Best Bluetooth Alarm Clock Reviews 2023

A basic alarm is pretty straightforward as it comes with ordinary features such as a button for adjusting brightness, volume controls and a snooze button. But a Bluetooth model focuses on more features, giving you the ability to customize what you want to listen to when you wake up. This makes it even more daunting to get the right alarm clock. But to be sure you are on the right track, keep in mind factors such as the kind of ports it offers, ability to charge phones, battery capacity, and other extras such as a Bluetooth speaker.
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Our Top Choice
iHome Color Bluetooth Alarm Clock
iHome builds beautiful wireless devices that function as promised and work as expected. Its products are available globally and continue to be used by many consumers.
Has an attractive design with a convenient, easy-to-use interface. It features a unique 6-color mode to wake you up in style. Comes with microphone, end and talk buttons.
The small buttons may be a bit confusing to operate at first.
All Smartphones and tablets
13” x 10.3” x 6.5”/ 2.9 pounds
FM radio, speakerphone
Best Value
Jam ZZZ Bluetooth Alarm Clock
Jam takes a lot of pride in being a top brand in manufacturing music and sound equipment. It has managed to stay at the top due to its strong customer relations skills.
Easy compatibility with other Bluetooth devices. Allows the convenience of hands-free calling through the speakers. It’s wireless for up to 30 feet.
No color displays but still functions as expected.
All smartphones
7.2” x 6” x 5”/ 3 pounds
Speakerphone, dual alarm
WITTI Design short BEDDI Alarm Clock
WITTI manufactures top notch products that are creative and artistic. Its designs go beyond market expectations and incorporate intelligent systems for convenience.
Offers a sunlight simulator for a gradual wake up mode. Automatically syncs with other devices for expanded functionality. Can charge two smartphones at a time.
To set alarm you must configure it with your phone.
All smartphones and tablets
6.8” x 2.8” x 5.4”/ 1.2 pounds
LED lighting, wireless speaker
Homtime All-in-one Alarm Clock
Homtime is a producer of products that show creativity and passion. It has a small unit of innovators that work tirelessly to bring about great products to the market.
Comes with two USB ports, making it convenient to charge two devices. Has a friendly interface that is easy to use. Big and dimmable display.
Comes with slightly smaller speakers but is still audible enough.
2 USB, MicroSD
All smartphones and tablets
AAA batteries
4.3” x 4.3” x 2.5”/ 1 pound
Large dimmable display
Boytone Bluetooth 4.1 Alarm Clock
Boytone boasts of a wide variety of sound products. It has managed to build a reputation in the industry with its powerful quality products, most of which have been received well by consumers.
Produces quality sound with two 10W speakers. Has a Bluetooth range of up to 40 feet convenience. Allows hands-free calls for expanded functionality.
Controls might be a bit confusing at first.
All smartphones
Rechargeable 4000mAh battery
9.9” x 4.6” x 4”/ 2.2 pounds
Wireless speaker, digital FM

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What is the Best Bluetooth Alarm Clock?

Whether you love rock, blues or dance music, you can have your favorite music be your wake-up tune every morning. The Bluetooth alarm clocks allow you to listen to any music you have on your Bluetooth-enabled devices and even charge your phone. Go try that awesome model you have chosen and you will be amazed! We are happy to have offered a helping hand in your bid to get a nice alarm clock.
Our Top Choice
The iHome Color Bluetooth Alarm Clock is unique as it’s made to add color and excitement to your music. You can stream digital audio from your iPhone or other Bluetooth enabled device. If you want a different design that will let you save a few bucks, check out the iHome iBT28GC Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock and you might just like it!

iHome Bluetooth Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock FM Radio with USB Charging and Speakerphone

iHome was first launched in 2005 as a branch of SDI technologies. It has since expanded, claiming top position in the market with its speakers and digital players. Currently, its products are available all over the world and continue to be used by various consumers.

The iHome Bluetooth FM Dual-Alarm Clock Radio comes in a beautiful translucent design that displays and changes its color when touched. The Bluetooth feature allows you to stream all kinds of audio files from your Apple, Windows, or Android device with the kind of speed that only a wireless interface can give. Forget about playing music from your speaker phone; when you connect to this Bluetooth alarm clock you get crisp, clean audio that will change the way you listen to music at home.

Retailing at about $59.99, this Bluetooth alarm clock comes at a convenient price. Here are some features to expect:
  • Has an inbuilt microphone that connects to your phone, allowing you to enjoy hands-free calls
  • Features a dual alarm that enables you to set up two wake up times
  • With its FM radio with 6 preset slots, you can save up your favourite radio stations with ease
  • Comes with an alarm battery backup such that your alarm always rings even when it’s out of power
  • Comes with the convenience of a 3.5mm headphone jack that lets you easily connect it with your devices
  • USB port so you can use this Bluetooth alarm clock to charge some of your devices
  • Also available is the 6 wake-up colors mode that revolutionizes the way your alarm wakes you up
Best Value
Wake up jamming every morning with the Jam ZZZ Bluetooth Alarm. The clock comes with twin speakers and dual alarms to help you get out of bed the way you want to. If you are looking for a quality Bluetooth speaker that’s portable enough to carry with you, you’d be right to get the JAM Plus Portable Speaker.

Jam ZZZ Bluetooth Alarm Clock – Wireless up to 30 Feet - Pink

Jam has over 20 years of experience in creating innovative consumer electronics for the US and other global markets. This company strives to give its level best in every product and works to ensure that customer experience is a priority. One of its beliefs is that it is only possible to stay at the top when producing joyful experiences for clients.

The JAM ZZZ is a unique Bluetooth alarm clock that features a digital display large enough for easy time reading. It also comes with a dual alarm clock that allows you to set two alarms just in case you manage snooze through the first one.

Currently retailing at about $49.99, this presents many convenient features to benefit from. Here’s what we are talking about:
  • Easily compatible with other Bluetooth devices for more convenience
  • The alarm clock on this Bluetooth device comes with a gradual wake feature to make waking up easier
  • Comes with built speakerphone to enable you connect your phone and answer directly from the JAM ZZZ
  • Built with two speakers to present you with amazing sounds when you wake up
  • Designed to connect with a Bluetooth strength that has a 30-foot range
The WITTI Design short BEDDI Alarm Clock lightens up your room in the morning with some ambient light and nice music from your smartphone. Better yet, it comes with two USB ports to allow you to charge multiple devices. If you want a model that looks strikingly similar to this one, but offers just one USB port, get the WITTI Design BEDDI Alarm Clock.

WITTI Design BEDDI - Glow | Intelligent Alarm Clock with Wakeup Light and Bluetooth Speaker

At WITTI, little things make a big difference, and that is why the company’s products have a touch of detail and quality. The company goes that extra mile to work with the best artists and designers towards creating products that leave an impression on every customer. It works with simple designs, and aims to produce affordable but valuable products for consumers.

The WITTI Design BEDDI provides a light alarm that does not only make waking up in the morning easier, but also gives you a graceful transition to the new day with a sunrise simulated wake up light. If you are having trouble sleeping, this Bluetooth alarm clock features a soothing white noise that will put you to sleep early so that you can wake up feeling fresh. For a price tag of just $79.99, this Bluetooth alarm clock offers functionality at a good price.

Let’s dive in to check out some of the features that make this Bluetooth alarm clock a must-have for your bedside.
  • Equipped with a sunrise light simulator that lets you wake up naturally with ease
  • Comes with a weather and forecast feature that prepares you for the day before stepping out of your house
  • The glow light is customizable with a brightness setting and comes with a variety of colors to choose from, giving you a chance to express yourself
  • Easy to control with a dedicated app that automatically syncs with your smartphone for more functionality
  • Built with two USB ports for charging your devices while you sleep
  • Also available is a customizable snooze button and a four-alarm capability that gives you more freedom to choose when to wake up
The Homtime All-in-one Alarm Clock features wireless speakers for higher quality and louder sound, not to mention two USB ports to allow you to charge multiple devices. If you are okay with a model that doesn’t necessarily support Bluetooth, but one that’s equipped with 4 levels of LCD dimming, you will love the Homtime Multi-function Alarm Clock.

Homtime C1Pro Alarm Clock Bluetooth Speaker Dual Port USB Charging Station Phone Charger – Available in 2 Colors

Homtime is comprised of a modest but tight group of young innovators that are driven by passion and creativity. The team is made up of experts coming from the home audio equipment industry with creative and innovative experience that qualifies them to come up with great products. As a small unit, it shares the frustrations of the consumer and works to create a relaxing environment.

The Homtime C1Pro Alarm Clock comes with simultaneous dual charging that can charge two at once. But that is not the whole story—with this alarm clock you can also customize your alarm sounds and avoid the annoying, harsh alarm tunes that come with regular alarm clocks. For convenience purposes, you also get an easy-to-use time set button that lets you just rotate your finger instead of the traditional button press.

The Homtime C1Pro Alarm Clock retails at around $42.99, which is certainly a bargain for a Bluetooth alarm clock of its caliber. Here are the features to expect:
  • Has a dimmable display that comes with four brightness levels that lets you have a peaceful night with no interruptions
  • Also functions as a bedside Bluetooth speaker that easily connects with your smart phone
  • Comes in a sleek and friendly interface to make it more convenient
  • Built to be tangle-free even when multiple cables are connected to it
  • Easy to use as it quickly syncs with your device for seamless functionality
The Boytone Bluetooth 4.1 Alarm Clock is a unique model as it comes with digital FM and a built-in rechargeable battery. Better yet, the wireless speakers are powerful, and you could play your music via Bluetooth or Micro SD. If you want a different design with strikingly similar features, we bet you will love the Boytone BT-83CR Portable FM Radio Alarm Clock.

Boytone Bluetooth 4.1 Portable Alarm Clock Radio Wireless Speaker, Digital FM Tuning Built–in Rechargeable Battery

Boytone has been in the industry for years, creating beautiful experiences through wireless speakers and Bluetooth turntables. Its collection of sound systems is made with excellent designs that create a new listening experience every time. By creating products that deliver quality, the company has secured a position in the industry as a reputable manufacturer.

The Boytone BT-88CB has lots to offer as it brings a clear and crisp sound that can only be produced by a stereo system. It comes with dual speakers that have 10W volume power with acoustic drivers for a seamless listening experience each morning. This Bluetooth alarm clock is also equipped with a powerful 40-foot range Bluetooth wireless capacity, allowing you more freedom while you use it.

At the moment it has a price tag of about $39.95, which is an affordable price tag for many. Here’s what’s more it offers:
  • Supports micro SD card to give you the ability to play your music from your memory card through the powerful speakers
  • Comes with a hands-free calling feature to give you an easier time with auxiliary USB inputs for faster synchronization with your phone
  • Features a rechargeable battery with 4000 MAh to enable you to enjoy all its features without worry
  • Has an inbuilt FM radio that has an auto search function
  • Comes with a one-year warranty in case of any malfunctions
  • Produces high quality sound thanks to its speakers that are made with #D dynamic sound technology

How Do I Choose the Best Bluetooth Alarm Clock?

If you always have trouble getting out of those cozy sheets every morning, we can bet you have an alarm clock beside your bed. But here’s a thought: maybe that loud beeping sound doesn’t actually make your mornings any easier. Instead, what if we told you it’s actually possible to get up listening to your favorite music, just the way you want it? That’s right. There are Bluetooth alarm clocks that let you connect them to your smartphone, giving you an option to customize what you want to listen to. You can keep your smartphone or tablet in a charging station far away from your bedside, and the alarm clock will still pick up the tunes once your set time reaches. Is that great or what?

But you might ask – why not just use your smartphone as an alarm clock? Well, how many times have you thought of setting the alarm clock on your phone, only to get distracted by a Whatsapp message or Facebook? You say that you will just check out several posts on Facebook and half an hour later you are still on your phone! With a dedicated Bluetooth alarm clock, there’s no chance to make that mistake.

Just like a music alarm clock, the Bluetooth type allows you to listen to your favorite tunes in the morning and anytime you wish to - only this time you can pair it with your smartphone. Amazing, right? Well, not just that; if you go with the best Bluetooth alarm clock brands in the market, you will be lucky to get a Bluetooth speaker as well as ambient lighting to make your mornings even better. Some even allow you to charge your phone while you are asleep.

If you don’t want to go with the smart type but prefer the traditional-style alarm clock, we also have a review for some of the best alarm clocks in the market. See what we have and you’ll probably snag what you’re looking for.

So, here’s what you need to keep in mind when purchasing a Bluetooth alarm clock.
A Bluetooth alarm clock comes with some impressive features, and you are likely to spend more on one of these than a standard alarm clock. As is the case with most products, there are Bluetooth alarm systems that are pricier than others, namely because of the features they incorporate and the brand that manufactures them. Generally, you can expect to spend around $35 to $80 for a good quality model that will not break down after a few months of use.

So, why the price difference? Firstly, you will find that Bluetooth alarm clocks that come with additional features such as LED lighting and Bluetooth speakers will tend to cost more. Those that can charge any phone, including iPhones and tablets, are also more expensive. You can, however go with a more affordable Bluetooth alarm clock and still get a rechargeable battery and a digital FM radio.
What should you look for in a Bluetooth alarm clock? Well, pretty much everything, especially if your budget is flexible. We are talking about extra features that make your product more functional and useful. Here are a few things you might want to look for when making your purchase:
  • Ports– Is there a USB port that allows you to charge your phone as your browse in the evening? How many are they to accommodate extra devices? You will also find some alarm systems with a MicroSD port that lets you insert your SD card and listen to your favorite blues as you doze off
  • Power– Does the alarm clock use electricity to power on or AA batteries? Does it have a rechargeable battery option? If you are looking to move the alarm clock from one room to another, or carry it to your camping trip, you will want to go with an option that uses batteries instead of electricity.
  • LED lighting– Who wouldn’t love some ambient lighting when they wake up? If you like this feature, you can get an alarm clock that displays lighting when the alarm goes off.
  • FM Radio and Wireless Speaker– Do you want to listen to your favorite late night radio show? Well, you don’t have to use up all the charge in your smartphone if your alarm clock can do the job. Some models will even offer you a wireless speaker
Construction and Design
If you take a look at various Bluetooth alarm clocks, one thing you will likely agree on with us is that these little devices boast an innovative cool design. Some feature a nice circular design, while others come with a rectangular or square shape to accommodate speakers. The most exciting thing, however, isn’t the shape, but the LED lighting and USB ports that are strategically placed on the alarm clocks. Some alarm clocks sport LED bulbs that provide ambient lighting every time the alarm goes off, giving you a positive atmosphere the moment you open your eyes.

Bluetooth alarm clocks that use electricity will come with a power cable and an adapter to allow you to plug it into the socket. Those that are battery operated will need a pair of AAA batteries. If you prefer the rechargeable type, you can also get a variety of alarm clocks that have a rechargeable battery. It all depends on what you fancy!
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, we can tell you that these devices have more in store for you than you may suspect. They certainly go beyond waking you up every morning with your favorite tunes! If your phone is out of charge or want to keep it charging as you go through Facebook updates while on your bed, you don’t have to use that power socket that’s far from your bed; you could just connect your smartphone to the alarm clock via a USB cable and you are sorted! To make it even better, some alarm clocks will feature two USB ports, allowing you to charge two phones at the same time.

Using a Bluetooth alarm clock is a no brainer. All you need to do is configure it with your smartphone or Bluetooth-enabled device and select tunes that you want to wake you up in the morning. All models with come with controls and a LED or LCD screen that displays the time and the date.

Get the Best Bluetooth Alarm Clock of 2023!

Whether you love rock, blues or dance music, you can have your favorite music for your wake-up tune every morning. In showcasing some of the best Bluetooth alarm clocks on the market, we hope that we have shown you a helping hand for what you’re looking for. In case you’re still looking, you can always check out other models from these great brands - there’s plenty more to choose from!

Our Top Choice
iHome Color Bluetooth Alarm Clock
Best Value
Jam ZZZ Bluetooth Alarm Clock
WITTI Design short BEDDI Alarm Clock
Homtime All-in-one Alarm Clock
Boytone Bluetooth 4.1 Alarm Clock