Best Boat Cover Reviews 2023

Your boat is no doubt a precious investment, and the last thing you want to see is harsh weather conditions such as rain, sun or wind turning it into a wreck. Luckily, you can easily avoid this by getting an appropriate boat cover to keep it intact when not in use. We at Top Products have done a thorough research to give you reviews great options from some of the best boat cover brands in the market today in order to help you make the most well-informed choice possible on how to protect your beautiful boat!
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Best for
Our Top Choice
Vortex Pontoon Boat Cover
A perfect combination of great quality, affordability and solid warranty is what defines Vortex, one of the leading makers of boat covers
Great for storage, trailering and mooring; has both the elastic bands and 12 straps; waterproof; comes with a 5-year warranty.
It blows in the wind if not tightly strapped.
Pontoon boats
Elastic bands, 12 straps
18.1 - 20 feet
17 pounds
Marine grade polyester canvas
Best Value
Classic Accessories Stellex All Seasons Boat Cover
It’s not by chance that Classic Accessories has weathered the storm in the automotive accessories industry over the last 30 years.
Flexible enough to fit into most boats; adjustable straps and an integrated buckle strap system; full cut to provide room for accessories.
You will have to go under the boat in order to strap
Bass boats
Integrated buckle and strap
Available in 2 sizes
10.4 pounds
Polyester stellex
Budge Sportsman 600 Denier Boat Cover
Since its inception in 1940, Budge has focused its energies on producing the best protective cover products for trucks, cars, motorcycles, RVs, ATVs, UTVs and boats.
Heavy shock cord hem and sewn-in straps; 100 percent waterproof cover to repel heavy rain and hot sun; breathable, thus prevents mold development
Straps may loosen under intense pressure
V-Hull boats
Sewn-in straps 
Available in 5 sizes
8 pounds
600D polyester
Komo Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover
Komo is a small but swiftly rising company dedicated to helping to keep your boat, vehicle and other valuable items from potential harm through top quality covers.
Double-stitched seams, coupled with an elastic hem; buckle and strap system with a carrying bag; reinforced fabric at the bow; perfect for almost all types of V-hull boats.
Its heavy weight can be a challenge.
V-Hull boats
Stitched seams; elastic hem
12 – 28 inches
7.1 – 16 pounds
300D polyester
MSC Heavy Duty Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover
Getting your boat or car a protective cover should be a top priority, which is why MSC resolves to make modern, dependable, and fitting covers.
Adjustable straps with quick-release buckles; elastic cord sewn around the bottom hem helps provide a tighter grip; protected against mildew and UV exposure.
Possibly inaccurate cover sizes.
V-Hull, tri-hull and runabout boats
Straps with quick-release buckles
Available in 6 sizes
10.6 – 17.4 pounds
600D polyester; canvas

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What is the Best Boat Cover?

Getting the right boat cover means that you don’t need to worry about durability as these are made to withstand even the most extreme outdoor conditions. With the basic considerations in mind, let’s now take a look at these 5 boat covers in detail. This should help you make an informed choice and go for a boat cover that’ll truly serve its intended purpose.
Our Top Choice
The Vortex Pontoon Boat Cover is made for the triple purpose of storage, trailering and mooring while you enjoy a 5 year warranty should anything go wrong. Looking for a much bigger boat cover that you can use for boats measuring 22’1” to 23’? We recommend the Vortex Blue 24' Ultra 3 Pontoon\/deck Boat Cover. Same quality waterproof fabric and a cool 5 year warranty!

Vortex New Blue 20 Feet Ultra Canvas Heavy Duty Pontoon/Deck Boat Cover – Fits 18’1” ft to 20’ Long Deck Area

Vortex has been in the boat cover industry for more than 13 years. With a strong track record marked by durability and high quality, its products have been widely distributed all over Canada and the United States. Vortex's focus is to ensure that its customers are satisfied with its products as they get the exact value for their money. Hence, it ensures that the products adhere to high standards and is committed to improving them by incorporating the latest ideas in the manufacturing processes.

The Vortex Heavy Duty Boat Cover is made of tough polyester marine grade canvas that makes it last longer. Its fabric is coated twice with polyurethane to protect against damage from mildew and ultra-violet rays. Although this cover is waterproof in design, it allows water vapor to permeate in order to release any moisture that could lead to mold growth.

Its other features include:
  • 600D density of premium polyester that’s thick enough to withstand harsh conditions of demanding use.
  • A series of loops to allow the straps go through them and snap together efficiently and strongly.
  • Simple straps for easy storage and trailering.
  • Elastic rope in the hem to hold the cover tightly to your boat.
  • No grommets that could scratch your boat.
Best Value
The Classic Accessories Trailerable Polyester Stellex Boat Cover features adjustable straps and an integrated buckle strap system to help in easier trailering and fitting Prefer a cover specifically for bass boats? Well, in that case the Classic Accessories StormPro Heavy-Duty Boat Cover with a support pole is the perfect choice.

Classic Accessories All Seasons Stellex Boat Cover — Available in 3 Styles and 7 Sizes

Founded in 1983, Classic Accessories Company started off by manufacturing small automotive accessories including fuzzy dice, seatbelt pads, and steering wheel covers. However, it’s expanded its product scope to include car and boat covers. This is in addition to steadily increasing its investments in product development and design to ensure that it's making some of the most innovative and benefit-rich covers in today's market. With a passion for the outdoors, Classic Accessories thinks through the features that make its products more useful, practical, not to mention convenient.

The Classic Accessories Trailerable Polyester Stellex Boat Cover is made of a lightweight but strong fabric that’s resistant to sun fade, dirt, water, and stains. The polyester material makes it easy to dry clean and machine wash while retaining its shape. Its fabric is also designed for durability, mildew resistance, and protection from UV or weather shrinkage.

The following are some of its additional features:
  • It has a full cut that allows enough room for accessories including running lights and bow rails.
  • With the integrated strap and buckle system, it allows easy trailering and fitting.
  • The elastic cord provides a tight custom fit.
  • It also comes with a storage bag to ensure its safety when not in use.
Whether you’re looking for a Utility, V-Hull, or a Bass Boat cover, there’s options available for you with this product!
The Sportsman 600 Denier Gray Boat Cover is a testament to Budge’s commitment to quality products. Two examples of this are its heavy shock cord hem and the sewn-in straps that improve the cover’s durability when travelling. Need a cover for a T-Top boat instead? Worry not, as you have a befitting remedy in the Budge 1200 Denier Boat Cover, which can fit both hard top and T-Top boats just fine.

Budge Sportsman 600 Denier Boat Cover V-Hull Boats Gray Boat Cover — Available in Several Sizes

Budge started in 1940 by producing and selling automotive seat and vinyl car covers. The rapid advances in the technical textile development stimulated its progressive success where it began to create strategic relationships with fabric experts to take advantage of the great qualities of new materials. With the help of such advanced technologies, Budge maintained its focus on ensuring protective qualities of the existing products while producing customized protective solutions and new consumer products for its industrial end-users. Today, Budge has grown to become one of the most famous brands in the vehicle and boat protection market, with comprehensive products for outdoor sports, marine, outdoor living, and automobiles. Using its experience, Budge's primary objective is to satisfy consumers' needs through its technologically advanced and expertly engineered protective products.

The Budge Sportsman 600 Denier Boat Cover is a waterproof boat cover that can repel heavy rain, hot sun, and snow. Its 600D polyester fabric is UV-treated for optimal heat and sun cover to protect your boat's paint and upholstery. The heavy duty shock cord hem makes the cover a semi-custom fit while the sewn-in traps make it excellently durable when trailering. Being heavy duty also means that your boat is well-protected against dirt, tree sap, dust, bird droppings, and falling leaves. It comes with buckles and straps to keep the cover firmly attached to your boat. To help prevent mildew and mold from damaging the interior of your boat, the Sportsman 600 Denier Boat Cover has pocket vents that keep it free from moisture.

For specific sizes, you have several options to choose from, which will of course depend on the size of your boat.
The Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover features unique, double-stitched seams, coupled with an elastic hem to help give a tighter fit. If your boat is inflatable, however, you may see the need to go for the Komo Covers Inflatable Dinghy Cover that easily fits most dinghies, even those with low consoles.

Komo Covers Heavy Duty Trailerable 300D Polyester Boat Cover — Available in Blue and Grey

Don’t mistake its humble beginnings for inexperience; Komo has time and again proved to be a force to reckon with in the boat cover business. With various sizes of high-quality covers, Komo's products offer great durability and customization. It's also committed to producing innovative and customer-satisfying products by using the latest approaches. Additionally, Komo's structure ensures efficiency, consistency, and productivity that make it one of the best boat cover manufacturing companies around.

The Komo Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover is made of marine-grade 300D polyester material with polyurethane coating for maximum longevity and breathability. Its elastic hem along the bottom sewn with double seams gives it a tight fit to your boat.

The Komo Boat Cover also has the following features:
  • A heavy duty waterproof fabric to protect your boat from various damaging factors that include rain, snow, bird droppings, and tree debris while in storage or when trailering.
  • A carrying bag to enhance its portability
  • The double-stitched helm with the help a reinforced fabric at the bow and a rot-proof threat to augment durability and longevity.
Whether you go for the blue or grey version, ensure it’s the right size for your boat
The MSC Heavy Duty Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover has revolutionized the industry with outstanding adjustable straps specifically designed for mooring, long term storage and highway travel. Don’t mind going for a 300D polyester boat cover? Well, in that case the MSC Heavy Duty 300D Marine Grade Polyester Canvas Boat Cover may tickle your fancy

MSC Heavy Duty Trailerable Mooring and Storage Waterproof Boat Cover — Available in 6 Sizes

MSC has steadily grown for over 15 years to become one of the leading suppliers of handrails and guards in the automobile industry. It specializes in designing and manufacturing accessories for earthmoving equipment that include boat covers. Its guards and covers are designed to offer the customers lower insurance costs, peace of mind, and less machine down-time. With the help of its reliable and quality products, MSC's focus is to ensure that the customers' needs are adequately met. In fact, it continues to develop a strong relationship with all its customers to make sure that they constantly receive the same high quality products as they expect to find in a reputable company.

The MSC Heavy Duty Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover is made of marine grade polyester fabric with a double PU coating that’s designed for mooring, long-term storage, and highway travel. The material also can't stretch or shrink whenever it's in use, and is protected against long-term exposure to the sun as well as any mildew effects. Moreover, with the 600D heavy duty polyester canvas, this cover is water resistant and offers more durability while the canvas storage bag helps in keeping the straps and cover in a tidy place when not in use.

Get the right fit for your boat by going through the various sizes on offer.

How Do I Choose the Best Boat Cover?

Ah, the offseason. It’s that time of the year again where you have to part with your boat for a while. As you surely know already, this means that you’ll have to keep it on dry land for some time. But wait! Unless you have a particularly big garage or storage property, your boat will most likely be outdoors for that whole time! You cannot fight with the forces of nature, and thus you have to look for effective ways to keep your boat at optimal working condition till you get it back out on the water. How better to do this than through the use of a boat cover! You already faced enough turbulence in the sea, even if you had your cruiser tied to a boat anchor, so you probably don’t want your precious sea companion to withstand other forces of nature such as heavy rain and intense UV rays while it’s supposed to be resting. A boat cover can be an excellent remedy in helping protect your boat from damaging elements.

The materials that are used to make a boat easily expand and contract based on the environmental factors they’re exposed to, causing them to break away from each other. The sun, on the other hand, gradually fades the boats appearance, not forgetting the disaster that the wind and rain bring. With a boat cover, you not only reduce the likelihood of damage to your boat but also reduce the hassle involved in cleaning thereafter. Whether you use it for fishing, travel or sport, whether it’s an inflatable boat or a ski boat, we bet your boat is one of your precious possessions, and the best you can do to protect it is to get a boat cover that fits it. You’ll be surprised how it’ll remain intact for the period it’s not in use.

However, this shouldn’t be a license that encourages you to go for any boat cover you come across. There are important aspects about a boat cover that you ought to take into consideration before you spend your hard earned cash. Remember, this is the means of protecting your boat from outdoor interference and so you may want to take the same precautions you would when looking for your camping tent. The first thing you would need to consider is the purpose of the boat cover. Will you be using it for storage or trailering? Storage covers are known to fit loosely and work best when used to protect boats at the dock, at anchor or when kept on trailer. On the other hand, trailer covers ought to have a snug fit and reinforcement, especially if you’re going to be driving on the highway. Other notable factors to look out for in a boat cover include material, size and strapping systems.
Just like your precious boat, a good boat cover comes at a price. When shopping for a boat cover, therefore, price will probably come into play. Notably, there are various factors that determine the price of a boat cover. One of these is the size. Expectedly, the larger the size of your boat cover, the higher the price tag. The other factor is material used. The most common material is polyester, as it’s known to have high resistance for harsh weather conditions. However their strength differs based on the denier. For instance, 1200D polyester will be priced higher than a 300D polyester since the former is denser and therefore heavier duty. The strapping and buckle system used also affect the price of a boat cover, with some more advanced systems costing more than the basic styles.

Based on these factors, therefore, you can expect a decent quality boat cover to cost between $60 for the basic types and $220 for more advanced covers with heavy duty, UV-protective material and advanced buckles and traps. Remember, your boat is a valuable investment that you cannot afford to waste with a cheap boat cover. Most of these cheap versions are of poor material that wears off within a short time, leaving your boat at the mercy of rains, harsh sun and miscellaneous debris.
The best boat cover should be able to cover your boat wholly without any chance of wind getting in. This, therefore, means that the trapping system should be strong enough to withstand the harsh weather conditions outdoors. So what are some of the stand-out features that’d give you the peace of mind that you finally got the right boat cover? Well, it basically boils down to durability and efficiency.

Here are some of the boat cover features that will give you a green light to make that purchase:
  • Material: The material combination for your cover ought to have specific properties geared towards resistance to weather conditions. They should, therefore, have a good combination of both breathability and water repellency features apart from being mildew and UV-resistant.
  • Size: To get the right size for your boat, make sure that you measure its beam width as well as the forward length in a flat line. Remember, boat cover sizes usually have one-foot differences in their sizes. One over-sized cover is a recipe for tearing and snagging, not to mention the risk of wind blowing in.
  • Seams: A good boat cover must have its seams well done since this is where the covers risks unraveling from
  • Tying Cords: Since these will be used to tie the whole cover up, they should be strong enough to keep the cover tight but also simple enough in its knotting so as to not present challenges when unraveling the boat.
Construction and Design
Since a boat cover is meant to protect the boat from rainwater and mildew, it’s made of materials such as high-density polyester that feature waterproofing properties. This also helps to alleviate the dangers of corroding. It’s also durable in order to help fight against UV rays, dirt, dust, and hard winds, and is breathable in order to not trap moisture inside, which can lead to mildew in some lesser boat covers.

A good boat cover also has an integrated buckle and strap system that’s designed not only for sturdiness, but also to improve its portability. A solid strapping system holds the boat down comfortably for a long time, which is particularly important if you’re going to be driving down the freeway with your boat. As much as they come in various colors, dark colors are most preferred for boat covers as these have higher UV resistance, making them last longer.
Performance and Ease of Use
While some boat covers are heavy duty to help support durability, others are also made with light materials that make portability much easier. The traps are simple to strap on using either knots of knuckles that keep the cover in place for the period it’ll be in storage. Some boat covers come with storage bags that make it much easier to carry around when not in use, since you’ll hardly want a huge, awkward tarp filling up your entire garage while your boat is still in the water.

It’s important to measure your boat accurately in order to get the best possible size of boat cover. Boat covers are measured according to precise standards, so if your measurements are off by some distance, there’s a good chance that you’ll get either a boat cover that’s too loose or one that won’t even fit onto your boat. You’ll also want to regularly clean up your boat cover, especially before you put it on for the winter; it’s already going to get its share of dust and debris over the next few months, so there’s no sense adding to the mess with last year’s remnants.

Get the Best Boat Cover of 2023!

There you have it folks! We believe that we’ve helped you make up your mind on which boat cover to go for. Take action now and give your boat the best boat cover it deserves to stay intact for much longer. If you’re yet to find your fit, however, worry not as you can still check out a myriad of other boat cover options from these reputable brands that are already tried and tested.

Our Top Choice
Vortex Pontoon Boat Cover
Best Value
Classic Accessories Stellex All Seasons Boat Cover
Budge Sportsman 600 Denier Boat Cover
Komo Heavy Duty Trailerable Boat Cover
MSC Heavy Duty Trailerable Waterproof Boat Cover