Best Bocce Ball Reviews 2022

Are you looking for an affordable outdoor game for your get-togethers? Bocce ball is a fun and easy game, but the different models, brands and sets of Bocce balls out there make it hard to decide what’s best for you. It’s for this reason that we’ve researched the five of the best Bocce balls brands on the market, showcasing a set from each, to help you make an informed decision.
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Set size
Our Top Choice
Trademark Games Bocce Balls
Trademark Games is a brand committed to designing high-quality game products for its customers.
A complete set with a carrying bag. Durable and colored for easy identification. Feature two patterns to allow two teams to play.
Measuring string not included.
Pro-level bocce balls
Red and green with two patterns
Polyresin composite
90mm, 900 grams
8 Bocce balls, Pallino
Best Value
GoSports Backyard Bocce Ball
GoSports is a leading manufacturer of high-quality sporting equipment.
Multiple colors and two patterns. Supports eight players. Standardized weight. Can be played on any kind of surface. Carrying bag for portability.
Measuring string is quite flexible.
Pro-level bocce balls
Four colors in two patterns
Premium polyresin
90mm, 920 grams
8 Bocce balls, Pallino and string
Park & Sun Sports Pro Bocce Ball
Park & Sun Sports is a manufacturing and e-commerce brand that offers a robust selection of sports equipment.
Lightweight with a high gloss finish for increased durability. Usable on any kind of surface. Have grooves for added grip. Supports four players. Distance maker for precise scoring.
Bag isn’t as durable as you might like.
Pro elite bocce balls
Four colors
Premium Polyresin
109mm, 920 grams
8 Bocce balls, Pallino & marker
Franklin Sports Advanced Bocce Balls
Franklin Sports has been in business since 1946 and manufactures various quality sporting goods for consumers.
A carry case for storage and portability. Resin-made for durability. Allows eight players to participate at once. Complete set and favorable for beginners.
A measuring string isn’t included.
Pro-level bocce balls
Four colors in two patterns
100mm, 900 grams
8 Bocce balls, Pallino
Verus Sports DMI Sports Vintage Bocce Ball Set
Founded in 1976, Verus Sports is a leading manufacturer of high quality indoor game products such as table hockey and darts.
Standard size, durable and gentle on hands. Grooved for good grip. Two scoring patterns for up to two teams. Carry case for easy storage and travel.
The Pallino could have been made brighter.
Pro-level bocce balls
Four colors in two patterns
Resin polymers (molded plastic)
90 mm, 900 grams
8 Bocce balls, Pallino

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What is the Best Bocce Ball?

Make sure the number of balls in your chosen set is enough for the number of players to take part in your matches; the more the balls the better if there’s a big group. There is also a wide variety of colors or styles to choose from so don’t just settle with the first one you see! Find out if one of our recommended Bocce ball sets is what you need.”
Our Top Choice
The Trademark Games Bocce Ball Set features nine professionally finished, patterned and brightly colored balls for use on any kind of surface for bowling. Would you prefer a bocce ball set that will spice up your get-togethers by matching the drinks? Opt for the Trademark Games Budweiser Bocce Balls in golden yellow and dark red color options.

Trademark Games Bocce Balls with 9 Balls in 2 Scoring Patterns and 5 Styles/License Variations

Trademark Games is an e-commerce company aimed at providing an endless supply of high-end products for its customers. The brand’s ability to provide consistently durable and trustworthy premium products to its customers worldwide has earned Trademark Games global success.

The Trademark Games Bocce Balls come in a complete set so you can have a professional experience. The set contains nine balls, including eight Bocce balls and one Pallino or Jack ball. The eight Bocce balls are 3.5 inches in diameter whereas the Pallino ball is 1.5 inches in diameter, the recommended sizes for bocce balls.

Half of the Bocce balls are deep green while the other half are deep red, to distinguish between two teams or players. The balls are designed with two different patterns so that two teams with four players each can play at once! The distinguishing colors of the balls will make keeping score very easy as you play. Made of Poly-resin material, the balls are durable with professional finishes. What’s more, this material allows you to play the game on any kind of surface, be it on a lawn or the beach. The material is also smooth, making the balls easy on your hands.

Whether you’re a pro Bocce player or just starting out, this ball set is for you. A heavy-duty carrying bag is included to make storing and transporting your set easy. The bag even includes dividers so you can easily check make sure you leave anything behind. The set makes a perfect gift idea and provides fun entertainment for the whole family.

Here are some other Trademark Games Bocce ball sets you might be interested in:
  • Trademark Games Coca-Cola Bocce ball – Coca-Cola branded, two-color pattern
  • Trademark Game Bud Light Bocce ball – Bud Light branded, two-color pattern
  • Trademark Games Full Size Bocce ball – 100 mm balls, two color options
Best Value
The GoSports Backyard Bocce Balls feature a measuring string, a bag and nine balls with premium finishes in high-quality gloss for increased durability. If you’re looking for high-end bocce balls in just two colors, check out the GoSports Premium Bocce Balls. Four balls are in green and the other half in red, and the carrying case comes in a different design.

GoSports Backyard Bocce Ball Set with a Carrying Case and Measuring Rope

GoSports has made it easy to access quality sports products for all kinds of sports by marketing and selling quality sports products online. The company also offers great customer support for its products and allows teams and athletes to have their products customized to their liking. Players can have sporting goods personalized with their team, name or any other characters.

The GoSports Backyard Bocce Balls are designed for professional use. They’re given a high-gloss finish on their polyresin body for brightened, appealing look and increased durability. The balls are also of standard size and weight to support professional Bocce ball experiences as they’re only 90 mm in diameter. Made from polyresin, a durable plastic, the balls are highly durable for regular play.

Even with all the contact that occurs during a game, these Bocce balls won’t break easily. The resin is also properly finished and cannot harm your hands when you use the balls. Although this set of bocce balls is designed with the professional player in mind, you can entertain your friends and enjoy a game with your family from the comfort of your backyard.

These bocce balls come in four colors and two patterns, making eight unique balls. Although these Bocce balls can easily be grouped by color or pattern for traditional team play, eight individual players can enjoy Free Play Bocce during a backyard cookout with this set.

What’s more, the bocce balls come with a canvas carrying bag for easy storage and carriage for use on the go. It allows you to have your entire Bocce ball set in one place for easy access when you need them.
The Park & Sun Sports Bocce Balls are a premium standard set with eight bocce balls, a Pallino ground ball, and a marker for serious players. Do you prefer professional tournament level bocce balls? Then the 100mm balls from the Park & Sun Tournament Bocce Ball may suit you better, and it still comes will all the other great features!

Park & Sun Sports Pro Bocce Ball Set with 9 Balls in 4 Colors, Distance Marker and Carrying Bag – Available in 3 Size and Design Combinations

Park & Sun Sports has been in business for over three decades and is known for creating innovative and revolutionary sports equipment. The company is known to have set the standard in volleyball nets by producing the first aluminum net that adjusts to three different sizes. Park & Sun Sports’ equipment of all kinds, both outdoor and indoor, is designed with you, the user, in mind.

The Park & Sun Sports Bocce Balls come as a complete set with eight bocce balls, a Pallino ball and a distance marker. This means that you get everything you need to enjoy a bocce game. Moreover, the balls are made to standard size in both diameter and weight. This gives you a professional experience whenever you’re enjoying a game using this set. Actually, the set is made for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or are an already pro elite bocce player.

In terms of durability, the set gives you the best because it’s made of polyresin with a high gloss finish. The balls can withstand constant rolling and knocking against each other as you play. To provide you with a good grip while rolling the balls, they have built-in grooves on them. If you need a set you can use with as many friends as possible, this set has you covered because it comes in four colors and two patterns on each color to allow up to eight players to join in the game at the same time.

The set is sold with a carry case that’s made of canvas to enable you to bring your set with you anywhere you go. To ensure that the balls don’t knock each other unnecessarily during transportation, the bag comes with a padded divider to ensure a set of four balls are kept in different compartments.

Here are some other Park & Sun Bocce ball sets you might be interested in:
  • Park & Sun Pro Bocce Ball – Pro level set 109 mm
  • Park & Sun Tournament Elite Bocce Balls – Tournament level set, 100mm
The Franklin Sports Advanced Bocce Ball Set comes with nine standard-size balls for playing on any kind of surface, be it on a bocce court or outside. Would you prefer a set of bocce balls you can use either on water or on the ground? Choose the Franklin Sports Aquaticz Bocce Balls designed for all-weather use and water resistance if used in the pool.

Franklin Sports Bocce Ball Set with 9 Balls and Deluxe Carry Bag – Available in 5 Styles/ Experience Levels

Franklin Sports is a brand known internationally for its high quality sporting equipment. The company is the brains behind the batting glove that’s widely used today. Franklin is highly successful in the sporting industry because it understands how to partner with athletes to learn their needs and create even better products.

The Franklin Sports Advanced Bocce Balls are sold as a complete set containing eight bocce balls and a Pallino ball, all made to be the recommended weight. Measuring 100 mm in diameter, the bocce ball set is ideal for pros or beginners. The set is made with resin, making it durable and gentle to your hands.

If you’re looking to have a great time for your family and friends, this set will allow you just that because you can have up to eight people participating in the game at a time. The set is made for use on any kind of surface so you can enjoy it outside on your yard or even at the beach. Carry the set easily everywhere you go with the included carry case. You’ll also be able to easily have all your pieces together when you need to access them.

Durability of the balls is guaranteed as they’re made from a polyresin material that doesn’t break easily or even scratch as the balls are used. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll be able to enjoy Bocce ball immediately because the set comes with instructions on how to play the game.

Here are other bocce ball sets from Franklin Sports that you might be interested in:
  • Franklin Vintage Bocce Ball – with a storage latch, classic finish
  • Franklin Recreational Bocce Ball – grooved, lighter than other sets
  • Franklin Intermediate Bocce Ball – grooved for grip, 100mm
The Verus Sports DMI Sports Vintage Bocce Ball Set is a complete set of nine balls, including the Pallino ball, to support professional play. If you’re preparing for a tournament and need bocce balls designed for the expert player, go for the Verus Sport Expert Bocce Ball Set. The balls are in just two colors and made in the official tournament size.

Verus Sports DMI Sports Vintage Bocce Ball Set with Carrying Case - Comes with 9 Balls in 4 Colors

Verus Sports has been in business for over four decades. Over the years, the company has garnered vast experience in making indoor games, including darts, table tennis, billiards and many more. Verus has grown and served many players to become a worldwide brand with a world-class distribution facility from where products are distributed to various destinations.

Verus Sports DMI Sports Vintage Bocce Ball Set features eight bocce balls and a Pallino ball. The set comes with a carry case you can use for easy transportation of the balls wherever you go. It also supports storage and organization of the balls. Made from resin polymers, you can expect your Bocce balls to last many years of regular use. Complete with a glossy finish, the Bocce balls are professional looking and won’t hurt your hands when playing.

You can understand that proper play and an amazing experience with this set that has Bocce balls with the right size, weight, and design to allow two teams to play. Since the balls are lightweight and grooved, anyone can use them, from kids to professionals. The resin balls also allow you to enjoy the game anywhere, be it on the beach, on a bocce court or even in your backyard.

The balls are also grooved with patterns not just to offer you a good grip but also to allow you two scoring options. With the patterns, up to eight people can engage in a match, either as two teams of four or eight individuals playing Free Play Bocce. Therefore, you can have the whole family or friend group spend time together playing this game for memorable bonding times.

How Do I Choose the Best Bocce Ball?

Are you planning a party, get-together or reunion soon but not sure how to keep your guests engaged and entertained without breaking the bank? Are you looking for an easy outdoor game you can learn fast and play during your free time or even pursue professionally? You need Bocce balls to enjoy a game that doesn’t require any fixed number of players but can still support a large group.

Bocce ball has been around for centuries, though historians are not sure whether it originated in Ancient Rome or in Ancient Egypt. Regardless where Bocce ball began, the game has spread all over the world and gained popularity, with many people picking it up just for fun or even professionally. Bocce ball is a simple game to understand and play and can be played outdoors without a special type of surface; for instance, Bocce balls can be a unique alternative to beach balls.

Bocce ball, like many other fun outdoor games, has been streamlined to follow certain international standards and regulations. It uses standard balls and a court so people all over the world can be able to enjoy it and even compete against each other.

The best Bocce balls will come in the right diameter and weight, making them right for playing and meeting the scoring standard. Bocce can be played by kids and even the elderly because it’s not a physically demanding game. Although Bocce balls are grooved to protect your hands, you can buy exercise or golf gloves to wear while playing. There are many Bocce balls available on the market, hence making the right choices can be a daunting task.

This is why it’s important that if you want Bocce balls, you get only those that meet the regulations set out for the game. The balls should allow you a good play, whether you’re playing as a group or just between two friends. The game can also help in physical therapy and improve hand-eye coordination. We hope that this guide and our review of different Bocce ball sets can help you find the right set for you.
Bocce balls are sold in a set and are relatively inexpensive to buy. The prices vary from brand to brand and are mostly determined by the durability of the balls and whether they are made to standard. Standard professional balls come with a high-quality gloss finish and in regulation colors and patterns. These will cost you more than their counterparts that lack the glossy finish.

There are also cheap Bocce balls on the market, but their size and weight might not be up to standard. Without the required ball size, you won’t get the quality and consistency that should be achieved in your game. With prices ranging from $5 to $100 depending on the quality and number of balls in a set, choose a durable set you can rely on each time you get your family or friends together.
The features to look out for in Bocce balls are those meant to give you a professional experience when enjoying the sport. You should ensure that the ball you buy is brightly colored and of the right size so that you enjoy the sport as required. Apart from the right color and pattern, you also need to consider the type, design and material from which the balls are made to ensure durability.

Here are some of the important features to look out for in Bocce balls:
  • Standardized weight and diameter of the balls
  • The number of balls in a set and the accessories included, such as markers and a carrying case
  • A durable material used to make the Bocce balls
  • Different colored balls for easy identification
  • Different patterns for different scoring options for the teams playing
  • Instructions for beginners on how to play the game
  • A different but brightly colored Pallino
With the right set of Bocce balls, you’ll know that you can always entertain guests, engage your family or even take part in a professional Bocce ball match.
Construction and Design
Type – Bocce balls come in different types, depending on the level of the game play you want to engage in and the number of players you want to take part in the game. There are lightweight Bocce balls meant for kids. Professional Bocce players require the best sets that meet accepted standards to match the sets used in tournaments and events.

Material – Bocce balls are made from different materials, mostly metals and different plastics. These materials are favorable because they ensure that the Bocce balls are durable. The balls fall and roll on hard surfaces, not to mention knocking on others already on the court. This means that the material used should withstand these constant collisions.

Set Size – Bocce balls are sold in a set of nine balls, but some sets come with six balls. Eight of those balls are the Bocce balls while the small one is called the Pallino. The Pallino is used as the target ball in the game and the Bocce balls are thrown to either touch or just get as close as possible to it. The team with the ball closest to the Pallino ball gets more points.

Ball Size – Bocce balls are made in certain recommended sizes so that you can enjoy the game in the most professional way. For tournaments, Bocce balls are usually between 100mm to 115 mm in diameter. The international diameter is set at 107 mm. The recommended weight of the balls is 920 grams but could be slightly more or less. The Pallino, sometimes called the Jack ball, is usually smaller than the other balls and is 40mm to 60 mm in diameter. The international size of the Pallino ball is set at 40 mm.
Performance and Ease of Use
Design – A Bocce ball set comes with eight balls in either two different colors, usually red and green, or four different colors. The colors help identify which balls belong to which team. Some Bocce ball sets use a combination of patterns (usually circles and squares) and colors that create eight unique balls, designed so that your group can divide into teams or play a more casual version of the game, Free Play Bocce, which allows eight individuals to compete against each other.

Carry Bags - To ensure that you never leave any parts of the set behind, most Bocce ball sets are sold in carrying cases or bags. These ensure you can easily transport your set and store it after each game. The balls, made of plastic, require no maintenance at all. Simply wipe them off after playing and put them back in the carrying case.

Measuring Equipment for Scoring - For ease of play, some sets come with a measuring string or a tape to use to compare balls’ distance from the Pallino. The colors and the patterns make it easy to identify the balls so you can keep score. The material used to make the Bocce balls lends them their durability and allows for high performance.

Get the Best Bocce Ball of 2022!

Whether you want a Bocce ball set for kids, beginners, intermediate players or experts, there’s one out there for you. We hope that this guide was a great resource for you. Remember, if you haven’t quite found the right set for you, each brand offers more than the set we chose to feature for you.

Our Top Choice
Trademark Games Bocce Balls
Best Value
GoSports Backyard Bocce Ball
Park & Sun Sports Pro Bocce Ball
Franklin Sports Advanced Bocce Balls
Verus Sports DMI Sports Vintage Bocce Ball Set