our everyday lifestyle. It looks at the big picture, offering products that inspire us to do more.
Well made. Good-quality material. Simple and clean design. Feels great. Comfortable. UV Protection. Absorbs sweat. Multi-purpose.
The logo may peel after a few washes.
Long sleeve
Nylon and spandex
Black or red
S, M, L, XL, XXL
Sanabul Short Sleeve Compression Rash Guard
Sanabul has a clear mission, which is to make high-quality gear available to athletes and combat sport enthusiasts, and to make it available at affordable prices.
Quality materials. Breathable. Anti-microbial treatment. Light and flexible. Comfortable. UV protection. IBJJF competition approved. Nice compression. Durable. Affordable.
Your regular size may be small for you. A size bigger may be a better fit.
Short sleeve
Black/white; 6 colors
XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

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What is the Best BJJ Rash Guard?

Choosing the right BJJ rash guard is largely an issue of personal preference. Having read this far, you have seen certain factors that you should consider when choosing one. If you have considered them, you should now be in a good position to know the type of BJJ rash guard you really need. As we begin to review our selection, look out for products that meet your specification and go for them.
Our Top Choice
Take your performance to the next level with the Hayabusa Metaru 47 Silver Rashguard. Its flexible and comfortable compression fabric protects you from scrapes without impeding your movement, keeping you dry and cool. Would you prefer a short sleeve design? If so, try the Hayabusa Metaru Charged Short Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards.

Hayabusa Metaru 47 Silver Rashguard, Long Sleeve – Available in 3 Colors & 2 Sizes

Hayabusa understands the rigor and demands of combat sports. It knows that to succeed in this highly demanding field of endeavor, you constantly need to break the barriers that hold you back, re-invent yourself continually and always set new goals while achieving and exceeding old ones. With this deep understanding, it designs and manufactures products that help the athlete on this journey to self-domination. Making use of the latest technology, it is constantly researching and innovating to ensure its products deliver the very best in performance, making it easier for these dedicated athletes to achieve their goals.

The Hayabusa Metaru 47 Silver Rashguard is professional-grade apparel for the combat sport athlete who is uncompromising in the quality of kit they use. This rash guard is Brazilian jiu-jitsu belt ranked and meets other International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation (IBJJF) requirements. The quality of this rash guard is immediately obvious in its design. Its fiber-fused graphics, which are highly durable give it a natural look, and the flatlock stitching further enhances its durability by preventing fabric chafing. Hayabusa's AG Compression fabric is very flexible and comfortable, allowing for maximum performance. Give the fight your all and come out from the exertion without any body odor, thanks to the rash guard's X-Static XT2 pure silver technology. You can get this rash guard in three color combinations: black/blue, black/brown and black/white.

Check out some other rash guards from Hayabusa below:
  • Hayabusa Elevate Short Sleeve Rash Guard – Short sleeve design
  • Hayabusa Mizuchi 2.0 Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards – With silicone waistband
  • Hayabusa Elevate Long Sleeve Rash Guard – With high-performance tensile fabric
  • Hayabusa Recast Rashguard Longsleeve – Improves body thermoregulation
  • Hayabusa Haburi Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards – Athletic fit with superior protection
  • Hayabusa Recast Short Sleeve Rash Guard – Short sleeve with improved body thermoregulation
  • Hayabusa Metaru Charged Long Sleeve BJJ Rash Guards – With titanium-coated fibers
Best Value
The Elite Sports Star Short Sleeve Rashguard offers improved performance with its blend of polyester and spandex compression material that enhances blood flow and recovery time. Improve your performance in comfort. Would you prefer your rash guard with long sleeves? See the Elite Sports NEW ITEM Full Long Sleeve Compression.

Elite Sports New Item Star Short Sleeve Rashguard – Available in 6 Colors & Multiple Sizes

With the increased popularity of combat sports came an increase in low-quality products designed for these high-intensity and highly demanding activities. The founders of Elite Sports (as experienced combat sports athletes themselves), understanding how this can adversely impact an athlete's performance, decided to do something about it. Elite Sports is more than just a fan of combat sports. It is committed to the continued growth and expansion of the sport and, thus, is focused on providing quality products that will help these athletes achieve all they aim to. It does not just provide top-quality products; it provides them at affordable prices, bringing them within the reach of virtually every athlete.

The Elite Sports Star Short Sleeve Rashguard is what you turn to when you do not want to be distracted by the discomfort of ill-performing rash guards. Designed with a compression material that is a blend of polyester and spandex, this rash guard improves blood circulation and recovery time, making for a better performance. With all the vigorous combating activities, its anti-fungal and anti-microbial treatment ensures your body stays healthy and odor free as it fights the build-up of these organisms. This is a top-quality rash guard that also looks great, thanks to its flatlock stitching, which prevents fabric chafing, and the sublimated graphic design which ensures the design is durable and does not irritate the skin. To complement your style, this rash guard is available in the following six colors: Black/blue, black/gold, black/hi-viz, black/gray, black/red and black/white.

Check out some other products from Elite Sports that can enhance your performance:
  • Elite Sports NEW ITEM Full Long Sleeve Compression – Long sleeve rash guard
  • Elite Sports NEW ITEM Standard Short Sleeve Compression – Multi-purpose with anti-microbial treatment
  • Elite Sports NEW ITEM Full Long Sleeve Compression – Comfortable, multi-purpose and IBJJF approved
  • Elite Sports NEW ITEM Short Sleeve Compression – Polyester and spandex compression material
  • Elite Sports NEW ITEM Gym Bag – Made with military gear-grade material
The Pressure Grappling Women's Short Sleeve Rash Guard offers comfortable protection that doesn’t interfere with your movement. It features a moisture-control fabric that stretches four ways to accommodate most body types. If you prefer a long sleeve women’s rash guard, try the Pressure Grappling Women's Premium BJJ Long Sleeve Rash Guard.

Pressure Grappling Women's Belt Rank Short Sleeve Rash Guard – Available in 5 Colors

Whether in training or in competitions, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes require the best gear if they are to excel. Pressure Grappling has, therefore, made its singular focus the provision of top-quality and innovative gear to these athletes. It aims to grow the sport by increasing the performance level of the already-existing athletes, using them as ambassadors who not only represent the sport, but also attract new interest. Its products and continued support have been a source of inspiration for many.

Every combat sport athlete wants to be protected from cuts and scrapes without having their movement restricted by the protective clothing. The Pressure Grappling Women's Short Sleeve Rash Guard offers the best of both worlds with a polyester and spandex 4-way stretch material that doesn't just stretch to accommodate different body types, but also has moisture control that helps keep you cool and dry. While on the mat, you can focus on only your opponent, never having to quickly pull down a high riding waistline. This is thanks to the silicone waistband that keeps it in place. What else is there to this rash guard? Well, we now know it is a high-performance piece – what we cannot fail to clearly state is that it is a stunning-looking one, too.

You do not have to compromise good fashion simply because you are into combat sports. This rash guard features vibrant colors and designs that are fully sublimated to ensure they do not peel, fade or irritate your skin. You can now step onto the mat, or anywhere else, in this, knowing you look really good. Did we mention that it is also great for UV protection? Well, yes it is. So you get to look good, stay dry and cool, enjoy UV protection and be protected from scrapes and cuts on the mat. What more can you ask for? You didn't ask for more, but there is more. You can get this in five lovely designs and colors. These include: blue shark, brown grizzly, orange tiger, purple octopus and white wolf.
The RVCA Men's VA Rashguard is a simple, but stylish, multi-purpose item. It features a nylon and spandex fabric blend that is fast drying, keeping you dry and cool as you hit the mat or ride the waves on your surfboard. Would you prefer a short sleeve rash guard from this brand? Check out the RVCA Men's Solid Short Sleeve Rashguard.

RVCA Men's Long Sleeve VA Rashguard – Available in 2 Colors & Multiple Sizes

When P.M. Tenore founded RVCA, his vision was to create a brand that focused on delivering lifestyle-based designs. Designs inspired by music, art, fashion, and other things relevant to our way of life. Right now, the brand inspires today's generation to aspire for more. To break barriers and push beyond whatever limitations there appear to be. Its products include men’s and women’s fashion items and more. With these products from RVCA, you can do much more.

The RVCA Men's VA Rashguard combines 91% nylon and 9% spandex to deliver a fabric that is fast drying, keeping you dry and cool while you engage in your favorite sport. It has a simple, but classy, design that includes the screen-printed logo and name of the brand on the chest, sleeves and back yoke. This rash guard is multi-functional and can be used for combat sports or surfing. The fact that it is rated for UV protection is something you should surely be excited about. This is a rash guard you can turn to when you need quality at an affordable price. You can get this in two lovely colors: black and red.

RVCA offers other great products, some of which are listed below:
  • RVCA Exclusive VA Rashguard-Federal Blue – Fast-drying raglan, long sleeve
  • RVCA Men's Solid Long Sleeve Rashguard – 87% polyamide and 13% elastane
  • RVCA Men's Solid Short Sleeve Rashguard – Short sleeve polyamide and elastane material
  • RVCA Men's VA All the Way Mesh Surf Tee Rashguard – Short sleeve nylon and elastane
  • RVCA Exclusive VA Rashguard – Raglan, long sleeve with slight mock neck
  • RVCA Men's Long Sleeve Back Zip Wetsuit Jacket Rashguard – 100% rubber
The Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Rash Guard is designed for ultimate performance with its 4-way stretch material and specially designed arms and upper torso that enhance blood flow while keeping you dry. Do you prefer your rash guards in long sleeve? Try the Sanabul Myo Base Layer Long Sleeve Compression MMA BJJ Cross Training Rash Guard.

Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Base Layer Rash Guard – Available in 6 Colors

Sanabul offers combat sport athletes a great partnership proposal. It offers to worry about the research, design and manufacturing of their fighting gear so they can focus on the mat and their opponents. This, surely, is a great proposal which Sanabul has stood by. It understands the importance of great gear and has committed to continuing to search for innovative ways to deliver gear that enhances performance. Interestingly, despite its focus on delivering the highest of quality, it still maintains affordable prices so that more athletes can have access to quality gear.

The Sanabul Essentials Short Sleeve Compression Rash Guard is a multi-purpose rash guard that can be used for jiu jitsu, MMA, and surfing among others. It is made of a 4-way stretch material that allows it to fit people of different body types, while the mesh underarms allow for easy dispersion of heat so the body is kept cool and dry. This is a high-performance rash guard you will love. If you need more convincing, check out some of its other features listed below:
  • 100% polyester – For its strength, durability and flexibility
  • Anti-microbial treatment – Prevents the growth of microbes.
  • UV SPF 50 protection – Protects from the sun’s ultra-violet rays when outside.
  • Graduated compression in torso and upper arms – For improved blood flow
  • IBJJF competition approved – Can be used by professionals for competitive events.
  • Extensive size options – It is available in X-small, small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large.
Do not sacrifice your style. Stay fashionable with any of these six colors: black, black/blue, black/brown, black/red, black/white and black/purple

How Do I Choose the Best BJJ Rash Guard?

Do you remember those Jackie Chan movies, where he pulls down the pants of his opponents and, while they are busy grappling with the pants in an attempt to get them back up, he gives them a good whooping? Do you know the moral of those scenes? Simple, don’t go into a fight with the wrong clothing.

In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and combat sports generally, there is a lot of groping, grabbing, pulling, pushing and more. If you are not wearing the right kind of clothing, what you’re wearing could easily get torn, sweat-soaked and uncomfortable, to list just a few. What we are basically saying is that you need specialized gear for combat sports like MMA and Jiu Jitsu.

Actually, this is not just a combat sport thing. Rash guards were originally used by surfers. For surfers, aside from your surfboard and, of course, your surfing skills, this is one of the most important items to own.

One brand had something profound to say about the rash guard they were offering. They said they can’t give super powers, but they will be there to help you achieve your goals with more ease. Many athletes are beginning to make this one of their most important sports and fitness items, regardless of the sports they are involved in. This is mainly because many are beginning to see the benefits of working with a rash guard.

In this guide, we will show you how to choose the BJJ rash guard that will serve you best. Choosing the best BJJ rash guard requires an understanding of the features offered and how these can affect your use of the gear. We will explain a few of these so you too can begin to enjoy the full benefits of a good-quality rash guard.
When you decide to get a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu rash guard, cost will be one of the things to consider. There are a couple of things that can affect how much one costs. These include: the quality of material used, size and, of course, brand, among other things. Some brands have made a name for themselves, so people easily associate them with good quality. Products from such brands are likely to be more expensive than those from less-known brands, regardless of the quality of the product itself.

Having said this, with between about $20 and $70, and above, you can get a good rash guard that will serve you well. There certainly will be differences both in quality and features offered. You can, however, be sure that any one you choose from this selection will offer you good value. One important point to note is the need to avoid cheap BJJ rash guards, especially if you want any form of quality. These will offer no value worth paying for.
Choosing a BJJ rash guard that will be perfect for you requires an understanding that can only come when certain factors have been properly considered. Considering these factors will make it easier for you to decide what will be perfect for your needs. We will look at a few of these, including:
  • Type
  • Men’s, Women’s or Unisex
  • Material
  • Hygiene
  • Durability
  • UV Protection
  • Size
  • IBJJF Compliance
Let’s look at some of these in more detail.
Construction and Design
The first thing to look at when choosing a BJJ rash guard is the type you want. Broadly speaking, there are two basic types – long-sleeved and short-sleeved rash guards. If you love to have most of your body covered and protected from microbes around, then the long-sleeved type will be a perfect choice. If, however, what is more important to you is staying as cool as possible while training or competing, then you will want the short-sleeved type, because your arms will be uncovered, keeping you cooler.

Another thing to look at is whether to go for a men’s, women’s or unisex design. Many rash guards come in a default men’s design. Many women actually use small-sized men’s rash guards quite comfortably. If, as a woman, you do not want to compromise your fashion sense and style, not to mention a fit that may be better suited for your body, you should look into those designed for women. The unisex types appear to not be much in demand, as many men do not like them, and neither do women.

The material a rash guard is made of is a very important factor to consider. You need a material that is strong enough to withstand the rigors of combat sports without being heavy and restrictive. It needs to be light, breathable and flexible. The best materials for rash guards are blends. You will usually find a mix of polyester and spandex, nylon and spandex, etc. These combine the best of both materials to deliver a material that is lightweight, expandable and durable.

These material blends also facilitate moisture control, which helps keep you dry and cool while working out or competing. It is important that the material does not retain water, but wicks it away from your skin. This takes us to the next point, which is hygiene.

Rolling on the mat, among other things, exposes you to bacteria. Some rash guards feature anti-microbial treatment to prevent the growth of bacteria. This is something that you should really look out for, considering the health risk of exposing oneself to the bacteria-infested training area.

Rash guards are usually attractive, sporting wonderful designs. To ensure you get one that will last, look for one on which the designs are sublimated. This makes the design one with the material, so that it does not peel off or fade like screen-printed ones.
Performance and Ease of Use
Rash guards can be used indoors and outdoors. If you will be using yours outdoors a lot, you should consider getting one that is rated for UV protection. This type will offer protection from the ultra-violet rays of the sun.

You should also check if it is IBJJF compliant. This will be very important if you want to participate in official competitions and events. IBJJF requires that at least 10% of the color of your rash guard is your rank’s color. This will only matter if you want to use your rash guard for professional purposes.

Sizing can be an issue, especially when buying online. For women buying men’s rash guards, go for a size smaller than your regular size (in the men’s size). For men, due to the level of compression many of these rash guards have, you may need to get a size bigger than your regular size so it doesn’t get too tight for you.

Get the Best BJJ Rash Guard of 2023!

We appreciate you taking the time to read through this review and guide. We do hope you have gotten some useful information from it. It’s now time to act on the information you have received. Go right ahead and place your order so you can begin to enjoy the benefits of a great BJJ rash guard.

Our Top Choice
Hayabusa Metaru 47 Silver Rashguard
Best Value
Elite Sports Star Short Sleeve Rashguard
Pressure Grappling Women's Rash Guard
RVCA Men's VA Rashguard
Sanabul Short Sleeve Compression Rash Guard