Best Boat Fender Reviews 2022

Having a top-notch boat fender by your side is a worthy maritime asset that can instantly turn you into a tough sea dog who is less likely to make a mess of a docking, even if you're fairly bedrunken on ale and low-quality rum! To find out the best models of these useful utensils, check out our list of the best boat fenders on the seven seas and make a confident choice!
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Our Top Choice
Taylor Big B™ Inflatable Vinyl Fender
Coming from a company with tonnes of experience ascribed to their name, the Taylor Made Products delivers once again with the Big B Vinyl Boat Fender.
This model is made of a tough vinyl that’s able to withstand high-temperatures, and it comes with a 3/4-Inch Center Rope Tube.
There have been issues with leakage that some owners have been reporting.
Center Hole
8 x 20 Inches
25 to 35 Feet
Marine Grade-Vinyl
Multi Color
Best Value
Extreme Max BoatTector Fender
Manufacturing all kinds of boating accessories, the Extreme Max folks is a business that puts outdoorsy and active lifestyle at the forefront of its corporate undertakings.
The BoatTector boat fender is a model that comes with reinforced molded eyelets for improved longevity as well as a two-year limited warranty, for good measure!
It has an odd smell, especially when first unpacking it.
Double Eye
6 x 22 Inches
20 to 25 Feet
Available in 4 Colors
Polyform US F Series Boat Fenders
Running a company that deals in everything boating-related, the Polyform folks are an avid bunch of sailors that make tough and sea-worthy equipment!
The F Series Boat Fender is a heavy-duty type of fender made out of industrial-grade vinyl that can probably survive a tsunami!
This fender is a bit on the expensive side.
Double Eye
11 x 30 Inches
For F-5 Boats
Industrial Strength Vinyl
Black, Blue, White
Norestar Ribbed Boat Fenders/Bumpers
Coming from one of the biggest boating equipment-related selling platforms in the US, these Norestar Ribbed Boat Fenders are spot-on sea-worthy pieces of equipment!
They feature a double-eye, meaning they can be hung both vertically and horizontally, and you also get two black fender lines as a part of the deal!
These fenders appear to be a bit smaller than their pictures suggested.
Double Eye
5.5 x 23 Inches
Up to 20 Feet
Marine-Grade Vinyl
Black and Blue
Hull Hugr Kwik Tek Contour Fender
Having been delivering their customers high-quality pieces of maritime equipment for some time now, the Airhead folks have made a name for themselves thanks to their versatile roster of goods!
The Hull Hugr's Contour Fender is a simple foldable fender that can be easily deployed and stored comfortably under your seat.
On the flipside, some customers have been reporting faulty finishing coats.
Contour Fender
2 x 6 x 24 Inches
Approximately up to 20 Feet
Black, Blue and White

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What is the Best Boat Fender?

Dockings and moorings can be stressful activities that require a mighty effort on your part, an avid water-bound explorer! Since even the most experienced seamen and women make mistakes every now and then, obtaining a boat fender may be a great idea to ensure you’re protected against awkward waves and tough currents! See our top 5 list for this category and learn more!
Our Top Choice
Featuring a sturdy seamless construction made of high-grade marine vinyl, this Taylor Made Products Boat Fender can be a great way to reinforce your beloved vessel! If you'd like another version of this model, you can try out the Super Guard model instead; it comes with double-molded black ends for extra strength.

Taylor Big B™ Seamless Inflatable Vinyl Fender with Center Rope Tube – Available in 10 Colors and 5 Sizes

With over a century of boating experience, the Taylor Made Products Company has been providing its customers with all kinds of boating accessories, from safety-related products like those red 'n' white life rings you see in the movies, to pontoon enclosures for some leisurely times on your deck! The thing that’s been enabling them such a long company lifetime is the fact that they value customers and their needs as the central part of running a business. Therefore, ever since their inception they've been trying to accommodate their faithful customer base so that its products not only meet their expectations, but also exceed them.

The second part of its 'customer first' policy would be the constant effort to improve the service they provide to the people who buy their products. This includes not only making boating accessories that people can rely on, but also making sure that people are satisfied with them and that they can contact the company itself should anything go wrong with any of its wares.

Now, as for the Taylor Big B inflatable vinyl boat fender, it may as well look like a big white cucumber at first, but if you take a look at its features, you'll see that it's a solid piece of boating equipment with some quite interesting features going for it. For example, the 3/4 inch center rope tube allows end-to-end line passage, and the entire thing can be positioned either horizontally or vertically, depending on your preference!

Here’s the list of features for the Taylor Big B Inflatable Vinyl Boat Fender:
  • Comes with a 3/4-Inch Center Rope
  • Can be Hung Horizontally or Vertically
  • Seamless Construction
  • Molded Ribs
  • Comes in Many Colors
  • Rubber Football Needle Valve
  • Made from Marine Grade Vinyl
  • Lifetime Warranty

All in all, this is a solid piece of fender design coming from the Taylor folks. As this model features a simple build and a protective gloss coating, it can pretty much survive a nuclear blast, so you don't have to worry about having to buy another one in the near future!
Best Value
As a product of an avid outdoors-oriented company, this Extreme Max BoatTector is a plucky inflatable boat fender that can do one hell of a docking job! If you'd like a slightly bigger fender from the same manufacturer, you may as well have a look at the BoatTector Contour model!

Extreme Max BoatTector Fender with a Needle Valve & Reinforced Molded Eyelets – Available in 4 Colors

With a two-sentence motto which simply states 'Extreme Max. Do More Outdoors. ', Extreme Max is a company that promotes a healthy, outdoors-oriented sort of lifestyle and plenty of physical activity for good measure. On the part of the company’s designers, they try their best to make reliable products which would be capable of going the extra mile and help you out in your adventurous outdoorsy exploits! To make this happen, they've made it their mission to abuse and wreck their products incessantly so that their customers can get only the toughest, most reliable equipment and gadgetry in the end of the day. Whether it's mud, high speeds, long arduous periods of dehydration and possibly struggle with wild animals, the Extreme Max folks are going to have a bunch of gritty products capable of countering it all, so that you can come out of all these hardships with the majority of your limbs still attached!

If the elements and scores of aggressive creatures do manage to inflict some sort of damage on your Extreme Max equipment, worry not, for these folks run an entirely different section of their business solely dedicated to replacement parts! If you'd like to learn more about some other aspects of the Extreme Max company, you can visit its web page, where you can create your own account and follow its future undertakings!

The Extreme Max model we've decided to feature on this list goes by the name of Extreme Max BoatTector Fender, and it comes in the shape of a pair of fenders which come with a valve each, so that you can inflate or deflate them to a pressure value of your choice. The molded eyelets that come with this model are there to increase the 'life expectancy', and make them a bit sturdier.

The Extreme Max BoatTector Fender- a list of the most important features:
  • Comes with a Needle Valve
  • The Pressure Can be Manipulated
  • Molded Eyelets
  • UV-Resistant Body
  • Reinforced Fender Line
  • Solid-Braid MFP Construction
  • Available in Four Colors
  • Two-Year Limited Warranty

With its sturdy dual design capable of surviving even the harshest of conditions on water, this BoatTector model from the Extreme Max company can be a great way to ensure yourself against hairy dockings and fender-bender incidents that include other boats, and perhaps some submarines!
Coming from a business that produces all kinds of boating accessories, the Polyform US's boat fender is a durable piece of maritime equipment you can rely on! For a model with a hole through the middle, check out this Polyform HTM Boat Fender!

Polyform US F Series Industrial Style Vinyl Boat Fenders, Made in the USA – Available in 3 Colors

As far as hard-working, business-meaning companies go, Polyform US may as well lead the way in the department of boating accessories. Truly, these folks seem to be as gritty and sea canine-like as Captain James Cook himself! In their roster of sea-worthy goods, you can find such items as buoys, fenders, fender covers, moorings, as well as a variety of other accessories for all intents and purposes. If it's related to boats and keeping them afloat in the often treacherous and stormy waters you may chance upon, the Polyform folks have probably got it stocked and ready for deployment, ehrm, sale, somewhere in their warehouses!

If you want to learn more about what the Polyform gang has been up to recently, you may also check out their web site, which although a bit terse, still offers a number of ways for you to learn about choosing a perfect fender for your needs. For inflatable fenders, there’s a separate guide telling you how to manage the pressure, and what sort of value would be optimal for your fender of choice.

The Polyform US F Series Boat Fender represents a rugged, heavy-duty sort of boat fender that’s made out of one single-piece, industrial-style vinyl for extra durability. No additional parts and seams mean that the whole package is going to be exceptionally reliable as there are fewer parts that can break off. See the feature list below for more details about this product!

The list of features for the Polyform US F Series Boat Fender:
  • Heavy-Duty Design
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Made from Flexible Vinyl
  • One Piece Cnstruction
  • A Variety of Sizes
  • Unique Vinyl Valve
  • Evened-Out Wall Thickness
  • Twin-Eye Design
  • Multiple Ribbed Reinforced Ropeholds

Selling a number of boating-related accessories such as buoys, fenders, moorings, and other pieces of equipment, the Polyform US folks are a gang that know their trade inside and out. Their F Series Boat Fender is a tough piece of heavy-duty equipment perfect for a sailor who likes to get into rough waters!
Coming from one of North America's most prominent boating dealerships, these Norestar Ribbed Boat Fenders are a reliable piece of equipment worth having at your side at all times! For a couple of bucks fewer, you can also get yourself one of the Norestar's Mooring Buoys.

Norestar 2 Pack Non-Abrasive Ribbed Boat Fenders/Bumpers with 2 Fender Lines – Available in 2 Colors and 3 Sizes

Boating in Canada has never been the same experience as in countries which are fortunate enough to be situated somewhere where waters are NOT infested with killer-whales and positively frozen solid 11 and a half months a year. It’s in precisely these bummed out conditions, however, that a true gem came to be - a boating giant (an up-and-coming boating midget sort of giant) called the! Other than fending off seemingly endless waves of polar bear celebrations while trying to unfreeze your vessel from its inhospitable surroundings, Canadian boating enthusiasts face yet another challenge on a day-to-day basis - expenses. 'Keeping a boat afloat' can be a properly challenging task at times, so the founders of the one day decided enough was enough, put their maple syrup aside for a minute, and established their very own boating dealership with a single goal in mind - make boating great, ehrm, affordable again!

The project started in Canada in 2003, and as their business ventures started picking up speed, the folks behind this enthusiastic business realized that they'd be much better off if they tried their luck south of the border, where more people can buy their goods, and where fewer animals could interfere with their production processes! Lo and behold, a couple of years forward, and earned itself a name as a well-to-do business capable of delivering some solid boating goods for their customers.

This time around, we're presenting to you a product of the Norestar company, kindly delivered to you by the folks. The Ribber Boat Fenders/Bumpers represent a two-piece fender that can be hung horizontally and vertically, depending on your preference. Included in the offer are also two black fender lines which together with the fenders themselves make for a tough combo bound to keep your boat well in one place when you feel like it!

The list of properties for the Norestar's Ribber Boat Fenders/Bumpers:
  • Features a Double Eye
  • Non-Abrasive
  • Safe for Gelcoat
  • Vertical Ribs for Extra Protection
  • Two Black Fender Lines
  • Made of Marine-Grade Vinyl
  • Salt and Pressure Tested
  • Available in Black and Blue

All things considered, this fender model from Norestar is a great example of a simple and durable duo-design. The double-eye feature makes it possible to hang these two vertically and horizontally, and thanks to the two black fender lines that also come with this offer, you can further secure your boat so that you're well-protected from all sides!
Selling everything outdoors-related, from kayaks to sleds, the Airhead company puts forward its boat fender solution in the shape of the Hull Hugr's Kwik Tek Contour Fender! For a couple of bucks more, you can also get yourself the mighty Eva Modular Boat Fender, which is great for rafting two boats together.

Hull Hugr Kwik Tek Foldable Hanging Contour Fender – Available in 3 Colors

Whether it's watersports, floats, accessories or keeping up with the latest trends in the world of boat-related equipment, the Airhead company is the go-to place for folks who'd like to get equipped with some sea-worthy ware, or those who just like to learn more about the intricacies of running a water sports-related business! To make sure modern people (especially the young ones) get their message of an outdoorsy lifestyle across, the Airhead folks have established quite an impressive web page where you can both see what they've produced so far, and what kind of interesting stuff they've got in store for the future. (Also, it's worth noting that there's plenty of animations and imagery of happy-go-lucky folks having a jolly time in water out there as well.)

It's not only product placement with the Airhead team, either. If you'd like to learn more about the latest news in the world of outdoors-related activities, you can visit their blog, where you can read about such leisurely topics as the freshest trends in snow tubing, best sleds for kids, and even how to properly celebrate the end of Fall! (These boys and girls at Airhead seem to have put in a mighty effort to make this all work!)

Now, the Airhead gang are responsible for finding plucky pieces of equipment, and selling them to you, and this time around, we're advertising their advertisement for the Hull Hugr's Kwik Tek Counter Fender, which may as well double as a kick-boxing pad by the looks of things! And it also somehow manages to look like a fridge! (which is maybe a plus? - who knows) It's made out of tough marine-grade tri-laminate covers known for their rip-proofness, and durability.

The list of features for the Hull Hugr's Kwik Tek Contour Fender (delivered by the Airhead company):
  • Doesn't Roll Up
  • Easy to Fold
  • Made of Tough Marine-Grade Tri-Laminate Covers
  • Rip-Proof and Durable
  • Easy to Hang
  • Features Polycarbonate Grommets
  • Easy to Store

How Do I Choose the Best Boat Fender?

Masts, starboards, cannons, those fan-looking things that go underneath - these would be the first sorts of thing that you think of when someone starts talking about boats. Indeed, even a couple of centuries ago, these parts were so crucial that pirates would aim for the mast to knock out an enemy ship and reap the often hefty cargo carried by the British Royal Navy, or any other unfortunate naval organization for that matter! Not all heroic boat parts wear capes though (or some sort of maritime equivalent), and one of the most overlooked boat pieces that you may want to stock up on if you own a boat yourself would be- the boat fender! These dull-looking contraptions can mean the difference between you smashing your beloved boat to smithereens and docking it neatly so that all the pirate chieftains and corsairs across the world's oceans may gaze upon your skill with awe! In this section, we'll give you a couple of tips about how to enrich your boating equipment and add a couple of mighty boat fenders to your arsenal, so that your respectable cannons don't go to sleep with the fish due to a faulty docking.

First of all, we may as well mention that these devices aren't really that complicated, in all fairness. They feature a simple enough build that has one mission and one mission only once they’re deployed - get hit and smashed around without breaking! A tough job, indeed, but somebody, or rather something, has got to do it. One of the few points where various models of boat fenders differ is their construction, which can either feature a bunch of seams, or be completely seamless. The seam-supported versions often allow for some design variations as they can be patched up and brought to life in the end-process of production. This, however, may also represent a potential weakness, as, given the right bummed out circumstances, a seamed model can give in to pressure, thus endangering the very boat it was supposed to protect. It's not that this tends to happen that often, though, so this isn’t something that should deter you from buying one of these models, especially from a well-known brand!

On the other hand, the strength of the seamless models, so to speak, seems to come from the fact that they're made in one piece, which makes them slightly tougher in comparison to their seam-bound counterparts. These models are typically made out of single piece of tough industrial kind of vinyl, which is a material well-known for its durability, especially in inhospitable conditions. Another point of differentiating these maritime devices would be the choice between inflatable and non-inflatable models. Again, non-inflatable boat fenders tend to be of a simpler build that you can just unpack and deploy straight away, as they’re as ready as they'll ever be.

As for the inflatable ones, you'll have to either provide your own pump to make them work or get some sort of contraptions for inducing air into it together with the fender itself – it depends on the manufacturer's policy, really. All in all, whichever kind of a boat fender you choose to install on your boat, it’ll probably perform just fine, regardless of its design. So, when buying yourself one of these maritime utensils, rather look out for the manufacturing brand and price instead! At the end of this part of our buying guide, we'd like to present you some other of our reviews as we’ve been pretty busy lately and came up with a bunch of technically-savvy top 5 lists of various contraptions! These distinguished items include barometers, coolers, and bilge pumps, so if you happen to need any of them, feel free to visit their respective links and learn more!
Price-wise, the factor that seems to play the most important role in the pricing of boat fenders seems to be their size, as one model can come in up to 10 different sizes! This is to accommodate the owners of boats whose precious vessels naturally come in all shapes and sizes. The deal is quite simple: the larger the fender, the more it’ll cost. On the other hand, the presence of a warranty can also render a model slightly more expensive in comparison to its competition, but it's all for a good cause at the end of the day, so it may pay off to actually go for a model with one! Other than that, the brand in question can also put a couple of bucks on top of a fender, but it's ultimately not a major factor.
Even though they may seem like a simple, no-brainer type of equipment you just buy and don't think about it, it still may be a good idea to think through with your boat fender purchase beforehand, lest you end up with some sort of botched-up sponge that can barely stand in one piece on its own, let alone protect an entire boat with you on it!

The list of features to look out for ere you've purchased a brand new boat fender:
  • Does it Come with a Center Rope
  • Molded Ribs
  • The Size
  • The Color
  • Material of Choice
  • Type of Valve
  • Inflatable or Non-Inflatable
  • UV-Resistance
  • Warranty
As we at TopProducts always say, finding yourself a model with a lifetime warranty may be a proper jackpot, so do try to fish around for one of those for an optimal bargain!
Construction and Design
When it comes to their construction, about the most important thing to take into consideration would be if it's seamless or not. Seamless models are simpler, and therefore somewhat more reliable, so owning one of these may reduce the risk of it malfunctioning on you in a crucial moment. The models with seams are also quite sturdy as well, though, so it's your safest bet to go for whichever model comes from the best-respected manufacturer around! Other than that, most of the boat fenders aren't much to look at, as they look like a bunch of plums, so chances are - you won't be spending many sleepless nights deciding what sort of design to go for.
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you've got hold of a sturdy type of boat fender, using it isn't going to be nuclear science. If you've purchased a model with an additional rope, just attach it to your fender, or otherwise drive it through, deploy the thing when you feel like docking, and Bob's your uncle! For those proud owners of the cordless-models, read the last sentence and just skip the second phrase. All in all, owning a boat fender is the easiest thing in the world maintenance-wise, as all you have to do to make it operational pretty much amounts to cleaning it up after you're done boating, and then storing it away somewhere until the next time you need it! To wrap this buying guide up, we hope that this little piece of writing helped you understand what you want from a boat fender in a better way, so that you may get the right model from the first shot. Best of luck with your purchase!

Get the Best Boat Fender of 2022!

While performing a simple docking may not exactly be the most fun water-bound activity for boat owners, having a well-established bunch of boat fenders onboard might make it a little bit safer, and therefore less stressful. If you'd like to make your precious vessel at least somewhat 'fool-proofer', get yourself a boat fender (or a couple of them, rather), and off ye be on another adventure! We hope you’ve learned something from our review of the best boat fenders on the market today, and that you’re now in a position to make your voyage a safe and successful one.

Our Top Choice
Taylor Big B™ Inflatable Vinyl Fender
Best Value
Extreme Max BoatTector Fender
Polyform US F Series Boat Fenders
Norestar Ribbed Boat Fenders/Bumpers
Hull Hugr Kwik Tek Contour Fender