Best Boat Storage Reviews 2023

What comes to mind when you think about boating? Well, there’s your tools of trade, of course, as well as all the other necessities you may be using on a regular basis. But wait, where would you store them? We all know how turbulent the waters can be, so leaving your stuff all over the boat floor isn’t really an option. This is where you need to have a dependable boat storage option. We at Top Products have done the ‘donkey work’ by combing around to bring your 5 boat storage options from some of the best boat storage brands in order to provide you with some great choices. Knowing that your valuables are now fully secured will give you the peace of mind to fully enjoy your next boat ride.
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Our Top Choice
Plano Dry Storage Marine Emergency Box
Plano has grown to become one of the go-to companies when it comes to outdoor storage solutions and has a history of over 60 years to back it up.
Solid brass-bailed latch that helps secure your storage even more; top access storing compartment; oversized carrying handle; water-resistant O-ring seal.
O-ring should be thicker for better water resistance
Tool holder
O-ring seal
11.5 x 7.4 x 5.5 inches; 1.2 pounds
Best Value
Boatmates All Resin Cockpit Organizer
Over the years, Boatmates has become a worthy companion for boat enthusiasts, and for good reason — it never disappoints
Tough resin construction; suction mounts for instant organization; can be mounted permanently using screws; place inside dock box to keep everything handy.
Challenging to keep in place during turbulence.
Tool holder
12 x 6 x 4 inches
Plastic composite/resin
Rubbermaid Medium Deck Box
Rubbermaid has been making life simple for the last 80 years through its innovative and dependable products that cut across all utilities.
Comfortable seating surface for two adults; weatherproof plastic is resistant to rusting and rotting; easy assembly; strong double-wall structure.
Box tends to come apart; needs to be re-assembled.
Storage seat
Double-wall construction
44.3 x 28.1 x 11.9"; 31.2 pounds
Green and White
Pactrade Marine Glove Box Storage Compartment
Headquartered in Edmond, Oklahoma, Pactrade Marine is a renowned importer and manufacturer that constantly invests in innovative designs to offer its clients the best value.
Made of ABS plastic for toughness; can be mounted easily on any available dashboard space; easy to open and easy to install; comes with built-in cup holders.
The plastic is thin.
Glove box
Non-magnetic lock and latch
14 x 8 x 5.9 inches
MTM Large Survivor Dry Box
Being a member of the shooting and hunting sport heritage, MTM uses an innovative approach to make top quality products that offer dependable solutions
Tough construction, signaling mirror and built-in compass; can withstand extreme conditions; triple latch with O-ring seal; locked with a padlock.
Water-resistant, but not waterproof
Tool holder
Rugged, built-in compass
9.75 x 7.75 x 2.8 inches

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What is the Best Boat Storage?

A good boat storage container should be notable in its ability to not only keep your valuables secure, but also to stay dry. Clearly, its construction must be solid enough to assure of durability in order to withstand the harsh weather conditions at sea. To help you get started, we’re going to look at 5 excellent boat storage options you can go for and be glad you did.
Our Top Choice
The Plano Dry Storage Marine Emergency Box oozes comfort in its oversized handle coupled with its water-resistant O-ring seal. Prefer a storage box with a lift-out tray instead? Then go for the Plano Deep Water Resistant Field Box that’s great for use at the range or in the field.

Plano Brass-Bailed Latch, Orange Dry Storage Emergency Marine Box

Plano has been supplying outdoor devotees with storage solutions since 1952 to help them maximize their outdoor time. The first of its storage products was a molded plastic tackle box, but it has found its way into the hands and hearts of four generations in the subsequent 60 years. Today, there’s a high possibility that anyone calling herself an outdoor enthusiast owns a Plano tackle. Its products are high quality, customer-focused, durable, and innovative.

The Plano Dry Storage Marine Emergency Box has a water-resistant O-ring seal to prevent water from getting inside if submerged. Thus, anything kept in it will remain safe and dry. It also has a comfortable oversized handle for convenience when lifting or carrying. Apart from its high quality components, this box has top-access storage and can stay in good condition for a long time.
Best Value
The Boatmates All Resin Cockpit Organizer features suction mounts for instant organization and can be mounted permanently using screws. If you’re looking for an organizer for your fishing boat, you may see the need to go for the BoatMates Stainless 3 Rod Organizer, which not only keeps your fishing rods in place, but also any hooks, pliers, or any other tools you may need out on the water.

Boatmates All Resin Instant Cockpit Organizer — Available in White or Graphite

Boatmates manufactures patented suction cups using virgin polymers for holding power, pliability, and UV-resistance. Its products can last more than three years in extremely hot climates and even longer in cooler climates. Moreover, all its products can be mounted on wood, aluminum, or Ferro cement using screws or acrylic marine tape. Most clients love Boatmates' products because they’re reliable, durable, and of the highest quality.

The Boatmates All Resin Cockpit Organizer is a perfect companion for storing items that you may need from time to time, which may include binoculars, fillet knives, baits, and pliers that might otherwise fall to the floor of the boat. It has a super suction cup mount that enables you to mount it permanently using screws. Thus, you can mount it on any smooth surface in the cabin or cockpit to keep your boat organized. The fact that it’s big enough to hold all your personal items and fishing gear is a definite plus for your storage needs. You’ll also love the tough resin construction that keeps moisture off its surface and ensure its longevity.

White looks too bright for you? No problem, you can also opt for the graphite version.
The Rubbermaid Medium Deck Box with Seat features a double-wall structure and is made of weatherproof plastic that, unlike other materials, is especially resistant to rotting. If you’d like a cooler for your trips out on the boat, Rubbermaid has you covered with its Coastal Xtreme Series Marine Cooler, which has enough space for more than 200 cans!

Rubbermaid Dent-Resistant Medium Deck Box with Seat — Available in Regular, Large and Extra Large Sizes

Rubbermaid started its operations in 1920 with the introduction of the first rubber dustpan where it initiated the rubber house-ware business. In 1955, it produced a dishpan, its first plastic product. Since then, it has gained prominence nationally for quality and value. As an innovation-oriented company, its competitive products have demonstrated consistency in compliance to its heritage of value and excellent customer service.

The Rubbermaid Medium Deck Box offers outdoor seating and storage in one combination that can last a real long time. It provides a comfortable seat for two adults, which means you’re not even losing any boat space room with this multi-tasking storage box. You’ll also love the fact that it’s suitable for storing small lawn supplies, patio accessories, and grilling supplies. Unlike wood and metal furniture, this boat storage cannot be affected by humidity. What’s more, its components require no tricks at all to assemble.

The following are its other key features:
  • Its tough double-wall design repels moisture, dents, and leaks.
  • Lockable easy-access lid with the latest hinge design ensures that the stored items are within reach when you need them.
  • It's made of a weather-resistant plastic that cannot crack in cold temperatures, meaning that the stored items are safe from sun-damage and inclement weather.
If the regular size doesn’t suit your storage needs, you can still go for the large or even extra-large sizes
The Pactrade Marine Plastic Glove Box Storage Compartment features a non-magnetic lock and latch to improve its safety and security. Looking for even more versatility? Then go for the Pactrade Marine ABS Locking Plastic Glove Box, which is great not only for your boat, but for your RV or truck as well!

Pactrade Marine Boat ABS Locking Plastic Glove Box Storage Compartment

Established in 2010, Pactrade Marine focuses on marine accessories, and is constantly designing innovative and new LED lighting fixtures, switch panels, and solar ventilator units. It's a customer-centered brand that provides high quality products and supports its customers with warranty coverage, sales, and inventory. With a well-equipped department that's dedicated to meeting customer needs, Pactrade Marine offers superior and excellent services.

The Pactrade Marine Plastic Glove Box Storage Compartment comes with a non-magnetic latch and lock to ensure that it doesn’t sink while still firmly fastened. Made of ABS plastic, you can easily mount this box into any available dashboard space. It's therefore a suitable accessory that enables you to maximize your space or to replace glove boxes that are damaged or wearing out.
The MTM Large Survivor Dry Box features a tough and durable construction, a signaling mirror and a built-in compass, which are all designed to withstand extreme conditions. If you’re looking for a more heavy duty container, you can opt for the MTM Ammo Crate Utility Box, which is secured with double padlocks and can handle up to 85 pounds of equipment.

MTM Large Survivor Dry Box with O-Ring Seal — Available in Orange and Forest Green

With more than 49 years of experience, MTN manufactures products that simplify the work of mariners and hunters. It strives to be an innovative leader in its approach by meeting the needs of sport lovers. Defined by quality and durability, its products are thoroughly tested by its team of experts before entering the market.

The MTM Large Survivor Dry Box is designed for extreme conditions with an O-Ring seal that protects your storage from water. Being shoulder– and lanyard-strap-compatible, its smart design makes it simple to lug around. It also has a built-in compass to help you determine the direction. Moreover, this storage box is floatable, which naturally makes it easy to retrieve in case it falls into the water.

It also has the following additional features:
  • A signaling mirror for better visibility>
  • A triple latch for maximum seal.
  • A firm padlock to assure of security
  • Tall enough to keep all your important and extra long items.
If orange isn’t your color of choice, you may like the forest green option better.

How Do I Choose the Best Boat Storage?

Going on a boat ride can be one of the most satisfying experienced you can have. The picture of being in the middle of the sea and feeling like an island adrift is awesome alright, but what’s a good boat without proper storage? The waters can sometimes be turbulent and the last thing you want to experience is helplessly seeing your favorite hat or your new pair of pliers flying off into the deep waters. Storage issues are especially a challenge for narrow boats and can become a difference between a satisfying or completely messy trip. Whether you’re out on a holiday in your boat, gone fishing or simply decided to take the plunge and made the boat your temporary abode, you need to have the most appropriate storage facilities in place as you untangle your boat from its boat anchor to start your journey.

The type of boat storage you go for will depend on the boat’s build, size and available space as well as the type of tools or gadgets you expect to take along. While some boat storage choices can be done with drawers, others would simply use tool boxes. On the other hand, you may also see the need to have multiple types of boat storage based on the diversity of the tools and gadgets to be kept in them. Ideal boat storage would have compartments designed for valuables that may range from fishing tools to mechanical tools and still have some space left for your travel mug. For instance, you may have some specialty item that can get damaged if it comes in contact with water. This means that you’d be wise to invest in waterproof boat storage with air tight O-rings and reinforced seams, since it can prevent anything from happening to your valuables.

When all is said and done, organization is key when it comes to boat storage. You want to store your stuff based on their frequency of use. For more frequently used tools, the best way to store them is in drawers or hooks that can be easily located. With space being an issue in a boat, the best trick is to go for a boat storage option that utilizes the dead space around. For instance, instead of simply buying the conventional seats, you can go for a boat storage tool box that also doubles up as a seat. You’ll be surprised at all the ways you can utilize the space in your boat. Your valuables will remain intact even if you’re on an inflatable boat that’s known for limited storage space.
When it comes to securing your valuables, what value do you attach to their storage facility? Well, getting dependable boat storage equipment comes at a cost and it’d be reasonable to consider the price involved. Naturally, the price of boat storage will be determined by several factors such as size, design, material and functionality. Since plastic boat storage is preferred by boat enthusiasts, it costs more than other materials such as wood and even metal which are known to fade out over time due to the effects of water. Versatility also counts towards the final price of boat storage — a container that has several compartments will cost more than something with a common space or box for all tools.

Therefore, based on these factors, you can expect the price of good boat storage to cost between $10 for the basic versions to $100 for high end versions with solid, double-walled construction more heavy duty material. However, beware of cheap boat storage options that promise heaven but deliver hell. Most of these are low quality versions that’d disintegrate within no time leaving you counting your losses.
Getting the ideal boat storage container lies in its features. You want a storage option that won’t disappoint you throughout your journey in the deep waters. For this, you may want to consider the basics in boat storage. Most notably, the material used for boat storage shouldn’t only be durable but also water-resistant. This explains why most boat storage options are made of plastic. Plastic is not only strong and durable, it also doesn’t succumb to the effects of moisture like its wood and metal counterparts.

The following are other features to look out for:
  • Type: Boat storage options come in different styles and designs based on their functionality. Common styles include tool holders, drawer units and storage seats
  • Size: A good boat storage container should be spacious enough to fit all your tools but not too big to take up too much space in the boat
  • Material: Considering the moist conditions in the sea, good boat storage equipment should be made of water-resistant material like plastic and rubber
  • Lock system: Have a good security measure for the locks as this will prevent it from snapping off in case of turbulence, not to mention its utility in securing your valuables against possible thieves (or pirates)
Construction and Design
Boat storage facilities help secure valuable items that are used while in the waters and so are made with sturdy designs that make it hard to break in. Most of them are made with various compartments that help sort out the stuff being stored accordingly. Similarly, most boat storage options are made for multiple purposes. Apart from being used for storage, some may also act as seats, stands, and even working surfaces. Their designs are often made to mirror the particular boat model in order to avoid taking up any more space than what’s necessary.

By using materials such as ABS plastic or fiberglass resin, boat storage containers are protected against the harmful effects that long-term exposure to water can bring, which are especially marked in older wooden and metal containers. They don’t sacrifice any strength in build, either, as they can still withstand the toughest elements that your everyday boating venture will present you with. These materials are often lighter, too, which means that you can more easily move your storage container around, or even bring it on and off the boat whenever you please.
Performance and Ease of Use
Most boat storage options are versatile enough to be used both on and off the boat. In fact, most of these containers feature handles that make them much easier to carry around. The best thing about boat storage equipment is that it doesn’t need any complicated assembly as most come ready to use, and all you have to do is fix it on an appropriate section and keep your valuables secured. Its several compartments ensure that you don’t mix up tools and gadgets. With a dependable locking system in place, you can rest assured that your valuables are safe. Just try and keep it clean and tidy, which will not only lengthen its lifespan, it’ll also make your boat rides more convenient as you won’t have to rifle through dozens of odds and ends as you search for the right tool for the job.

Get the Best Boat Storage of 2023!

There you have it! We hope that we opened up your world in regard to getting the best boat storage container. Feel free to pick up any that tickles your fancy. In case you don’t find one that fits you from this list, worry not as you can still check out other options from these reputable brands.

Our Top Choice
Plano Dry Storage Marine Emergency Box
Best Value
Boatmates All Resin Cockpit Organizer
Rubbermaid Medium Deck Box
Pactrade Marine Glove Box Storage Compartment
MTM Large Survivor Dry Box