Best Boat Seat Reviews 2023

If you’re taking trips on your boat, you’re obviously going to need somewhere to sit. This seat will be a longtime feature of your boat, so it’s important to find a highly suitable one. There are seats that maximize space, seats that maximize comfort, seats that do both of these, and seats that offer even more. Choosing the right seat for your boat can be an arduous process so we’ve created this guide to make it easier for you. During our research, we found five top brands that make boat seats and we picked one product from each brand for you to look at. Though we picked just one product from each brand, the brands offer other models of boat seats that you’re welcome to explore if those we selected don’t cut it for you.
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Our Top Choice
Tempress All-Weather High-Back Seat
Tempress is dedicated to creating products that improve the outdoor experience for its customers. Its products are diverse to cover the varying needs of outdoor enthusiasts.
Sturdy construction. Quality materials. Easy to install. Comfortable. Good lumbar support. Wide seat. Easy to clean. Easy to replace. Durable. Made in the USA.
It cannot be secured in the folded position.
17 x 18.2 x 18.5 inches
High density foam
Marine grade UV stable vinyl
Best Value
Wise High-Back Fishing Boat Seat
Wise is a manufacturer of seats for a wide range of uses. Its products have consistently displayed the high standards that have made the company the industry leader it is today.
Well-built. Good quality materials. Easy to install. Folding design with snap and strap. Well-padded. Comfortable. Beautiful design. Numerous color options. Versatile. Durable.
The seat may be a bit hard for the first few uses.
21.25 x 17 x 21 inches
High compression foam
Marine grade UV treated vinyl
Moeller Marine Swing Back Seating
Moeller Marine is a company that designs and manufactures revolutionary products. Its consistent delivery of quality products has established it as a leader in this industry.
Sturdy and well-built. Functional design. Quality materials. Easy to install. Versatile. Appealing look. Comfortable. Easy to clean. Cooler is well-insulated.
You may not like the feel of the side metal if you sit sideways.
Cooler/Livewell seat
Swing back
18.5 x 37.5 x 25.5 inches
Deep foam
Marine-grade pleated vinyl
Leader Accessories Captain's Boat Seat
Leader Accessories is dedicated to offering a wide range of products with the necessary level of quality and durability for a variety of outdoor applications.
Well-built and sturdy. Good quality materials. Elegant presentation. Easy to install. Comfortable. Durable.
It isn’t adjustable.
Captain’s seat
With arm rests
19.5 x 24 x 20 inches
Plush foam
Heavy-duty marine grade vinyl
Attwood Blue Water Seat and Pads
For over a century Attwood’s gathered immense experience and know-how that’s enabled it to deliver to its customers products that are top quality, reliable and affordable.
Sturdily built. Quality materials. Durable. Comfortable. Lightweight and compact. Easy to install. Comes with cushion pads.
Snap-on cushions may not be as durable as the seat.
Fishing boat seat
Snap-on cushion
21.5 x 22.2 x 8.8 inches
Vinyl padded snap on cushions
Molded polyethylene

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What is the Best Boat Seat?

There are a number of acceptable boat seats, but deciding which of them is best must be done subjectively. Everyone needs something different. Some people want a very comfortable seat for luxury boat trips, some want a highly durable seat that will endure harsh weather, while others just want an affordable and efficient seat. These and more are all important considerations when deciding the ideal boat seat. You just have to decide which one is best for you.
Our Top Choice
The Tempress High-Back Seat is a heavy-duty and comfortable boat seat. Its custom fitted marine grade vinyl cushion and high-density foam paddings combine to deliver incredible durability and great comfort. Want an even more comfortable seat that’s designed with armrests? Check out the Tempress Elite High Back Helm Seat.

Tempress All-Weather™ High-Back Seat – Available In 6 Colors

From when it started its operations in 1972 till date, Tempress has continued to provide solutions that help its customers have wonderful outdoor experiences. It’s owned and operated by people who love the outdoors which will explain its passion for all the activities we do outside our front door. It’s also committed to continuously developing and distributing high quality and state-of-the-art outdoor products that’ll cater to the outdoor needs of its customers in new and innovative ways.

The Tempress High-Back Seat is built to be tough enough to withstand immense abuse; in fact it’s even said to be bulletproof. Despite its heavy-duty construction, it’s also designed to be easy to install and comfortable to use. Its seat pan is double contoured to reduce points of pressure, thereby increasing comfort. It also provides good lumbar support for extended sitting without discomfort to both upper and lower backs. With this boat seat, you can relax and have an enjoyable time sailing.

This product has some other great features which are listed below:
  • Replaceable marine grade UV Stable vinyl – Handles exposure to sunlight and water without cracking
  • High-density foam – Provides adequate padding for comfort
  • Wraparound design cushions – For a tight fit
  • Hinge pins made of stainless steel – Allows the back fold down or stay up
  • Durable construction – Withstands a ton of abuse
  • 1/4 inch x 20 t-nuts – Makes it easy to mount on all standard seat spider, slide or marine swivel
  • Compatibility with a Quick Disconnect Mounting Kit – For increased functionality
  • Welded seams – Increases its ability to repel water
Stay true to your style with any of the 6 color options: char/gray, blue/gray, break up, gray, red/gray, and white.
Best Value
The Wise High-Back Fishing Boat is designed to provide comfortable and reliable seating all through the day. Its high back construction and dense foam padding provide steady support and comfort, eliminating body aches. Need a low back seat that’s also more affordable? Try the Wise 8WD334 Series Standard Low Back Boat Seat; you’ll love its premium foam padding.

Wise Standard High-Back Fishing Boat Seat – Available in 7 Colors

Wise is a world leading manufacturer and supplier of a large variety of seats and related items. It has a longstanding reputation of high standards that has earned it the loyalty of its customers. Its products are reliable and consistently deliver high quality and superior performance. This is a company whose products you can trust to perform without fail.

The Wise High-Back Fishing Boat is a comfortable and sturdy boat seat designed for those who require consistent comfort for a day of active boating. It’s fully padded with high-grade, high compression foam. The quality of this foam ensures that the padding doesn’t begin to thin out but stays fully supportive for many years. It also has an injection molded seat frame that provides a solid base upon which the seat is built.

This product’s features also include:
  • A high back construction – Supports your whole back, keeping you erect and comfortable
  • A mildew and UV-resistant vinyl – Withstands rain and sun damage for a long time
  • Plastic sealing – Helps make the chair waterproof
  • Compatibility with seat swivels and pedestal systems – Can be installed on a variety of mount types
  • Four mounting screws – For easy attachment
  • Aluminum hinges designed as no-pinch – Prevents injuries during use
  • Warranty – 3 years on upholstery and 6 years on frame
This seat has enough color options to fit a wide range of designs and layouts. Choose any of the following options – green, gray, gray/blue, gray/charcoal, gray/red, sand/brown and white.
The Moeller Marine Swing Back Seating is a seat, cooler combo. Built with top quality materials which include marine grade vinyl and a corrosion resistant frame, it offers an efficient way of maximizing space on a boat. If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, then try the Moeller Heavy Duty Standard Boat Helm Seat.

Moeller Marine Deluxe Permanent Mount Cooler/Livewell Swing Back Seating – White

The people behind Moeller Marine Products are highly respected experts in the marine industry. With a number of innovative and ground breaking products that have improved the operations of sea farers, the brand has indeed established itself as a forward thinking brand on a mission. Its revolutionary designs are of the highest quality.

The Moeller Marine Swing Back Seating is a multifunctional deluxe seat that’s extra roomy for extra comfort. It has attached to it an easily accessed cooler which can be used for a variety of purposes from storing drinks and food to storing your catch. The seat is insulated from the cooler with a double wall partition that ensures you’re isolated from the temperature in the cooler.

This product’s features include:
  • Deep foam cushions in the seat and backrest – For a more comfortable sitting
  • Hardware made from stainless steel – For durability
  • Seat frames that are corrosion resistant – They stay clean and strong for a very long time
  • Mounting plates that are molded – Makes them easier to install
  • Vinyl covering (Marine-grade) – Better withstands exposure to the elements
  • Threads that are mildew resistant – Healthier and also easier to clean
The Leader Accessories Captain's Boat Seat features a molded plastic frame and double armrests that allow you to sail in style and comfort. Its white color with grey piping trim supplies it with a naval elegance – an ideal captain’s seat. Looking for a more affordable boat seat with a folding design? Check out the Leader Accessories New High Back Folding Boat Seat.

Leader Accessories Captain's Seat Boat Seat with Arm Rest – White

Leader Accessories is a company that aims to provide its customers with products that give them the best of the outdoor experience. It has products for a variety of outdoor activities which include camping, fishing, water sports, hiking and more. Every one of its product is built to the highest of quality and durability to stand the rigors of outdoor use. Its goal is to always achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

The Leader Accessories Captain's Boat Seat is a high quality seat with an elegance and comfort that makes it a captain’s seat indeed. It features a molded plastic frame that’s sturdy enough to provide maximum support, offering a solid foundation upon which the chair is built. On this solid foundation is attached a full padding of plush foam which ensures comfortable sitting for hours of sailing.

This product has other great features, some of which are listed below:
  • Marine-grade vinyl – Heavy duty to withstand continuous exposure to sailing conditions
  • Classy white color, with grey piping trim – An elegant presentation worthy of a captain
  • Double armrests – For added comfort
  • Compatible bolt mounting bolt pattern – 5 inch by 12 inch, or 5 inch by 5 inch
  • Four screws and washer included for easy installation
  • A five year warranty on the frame and 3 year warranty on the upholstery
The Attwood Seat and Pads is made with molded polyethylene to resist the effects of saltwater. For complete comfort, it comes with vinyl padded cushions that can be attached and detached easily thanks to its snap on feature. Would you prefer a fully upholstered boat seat? Then try the Attwood Avenir Sport SAS Fully Upholstered Boat Seat.

Attwood Corporation Blue Water Seat and Pads – White

Attwood ensures it offers its customers the best through a combination of affordable pricing and reliable products that are safe to use. In its continued pursuit of its desire to consistently deliver products that meet the exact needs of its customers, it engages with the customers, getting vital information which it then makes available to its dedicated team of researchers and engineers who work round the clock to create solutions that are both innovative and efficient.

The Attwood Corporation Seat and Pads is a comfortable and highly durable seat for offshore or sea expeditions. It’s made with a salt-resistant molded polyethylene. This enables it to easily withstand the usual harmful effects associated with sea water thereby helping it last for much longer. It’s also structurally designed to be very strong. This provides adequate support to bigger sized users and also adds to its durability.

You can find some of this product’s other features below:
  • A lightweight and compact design – Makes it space efficient
  • A thick vinyl padded cushions – For continuous comfortable sitting
  • Cushions designed to snap on – For easy attachment and detachment
  • Mounting hardware molded in brass – Ensures strength and durability
  • Compatible with pedestal bases with standard dimensions

How Do I Choose the Best Boat Seat?

Owning a boat can be a wonderful experience. Here you have this marvelous machine that allows you travel on water. This can be great if you have a family or you take trips regularly. You can simply provision your boat or just fill a cooler with food and drinks, pack some clothes, life vests, and any other thing you might need, and take to the waters. You can decide to go by yourself or with your friends and loved ones, enjoying the beauty of the open sea. It could also just be a fishing trip where you plan to teach your young son the fine art of fishing so you pack your fishing rods and get the things underway.

Spending this much time on a boat, there’s going to be an awful lot of sitting. Wherever and whenever extended sitting is involved, you have a potential fun spoiler. If you’ve never had to sit on a hard, lumpy, peeling, slanting or otherwise horrendous chair for a long trip, then you may not understand this. It can be one of the most uncomfortable experiences which often leave the traveler (now turned victim) with pains and aches. It’s obvious, then, that you simply cannot afford to go on extended boat trips without the right boat seat.

The best boat seats are made to withstand the harsh conditions of the open seas, but they’re not only built to be tough and durable; they’re also designed to improve other aspects of your boating experience. There are boat seats designed to give you more seating space, give you more back support, provide exceptional comfort and much more. Even if you only use your boats for infrequent journeys, these seats will make them so pleasant you’ll find yourself on your boat so much more frequently.

While boats will usually come with their own seats, these may not always be up to the task for your various needs. We’ve written this guide in order to help you find boat seats that’ll serve you best with whatever you need. With these seats you can make the best of all your boating trips.
In considering the purchase of a boat seat, we understand the importance of price. After conducting some rigorous research, we found that the prices of boat seats are most affected by factors such as their design, their size and the materials used in their production.

We also discovered that a good boat seat can be purchased for between $50 and $450. You should already be able to tell that all these boat seats won’t have the same features. The more features you want, the more you should be ready to spend. You’ll even find boat seats that are way more expensive than what we listed above. It all depends on the features each offers.

While making your choice, ensure you go for a boat seat that’ll offer you good value for whatever you pay for it. Avoid cheap boat seats as they’re usually of such poor quality that you end up getting absolutely no value from them.
Choosing the right boat seat requires a thorough look at the features of each seat as well as your own needs for it. These are important factors to consider as this is the only way you truly identify which boat seat or which features are important to you. Some important features to consider include:
  • Type
  • Design
  • Size
  • Padding
  • Material
  • Capacity
  • Resistance/durability
  • Compatibility
  • Extra Storage
  • Foldability
Construction and Design
Choosing a boat seat, you’ll discover that there are many types available, and it’s up to you to find the one that most suits you, your needs, and your boat. There are bench type boat seats: these are long, can take more than one person, and usually have no armrests. Captain’s chairs are usually more luxurious, can only contain one person at a time, have back rests and arm rests, and are built for comfort. Swivel seats are designed turn a full 360 degrees. There are also other types like leaning posts, fishing seats, flip-flop seats, bucket seats etc., each with its own unique features that you must consider before making a choice.

A boat seat’s size and weight have to be considered. A boat seat’s width determines how much space it’ll take up within your boat and what size of passenger it can support. While its weight must be low enough so it doesn’t affect the balance or overload the boat, it must also not take up excess space and should provide you with adequate seating room.

A boat seat’s padding is one of the main features to ensure comfort while sitting on it. A boat seat will usually have padding in its cushions, backrests, and armrests. Factors such as the density of the padding, the softness of the padding, its durability and its location, should be considered.

The materials used in making a boat seat require the most thorough consideration. The materials used in making a boat seat’s frame will determine how well the seat supports the owner’s weight. The seat covering is also important. It’s important to get a seat that’s water-resistant as it’ll inevitably come in contact with water. If the boat is to be used over saltwater the seat should also have salt-resistant materials.
Performance and Ease of Use
While boating, the boat seats will constantly come into contact with elements such as water, saltwater, atmospheric moisture, winds, and direct sunlight. These can cause serious damage to the seats. However, some seats are designed with features that counter these. UV-resistant vinyl coverings mitigate the effect of the sun on the seats, plastic seams encourage water runoff, exposed metal parts of the seat are painted to avoid corrosion, and some seats are saltwater-resistant to avoid the damaging effect of salt.

It’s also important to note the mounting compatibility of a boat seat before purchasing it. You don’t want to purchase one that isn’t compatible with your boat’s mounting platform or one that’ll require a lot of work and modification to mount. How easy it is to mount is an important consideration, especially to those who aren’t particularly good at DIY.

There’s a limited amount of weight that any particular boat seat can handle. While this will differ from one boat seat to another, it’s always present. Boat seats have sturdy frames and mounting platforms that optimize their capacity to suitably accommodate most adults. However, it’s important to ensure that a boat seat can easily support a person of your size before purchase.

A boat seat takes up a certain amount of space in a boat. In order to maximize space, some boat seats have additional features that enable it act as a storage space. This can be a full storage compartment, a cooler or pockets within the seat. The cooler partition is extra convenient as it makes the seat able to keep items such as bait, food or catch iced.

Some boat seats can be folded down whenever they’re not in use. This is a convenient feature for small boats as it frees up some space. Apart from this, the ability to fold when not in use is great for storage and keeping the seat safe.

Get the Best Boat Seat of 2023!

Having come this far, we do hope we’ve been able to provide you with information that’s made it easier for you to identify the best boat seat that’s just right for your needs. Now that you (hopefully) have done that, it’s time to place your order without delay.

Our Top Choice
Tempress All-Weather High-Back Seat
Best Value
Wise High-Back Fishing Boat Seat
Moeller Marine Swing Back Seating
Leader Accessories Captain's Boat Seat
Attwood Blue Water Seat and Pads