Best Boat Trailer Reviews 2023

Shopping for a great boat trailer that’ll suit your needs is a task that requires careful consideration, especially as there are so many types and brands of boat trailers out there. To make things easier for our readers, we researched some of the best boat trailer brands on the market, highlighting one product per brand to get you started. Remember, though, that our featured brands have other boat trailer models that you might wish to see if those reviewed are not exactly what you need.
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Our Top Choice
Malone XtraLight Single Kayak Package
Malone has over 18 years of hands-on experience under its belt and has redefined the way people move gear outdoors with its quality and innovative products.
Leaf spring suspension that is non damaging. Versatile SaddleUp carrier. Galvanized and durable steel frame. DOT approved lightings. Made in the USA.
This boat trailer can take only one small-sized boat at a time.
58 x 134 inches
Marine grade galvanized steel
275 lbs
Best Value
Ironton Heavy-Duty Trailer Kit
Ironton is one of the remarkable brands from the Northern Tool + Equipment Company that has provided customers with quality tools for over 35 years.
Customizable deck kit. 12-inch wide tires with protective fenders. Low-maintenance, single axle model. Heavy-duty. Takes up to 1715-pound weight. Safety chains.
Speed limitation of 55-60km/h.
136 x 76 inches
1715 pounds
No suspension
SylvanSport Go-Easy Ultimate Boating Trailer
SylvanSport has taken the outdoor and gears industry by storm with its innovative and ergonomic products that are highly functional and above all, fun to use.
Weatherproof storage pod for additional space. Easy-access. Removable tailgates. Aluminum and diamond-plated cargo deck. Ergonomic and adjustable design.
The price is rather on the high side.
120 x 62 inches
800 pounds
Torsion bar
Haul Master 600 lb. Capacity Jon Boat Trailer
With over 35 years in the industry, Haul Master has been providing quality tools and equipment to customers at pocket friendly prices.
8-inch wide balanced wheel and tire system. Easy to manage and low maintenance. Quality paint work ensures metal is protected from salt-induced rust.
May have to tinker to get the holes perfectly aligned when assembling.
154 x 52.5 inches
Powder coated steel
600 pounds
Torsion bar
TMS 2 X Jon Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier
TMS has over 25 years of experience providing quality products and an efficient customer after-sales service which shows how trusted its products are.
Made from sturdy and durable aluminum metal. Large, pneumatic tires suitable for all terrains. Protective pads on the arms. Folds conveniently for safe storage.
Apart from the strapping cord which you may have to replace, the dolly performs real well.
Dolly trolley
13 x 22 inches
Metal frame/aluminum pipe
150 pounds
No suspension

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What is the Best Boat Trailer?

Boat trailers come in different types with several important features to look out for, and having gone through our buying guide, we’re quite confident that you’re ably armed with necessary information to help you make the right decision. Let’s now proceed to our individual product review section so you can see the products we have lined up for you.
Our Top Choice
The Malone XtraLight Single Kayak Package has a patented and versatile SaddleUp carrier designed to accommodate different shapes of hulls, making it versatile enough for use for with different-shaped boats and kayaks. If you want a boat trailer with maintenance-free hubs and wheels, you can check out the Malone MicroSport Kayak Trailer.

Malone XtraLight Trailer Package With One Saddle Up Kayak Rack

Malone is a leading name in the sports trailer and accessories industry and with over 18 years of hands-on experience under its belt, leads the pack and sets the pace when it comes to the way customers move gear outdoors. Its products are geared towards providing the best and affordable means of transporting gear, having safety as its watchword. It prides itself on being able to provide quality service to customers across the continents, covering the United States, South America, Canada, Southeast Asia, Japan, and other countries. It’s been associated with products that have revolutionized outdoor enjoyment and have helped improve, to a large extent, how outdoor gear is transported.

The Malone XtraLight Single Kayak Package is a scaled-down and moderately priced boat trailer designed for the serious boater. It’s feature-laden and comes with a special, patented, 4-piece SaddleUp carrier that fits different shapes of hull, thus making it extremely versatile when it comes to accommodating different-shaped boats and kayaks.

Some of its other outstanding features include:
  • Galvanized steel frame that’s marine grade and thus highly resistant to salt-induced rust and damage
  • Light fixtures approved by the DOT. The lighting uses LED fixtures and does not task the electrical system of the boat trailer in addition to being bright and long lasting
  • 5-lug high-speed 8-inch-wide wheels that have superior hold on the tires and improve their traction and performance
  • Load bars that are thick, 58 inches, and quite capable of holding up under the pressure of a loaded boat or kayak
  • 2-piece extended tongue that helps smooth loading and offloading of the boat
  • Four flat wire harnesses that hold and cinch the boat firmly in place on the boat trailer without damaging the body of the boat or kayak
  • A leaf spring suspension system that cradles the hull of your boat just as lovingly as you would if you could, and does not leave dents and scratches
  • Made in the USA with trusted materials and by dedicated engineers to ensure top quality and durability
  • A five-year product warranty that gives you peace of mind and shows the company’s trust in its product
Best Value
The Ironton Heavy-Duty Trailer Kit features a customizable deck that’s easy to assemble and outfit to your own taste, saving you time and stress while allowing you to stamp your personality on it. Its heavy metal base can take weights of up to 1715 pounds. For a simpler boat trailer that folds up for easy storage, you can go for the Ironton Folding Trailer Kit - 4ft. x 8ft.

Ironton 5ft. x 8ft. Heavy-Duty Utility Trailer Kit with 1715-Lb. Load Capacity

Northern Tool + Equipment is a thriving family-owned outfit that’s been in the business of providing quality tools and equipment to its customers for more than 35 years. With a reputation to protect, there’s every reason to trust any product that bears the brand name. Ironton is one of its remarkable brands and has produced a line of functional tools and equipment that have helped numerous people and companies accomplish challenging tasks with little or no stress. Its proven track record has kept it in the forefront of the industry and its customer care ensures you get the best service even after purchasing your items.

The Ironton Heavy-Duty Trailer Kit comes with a customizable deck space that allows you to outfit your trailer the way you want so you can move your boat and other heavy-duty loads safely and comfortably. Its heavy weight gives the indication that it’s up for some serious business and ready to get to work when you are. Here are more of its features that make it exceptional:
  • A couple of 12-inch wide tires that role smoothly and come with protective fenders that ensure dirt and debris doesn’t get kicked up from the rolling tires to damage your cargo
  • Sturdy safety chains and a 2-inch coupler assembly that ensures the trailer stays hooked to your vehicle safely and securely
  • Made of a single axle system that is easy to maneuver and requires less maintenance
  • Wiring and lighting that’s designed to give you maximum illumination when needed like in rainy times and even at night
  • Load capacity of 1715 pounds which makes it suitable to haul quite a large range of heavy items
  • Deck that’s a good 20.24 inches above the ground which keeps your cargo safe on any terrain
  • A one-year limited product warranty that shows you’re buying from a company that believes in its products
The SylvanSport Go-Easy Ultimate Boating Trailer features a weatherproof storage pod with 6.2 cubic feet of added storage for accessories and supplies and an easy-access tailgate. If you’d prefer a boat trailer with a green/black steel frame and slightly cheaper price, check out the SylvanSport Go-Easy Essential Boating Trailer Package, 75 L, SylvanGreen.

SylvanSport Go-Easy Ultimate Boating Trailer Package With Weatherproof Storage Pod

Established in 2004, SylvanSport has taken the outdoor and gear industry by storm with its innovative, high quality products that are highly functional and above all, fun to use. It seeks to make bold statements with its modern and unique products that make it fun to play outdoors while having the highest possible safety mechanisms available. It’s Go and Go Easy brands succinctly capture its goals of taking you and your gear wherever you want to go outdoors, be it the ocean front, mountain or even your backyard. You can rely on its innovative technology-oriented and well-engineered products to take your outdoor gear wherever you wish to go.

The SylvanSport Go-Easy Ultimate Boating Trailer has a unique and ergonomic design that’s engineered to load up all types and sizes of boats, both big and small, long or short, including several kayaks, bikes and any other thing you wish to transport. Its ergonomic design gives it a high-end look that sets it apart from other boat trailers and thus justifies the high price tag attached to it.

Additional and notable features include:
  • A weatherproof storage pod with an additional 6.2 cubic feet storage for accessories you wouldn’t want exposed to the open air while keeping your car interior free for family and friends
  • Powder coated and painted rigid steel frame that is sturdy, reliable, long lasting and aesthetically appealing, all at once
  • Incorporated and streamlined tie down points that are designed to hold your cargo firmly in place without removing from the beauty of the trailer
  • Aluminum and diamond-plated cargo deck with a 512-pound load capacity which assures your cargo is safe and sound
  • Integrated protective side slots for top and side panels that act as protective shields for the load on the deck
  • LED lighting system that’s marine grade with a high durability index
  • Comes with an adjustable 75 inch wide draw bar to accommodate longer boats so you don’t have any fears about the length of your boat
  • Torsion axle system that makes for smooth riding, with a weight capacity of up to 800 pounds
  • A removable cargo deck tailgate that makes for easy access to the interior storage space and the cargo within
  • Standard, no frills flat 4-wire electrical wiring system that ensures all the electrical fittings are working perfectly and also dual safety cables for additional safety
  • Easily stores on its end to save space and for convenience
The Haul Master 600-pound Capacity Jon Boat Trailer is designed around a low-maintenance, easy to manage single axle model and a protective painted sturdy steel frame that’s durable. If you’re looking for a rolling dolly with carpeted surface you can take a look at the Mover's Dolly 1000 lbs. weight capacity, 18" L x 12-1/4" W.

Haul Master 600 lb. Capacity Jon Boat Trailer - Hauls 12-14 Ft. Boats

Haul Master was established in 1977 with the sole aim of providing quality tools and equipment to users at amazingly pocket friendly prices and 35 years later, it’s still doing that. A well-known and trusted brand in the automotive and equipment industry, it has continued to serve millions of users around the globe faithfully, providing them with diverse tools and equipment, ranging from simple hand tools to complicated power tools and machineries for achieving all and any types of goals. Whether you’re an individual or a manufacturing conglomerate, there’s always something for you from its stables and you can rest assured of quality, durability and most of all, affordability.

The Haul Master 600 lb. Capacity Jon Boat Trailer is specifically built to carry boats of between 12 and 14 feet long on a sturdy, painted steel frame that lasts as long as the lifespan of your boat. Its paint does not fade, neither does it chip easily to expose the metal to the elements.

Other great features of this boat trailer include:
  • A smooth-rolling wheel and tire system that’s 8 inches in diameter which is capable of carrying the weight of the boat
  • A single axle model which makes it easy to manage and low maintenance so you have fewer tires and wheels to worry about
  • Painted steel frame that’s thick and evenly distributes the cargo weight between the two wheels. The quality paint work ensures the steel metal is protected from salt-induced rust
  • Comes with large rear directional lights that are extremely visible, long lasting and easily installed unto your vehicle’s rear lights
  • Weighs about 600 pounds, a “lightweight” model that is quite easy to manually manipulate and store
  • A 30-day limited guarantee against manufacturer’s defects of any kind gives you assurance you’re purchasing a product whose makers are proud of it
The TMS 2 X Jon Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier holds your canoe or kayak securely by the hulls utilizing nylon straps and makes for easy hauling to the water front. Do you want an SUV roof carrier for kayaks with a free cell phone bag? Take a look at the TMS 2 x Roof J Rack Kayak Boat Canoe Car SUV Top Mount Carrier w/Free Cell Phone Bag.

TMS 2 X Jon Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Dolly Trailer Tote Trolley Transport Cart Wheel

TMS stocks over 4000 lines of hands-on tools and equipment products at its one-stop shop. With over 25 years’ experience, its little wonder it has a large customer base that’s satisfied with its quality products and top of the line customer after-sales services. Its lines also cater to the do-it-yourself boat owner and the commercial fisherman with purpose-driven products like compressors, welders, hoses and fittings and generators. TMS even offers services like mechanical repairs, life jackets and raft and trailer servicing among others. Additionally, its products come at unbeatable prices.

The TMS 2 X Jon Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier is a boat dolly designed to hold your canoe or kayak securely by the hull in a V-shaped cradle while you haul it to the water in a hassle-free manner. It’s made of solid aluminum metal which is extremely sturdy, durable and unaffected by salt water.

Here are some of its outstanding features:
  • Large, 9 ½-inch pneumatic tires that effortlessly roll across any type of terrain, whether sandy or rocky
  • Well-padded arms that hold your canoe or kayak softly without damaging or denting the body
  • A long, durable 12-inch nylon strap for securely tying down your canoe to the support so you can safely move it and unload at the water front with no stress
  • Dual-leg kickstand and a 9 1/4 inch high spring-load mechanism which makes it extremely stable and reliable when loading up your canoe or kayak and eliminates any form of wobbling
  • Folds up easily so you can store it away conveniently when not in use without taking up too much space
  • Comes with 2 boating dollies that are exceptionally easy to assemble and use

How Do I Choose the Best Boat Trailer?

Enjoying a boat ride is a luxury most people covet, especially when the boat belongs to you. But while you may be basking in the euphoria of owning a boat, have you considered how you’re going to move it from the house to the sea or the beach and back? If your bringing along a smaller water vessel, there are racks designed especially for canoes, and ones for kayaks (some of which are interchangeable); but when it comes to full size boats, you'll need a trailer.

With a boat trailer, you can take your boat wherever you wish securely with little or no stress, and just like a bike trailer, the boat trailer hitches up to the back of your vehicle and has attachments to hold your boat firmly in place. Boat trailers usually have features that make it easy for you and other road users to navigate around such as directional lights and brakes, just as can be found on a caravan or travelling camper.

A boat trailer also makes it easy for you to launch your boat into the water. Imagine if you’re to take your truck into the water just to unload your boat or if you were to unload unto the beach, and then have to huff and puff to push the boat all the way into the water. With a boat trailer, all you need do is back the trailer into the water, unlatch the boat, and if it’s a roller boat trailer, the boat simply slides right into the water. So, you save your strength and at the same time save your vehicle from costly damages and repairs.

Your boat trailer should last as long as your boat, and as such requires attention to details when purchasing. In view of this, we are going to give you some pointers as to what to look out for when shopping for the right boat trailer for your boat such as the size that’ll accommodate your boat fender and hull, material, support system, light and brake system, type of suspension and finally, the price.
When shopping for a boat trailer, you should bear the adage in mind – you get what you pay for, so there should be no need to try and scrimp on any of the features so you can get the best out of your boat trailer.

Boat trailers range in price from as low as $100 for the low-end, economy types to as high as $2700 for the high-end, feature-studded models, but they can even go higher than this.

We featured products with different price tags so you can always find something that suits your financial capacity while giving you unequalled value for your money when it comes to performance and durability. There are so many cheap boat trailers out there which we stumbled upon while carrying out our research but we decided to ignore them and feature only products from reliable brands.
A great boat trailer is one that will function as expected, endure the rigors of carrying heavy weights around for long distances without showing early signs of wear and tear. There are some features that you’ll need to critically consider if you’re to get the boat trailer that fits the bill. Some of these features include:
  • Size
  • Material
  • Brake and light system
  • Support system
  • Type of suspension
Construction and Design
Boat trailers are traditionally built to comfortably accommodate a boat with no damages for the duration of the trip. And given that boats are not small, a boat trailer too is not small or portable. That said; the boat trailer size can be determined by the number of axles it comes with. There is the single axle and the double axle. A single axle boat trailer is naturally much smaller and easier to manually maneuver than the double axle boat trailer but the double axle trailer has more traction and control on the road surface. Of course, you’ll have to consider the size of your boat before deciding on the size of boat trailer to go for. If your boat is more than 20 feet in length, is heavier than normal or you make extremely long-distance trips with your boat in tow, then you’re better off with a double axle boat trailer. Otherwise, a single axle is more cost-effective and easier to maintain.

There are two metals from which boat trailers are made – steel and aluminum, both with advantages and disadvantages. A steel boat trailer can either be galvanized or painted steel. Painted steel boat trailers are aesthetically appealing as they’re mostly painted to match the color of your boat but they rust easily in salt water. Galvanized steel has a layer of zinc coating which offers an extra layer of protection for the steel in salt water and thus makes it more durable than painted steel.

Aluminum boat trailers, on the other hand, are also strong and perform excellently in salt water because they don’t rust, rather an aluminum oxide layer is formed on the surface which doesn’t affect the metal adversely. Steel generally is less expensive as a raw material when compared to aluminum and in turn, affects the price of the boat trailer. That is not to say that all steel boat trailers are more affordable than aluminum ones.

The type of water you boat in should also play a major role in determining the type of metal your boat trailer should be made of. If you frequent fresh water bodies then you can get by with a steel boat trailer but if you usually sail in the ocean or intracoastal waterways, then you’ll be better off with an aluminum boat trailer.

There are two types of support systems employed by boat trailer manufacturers – the bunk system and the roller system. Of the two, the bunk system is less expensive and easier to maintain but poses lots of difficulty when it comes to loading up and launching a boat, especially in shallow waters. However, it’s best for long term storage of the boat as it provides the best cradle for the hull with little or no damage to it.

The roller support system on the other hand provides the most efficient option when it comes to loading up and launching the boat as the boat will simply slide off the rollers and into the water. The roller system is more expensive and may cause dents in the boat’s bottom if it sits too long on it during the winter season. Considering how much you’re most likely to have spent on your boat, the last thing you’ll need is a dent or such imperfection on the bottom.
Performance and Ease of Use
Depending on the type of boat trailer you’re going for, most of them are built with several moving parts that will require a level of skill and finesse to be able to efficiently assemble. Some brands try to alleviate the stress associated with the assembly by building their boat trailers with as few moving parts as possible so that even a novice can get the hang of it pretty quickly.

When buying a boat trailer, a major factor to consider is the ease of maintenance, especially as it pertains to the wheels and this leads us to the bearing. A good bearing makes a world of difference between a safe and enjoyable trip and a trip fraught with despair and constant stops for repairs along the way or even outright failure. Boat trailers are outfitted with either the relatively easy-to-repair grease bearings or the newer and more complicated oil bath bearing. Bearings play a major role in how well and how long the tires respond and last. If you won’t be changing tires often, you’ll be better off with the grease bearing.

For the suspension system, two methods are usually employed and both are reasonably reliable. In the first method, a torsion bar goes inside the axle and it ensures a lowered ride height and also helps in hiding signs of early rust. On the downside, it’s a lot more difficult and expensive to maintain unlike the leaf springs, which are affordable and require less maintenance. If you’re going for the leaf spring suspension type, ensure you go for one that carries your boat’s weight and by the simple rule of thumb, more is better. This means that 2 leaf springs are better than 1 and those with 5 leaf springs are definitely better than those with 2.

Other features to look out for are the brake and light fixtures on the boat trailer. Some boat trailers have incandescent light while others have LEDs. LED is preferable because it burns brighter and doesn’t drain as much power as incandescent lighting.

In terms of the brake system, there’s the disc brake and then there’s the drum brake. Disc brakes offer a larger surface area and pistons which improve the stopping power with less effort compared to the drum brake. A disc brake also offers fewer nooks and cranny for salt water to get trapped in, thus it flushes easily and this elongates its lifespan.

If storage space is a big issue for you, there are some boat trailers that are foldable and those that have removable wheels so they can be stored more efficiently while taking up as little space as possible.

One important thing though; no matter the type or make of boat trailer you finally settle on, its highly recommended that you rinse it out with fresh, clean water after every use to prevent rust or corrosion and keep your trailer looking good and in top shape.

Get the Best Boat Trailer of 2023!

Now you’ve come to the end of this review, what’s left except to place your order for the boat trailer you’ve selected? Go right ahead and take that step!

Our Top Choice
Malone XtraLight Single Kayak Package
Best Value
Ironton Heavy-Duty Trailer Kit
SylvanSport Go-Easy Ultimate Boating Trailer
Haul Master 600 lb. Capacity Jon Boat Trailer
TMS 2 X Jon Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier