Best BMI Scale Reviews 2023

Choosing a BMI monitoring scale on the market can be challenging because there are many options that you need to evaluate. In addition to our reviews on weighing scales – some with BMI functions – we have done further research on the best BMI scale brands on the market. We handpicked five scales from these trusted manufacturers and reviewed them, highlighting their unique features and functions. We hope that you’ll find them worth your consideration. "What is the Best":: Now that you know how to choose a BMI bathroom scale, let’s take an in-depth look at our list of selected scales from leading manufacturers. Each of our choices presents a set of unique features which we hope you’ll find useful. See how these product qualities relate to your needs so that you can pick the best scale for you.
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Max Weight
Our Top Choice
Ozeri WeightMaster II Digital BMI Scale
Ozeri takes pride in designing classy lifestyle products that offer consumers unmatched comfort. Many clients have been won over by the company’s consistency in offering quality solutions.
This scale looks classy and is easy to use. It is built to last with its ABS plastic exterior and tempered glass interior.
The grooved surface of this BMI scale may be hard to clean especially when dust has accumulated. Its batteries are not easy to find.
15’’ x 15’’ x 4’’; 3.8 lbs.
440 lbs.
DC 3 V – 1 CR2 Battery
2 Year Warranty
Best Value
Bowflex BMI Daily Calorie Scale
With their “Be Fit For Life” mantra, the Bowflex company has continued to manufacture personal home fitness kits which have won the liking of many consumers.
This scale is easy to maintain. Its ABS plastic construction makes it sturdy.
It may take a while for users to operate the scale without a user manual. Some users noted that the side panels are not wide enough for some feet.
13.8’’ x 13.5’’ x 2.5’’; 4.4 lbs.
350 lbs.
DC 6 V - 4 AAA Batteries
5 Year Warranty
Omron Body Composition Monitor
Omron Healthcare has been at the forefront in providing medical instruments with high levels of accuracy to help save lives.
The scale is easy to operate. It comes with measurement recording stationery.
The Omron BMI scale is not recommended for use by individuals with implanted devices such as pacemakers.
13’’ x 12’’ x 2.20’’; 5.9 lbs.
330 lbs.
DC 6V - 4 AA Batteries
1 Year Warranty
1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale
The focus of the 1byone company is to use technology to help consumers tackle daily life challenges by providing highly efficient and user friendly products.
This scale is CE and FCC certified. It is highly efficient. Its tempered glass construction makes it durable.
The scale is not suitable for expectant women and persons with medical implants.
12.8’’ x 12.2’’ x 1.1’’; 4.4 lbs.
400 lbs.
DC 6V – 4 AA Batteries
1 Year Warranty
Triomph Human Health Scale with BMI
Triomph is renowned for its keen focus on manufacturing electrical appliances that are durable and great for home use.
The scale is cost efficient and easy to use. It’s designed with 5 mm thick tempered glass to make it highly durable.
Some users complain that the scale does not give accurate readings.
11’’ x 11’’ x 1’’; 4.2 lbs.
396 lbs.
DC 6V – 4 AAA Batteries
1 Year Warranty

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What is the Best BMI Scale?

Armed with secrets on how to choose the best BMI scale available, let’s take an in-depth look at our list of selected scales from leading manufacturers. Each of our choices presents a set of unique features which we hope you’ll find useful.
Our Top Choice
The Ozeri WeightMaster II Digital BMI Scale is specially built to track your weight for thirty days and detect any changes. It supports a maximum weight of 440 lbs. If you are looking for an option that can support more weight, we highly recommend the Ozeri ProMax Digital Bath Scale. This BMI scale has four top-notch sensors that offer accurate weight reading up to 500 lbs.

Ozeri WeightMaster II 440 lbs Digital Bath Scale with BMI and Weight Change Detection – Available in White or Black

Ozeri products are not limited to digital scales. The company is increasingly expanding its manufacture of other consumer products such as fans, cooking pans, and blood pressure kits. Their products are also available at fair prices to the delight of most consumers.

For instance, the Ozeri ZB20 BMI Scale comes with many benefits at an affordable $34.95. With it, you can monitor your net weight loss or gain over three, seven, or thirty days. This gives you detailed information which you can use to regulate your weight.

Additionally, these extra features make this scale a great choice:
  • Smart color coding – green and red for weight loss and gain, respectively.
  • 30 day memory
  • Instantly displays accurate BMI results
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Tracks weight for up to 8 users
  • Auto switch off mechanism
  • Grooved surface to prevent slipping
  • Non-slip stands
Best Value
The Bowflex BMI Daily Calorie Scale has the capacity to measure up to 350 lbs of weight. It also provides you with daily reference of the calories you need to sustain your existing weight. If you are looking for a more advanced option, check out the Bowflex BMI Body Fat Scale. Besides measuring your BMI, this scale helps you monitor your body fat.

Bowflex Caloric and BMI Digital Scale with Goal Weight Tracking – Up to 350 Pound Weight Limit

In 1986, the Bowflex company took a step to move personal fitness from traditional gyms to consumer homes by designing products that would provide consumers the opportunity to work out from home and achieve the same results of a gym membership. This focus on personal fitness saw them develop innovative products such as dumbbells and home gym machines.

Their weighing machines such as the Bowflex 7559Bow BMI Scale help consumers evaluate the success of exercising from home. For only $49.99, you can own this BMI scale to track the calories you need to lose or gain to maintain your preferred weight.

This scale is built to track the weights of eight users concurrently, which is great for families. It’s battery powered, making it a good choice in remote areas without electricity. Plus, its light weight makes it portable so you won’t need to skip a day without taking you weight.

As you shop for your BMI scale, take this opportunity to buy yourself some great gym accessories by Bowflex.
The Omron Body Composition Monitor and Scale measures various aspects of your body such as weight, fat levels, BMI, skeletal muscle, and metabolism rate. This scale supports up to 330 lbs. of weight. If you need a cheaper option, buy the Omron Fat Loss Monitor with Scale. This BMI scale comes with the capability to track data for four users.

Omron Healthcare Full Body Sensor W Scale - Composition Monitor with 7 Fitness Indicators & 90-Day Memory

The history of the Omron brand dates back to the 1930s when the firm built their first healthcare gadget. The firm has continued to innovate and build products that offer accurate measurements, allowing for better quality of life.

The Omron Body Composition Monitor and Scale gives you bang for your buck as a family of four can use it for three months with each person maintaining their own profile. Retailing at only $119.99, this BMI scale comes with an ergonomic display unit for effortless reading.

Here are additional features:
  • Uses a bioelectrical impedance technique to determine the percentage of your body fat
  • Coiled cord for foot – hand sensing for people up to 6 ½ feet tall
  • Easy to switch on and off
Feel free to buy yourself any other personal fitness products by Omron as you shop for your BMI scale.
The 1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale connects easily with your Android or iOS device for efficient handling of your data. The scale is built to measure up to 400 lbs. If you are looking for a cheaper option, check out the 1byone 700US-0002 Digital Bluetooth Body Fat Scale. For only $32.99, you can still track your health data through your phone or tablet.

1byone Digital Smart Scale Body Scale Bathroom Scale with iOS and Android App to Manage Body weight, Body Fat, Water, Muscle Mass, BMI, BMR, Bone Mass and Visceral Fat

Besides health and fitness scales, 1byone is renowned for providing cutting-edge solutions in other fields such as audio, home security, and PC Accessories. With continuous innovation, the company has managed to keep supplying technologically advanced products.

The 1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale is built to help you maintain control of your physical health. Selling for only $59.99, this scale allows you to measure your muscle mass and percentage of body fat and water, enabling you to closely monitor your health.

Here are other features that make this scale special:
  • Compact design
  • Four high-precision sensors
  • Comes with a step-on technology for easy operation without turning it on
  • Employs BIA technology to keep track of your data
  • 3.3’’ LCD display
  • Displays your weight in kg or lbs.
As you shop for your BMI scale, take a look at the whole range of electronic accessories by 1byone and treat yourself to something that best suits you.
The Triomph Human Health Scale with BMI is one of the company’s advanced creations. This scale helps you monitor seven health indicators and can support up to 396 lbs. If you are on a tight budget, we highly recommend the Triomph Digital Body Fat Weight Scale. This scale, at $22.99, supports up to 330 lbs.

Triomph Digital BMI Body Fat Scale with Step-On Technology - 10 User Recognition, 400 lbs Capacity, Available in 4 Colors

Headquartered in Paris, France, the Triomph Company has been in operation for over twenty years, manufacturing household electrical products for the European market. The appliances produced by this company are high quality and come in many variations to offer consumers many options. Their products include food mixers, electric ovens, and electronic health scales.

The Triomph Human Health Scale comes with a bioelectric impedance analysis capability that enables it check your whole body and measure various health indicators. Retailing at only $31.99, this highly advanced scale has a memory that can accommodate ten users.

Here are some other features:
  • Offers weight readings in kg and lbs.
  • Three language options (English, French, and Chinese)
  • Anti-slip feature
  • Auto on/off feature for efficient operation.
  • Can automatically recognize users and feed measurements accurately to their profiles
  • Available in four colors
There is a variety of household appliances by Triomph you should treat yourself to as you shop for your BMI scale.

How Do I Choose the Best BMI Scale?

When it comes to leading a healthy lifestyle, you’ll need to make a deliberate effort to eat right, exercise, and monitor your vitals. You may also have to invest in fitness equipment such as an abdominal trainer or a home gym. And it may do you well to sign up for gym sessions in your neighborhood. A BMI scale and glucometer will be useful as well in maintaining a healthy body.

These motoring pieces of equipment are critical to everyone, not just those who are on weight loss programs. Remember, someone can also be underweight and consequently suffer low energy levels and a weak body that’s susceptible to ill health. That’s why striking a balance in your body size is very critical.

BMI bathroom scales come in a variety of shapes and designs. The good news is that these machines help you manage your health from home over a period of time ranging from 30 to 90 days. Advanced models can even track data of up to ten different users thereby making them ideal for the whole family.
The cost of a BMI bathroom scale depends on its design features. For example, a quality BMI monitor with foot-to-foot detection sensors and multi-user memory capacity of up to 30 days can cost about $40. On the other hand, the price of an advanced BMI scale with full body sensing capability and 90 days multi-user memory capacity for tracking seven health indicators can go up to $120. Within this price range, you’ll find a variety of scales with various features that may suit your needs.

There are also cheap BMI scales on the market but you need to be careful with such products as they’re likely to trade-off quality for cost. Such scales often fail or malfunction within a short period of time. Fortunately, we haven’t included them in our review, hence no need to worry.
When it comes to monitoring health indicators, you need instruments that are well calibrated to give you accurate data. This is because only accurate data will help you achieve meaningful results especially if you are managing a health condition such as excess body weight. To achieve this, you’ll need to carefully check the features of a BMI monitoring scale before buying it.

Here are the important features to look for in a BMI scale:
  • Dimensions and weight of the scale
  • Maximum weight that the machine can accommodate
  • Results display interface
  • Power source
  • Manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Maximum number of users who can track health data using the scale concurrently
  • Additional features such as data tracking memory and number of health indicators monitored
The above qualities will help you choose a scale that’s not only within your budget but also suits your needs.
Construction and Design
Most BMI bathroom scales come in a compact design that fits a wide range of feet sizes. While there are models that use foot-to-foot sensors in determining vital health indicators, others are fitted with advanced technology that uses full-body sensors to give more accurate results. Each scale has a maximum weight within which it can operate normally. Therefore, make sure you get an option that can carry weights heavier than you. This gives you the comfort that the scale will not fail necessitating you to get a new one.

These scales are powered by DC cells which may vary in number and type depending on the manufacturer. They also come with a display unit that allows you to see various results of the health indicators the machine can track. While some scales have smart color-coding features to show weight gain/loss, others use smart technology that allows you to access your results through handheld devices.
Performance and Ease of Use
As you choose a BMI monitoring scale, it’s wise to go for a machine that’s not only easy to use but also highly efficient. For instance, machines that come with anti-slip bases yield sufficient grip on the floor thereby increasing their stability. This works to your benefit to enhance your safety.

The appearance of the scale is also important. Therefore, besides using highly stylish tempered glass in making these scales, manufacturers incorporate various colors in their product designs so as to give you a wide range of options to pick from. The durable glass ensures that you use the scale for a long time while giving you value for your money.

It’s also important to note that different BMI scales come with varied operational complexities. Machines that have easy to follow manuals allow you to enjoy full benefits of the product without any problem. So, before picking any product, make sure that its design features won’t be difficult to master and that it’ll work well to meet your needs.

Get the Best BMI Scale of 2023!

We are happy that you’ve taken time to read our review of the best BMI sales and hope that you’ve found one that tickles your fancy. If not, feel free to sample other options by these trusted brands. Follow the links on this review page for more details.

Our Top Choice
Ozeri WeightMaster II Digital BMI Scale
Best Value
Bowflex BMI Daily Calorie Scale
Omron Body Composition Monitor
1byone Digital Smart Wireless Body Fat Scale
Triomph Human Health Scale with BMI