Best Blackout Curtain Reviews 2023

Modern-day living means different hours for different people. Some need night-vision goggles for the work they do (top-secret), others need blackout curtains – either because they need darkness during the day to work, or because they need it to sleep. Or maybe you want to keep the sun out of your infant’s room, or want to set up the perfect home theater. Besides blocking out light, another feature of blackout curtains is that some have a thermal design to trap the heat and save on energy – ideal if you are in a colder climate, want to save on your heating bill or just have very particular temperature tastes. Either way, you still want your blackout curtains to look good, as they are a major part of your decor. We have selected five great blackout curtains from the best blackout curtain brands to simplify your shopping.
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Our Top Choice
Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening Drapes Grommet Top – Two Panel Set
Utopia Bedding’s thermal insulated blackout curtains help to keep your room the perfect temperature and you well-rested. A great price for 2 curtains, and reduces your utility costs.
Filters up to 60% of outside noise. Classy and gorgeous, these blackout curtains suit any taste. High-quality feel to the material.
Room becomes very darkened, but not pitch-black.
52” W x 84” L
Variety of colors
Polyester blend
Drafts, noise and UV rays
Comes with tiebacks
Best Value
Eclipse Fresno Thermaweave Blackout Window Curtains - Single Pocket Top Panel
Eclipse uses a triple-weave method through their curtain yarns, interspersing black thermal yarns into the material that ensure light blocking, noise reduction and temperature control.
Blocks 99% of the light with considerable noise reduction. Maximizes privacy.
Not Absolute Zero curtain – but Eclipse makes them.
42 or 52”W x 63, 84, 95”L
Various patterns & colors
Triple-weave yarn
Temperature, noise and UV Rays
ThermaLayer™ technology
Best Home Fashion Back Tab Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains – Two Pocket Top Panel Set
Great if you seek the home-theater effect or an elegant darkened bedroom escape. Blocks 99% of sunlight with wide panels of triple-knit fabric.
100% UV blocking. Thermal insulation. Noise reduction. Machine Washable.
Not absolute zero blackout curtain.
52” x 54, 63, 72, 84, 95 or 96
Variety of Colors (17)
Drafts, noise and 100% UV Rays
Lab Tested, Energy Efficiency
Royal Hotel Soho Top Grommet Blackout Window Curtains - Single Panel
These draperies are layered with a triple-pass foam in the back of the panel for optimal blackout experience, blocking 99% of the light and insulating your room for energy savings.
Elegant shimmering draperies with grommets positioned to allow the curtains to pleat nicely when partially open.
Not thermally insulated (but not everyone wants that). Not absolute zero blackout curtain.
42”W x 63”, 84”, 96”, 108”L
Variety of colors (13)
100% Polyester
Blocks UV Rays
Triple-pass foam layer
Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains – Single Panel
A shimmering drapery with the same color on both sides that obscures the light to create the darkness you crave. Offers thermal insulation for energy savings.
Noise reduction. Easy to maintain and clean, does not attract dust or mites.
Room darkener, not full blackout shades.
42”W x 84”L & 42”W x 63”L
Variety of colors (22)
Drafts, noise and UV rays
Allergen resistant

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What is the Best Blackout Curtain?

Let’s consider some of the reasons why you want blackout curtains – to block out sunlight while dressing up your windows, to create a quiet sanctuary where you can get your rest and to reduce drafts, or heat from the sun for an improvement in energy efficiency of up to 25%. We have searched through the options to deliver some of the best draperies out there to meet your needs and highlighted their pros and cons.
Our Top Choice
Utopia makes a variety of products to enhance your home. Customers love these room darkening curtains with seven colors to choose from to suit your tastes and décor. We chose to feature the longer, 84” set but Utopia makes blackout curtains in other sizes such as shorter 63” panels.

Utopia Bedding Thermal Insulated Blackout Drapes - 2 Grommet Top Panels, 7 Colors

Utopia Bedding wants to make sure you get your sleep, so they have designed these room darkening curtains at an affordable price. Insulating features keep the heat and cold in, depending on the season. They are fit with grommet rings at the top measuring 1.6” in diameter, which make installation and sliding your curtains a smooth task. Furthermore, they come with a bonus of 2 tie-backs.

Let’s check out some of the features:

  • Blocks ultraviolet rays to protect furniture and rugs from fading
  • Thermal insulation reduces your heating and cooling costs
  • 30-day money back guarantee, no questions asked
  • Mix and match with other Utopia Bedding products
  • Machine washable on cold, tumble dry on low
This set of two 52” by 84” room darkening drapes is available in grey, beige, black, burgundy, chocolate, navy and olive. If you need a different size, or want something other than a solid color, Utopia designs a full line of window treatments, and delivers their thermal blackout curtains in a variety of colors and styles.
Best Value
Eclipse makes a full line of curtains to manage privacy, light, and noise. Falling just short of Absolute Zero, these blackout curtains are great for room darkening. The curtains we are featuring are made with a pocket type top that slides over the curtain rod, but Eclipse also makes grommet top curtains in various colors and lengths.

Eclipse Fresno Blackout Curtain - Thermal Insulated Pocket Top Panel, Two Widths and Three Lengths, Variety of Colors

Curtain choices need to be right when it comes to meeting your needs. Some brands make all different kinds of curtains, with a few varieties of room darkening styles – and then there are brands like Eclipse who specialize in protecting your room from unwanted light. Eclipse is in the business of designing draperies that filter light and noise, and do so in a variety of elegant designs that suit your decor. Their drapes range from Light Filtering, Room Darkening, Blackout, and Absolute Zero.

With these Eclipse Blackout Curtains, you can expect significant noise reduction with almost no light penetration. Keep cool rooms cool ─ and hot rooms hot ─ with the insulating effect of this drapery material, which ultimately will drive your utility bills down.

Here are some of the great features:
  • Blocks 98-99.9% of light
  • Maximizes privacy and provides thermal protection
  • Hangs with the rod inside the panel, you can also get grommet tops if you want curtains that show the rod
  • Sold as singles with two width choices (42” or 52”) in three different lengths: 63”, 84” and 95”
  • Significant energy savings
Eclipse offers beautiful fabric designs in their blackout curtains including Nadya, which is an elegant ombre print on textured linen, luxurious suede in a variety of colors, Kendall which is a textured solid also comes in a variety of colors, and Patricia which is a wine colored trellis print.
Best Home Fashion makes home products that are both stylish and functional. With these Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains, you can be that much closer to a great movie night or to the sleep you need. Best Home has a wide variety of room darkening curtains, including ones that have a linen look which are also thermally insulated, but have grommet tops.

Best Home Fashion Blackout Drapes - Thermal Insulated Back Tab/Rod Pocket Panels, Multiple Lengths, 17 Colors

Best Home Fashion prides themselves on style. In keeping with this tradition, they have designed blackout drapes that are not only practical but elegant. With this elegance comes UV blocking and a room that is almost perfectly dark. Better yet, the texture of the material is soft to the touch. In order to deliver quality curtains that suit any window size, Best Home Fashion makes these 52” wide curtains in various lengths to choose from including 54”, 63”, 72”, 84”, 95” or 96”. These machine washable curtains we are showcasing feature back tab pockets to slide over a curtain rod, but they also make ones with grommet tops that can be hung from a rod using hooks.

One thing that makes this pair of curtains stand out is that they are made from innovative triple weave fabric that has been tested in labs and proven to provide a significant level of thermal insulation and protection from drafts. Other benefits of this construction include:
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Blocks 99% of sunlight
  • Blocks 100% of UV Rays
  • Helps to reduce noise
Every color of the palette to choose from in a chic solid design; from soft pastels, to vibrant blues, or muted natural tones for a beautiful fall look.
Royal Hotel Bedding makes a full suite of products to enhance your bedroom decor. These Soho Blackout Drapes provide a beautiful window cover with excellent room-darkening capabilities in 13 different solid shades. If you’d like another style, consider the Willow Jacquard Top Grommet Blackout Window Curtain Panels in a white diamond pattern.

Royal Hotel Soho Blackout Curtain - Single Grommet Top Panel, 4 Lengths, Variety of Colors (13)

This drapery comes in a beautiful shimmering fabric that will bring an elegant sheen to your room decor. The room darkening ability of these curtains is attained with a triple-pass foam back which effectively obscures any outside light. The silver metal grommets along the top are spaced in such a way that the drapery pleats nicely when partially open for a stylish look.

In order to ensure that light is blocked from your room, Royal Hotel uses a triple-pass foam backing layer on machine washable polyester curtains. Other features we like about these room darkening curtains include:
  • 99% of light blocked for a true blackout experience
  • Sold in single panels so you can get what you need depending upon the width of your curtain
  • Each panel is 42” wide with four different length options: 63”, 84”, 96” or 108”
  • Select the perfect color to suit your tastes and match your decor including black, burgundy, chocolate brown, gold, gray/silver, ivory, mushroom, navy, purple, rust, smoke blue, spring green, or white.
Deconovo is in the business of providing excellent quality home decorations products for a great price. These Deconovo Room Darkening Curtains provide the light and temperature control you need. These curtains have grommet tops, but Deconovo also makes thermal blackout curtains with rod pockets.

Deconovo Room Darkening Blackout Drape – Thermal Insulated, Grommet Top, Available in Two Sizes and 22 Colors

Deconovo designs a wide range of curtains that deliver the light reduction and noise reduction you seek to fit your busy lifestyle. Customer satisfaction is guaranteed with this easy-to-maintain material which includes grommets for easy manipulation. This is a single 42-inch wide panel that comes in either 63 or 84-inch length. When it comes to color choices Deconovo gives you 22 to pick from with this line of room darkening curtains.

These are some of the features included with these curtains:
  • Blocks out most of the sunlight
  • Noise reduction
  • 6 elegant, silver grommets on each panel
  • Machine washable for clean curtains year-round
  • Does not attract dust or mites
  • Reduces allergies
  • Great customer satisfaction

How Do I Choose the Best Blackout Curtain?

You’re nothing without your rest! We know you need your shut-eye, whether you live near the Northern Lights and have too much round-the-clock sunlight, or you’re just a night-owl for work or by choice, when you get home it’s important to have the right darkness and peace to get the sleep you deserve. Either way, nothing is more important than a good night’s rest, and blackout curtains are a must for those who need to get their beauty sleep.

Back in the day, blackout curtains or blinds were specially made to block out the light – and you could tell. Made with only functionality in mind, the styles to choose from were limited and definitely not to everybody’s taste. Now though, you can find something to match your household décor and no guest will even know that your beautiful curtains are all about the darkness.
We’ve made sure to choose quality curtains from reputable brands, but they also offer their products at great prices. Our featured products start at around $15, going up to around $45. The material used can increase the price, as a three-weave curtain will cost more than polyester, for example. Also, the more protection the curtain offers from light, temperature, noise, etc., the higher the price. Quality blackout curtains can still be reasonably priced, so even if you’re on a budget, try to avoid slipping into the black hole of cheap blackout curtains, as they will not be able to sufficiently block out the light like you need.
There are a few things to think about when buying a blackout curtain, so to make things easier, we’ve put a list together for you.

Here are the important features to keep in mind while shopping:
  • Material - Polyester (100% or blend), woven fabric
  • Size - Length and width of the curtain to fit your window
  • Protection - Light, UV rays, thermal, noise reduction
  • Grommets - Need to be the appropriate size for the curtain rail and durable.
  • Washing - Dry cleaning or machine washable
If you’re still not sure or need more clarification, don’t worry, we’ll explain these in more detail below.
Construction and Design

You can choose from 100% polyester, a polyester blend or a woven fabric when it comes to curtains. The woven fabric is often a three-layer weave, which is very effective in trapping in the warmth and blocking out the light, even in very bright conditions. Polyester is also a good choice, but may be a bit thinner and lighter overall.

Before purchasing your curtain, also make sure the trim is a good size, around 1cm wide, as curtains can be heavy and you don’t want it falling apart because it wasn’t made with care and thought.


All curtain rods have different circumferences, and most grommets will fit on the majority of rods, however, always check! Measure the rod size and ensure the grommet for the curtain you like has a bigger circumference so it will slide back and forth easily. You can also get grommets that are anti-rust, which will make them last longer and be more durable throughout the years, especially if any moisture comes through.


The size of your curtain should correlate exactly with… you got it – your window! Make sure the length is a bit longer than your window so it reaches the bottom and really does block out all the light trying to seep through. Curtain panels ideally need to be two or three times wider than the width of the window they are going to cover so your curtain can be drawn to do its job, and to look pretty while doing it.
Performance and Ease of Use

The main aim of blackout curtains is to block out the light. Although these curtains use the best materials to do the job, darker colors will always have that edge over lighter-colored curtains. But all blackout curtains tend to block out 80-99% of the light, so you can have a darkened room.

Curtains that are also thermal help to keep your home the temperature you would like it, whether by keeping the cold outside or by cooling the room down when the sun is glaring through the window.

Noise reduction is also a great feature if you intend to sleep during the day, as everyone else will be up and about on the streets, driving their cars and vans, kids playing out in their yards or on the streets. This way, you get what you need to be relaxed and get reenergized for the night ahead!


Remember to read the washing instructions so you know exactly what you’ll have to do to get the curtains clean and fresh when you need to. Some are machine washable and can even be put on a low tumble-dry cycle, however, this doesn’t go for all of them, so don’t bet your beautiful curtains on it!

Get the Best Blackout Curtain of 2023!

So, there you have it; our top five blackout curtains chosen especially for you. We hope you found the magic one so you can create the environment you dream of in your home, but if not, remember to take a look at the other options from these fab brands!

Our Top Choice
Utopia Bedding Blackout Room Darkening Drapes Grommet Top – Two Panel Set
Best Value
Eclipse Fresno Thermaweave Blackout Window Curtains - Single Pocket Top Panel
Best Home Fashion Back Tab Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains – Two Pocket Top Panel Set
Royal Hotel Soho Top Grommet Blackout Window Curtains - Single Panel
Deconovo Room Darkening Thermal Insulated Blackout Curtains – Single Panel