Best Boat Ladder Reviews 2022

When it comes to the exquisite art of boarding your boat, there are a couple of ways you can go about it: performing a majestic jump, using a grappling hook to clamber onto it like a gritty mountaineering-inclined trooper, and just climbing a boat ladder! If you'd like to equip yourself with one of these brilliant maritime accessories, read through our top 5 reviews and pick the model you like the best!
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Our Top Choice
Norestar Telescoping Dive Ladder
Coming from one of the biggest dealers of boating equipment operating in the US, the Norestar Telescoping Dive Ladder is a compact piece of design perfect for a variety of boats!
It’s a simple-to-use, foldable boat accessory which doesn't take up too much space.
The fastening bolt is small and may come unscrewed.
Telescoping Ladder
33.5 x 16 inches, 8 pounds
Stainless Steel
300 pounds
Oversized Steps
Best Value
Garelick/Eez-In 3-Step Boat Ladder
Coming from a cheekily-named company, this Garelick/Eez- In Inflatable Boat Ladder is a reliable maritime accessory that can serve you for years to come!
It comes with swivel and snap for easy attachment to the floorboard; its vinyl layer ensures that the ladder won't scratch the surface of your boat.
Some customers may not like its three-step design.
Inflatable Ladder
17.38 x 15.38 x 5.38”, 4.5 pounds
Anodized Aluminum Tube
250 pounds
Contour Design
Rage Powersports SP-3S Telescoping Boat Ladder
Producing all kinds of maritime accessories as well as equipment spanning a couple of categories, the Rage Powersports is a company with a developing reputation.
It’s an easy-to-install model that features non-slip rubber treads some convenient side-handrails for good measure.
The instructions provided by the manufacturer could have been a bit clearer and more detailed.
Telescoping Ladder
20.2 x 16.8 x 46.5”, 17 pounds
Stainless Steel / Fiberglass
300 pounds
Non-Slip Rubber Treads
SeaSense 4-Step Telescoping Boat Ladder
SeaSense is a business specializing in all kinds of boating equipment, from cordage and anchors to marine plumbing.
It comes with a tough stainless steel construction and a compact build that can survive even the harshest conditions.
About its only downside would be that it's a bit too narrow, so getting used to it may represent a challenge at first.
Telescoping Ladder
3 x 13 x 16”, 8.8 pounds
Stainless Steel
No information available*
Folds into boat for easy storage
JIF Marine Anodized Pontoon Ladder
Dealing in all kinds of boating-related equipment, the JIF Marine folks are an avid group of people determined to provide their customers with nothing but the top tier products!
It’s a particularly strong ladder that comes with plastic steps so that your foot doesn't slip away, possibly resulting in some rather nasty injuries.
It’s too big and awkward for some smaller boats.
Pontoon Ladder
44.5 x 15.5 x 6”, 8 pounds
Anodized Aluminum
300 pounds

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What is the Best Boat Ladder?

Without a boat ladder, getting onboard your boat can be a stressful experience which, if documented by a camera-wielding by-stander can become a laughing stock of the Internet, where all the hip people gather, the pope included! Therefore, we at TopProducts have figured the following: unless you want to get eaten by a particularly aggressive school of fish, or worse still- get laughed at by the pope, get yourself a boat ladder, and enter your beloved vessel of choice like a true gentleman or gentlewoman of genteel and leisure! Check out our top 5 reviews to find out more details about these contraptions!
Our Top Choice
Sporting a small size and some PVC-coated threads for extra security, this foldable ladder from Norestar can be a perfect solution for the avid boating aficionado! For a couple of bucks less, you can also get yourself Norestar's Marine Boarding Ladder, which comes in 2, 3, and 4-step models.

Norestar Telescoping Dive Ladder for Boat Boarding, Made from Stainless Steel, Oversized Steps

If you want a durable boating product capable of serving you till kingdom come, what better place to look for it than at a Canadian company which has been reported to be fully operational even during the winter months! Over the years, the Canadians have shown to be able to withstand harsh polar-bear infested environments, thus challenging the rugged outdoorsy reputation of even the folks hailing from the land down under. It is in these inhospitable circumstances that one of the most prominent boating companies came to be, and it goes by the name of Equipped with a burning passion for all things boat-related and fending-off the curious and heavily-defecating elks, the gritty gang behind this relatively new business managed to create quite a name for themselves over the years!

Whether it's boat ladders, anchors or any other kind of docking or mooring equipment that you happen to be in need of, chances are the guys are going to have it, and are also possibly selling it at an agreeable price, too! If you'd like to find out more about the future undertakings of this plucky Canadian squad, we'd encourage you to visit their webpage where you can learn more about their history and the kinds of products they're selling. What's more, you can also make your own account so that you can keep in touch with them at all times!

For this list, we've decided to present to you one of their best selling products, made by the Norestar boating company ( is the dealer). This Stainless Steel Telescoping Dive Ladder is a cleverly-designed boat accessory you can curl up when you're not using it, thus saving precious space on your boat. Also, boarding your boat with one of these contraptions is easy thanks to its oversized steps, so even the clumsiest of boat owners may rest assured that they won't fall off of it in a freakish incident!

Here’s the list of features for the Norestar Stainless Steel 3-Step Telescopic Dive Ladder:
  • Made of Stainless Steel
  • Foldable for Easy Storage
  • Easy to Mount
  • Oversized Steps for Easy Boarding
  • The Threads are PVC-Reinforced
All in all, an excellent piece of design by the Norestar company. This little boat ladder is a space-saving, foldable solution which goes pretty well with a variety of different boat types. The PVC-coated threads are also there to ensure that you don't slip off on your way upwards, even if severely bedrunken like a proper sailor of yore!
Best Value
Coming from one of the most Eez-y going boating companies out there, the Garelick Eez- Inflatable Boat Ladder can be an excellent solution for many different kinds of boats! For a full-blown sturdy kind of model, you can get yourself Garelick Sport\/Diver Ladder instead, which can come with an extra step if you like.

Garelick/Eez-In Inflatable 3-Step Boat Ladder, Contour Design, Line and Swivel Snap, Vinyl Sleeve

With over 66 years of experience shepherding people from the water and into their boats, the Garelick EEz- In company has blessed its customers with some of the most durable and easy-to-use clambering contraptions on the market! If you've been wondering what's with the cheeky name of this business, we'll gladly clarify it for ya: the original slogan was 'Don't Squeeze in- EEz In!', which masterfully sums up the process of hauling your wet and shaky persona onto an innocently floating vessel with the help of one of their first boat ladder double hook designs. As for a broader company statement, so to speak, the Garelick folks cite integrity, innovation and service as the pushing force behind their business undertakings.

Another great feat accomplished by the EEz people is their easy-to-use website, which can give you a better insight in their day-to-day updates, the already existing catalogues, and the location of the Garelick dealer closest to your current location! Also, for all of you who are interested in what's been going on in the world of marine equipment manufacturers, you can head out to their news section, where you can read all about how Ken and Rick Garelick received an award while some other CEO's didn't!

The model we're presenting to you on this list is an odd-looking inflatable ladder that assumes the shape of whatever boat you strap it on! (Or at least, it sort of contours onto it.) It comes with a special layer of vinyl designed to protect the hull of your boat and also to make the ladder itself last longer. Read on to find out more details about this EEz- In model!

The list of features for the Garelick EEz- In Inflatable Boat Ladder:
  • Contoured Design
  • Easy Side Boarding
  • Protective Vinyl Sleeve
  • Anodized Aluminum Tube
  • White Poly Step
  • Line and Swivel Snap
  • Weight Limit 250 pounds
Featuring a sleek design with a couple of sturdy aluminum tubes and the rest made of foldable material which follows the contours of the boat, this Garelick EEz- In Boat Ladder can be an excellent solution for an avid boating enthusiast who doesn't like to be mistaken for an unsightly sea creature (and possibly shot with a harpoon)!
With a sturdy telescopic design enabling you great functionality and easy deployment, this Rage Powersports SP-3S Boat Ladder is a simple piece of maritime equipment boasting great features! For a slightly larger, 4-step model, you can get yourself the Rage Powersports’ 4-Step Telescoping Boat Ladder instead!

Rage Powersports SP-3S Telescoping Boat Ladder with Platform, Non-Slip Rubber Tread

Having started out back in 1993 as an aluminum loading ramp under the name of Lite Products, the Rage Powersports company has come a long way to occupy the position of a diverse manufacturer of a wide variety of bicycle and marine equipment. In the future, the enthusiastic bunch of folks behind this company's headquarters hope to include even more product categories in their lineup, and to provide their faithful customers with brand new gadgets and contraptions they can rely on. Among these new design solutions, you can find such niceties as pet fences and dog ramps so that not only you, but your pets as well, can enjoy the many commodities of the modern world!

Since this company has grown to be so versatile and expanded so rapidly, we'd like to invite you to visit its official webpage in order to learn more about its undertakings, new products, as well as to keep up to date with its upcoming event itinerary! You can also find your local dealer in one of the sections it’s provided there, and maybe even take a closer look into what you might need to become one yourself!

As for the model we've decide to feature on this list, it's a simple telescoping boat ladder that allows you to release the steps right into the water. The steps that come with this model come with a non-slip rubber thread and the entire thing can be used with one or two side handrails.

The Rage Powersports SP-3S Telescoping Boat Ladder with Platforms- a list of the most prominent features:
  • Telescopic Design
  • Requires some Drilling
  • May be Used with One or Two Side Handrails
  • Non-Slip Rubber Thread
  • Installs Directly on Boat
Boasting a convenient telescopic design that can make your boarding routine a piece of cake, this Rage Powersports boat ladder may be a great idea for a person who likes to deploy their boat accessories quickly and neatly. The additional features such as the non-slip rubber tread are only icing on the cake!
As a product of a customer-friendly maritime company, this SeaSense Telescopic Boat Ladder is a fine piece of sturdy design coming your way at an affordable price. If you'd like a simpler, hook-type ladder, you can get yourself the SeaSense 3-Step Boat Ladder instead!

SeaSense 4-Step Telescoping Boarding Ladder, Stainless Steel, Heavy-Duty

With a simple mission to deliver the boating-related goods to their customers when and where they want them, the SeaSense folks have been making their efforts to introduce reliable and affordable maritime goods to the wider market, so that people from all walks of life, and both casual and professional boaters can find the perfect kind of boat accessory for them! It's fair to say that most of what can be considered the company policy of the SeaSense folks pretty much revolves around their customers and their necessities. From the designing stages of their new products all the way to the shipping, the needs of the customers are always put in the forefront of their works, which is a tradition that’s garnered them quite a bit of support and customer loyalty!

Other than the boat itself, you can find pretty much any type of accessory hardware at SeaSense, and if you'd like to find out more about it, you can check out its website where everything is explained in detail. There are also visual representations of its newest models, so if you'd like to check that out, you can look more closely into it and learn more.

The SeaSense model we're featuring on this list is a simple piece of 'boat laddery' of a compact telescopic design that’s as easy to deploy as it is to pack back up and leave somewhere in a storage room. This particular model features 4 steps for extra stability, so you don't have to worry about running out of steps on your way up!

The list of features for the SeaSense Telescoping Boarding Ladder:
  • Heavy-Duty Construction
  • 4 Steps
  • Folds Directly to Boat Platform
  • Easy Storage
  • Made out of Durable Stainless Steel
Featuring tough, industrial-like construction which somehow also manages to be fairly compact, this telescopic ladder is a tough piece of boating equipment that can supplement your other boating equipment in the great way! The easy storage and the nylon locking strap are also nifty additions to this already attractive offer!
Featuring a tough construction that’s not only durable but also UV-resistant, this JIF Marine pontoon ladder can be a useful addition to your boating arsenal! For an even sturdier ladder, you can get yourself the EQB4 Over Platform model. It’s the best option for more heavier boaters, as it has an impressive weight capacity of 400 pounds!

JIF Marine Pontoon Ladder, Anodized Aluminum Tubing, Molded Plastic Steps, UV-Resistant

Boasting an experience of over 50 years in the business, the JIF Marine company is a plucky brand that seeks to expand its influence further in all directions of the rapidly-expanding boating market. The hard-working boys and girls behind this business hope to achieve this by offering the best price, best value, as well as the best service and selection of their products, so that their customers may do all of their boating-related shopping at their website! So far, they've amassed a number of platforms, boat ladder models and a wide variety of accessories, all of which you can look into more closely if you venture to visit their web page.

Speaking of the company’s web page, it's a simple but neatly-organized place where you can acquaint yourself with its production capacities and types of products it’s currently manufacturing. Also, useful pieces of information such as its e-mail address and enlargeable pictures of the products are also situated on their web page, so you can learn more about it before you decide on closing the deal for one of the products!

The JIF Marine Products Pontoon Ladder is a tough piece of maritime equipment made out of a durable kind of anodized aluminum, which is well-known for its great weight-to-toughness ratio. Even though this model has got quite a heavy-duty build, it can easily be folded and deployed when necessary without a hassle. It's even UV-resistant! What's not to love?

The list of features for the JIF Marine Products Pontoon Ladder:
  • Comes with Anodized Aluminum Tubing
  • Molded Plastic Steps
  • Foldable for Easy Storage
  • UV-Resistant
  • Comes with EFD Mounting Caps
  • 300-pound Capacity
  • Mounting Hardware Included
Boasting a durable aluminum tubing that comes covered in a UV-resistant layer, this JIF Marine Pontoon Ladder will survive sun, high water and the elements, provided you take care of it properly! Its foldable design enables you to save space when you're not using it and to deploy it quickly when you need it!

How Do I Choose the Best Boat Ladder?

Out of all means of transportation, a boat probably needs the most accessories and additional equipment to make it work as well as it can. Whether it's specialized anchors, sun shields or indeed the boat ladders we'll be discussing in more detail in a minute, boat owners always need to pay a bit of extra attention to their secondary equipment, lest they find themselves up an excrement creek without a paddle, so to speak! Now, while piloting your boat without ever anchoring it may seem like an attractive sea dog's prospect, imitating the Flying Dutchman's rugged sea undertakings would surely have its downsides. Some of these would include scurvy, as stopping by to get stocked on limes and plump lemons is just not an option. Similarly, other sailors may get spooked by your appearance, since prolonged periods of roaming the world seas leave a mark on a man's and woman's body, no matter how tough they are, so yes - don't expect any help from a good maritime Samaritan. So, if operating one of these ghost boats isn't really on your bucket list, and you aim to maintain your land-oriented life as well, getting yourself a boat accessory or two may help you out limit and organize your boating undertakings, so that you can enjoy them without worrying about your legendary haunting status!

In this short buying guide, we hope to deliver you a sound piece of reasoning regarding the acquisition of your very own boat ladder, so that you may enter your beloved vessel of preference with an air of elegance, and an image of NOT clambering onto it like a desperate drowning nutria! That being said, there are a couple of factors you may want to take into consideration ere you decide to buy a certain model. First off, the material of choice that the manufacturers go with is going to decide how well that particular ladder will fare against strong waves, foul weather and other maritime factors of peril such as hungry 2-tonne monster sharks, for example.

Another design treat of these useful maritime contraptions would be the way you deploy them. Typically, today you can find boat ladders produced in two major ways, so to speak - they're either inflatable, or non-inflatable. The inflatable ones are usually of a simple build, and they can be quickly deployed and retired if you don't want to leave them hanging while you're on the move. Even though the inflatable models are made of elastic materials that can easily adapt to the shape of your boat, even these have a couple of sturdy bars built into them, so that the top part may be securely fastened to the floorboard of your boat. The metal boat ladders, on the other hand, may or may not feature a foldable design which would allow them to be 1) easily deployed, and 2) to save as much space as possible. Since these metal models are predominantly made to be strong and reliable, they can be a bit heavy and bulky, so many manufacturers try to make them foldable in order for them to be as space-efficient as possible, because boats in general aren't that spacious, and every inch is valuable. In conclusion to this section, we'd like to invite you to check out our reviews for some other boating products we were able to get our hands on, namely: boat fenders, bilge pumps, and boat anchors. If you happen to be in need of any of these, just click on the appropriate link and see for yourself!
Price-wise, boat ladders aren't necessarily the most expensive boating accessories out there, but be that as it may, it's still worth noting that they can determine the price for these contraptions that you should take into consideration before you buy one of them. The material the manufacturers go with, first off, is going to play a major role in how much money they'll be asking for it. Therefore, pricy solutions such as stainless steel or some sort of UV-resistant aluminum are naturally going to cost more than just some simple construction made of metal and perhaps a few plastic step covers. Also, it's space-saving merits are surely going to play a role in how much it costs, so foldable ladders, or those which otherwise can be stored without taking up too much space are probably going to be more expensive than the models which are bulky and are designed in one piece.
Boat ladders are some of the simplest boat accessories in existence, possibly taking the second position behind the anchors, which somehow manage to be even simpler. Still, lest you end up with a shaky bunch of poorly organized tubes, check out the following list to see what are the most important features to look out for when choosing a boat ladder!

The list of properties to take into consideration when buying a brand new boat ladder:
  • Material of Choice
  • Size of the Ladder
  • The Number of Steps
  • Whether It's Foldable, Inflatable, or Telescopic
  • PVC-Reinforced Steps
  • How Easy It is to Mount
  • Weight Limit
  • Inflatable or Sturdy
  • Handrails
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction of boat ladders, they come in three main variations: inflatable, telescopic and foldable. Inflatable ladders can be a great solution for a small to medium size boat, as they’re easy to deploy and can adapt to the shape of your boat's hull. Most of them also have plastic-reinforced steps, so that you can have a secure footing while you're climbing onto your boat. Telescopic ladders can be a great space-saving solution as they can be stuck to your floorboard and then stretched when you need to use them or retracted when you don't. Last but not least, the foldable ladders feature a similar design to the telescopic models, the main difference being that these foldable versions fold rather than 'telescope' back into themselves. All in all, each of these ladder solutions can work just fine, so make sure to pick the version which matches the size and type of your boat in the best way, and you're good to go!
Performance and Ease of Use
Deploying a boat ladder is probably the easiest boating job of them all, as even the most outrageously-untalented rookie can do just fine on their own! If you've got an inflatable model, make sure to inflate it to a certain pressure beforehand and that’ll pretty much be it. For those of you who are proud owners of the telescopic and foldable versions, simply pop them open and elongate them until they assume the shape of a ladder, lock them into position and Bob's your uncle! As far as maintenance is concerned, the same philosophy can be applied for all models - wash them regularly (especially if you visit some areas where the water is polluted), make sure to store them away safely when not in use so that nobody gets hurt, and that would be it! All in all, we hope that this short buying guide helps you decide what your boat ladder of choice will be. Good luck with your purchase!

Get the Best Boat Ladder of 2022!

Even though jump-boarding your boat may seem like a fun idea at first, we're here to tell you that although looking like a salmon mid-flight and successfully staying onboard your vessel afterwards can have its pleasures, you can seriously damage your boat in that way, especially if you're a portly gentleman or a woman! After reading through our review of five of the best boat ladders in today’s busy mariner marketplace, hopefully you now have an idea of how to solve such problems!

Our Top Choice
Norestar Telescoping Dive Ladder
Best Value
Garelick/Eez-In 3-Step Boat Ladder
Rage Powersports SP-3S Telescoping Boat Ladder
SeaSense 4-Step Telescoping Boat Ladder
JIF Marine Anodized Pontoon Ladder