Best Bonnet Dryer Reviews 2023

Bonnet dryers contribute to the beauty and style of your hair by drying, styling or treating it. There are two major types of bonnet dryers, with numerous features that make them different. Hence, selecting the best bonnet dryer, either for a salon or your home is difficult. We have researched five top brands of bonnet dryers, featuring one product from each. Since these brands have other bonnet dryers beyond the ones featured, you could also check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Hot Tools Tourmaline Bonnet Dryer
Hot Tools prides itself on developing innovative hair appliances for professional hair stylists.
It takes less than 10 minutes to set this dryer up, and you can alternate the heat settings among four options while drying.
The base of the bonnet dryer is not as sturdy as the rest of the bonnet dryer.
High heat portable salon dryer
27 × 27 × 60 inches; 2 lbs
4 heat settings
1875 watts
Adjustable front visor
Best Value
Gold N’ Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer
Gold N’ Hot manufactures appliances for the hair styling industry, using advanced designs and cutting-edge technology.
You'll have no problem storing this device, as it comes with a storage case. This dryer is also great for thick and curly hair.
The hose of this bonnet dryer detaches easily when in use.
Ionic soft bonnet dryer
13.5 × 11.5 × 4.1 inches; 3.4 lbs
4 heat settings
800 watts
40-inch flexible hose
Highland Venus Plus Bonnet Dryer
For high-performance hair dryers and replacement parts, Highland is a recognized quality leader.
If you want a quiet dryer that dries quickly and also has a cool down mode, this Venus Plus is for you. It can also fit most dryer chairs used in salons.
The bonnet dryer does not display its temperature, so it is not easy to gauge.
Venus plus bonnet hair dryer
34 × 17 × 16 inches; 29 lbs
Info not provided
980 watts
15/12-inch outside/inside hood
Jerdon ProVersa Bonnet Dryer
Jerdon makes stylish, durable and reliable products that serve the needs of the beauty and style industry.
This hair dryer is moderately quiet and easy to set up. It can also fold for easy storage.
The hood of this bonnet dryer is not adjustable.
Salon style hard bonnet dryer
15 × 15 ×12.2 inches; 8.3 lbs
4 heat settings
1875 Watts
Built-in tourmaline ionizer
Hair Flair Softhood Dryer Attachment
Hair Flair is dedicated to making hair styling fun and providing great hair products at an affordable price.
It has a unique chin strap and drawstrings on the side and bottom to keep it from flying off your head when in use.
It may occasionally blow off your hair dryer.
Improved deluxe softhood
8.2 × 5.8 × 1.6 inches; 0.312 lbs
Heat of your hair dryer
Attach own hair dryer
120 ventilation holes

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What is the Best Bonnet Dryer?

Bonnet dryers come in different bonnet sizes and two major types, the hard and soft bonnet dryer. The review we have done showcases various bonnet dryers with much consideration of key features. Since you have read our buying guide, selecting the best bonnet dryer for your hair will now be less stressful. So, let’s delve into the individual product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The Hot Tools Tourmaline Bonnet Dryer dries the hair faster while maintaining its shine, by using tourmaline and direct ion technology. It also has a large adjustable bonnet and a nine-foot cord. For a black and white soft bonnet dryer that is compact and comes with a storage case, check out the Hot Tools Professional Ionic Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer.

Hot Tools Tourmaline Ionic Portable Bonnet Dryer

If your aim is to achieve a beautiful, shiny and long-lasting hairstyle, then hair styling appliances by Hot Tools are the way to go. Hot Tools makes hair appliances that feature the latest technology and are made from the best materials. Its hair dryers, hair setters, flat irons and curling irons help professional hair stylists and do-it-yourselfers to achieve beautiful and long-lasting hairstyles at low cost.

The Hot Tools Tourmaline Bonnet Dryer makes use of tourmaline technology and direct ion technology. The high airflow tourmaline ensures that moisture is retained, so that your interior hair cortex dries properly without over-drying your exterior hair cuticles. The direct ion technology breaks the water in the hair into droplets that are easier to absorb, reducing the drying time by about 50%. In combination, they work to maintain the silkiness, softness and shine of the hair by preventing it from cracking and breaking. This bonnet dryer is not noisy, so it lets you dry your hair in silence. Here are other interesting features of this bonnet dryer:
  • High power output of 1875 watts, which dries the hair faster
  • Adjustable front visor for easy access and convenience
  • Height-adjustable telescoping stand
  • Adjustable bonnet angle
  • Two lockable wheels for stability
  • Removable lint filter for easy cleaning
  • Easily detachable legs for compact storage
  • Large bonnet to accommodate even the largest of rollers
  • Ionic on / off switch that alternates between positive and negative ions
  • Nine-foot power cord
  • Two speed and four heating options (from very low to very high)
The Hot Tools Tourmaline Bonnet Dryer weighs 15 pounds when assembled.
Best Value
The Gold N’ Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer is an 800-watt dryer with a large drawstring bonnet and a 40-inch flexible hose. It uses ionic technology for fast, even hair drying. If you want a tabletop hard bonnet dryer with two heat/speed styling combinations and a handle for easy portability, get the Gold N' Hot Elite Ionic Full Hood Hair Dryer.

Gold N’ Hot Ionic Soft Bonnet Dryer with Bonnet Storage

When it comes to hair appliances that feature the latest cutting-edge technology and advanced designs, Gold N’ Hot comes to mind. It uses quality materials to deliver soft and hard bonnet dryers that are reliable and affordable. This brand is fast becoming a top choice among professional and amateur hair stylists because of the technical features in its devices that allow them to deliver beautiful and shiny hair.

The Gold N’ Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer has a large drawstring bonnet that can comfortably accommodate rollers of all sizes. It has four heat settings that can be alternated on different hair textures for styling versatility. Those with thick and curly hair also stand to benefit from this ionic soft dryer, as it offers deep relaxing and conditioning for coarse, frizzy and thick hair. The ionic technology releases negative ions, which allow the hair to dry faster without breaking or frizzing it. This results in sleek, healthy and shiny hair. It also has a retractable hose that measures 40 inches and can be detached for easy storage. It comes in a modern storage case that stores both the bonnet and cord, making it easily portable. It weighs 3.4 pounds and measures 13.5 x 11.5 x 4.1 inches.

Gold N’ Hot has other bonnet dryers that might interest you:
  • The Gold N Hot GH9271 Professional Bonnet Dryer: A 1200-watt hair dryer with three heat settings. It has an oversized hood, and its height is adjustable. It folds down for compact storage and has a built-in carrying handle. It can also be used on natural and synthetic wigs because of the low and cool settings
  • The Gold N’ Hot Professional Portable Hard Bonnet / Hooded Dryer: A 1200-watt hair dryer with two heat settings. The hood has double vents below for even airflow. It also features a large hood that can accommodate rollers of different sizes
  • The Gold N’ Hot Professional Hard Hat Salon Dryer: A 1400-watt hair dryer that offers you a hands-free drying operation and allows you to relax while drying your hair. It also has a large hood that accommodates rollers of different sizes, and its height can be adjusted accordingly
  • The GOLD’N HOT 1053 Stand-Up Bonnet Dryer: A 1875-watt hair dryer that can be used for different textures of hair. It is beautifully designed, well-constructed and has an adjustable large bonnet
The Highland Venus Plus Bonnet Dryer is a classic 980-watt hair dryer with steel construction. It has a 60-minute timer, a temperature control and heats up to 140°F. For a hooded dryer with wheels, take a look at the Highland Hair Salon Hood Box Dryer on Wheels. The wheels enable it to move easily.

Highland Venus Plus Bonnet Hair Dryer with Timer and Temperature Control

From its hair dryers and replacement parts to automobile hydraulic lifts, Highland delivers heavy-duty machines that are durable, reliable and offer great value. It's also dedicated to offering its customers quality products. No wonder it is recognized globally as the quality leader in hair machines.

The Highland Venus Plus Bonnet Dryer is a traditional classic 980-watt hair dryer that measures 23.75 x 12.25 x 6.5 inches. The hood is made from stainless steel, and has an outside diameter of 15 inches and an inside diameter of 12 inches. This means it can fit most salon and home dryer chairs. The rest of the bonnet dryer is made of steel, and is coated with a chemically resistant powder that makes it durable and long-lasting. It also features a 60-minute timer and a dial setting to control the temperature for different perm setting cycles.

It is UL and CSA approved, which increases its assurance for quality and safety. Depending on the environment, it can also heat up to 140°F, offering a quick dry. There is also a two-minute cool down mode, which prevents the dryer from overheating. Highland offers you a five-year warranty for the motor of the Venus Plus, a three-year warranty on its hood, and a one-year warranty on all other parts of the bonnet dryer.

Here is another bonnet dryer from Highland:
  • The Highland Liberty Box Dryer from SalonSmart: Has a removable air filter and one-year warranty. It has three temperature settings and a wheel kit for easy portability
The Jerdon ProVersa Bonnet Dryer is a powerful 1875-watt dryer with tourmaline that allows the hair to be less static, dry faster and shine more. It has four heat settings, including cool shot. For a 1600-watt wall caddy hair dryer with two speed and three heat settings, take a look at the ProVersa Wall Caddy Hair Dryer.

Jerdon ProVersa Hard Folding Bonnet Dryer

Jerdon is well known for manufacturing stylish and durable products for the beauty and style industry. It has an impressive range of cosmetic mirrors, including vanity and wall mount mirrors, hair dryers and replacement parts, and other hair styling appliances. Since opening in 1977, it has found its way into the finest hotels, cruise lines, resorts and even spas worldwide by consolidating its position as the go-to brand for excellence.

The Jerdon ProVersa Bonnet Dryer is a powerful folding 1875-watt hair dryer with a tourmaline ionizer that decreases the drying time of the hair, leaving it shinier and less static. It has four heat settings that range from cool and low to medium and high. This means that this bonnet dryer can be used on different hair textures and lengths. You can set up this device for use easily, and it can be folded and put away when not in use. It also has a built-in handle for easy portability, especially for when you are on the go. This device measures 15.2 x 15.2 x 12.6 inches. The base features a triple fin strut which increases its stability and prevents it from tipping when it is in use. Its ETL/cETL listing signifies that is compliant to North American safety standards.

Here is one more bonnet dryer from Jerdon that might interest you:
  • The Jerdon JSBD4 Soft Bonnet Hair Dryer: Has a 40-inch hose and a dual heat/speed setting. It also includes a large soft bonnet that can accommodate rollers of any size. It has a tidy compact case that houses the dryer, hose and power cord. This makes it easily portable
The Hair Flair Softhood Dryer Attachment with 100-centimeter flexible hose is a convenient way to dry your hair. It has 120 ventilation holes for more even heat distribution, and fits hand dryer nozzles up to 55 millimeters. If you want a pink hair dryer attachment by Hair Flair, check out its Pink Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment.

Hair Flair Softhood Bonnet Hair Dryer Attachment with Chin Strap

Hair Flair believes your hair is your most important accessory, so the well-being and health of your hair is important. It designs and produces hair products that not only make hair styling fun, but also help you have a great hair day every day. Hair Flair delivers hair products that are budget-friendly and trustworthy. It also has an excellent team that offers superior service to its customers, and also helps them with useful tips and advice that can generally improve the hair.

The Hair Flair Softhood Dryer Attachment is a convenient and fast way to dry your hair. It features a unique chin strap, located at the bottom of the soft bonnet, which is adjustable and secures it in place. It also has a drawstring located on the side of the soft bonnet. When pulled, the drawstring ensures the soft bonnet remains in place, especially when it is in use. The soft bonnet is quite large and can accommodate rollers and curl formers. It also has 120 ventilation holes for faster. more even heat distribution.

This hair dryer attachment is easy to use. All you have to do is place the soft bonnet over your rollers, and pull on the drawstrings to secure it in place. Next, fasten the chin strap around your chin and then you introduce the hair dryer nozzle to the rear end of the attachment tube, which is elastic. The time it takes to dry your hair will depend on the power of the dryer and the nature of your hair. This hair dryer attachment also has a 39-inch (100cm) flexible hose that allows you to multi-task. You can also use this soft bonnet with conditioning treatment. It is hand washable and fits hair dryers with nozzles up to 2.25 inches (5.5cm). It comes in a handy and compact pouch. This makes it ideal for traveling.

How Do I Choose the Best Bonnet Dryer?

You cannot talk about personal grooming and fashion without considering the hair. Your hair is an important accessory, and caring for it improves your style and increases your confidence. A hair dryer is one of the best inventions for hair drying, setting and styling. There are two major types of hair dryer available – the handheld dryer and the bonnet dryer. The major difference is that bonnet dryers have better air circulation than the handheld dryers. Hence, hair is dried evenly with the bonnet dryer, and there is less risk of hair damage.

A bonnet dryer, also known as a hood dryer, consists of a large hood/bonnet that fits over the head. It distributes hot air evenly, rather than blasting it. Unlike handheld dryers, bonnet dryers can also be used in hair styling and certain hair treatments. Instead of purchasing a separate curling iron for styling purposes, you can use rollers and curl formers underneath the bonnet. These dryers also help in absorption of leave-in conditioners and some hair oils, which result in shinier and smooth-looking hair. There are two types of bonnet dryers, the hard bonnet dryer and the soft bonnet dryer. As the name implies, the hard bonnet dryer consists of a hard hood or bonnet, while a soft compressible bonnet is a characteristic of the soft bonnet dryer.

Before purchasing a bonnet dryer, there are several factors to consider, such as the nature and length of your hair and the size and nature of the bonnet. There are different sizes of hard and soft bonnets. Depending on the intended hair treatment, you should consider bonnets that are resistant to chemicals. Another important thing to note is the power wattage and heat setting. These determine how hot the bonnet dryer can get and how much time will be taken to dry the hair. There are also some innovative technologies that help retain moisture and prevent burning of the scalp. You should also consider the length of the hose in a soft bonnet dryer, easy lock features, and ease of storage.

While there are many advantages offered by a bonnet dryer, a good one doesn’t need to be so expensive. Of course, the final decision lies with you, but the aim of this review is to offer you reasonably priced bonnet dryers with the important features your hair needs. So have a good read, and hopefully at the end, you will select a bonnet dryer that ensures you always have a great hair day.
Generally speaking, the features of a bonnet dryer ultimately affect the price. The traditional or hard bonnet dryer usually costs more than the soft bonnet dryer. The level of technology featured also affects the price. If you want a bonnet dryer with ionic technology, you'll have to pay more.

The price of a good bonnet dryer with key features ranges between $20 to $160. During our research, we came across cheap bonnet dryers but we decided to ignore them in our reviews. While a cheap bonnet dryer may cost just a bit less than the ones featured, you certainly have more to lose. After all, it is better to pay for a higher-priced dryer than to pay for medical expenses for a burned scalp, right?
Sometimes, the difference between shiny, beautiful hair and cracking and static hair is the type of bonnet dryer used. When buying a bonnet dryer, it’s crucial to find out the type of bonnet dryer that will suit your hair needs. The wrong bonnet dryer will leave you with an undesirable hair experience and make you have a bad hair day. The following are the features to look at when buying a bonnet dryer:
  • Power wattage
  • Heat/speed setting
  • Bonnet type
  • Bonnet size
  • Heating technology
Construction and Design
There are two types of bonnet dryers, hard bonnet and soft bonnet. They both have the same operating mechanism. The hard bonnet dryer has a hard plastic hood that fits over a person’s head to dry hair. Hot air escapes through some tiny openings inside the hood and dries the hair evenly. Some of the hard bonnet dryers have large hoods that are capable of accommodating rollers of different sizes. The hard bonnet types can either be table tops or full standing dryers, such as the ones used professionally in salons.

Soft bonnet dryers cover your entire head, drying hair uniformly and evenly. This drastically decreases the risk of hair damage when compared to the hard hood, because soft bonnet dryers do not focus on only one section of the scalp. They also have flexible connecting hoses that allow you to multi-task during use. While the table top hard bonnet dryers are portable, the soft bonnet dryers are more compact. This is important if you intend to travel with this appliance.

The bonnet size may also be influenced by the type of bonnet dryer. Before purchasing a bonnet dryer, look at the sizes of your rollers, Velcro and curl formers. Bonnet dryers are typically sized to contain small to medium-sized roller sets. Only a few hard bonnet dryers, mostly professional ones, come with jumbo-sized bonnets. There are also some soft bonnet dryers with large bonnets that pose no problem to large roller sets. To be on the safe side, check the size of the bonnet and know if it will fit heads with large rollers.

Bonnet dryers usually have their power rating label indicated on them. They typically rate from 800 to 1875 watts. The mode being used determines how much power the dryer will use. The lowest heat setting can use as little as 70 watts of power, while the highest heat mode will use close to 1800 watts. Bonnet dryers that rate as high as 1800 are known as fast dryers. They may be more expensive, but they reduce drying time and are better for thick and curly hair. Less drying time means less hair damage.
Performance and Ease of Use
A bonnet dryer with multiple heat and speed settings gives you more control. The nature of your hair determines which drying temperature to use. Some bonnet dryers have two heat settings, while others have three or more. Whether you are using it for styling or treatment purposes, the bonnet dryer with the most settings will give you more flexibility. A bonnet dryer with a cool shot option or cool setting could prove extremely useful over those without, especially to lock in some type of hairstyles when styling. You do not need much heat if you have a sensitive scalp or damaged hair, and the intensity of the highest heat setting depends on the power wattage of the bonnet dryer.

Brands of bonnet dryers have started incorporating some innovations, such as high flow tourmaline and direct ion technology. If you want shiny and smooth hair, look for a bonnet dryer with ionic and tourmaline technology. Tourmaline ensures that moisture is retained, so your hair dries properly without over-drying your hair cuticles. The ionic technology breaks water in the hair into droplets, reducing drying time greatly.

Consider the inside material of the bonnet. If you are planning to use your bonnet dryer for some treatments and styling, buy a bonnet dryer that is chemical-proof. If it's not, you risk damaging the internal surface of the bonnet. If you travel a lot, a portable bonnet dryer offers the most convenience. Soft bonnet dryers are more portable than the hard types, since most of them come in compact storage cases. A bonnet dryer with a long flexible hose lets you dry your hair while carrying out other activities. If you value silence, you can get a bonnet dryer that is not loud. The hard bonnet dryers are usually quieter than the soft bonnet dryers.

Get the Best Bonnet Dryer of 2023!

It is our hope that we have provided enough bits of useful information to help you make the right choice of a bonnet dryer to help dry and style your hair, giving you the great hair you deserve.

Our Top Choice
Hot Tools Tourmaline Bonnet Dryer
Best Value
Gold N’ Hot Soft Bonnet Dryer
Highland Venus Plus Bonnet Dryer
Jerdon ProVersa Bonnet Dryer
Hair Flair Softhood Dryer Attachment