Best Boat Hook Reviews 2023

The importance of a boat hook isn’t often appreciated until the need for one arises on board. While it’s predominantly used to catch dock and mooring lines, it can also be used for other tasks on board and that’s why selecting the right boat hook is quite important. To help make it less taxing, we've researched some of the best boat hook brands available. We’ve reviewed one product from each, but these are quality brands with other options if our picks aren’t quite right.
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Our Top Choice
SeaSense Telescopic Boat Hook
SeaSense is highly ranked in the marine industry because it’s well known for making quality marine equipment that’s still affordable.
Strong telescopic pole. Cam lock and non-slip feature. 5’ fixed pole option. Heavy-duty and removable hook. Replacement heads are available. Easy to use.
Could collapse smaller than it does.
3-tier; removable hook
45 inches – 96 inches
1 Pound
Anodized aluminum
Cam lock
Best Value
Star Brite Economy Boat Hook
Star Brite, for many years, has been manufacturing quality boating equipment including cleaning tools and hardware to improve the appearance of your boat.
‘Unbreakable’ glass-reinforced nylon material. Special cam lock. Sturdy. Floats in water due to air pocket design.
Hook is permanently attached to handle.
2-tier; floating air chambers
48 inches – 144 inches
0.4 Pounds
Glass reinforced nylon
Cam lock
Garelick/Eez-In Telescoping Boat Hook
Backed by innovation and integrity, Garelick/Eez-In manufactures quality marine products that make boating life easier and more comfortable.
Lightweight. Easy to use. Anodized aluminum tube. Vinyl polymer grip that doesn’t slip. Corrosion resistant.
Hook attached permanently to the handle.
2-tier; permanently attached hook
64 inches – 144 inches
0.4 pounds
Twist lock
Airhead Telescoping Boat Hook
Airhead leads the pack when it comes to watersports equipment and accessories because it’s demonstrated its ability to build products that perform well and last.
Easily adjustable shaft. Corrosion resistant materials. High-impact molded boat hook handle. Locks easily. Simple to use. Shortens for storage.
Doesn’t float if dropped in water.
2-tier; shaft doubles as paddle
20 inches – 45 inches
1 Pound
Aluminum/molded plastic
Twist lock
Shurhold Boat Hook
Dedicated to helping you have a clean and functional boat, Shurhold provides some of the best boating hardware and care products available.
3-in-1 versatile hook. Sturdy and quality construction. Price friendly. Allows choice of most suitable pole.
Compatible with only Shurhold handles.
3-tier; centered push off system
6 inches – 8 inches
0.2 Pounds
Aluminum/hard nylon
Button lock

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What is the Best Boat Hook?

There are several features to consider while selecting a boat hook such as the design and lock system. The best boat hook should extend your reach while hooking the items properly and if you’ve read the information in our buying guide, you should be able to confidently select the right one. Now, let’s take a look at individual products/brands.
Our Top Choice
The SeaSense Telescopic Boat Hook comes with a hook that can be easily removed, so instead of lying idle, the handle can hold brushes or mop heads for other boat services. Are you after a hook that also doubles as an adjustable-length paddle? Then check out the black SeaSense Telescopic Paddle and Hook.

SeaSense 45-96” Telescoping Boat Hook with Removable Hook

Known for quality and innovation, SeaSense manufactures boating equipment the marine industry has come to love and trust. Also known for its competitive prices, SeaSense has an impressive range of marine products that any boater would love to have. So, for quality marine products such as boat hooks to aid docking/undocking, air horns for signaling purposes, cordage and anchors to keep your boat in position, bilge pumps to remove bilge water, marine plumbing, lightening and electrical tools and accessories, SeaSense is the sensible choice.

The SeaSense Telescopic Boat Hook is important boating equipment for docking, mooring or retrieving and is made up of a telescopic handle that extends up to 96 inches (8 feet) and retracts to 45 inches (3 feet, 9 inches) for that purpose. The telescopic handle has an anodized aluminum construction that makes it lightweight, durable and quite strong. The handle also has a non-slip cam lock that quickly fastens the extension or retraction of the handle. This prevents the collapse of the pole during use and allows for easy storage. The hook also screws off and this feature allows you to replace it with any other attachment such as mop head or brushes that can fit.

SeaSense has other important boating equipment that you should check out:
  • The SeaSense Double Braid Nylon Dockline which keeps your boat away from the dock measures 15 feet long and 0.375 inches wide. It also has a breaking strength of 3900 pounds and a safe working load of 410 pounds
  • The SeaSense Mini Paddle/Boat Hook 32-42 which has a 2-piece telescoping handle and the rear end doubles as a paddle
  • The SeaSense Adjustable Telescoping Mini Paddle and Hook, 22 to 42-Inches and both ends are orange colored and can be used as a signal in case of emergencies. It has a twist lock system that tightens the shaft after extension
Best Value
The Star Brite Economy Boat Hook has a handle with a unique air chamber that makes it float. So, if mistakenly dropped overboard, it will not sink. It’s made from nylon reinforced with glass, making it virtually unbreakable. If what you want is a boat hook with a detachable head, check out the Star Brite Signature Series Big Boat Extending Brush Handle with hook.

Star Brite Economy Boat Hook with Floating Air Chambers

Star Brite began by selling boat polish in 1973, but gradually expanded and moved its lines to include marine products that are now recognized internationally for being price friendly and still of high quality. When it comes to products that improve the appearance and function of your boat, Star Brite doesn’t compromise on the standard and it’s little wonder the brand is synonymous with quality and affordable boat care and appearance products.

The Star Brite Economy Boat Hook features a telescopic pole that can extend from 4 feet to 8 feet and can be used to pull in docking and mooring lines that are up to 8 feet out. It also has a unique cam lock that prevents extension/retraction of the pole when in use. The hook is made from nylon reinforced with glass. This makes it sturdy, durable and unbreakable, so be prepared to use this hook for a long while. Another unique property is the presence of an air chamber within the pole which makes it floatable. So, if it falls overboard, do not worry because it will stay afloat.

Following are some other boat hardware by Star Brite:
  • The Star Brite Ez Hooker Boat Hook which is made from a polymer material that’s durable and doesn’t corrode. It can function as a boat hook and attaches to all Extend-A-Brush quick connect handles
  • The Star Brite Boat Hook Attachment which can fit all Extend-A-Brush handles. It’s also made from nylon that has been reinforced with glass. It is specially designed to easily pick up and handle ropes
The Garelick/Eez-In Telescoping Boat Hook is made from a high tensile, lightweight anodized aluminum which makes it corrosion resistant and durable at the same time. For a less expensive boat hook with a fixed length aluminum handle, check out the Garelick\/Eez-In Standard Fixed Length Boat Hook.

Garelick/Eez-In Telescoping Boat Hook – Available in 2 Sizes55

Garelick/Eez-In is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative boating and marine equipment which is why it’s preferred by boaters passionate about comfort and style. It takes pride in delivering products of only the best quality to its users. Apart from its quality, the durability and functionality of its goods cannot be questioned. With innovation, integrity and quality service as its watchwords, it’s not surprising Garelick/Eez-In has been around and strong for 66 years and counting.

The Garelick/Eez-In Telescoping Boat Hook measures 12 feet and allows you to sit down while extending your reach to things that are far away. Its telescopic handle can extend from 5.6 to 12 feet and can be used when mooring, docking or retrieving. The handle is made from anodized aluminum with a high tensile strength, making it a well-balanced tube that’s resistant to corrosion and also makes it strong, lightweight and durable. It features a twist lock that’s smooth and firmly keeps it in place when extended or collapsed. The edge of the tube is also rolled, making it comfortable and easy to use. This boat hook has a comfortable vinyl polymer grip that’s attached to the handle and helps prevent it from slipping when in use. The hook is attached permanently to the handle and there is no risk of it loosening.

Here are some other amazing boat hooks by Garelick/Eez-In for your consideration:
  • The Garelick/Eez-In 55190:02 Telescoping Boat Hook – an aluminum handle with 2 sections, a smooth twist lock and high tensile strength
  • The Garelick/Eez-In 55290:01 Heavy Duty Telescoping Boat Hook – features a stainless steel head for more hooking power, a cushioned tip and a non-slip grip
  • The Garelick 99046 Premium Multi-Purpose Boat Hook Head – with a wide gap that allows you push or pull large objects while docking or mooring. Also made with a material that’s resistant to corrosion
The Airhead Telescoping Boat Hook has a shaft that’s made of aluminum for durability and can extend from 25 to 75 inches for objects far from reach. If you want a durable docking line with a built-in snubber and 2 foams for anti-chafing, do not hesitate to check out the Kwik Tek Airhead Bungee Dock Line.

Airhead Telescoping Boat Hook with Paddle – Available in 3 sizes

For more than 26 years, Airhead has been in the business of manufacturing quality products users can count on for a memorable sea experience. From inflatable tow tubes and floats to boat hooks and paddles, sea lovers have continually identified with the Airhead brand because its products are reputed for being affordable and long lasting.

The Airhead Telescoping Boat Hook has a telescoping shaft that can be adjusted to different lengths without difficulty. The extension/retraction length can vary from 25 to 75 inches and the selected length can be kept in a fixed position by a twist locking device, removing the risk of the hook slipping from its extended or collapsed position and causing you problems. The shaft is made from aluminum with a corrosion resistant property, making both it lightweight and durable. The tail end of the shaft is a paddle and can be used for boat propulsion, and the hook’s handle and paddle blade are cast from tough materials and colored bright orange, allowing them to be used for signaling in case of emergencies. A segment of the shaft withdraws into the paddle blade, making storage quite compact and easy.
The Shurhold Boat Hook serves more than one purpose as it comes with a line carrier for carrying lines of different thickness and a centered push off system for quick removal. If you already have an attachment and you are in search of a solid and high quality handle, check out the Shurhold 855 9' Telescoping Extension Handle.

Shurhold Boat Hook with Centered Push-Off and Line Carrier

Shurhold manufactures products that are quite popular amongst boating equipment retailers and boaters because of their superior quality and innovation in addition to outstanding customer care. It pays attention even to the tiniest details and ensures all its products are free from flaws in construction materials and workmanship. The main goal of Shurhold is to not only supply you with the finest tools for the job, but educate users to ensure they’re knowledgeable about these tools and how best to use them. It does this by creating an information-laden website and hiring knowledgeable and committed members of staff to provide online support to its customers.

The Shurhold Boat Hook is one hook that can serve different functional purposes. It boasts the unique Shurhold design and comes with a line carrier that’s excellent for pushing and pulling docking lines. It comes with a centered push off system for fast and simple removal from the attachment tube, and is compatible with all Shurhold handles.

How Do I Choose the Best Boat Hook?

You may not know how important a boat hook is but to demonstrate its importance, close your eyes and try to imagine this scenario:

You’re trying to dock and looking at the docking line but it’s just out of reach. You get a random pole lying on the deck and try to pull the line but you still can’t reach it. You reach the tip of the deck and bend a little farther, but it is still far away. You then climb on the boat railings and when you think you may have reached it … WOOSH! You’ve gone overboard. Do you know how to swim? You weren’t expecting to go in, so you have no life vest on. You know what that means – drowning and freezing simultaneously with no one to help you.

Now, you’re reading this and thinking that was a bit dramatic. Well, that could be you and that could also be prevented. How? By getting a boat hook. Many boaters don’t appreciate the importance of a boat hook until they’ve gone overboard trying to reach something that’s obviously too far away. A boat hook could bring that item within your reach and do many other things.

Apart from pulling in docking lines, it can be used to aid undocking, position a hoop over a heaping, or even grasp something underneath a tonneau cover (non-boating application). When you carefully think about it, you could come up with multiple tasks for a boat hook.

Boat hooks come in different designs and materials, but the most important function should be extending your reach. There are features particular for each kind, and the owner of the boat (you) should take them into consideration before making a choice.

Boat hooks are just one of the many important items that should be in your boat. So, whether it is a yacht, a fishing boat or a good old inflatable boat, do not forget to have one on board. Unless you wish to fall over board just because you couldn’t reach that distant object. Or do you?
Boat hooks are generally inexpensive but the trick is to determine which particular brand will last a long time as the money used to replace a broken hook would be better spent on other boat care products and accessories. The design and material of the boat hook could affect the price, but it is ultimately dependent on the brand.

If a strong, durable and lightweight boat hook is what you have in mind, be ready to dole out between $40 and $200 dollars. During the course of this research, we also discovered some cheap boat hooks, but we decided not to feature them because we know a flimsy boat hook with low tensile strength isn't want you had in mind.
Selecting the right boat hook requires careful consideration and without much ado, here is a list of the features to look out for when choosing a boat hook:
  • Material
  • Design
  • Dimension
  • Locking system
Construction and Design
A boat hook usually consists of the hook head and the shaft. The head of a boat hook can be made from nylon, stainless steel or aluminum. A nylon head could also be reinforced with metal and is really popular amongst boaters. This is because it is quite strong and resists the detrimental nature of sunlight. A stainless steel head is less popular as it could be more expensive and contribute to the weight of the hook.

The shaft/handle connects to the hook head and it can be made from stainless steel, aluminum, plastic or wood. A handle made from wood is more stylish than the rest but it could be destroyed by the elements, especially if it goes overboard. Traditional hook shafts are made from aluminum and they are currently the most popular. The aluminum used could be anodized to prevent corrosion and this makes it last much longer than its wooden counterpart. Those made from stainless steel have more tensile strength when compared to the rest and are also more durable, but this can lead to an increase in the price. The handles made from plastic are not as popular as those made from aluminum but they tolerate the elements and do not cost as much.

Depending on the brand, it’s quite common to find one particular hook head material connected to a different shaft material. For example, a nylon head could be connected to a plastic shaft while a stainless steel head would be connected to a wooden shaft. Note that the way they are connected could generally affect the weight of the boat hook. A wooden shaft with a stainless steel hook would be expected to weigh more than a nylon hook on an aluminum shaft. An ideal boat hook should be lightweight to prevent the user from getting fatigued when using it.

A boat hook is designed primarily to pull or push lines or objects and so the head is designed to carry out that function. Boat hooks come with a 1, 2 or 3-piece head, and in different shapes. The shape and the number of hooks on the head dictates the thickness of lines that can be pulled in. For the shaft, it could come permanently attached to the head or could be detached easily. Those that can detach easily from the head can be attached to other heads for multiple purposes, such as deck brushes or mop heads. Also, some handles are made to extend/retract (telescopic), while others have a fixed length. Some boat hook handles are also designed to float on water. They have a special air system that traps air within the chamber of the handle and prevents it from sinking when mistakenly dropped overboard.
Performance and Ease of Use
If a boat hook cannot extend your reach, it is useless. All boat hooks are designed to extend your reach but their extension lengths differ. A handle can measure from 4 feet up to 12 feet and can be extended or collapsed to varying lengths. Now it depends on the design of the handle in the first place. A 4-foot boat hook that is designed to be extendable can spread out to 8 feet while a boat hook with a fixed length of 12 feet doesn’t need to be extended to carry out its function. If you have a bigger boat, a longer boat hook will serve better than a shorter one.

The length of the boat hook also affects its storage. Those that extend/retract usually collapse to a smaller length for compact storage and would be suitable for those with smaller boats where storage space is a constraint. For those with bigger boats and larger storage spaces, boat hooks with fixed lengths might not be a problem.

The locking system featured on a boat hook is dependent on the brand and if you are going for one that extends and retracts, it would be wise to ensure it has a locking system in place. The locking system ensures that it stays secured in place when the shaft is extended/retracted. If there's no good locking system in place, when in use, the extended pole may collapse unexpectedly. Some telescopic handles have a twist and lock system in place and with a twist at the desired length, while others have a cam lock option that quickly fastens the extension or retraction of the handle.

Get the Best Boat Hook of 2023!

We hope reading this review was helpful for you. Now you should have all you need to make an informed purchase of new boat hook. Get yours right away.

Our Top Choice
SeaSense Telescopic Boat Hook
Best Value
Star Brite Economy Boat Hook
Garelick/Eez-In Telescoping Boat Hook
Airhead Telescoping Boat Hook
Shurhold Boat Hook