Best Bookmark Reviews 2022

Buying a bookmark should be a breeze or don’t you think so? Well it depends on who’s doing the purchase, for whom the purchase is being made and the budget or price constraints of the buyer. We know that there are myriads of products out there and to help you, we have conducted a thorough research and come up with a varied list of five products from some of the best bookmark brands. We assure you that any product you choose from any of these brands would be a good bargain.
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Our Top Choice
Peleg Design Hippomark Bookmark
Peleg Design’s business is based on three major principles which are aesthetics, functionality and humor. Its products perform optimally and removes the humdrum from everyday life.
Beautiful hippopotamus design. Made from long-lasting plastic. Helps to keep book neat and looking new. Fun and quirky.
It’s thick and short making it fall often out of books.
Hippopotamus shape
0.3 ounces
1 piece
Best Value
Fred & Friends Sprout Bookmark
FRED specializes in making ordinary products exceptional. It makes products that are well designed and highly functional and at the same time reasonably priced and humorous.
Made of pliable silicone. Size is adequate to mark not only page but line. Comes in pairs of two in three tones of green. Keeps books looking new. Shaped like sprouts.
Longer stem would have made it better.
Plant sprout
1.6 ounces
Pack of 6
Rubber silicone
3 shades of green
The Noble Collection Hogwarts Bookmark Set
The Noble Collection is licensed to create movie props, memorabilia and treasures. Its products are top quality, authentic and well crafted and make legends come alive.
Made of die cast metal and stainless steel. Arrives in a beautiful gift box. Great addition to Harry Potter collection. Good gift item.
It’s heavy at the top and constantly falls out of paperbacks; may fare better with hard cover books.
Harry Potter-Hogwarts
6.4 ounces
Pack of 4
Die-hard metal/stainless steel
Gold; silver
Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark
Mark-my-time invents and makes kids’ educational products. Its goal is to enhance learning for children with products that are functional, fun, kid-friendly and affordable.
Made of long-lasting polyethylene plastic. Slim enough to fit neatly between book pages. Has countdown timer with alarm. Cumulative timer can store up to 100 hours of reading.
Setting the timer can be tricky without the instructions.
Digital clock
0.8 ounce
1 piece
Polyethylene plastic
6 colors available
Hygloss Bright Blank Bookmarks
Hygloss Products Inc. stocks all kinds of craft supplies imaginable to help light up that creative fire in anyone. Its products are affordable and customer service is great!
Made with high quality stock paper. Light and thin. Set of 100. Comes in 12 assorted colors.
The thinness makes it delicate.
Blank; one-hole punched
4.8 ounces
Pack of 35; 100; 500
12 colors available

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What is the Best Bookmark?

A simple tool like a bookmark can easily be taken for granted until such time you lose the page from where you left off reading. In choosing the right one, it all boils down to customer satisfaction with its functionality. If you note the features we have discussed and use them as a guide for your purchase, you are sure to get what’s best for you.
Our Top Choice
The Peleg Design Bookmark helps you keep track of where you are at in any book you are reading. So instead of giving your book dog ears, place it in the book for quick access to pick up from where you stopped. If you are looking for a bookmark with different features, we recommend the Peleg Design Lightmark Reading Lamp Bookmark

Peleg Design Hippomark Hippo Bookmark

Peleg Design was established not too long ago by Mr Shahar Peleg a graduate of the Holon Institute of Technology. His degree in Design and Interior Architecture laid the foundation for the excellence and top quality of products made in the studio while his curiosity and desire to look beyond the conventional create products that offer all encompassing experiences.

Everything that Peleg Design does is based on three elementary principles which are aesthetics, functionality and humor. It seeks to constantly take mundane products and turn them into items that offer thrilling experiences that one wouldn’t have thought possible. Its products are designed for everyday use and many of them have won prestigious awards for design. These products make the user look beyond their functionality and discover the humor and illusion that they create.
If you want everyday products that would help you relieve stress even as they serve the purpose you desire, we would encourage you to stick with Peleg Design products.

The Peleg Design Bookmark helps you keep track of where you are at in any book you are reading. So instead of giving your book dog ears, place it in the book for quick access to pick up from where you stopped. It is beautifully designed in the shape of a hippopotamus and made with long-lasting plastic. It’s quite cute and quirky and would surely bring a smile to your lips whenever you open your book and see it. It’s also a great way to keep your books neat and looking new all the time.

Peleg Design has many wonderful bookmarks and they include the following…
  • Peleg Design Green Zipmark ZIPPER Bookmark -Don’t ever lose track of where you’re at in your reading. Use this green zipper to ensure that your book opens at the right page whenever you’re go back to your reading. You can also give it as gift to your fellow book lovers
  • Peleg Design Blue Zipmark ZIPPER Bookmark-This fun bookmark is designed like a zipper and comes in a gift box. With its bright blue color it allows you to easily get back to the page you left off in your reading. It would make a wonderful gift
  • Peleg Design Submark Submarine Bookmark -A wonderful bookmark that creates the fantasy of your diving twenty thousand leagues beneath the sea and swimming back to the exact spot that you left of in your book. It's a fun way to keep track of your reading. It’s designed like a submarine and made with durable plastic in bright yellow
  • Peleg Design CROCOMARK Crocodile Bookmark -This bookmark that’s shaped like a crocodile gives you an illusion of a crocodile swimming out of the last page you visited in the book. This quirky item would always spice up reading time
  • Peleg Design Red Zipmark ZIPPER Bookmark- This bookmark comes in a cute red color and is made of long lasting plastic. It would grant you quick access to the page you stopped in the book you’re reading. It would also make a good gift for an avid reader
Best Value
Make the mundane task of marking your book exciting by “planting” the sprout of the Fred & Friends Bookmark on the page you want to stop reading at. It’s an innovative way of keeping your books free of dog ears! You need bookends to keep your books properly arranged so we recommend the Fred THE END Dramatic Bookends

Fred & Friends Sprout Little Green Bookmarks, Set of 6

FRED takes pleasure in taking ordinary functional everyday products and transforming them into items that you’ll least expect, that would make you smile and even laugh out loud at other times. Its focus is on making products that are well designed and meets your needs without breaking your budget and at the same time providing humor.

FRED combines top quality materials with competitive market price, close monitoring of manufacturing processes, continuous safety tests and unfailing quality control to ensure customer satisfaction. It has a wide range of experience in the home products and gifts industry and it employs this experience to churn out unique products that would make your life more delightful and would have you smiling as you use them.

The Fred & Friends Bookmark is a set that has six bookmarks made from pliable silicone and shaped like a seedling that’s sprouting. There are two bookmarks each in three different hues of green. Make the mundane task of marking your book exciting by “planting” the sprout on the page you want to stop reading at. It does not just mark the page but can also mark the line you stopped reading at due to the small size of the sprout. The material makes it possible for the leaves to stay fixed in the spot you put them. You no longer have to waste time trying to locate where you stopped reading. You also have the benefit of having books that look new and unread because of the lack of dog ears.

Fred and Friends has many other fun yet functional products. Some of which are the following:
  • Fred & Friends PAUSE Cassette Bookmarks, Set of 2 (5148299)-- This package has two magnetic bookmarks that are 1.25" in each set, and each has ribbon tape that’s 11.5". You can mark where you stopped reading with these fun yet functional pint-sized forms of beloved mangles mix tapes
  • Fred LUCKY SPROUT Clover Bookmarks, Set of 4 -- Its made of silicone and helps you mark the spot you stopped in your book. The four bookmarks come in two hues of green and would lie snug in your book only to spread out their supple leave anytime you open the book again
  • Fred FINGER PRINT a handy bookmark, Random Color-- This cool product would save your books from awful looking dog ears; you can simply snap it over the spot you’re reading and let the finger point to the exact point you left off from. It’s flexible and can stretch to accommodate any size of book so it can also be used as a book strap
  • Fred and Friends FORGET ME NOTES Daisy Petal Sticky Notes-- This set comes with two hundred single sticky note petals, packaged in a fine transparent bag and makes wonderful bookmarks that are easy and fun to use
The Noble Collection Bookmark is a set of four bookmarks designed with symbols and characters from Harry Potter. Not only do they help you mark your page but would also grow your Harry Potter collection. As an addition to your Harry Potter collection, we recommend The Noble Collection Hermione Wand Pen and Bookmark

The Noble Collection Harry Potter Hogwarts Bookmark – Includes 4 Bookmarks and Comes in Wood Box

The Noble Collection is an official licensed maker of movie products and it specializes in exquisitely designed movie props, treasures and memorabilia. Its products make movie scenes come alive and gives you the illusion of being part of the action. Though these products are fanciful and more of artwork, they are also functional. This implies that you can get everyday products that would otherwise have been drab and mundane in exciting concepts and designs from The Noble Collection. All its products are authentic and produced with the highest quality of materials available so you get the unbeatable combination of good quality, functionality and authentic craftsmanship. With products like its bookmarks, you can motivate your children to read and also make their reading time more interesting.

For those who love Harry Potter, you can now ensure that your Harry Potter books remain neat and free of dog ears with The Noble Collection Bookmark. This set has four bookmarks that are designed with symbols and characters from Harry Porter and was officially authorized by Warner Brothers. It’s made with the die cast method in metal and stainless steel and arrives in a beautiful wooden box. This set even looks beautiful just sitting on your bookshelf and also makes a great gift for any fan of Harry Potter. You can also grow your Harry Potter collection even as you mark the page you left off from in your reading.

The Noble Collection has many more interesting bookmarks in its coffers. Check out these ones:
  • The Noble Collection Harry Potter Ravenclaw Crest Bookmark -- This bookmark comes in your favorite Ravenclaw design and is beautifully designed and made with the die cast method and enameled by hand. It marks your page without damaging your book. It is officially authorized by Warner Brothers
  • The Noble Collection Harry Potter Crest Bookmark Collection-- This bookmark is beautifully designed and would make a good addition to your Harry Potter collection or as a gift for any Harry Potter fan. It is six inches long and would do the job of marking your page with no damage to your book
  • The Noble Collection Horcrux Bookmark--The set has seven bookmarks and was officially authorized by Warner Brothers. Well designed and constructed, they are not too lightweight. It arrives in a beautiful box that also makes it presentable as a gift item.
  • The Noble Collection Harry Potter Hogwarts Crest Bookmark-- It is made with the die cast method and enameled by hand. It's six inches long which is adequate enough to mark your page. This fun Harry Potter crest bookmark was officially authorized by Warner Brothers and would make a great addition to your Harry Potter collection
  • The Noble Collection Dumbledore Wand Pen and Bookmark -- This set includes a wand pen and a bookmark. It's authentic and licensed, officially authorized by Warner Brothers; makes a great addition to your Harry Potter Collection
The Mark-my-time Bookmark is an innovative product that allows parents to track their children’s requisite reading time accurately and it’s also an effective bookmark. It provides an incentive for kids to read more. If you want a bookmark with light, check out the Mark My Time Camoflauge Bookmark with LED Light – Blue

Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark - Available in 6 Colors

Mark-my-time is a developer and manufacturer of imaginative and fun educational tools that children find easy to use. It is dedicated to helping parents in their effort to make reading and learning fun and easier for their kids. The company was born out of a mother’s necessity to find a way of tracking her daughter’s reading time and also monitoring her reading in general. Owned and operated by parents, you have an advantage of getting products that arise out of experienced need and you can be sure that the solutions would not be theoretical. Every product that bears the Mark-my-time branding is designed to be both functional and fun and you are always assured of money well spent.

The Mark-my-time Bookmark is an innovative product that enables parents to track their children’s requisite reading time accurately. With just a touch of the button, you set the electronic timer to monitor the length of time your child reads. It’s designed in fun colors with electronic capacity that motivates children to cultivate the habit of reading daily. It was named the “Best New Product” when it was launched and still elicits excitement wherever it goes.

It’s made of long lasting polyethylene plastic and slim enough to fit neatly between book pages without damaging the book. The digital clock at the top is powered by a watch battery that can be replaced and you can either decide to set an alarm on the countdown timer to alert the reader that they’ve completed the requisite time or use the cumulative timer to store multiple reading sessions.

Mark-my-time also has many other educational resources but here’s a list of some more bookmarks that they have:
  • Mark-My-Time 3D Enchanted Horses Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer --It’s made of long-lasting polyethylene plastic and designed in a slim form that allows it to fit perfectly between the pages of your book. Comes in fun and exciting colors and is powered by a watch battery that is replaceable
  • Mark My Time 3d Timer Tiger (1 unit)-- This item has won many awards and is a convenient, fun and easy way of tracking reading time. It has a digital clock and countdown timer with alarm. The cumulative timer stores multiple reading sessions to as high as hundred hours. It also has a sixty seconds fluency timer
  • Mark My Time Zebra Digital Bookmark with LED LightIt comes with 3 LED booklights, has integrated page clip and countdown timer and cumulative timer. The zebra design also adds to the fun of the bookmark
  • Mark My Time Bookmark and Digital Timer (2 pack)-- This versatile device helps you to track your children's reading requirement accurately and monitor their daily homework. It’s made of durable polyethylene plastic and comes in various bright colors. You can also use it whenever you need a timer
  • Mark My Time Camouflage Bookmark with LED Light - This beautiful purple device would motive your children to read, while you effectively track their reading time requirement. It has a countdown timer and a cumulative timer for storing multiple reading sessions for up to one hundred hours. It also comes with 3 LED booklights and integrated page clip
The Hygloss Bookmark motivates children to read because they can color and draw all sorts of fun things on them. These colorful bookmarks can be used for craft projects both at school and at home. If you’re looking for flash cards for your children’s study time, the Hygloss Products Bright Study Buddies Flash Cards is highly recommended.

Hygloss Bright Blank Bookmarks - Available in 2 Color Schemes

Hygloss Products Inc. stocks any type of craft supplies that you can imagine necessary to light up that creative fire in anyone, whether a child or adult. It’s consistently expanding its product line to be able to cater for the needs of the growing mind of your child. These products are made of premium quality products and packaged in clear bags for easy and fast identification. It is confident about the product it puts out and they are backed with a money-back guarantee in the event that a customer is not satisfied with any one of them.

It seeks to please its customers so it offers excellent customer care; customers’ individual need are attended to promptly and all issues resolved in a friendly and polite manner. With Hygloss you are sure of getting top quality products that would make your children feel special and aspire to do great things. These products are also budget-friendly so that you are able to stock up without a strain on your finances.

The Hygloss Bookmark is a blank bookmark set of 100 that’s available in 12 assorted colors and allows children to personalize them. These colorful bookmarks can be used for craft projects both at school and at home. Children would love to write and draw all kinds of things on them and also personalize them for father’s day, mother’s day or other celebrations or anniversaries. It’s made from good quality card stock and is the perfect size and light enough that it won’t fall from the book.

This is a fun and creative bookmark but Hygloss has many more bookmarks that you can choose from. Listed below are these interesting products:
  • Hygloss Products HYX42670 Bright Book Buddies Bookmarks, 25 Per Pack- This bookmark is made of good quality paper and slim enough to fit book pages. Would also make a good gift
  • Hygloss White Bookmarks Value Pack (Pack of 500)-- This set allows you to personalize your bookmarks. It’s just the right size to fit the pages of your book and has rounded edges and a hole punched into the top; you can affix a ribbon to the bookmark
  • Hygloss Products Inc. Bookmarks 2 X 6 Asstd Colors 500--These blank bookmarks are great for children's craft projects whether at home or school. They can personalize it as gifts for mother's day or father's day or any other celebrations. It’s made of top quality paper and comes in assorted colors
  • Hygloss Natural Wood Craft Sticks, People Shape, 25-Pack --Its made of high quality wood that’s smooth and free of splinters. It’s versatile and can be used to make many unique items apart from bookmarks. It’s shaped like people and is perfect for use in class, at home or camp
  • Hygloss Natural Wood Craft Sticks, Heart Shape, 6-Pack-- This heart-shaped craft sticks are made of good quality natural wood die and are smooth and free of splinter. This makes it ideal for decorating with many types of craft products. It’s versatile and can be used for other purposes apart from a bookmark

How Do I Choose the Best Bookmark?

With the increase of TV programs, computer and phone games and other digital and electronic pastime, a lot of children have lost the reading culture. Thankfully, there are also lots of educational tools that are made to inspire and encourage children to read. If you have children that are technologically savvy and can be “lured” into reading with technology, you can get them kindle, or an iPad tablet or download educative reading materials on their smart phones.

However, there is still no substitute in the value of conventional reading which should be encourage in youngsters, and there are many fun products that can motivate them to read. Things such as colorful bookmarks and the innovative digital bookmark and timer have functions that can engage them and make them want to use them all the time.

There are designs of bookmarks that are blank and come in assorted colors; when kids personalize these bookmarks the way they want, they’ll be eager to use them. The digital bookmarks come in various designs and also help parents to track the required reading time of the children and monitor their reading habit. These designs are fun and would engage the children also making them eager to use them constantly.

It would be a good idea for parents to have times when you read together with your kids; you might read to them or get them in the habit to read their own books. That would instill in them the value of reading and lifelong learning that books can provide.
Bookmarks are relatively affordable products. There are some that are as low as $2.50 but they could also be a bit pricey, as high as $22. These prices depend on a number of things which include the material, the design, the size, the quantity in a set and the brand that made it.

Bookmarks made of paper and wood are usually in the lower price range, while plastic or silicone products are in the middle range with die cast metal and stainless steel topping the list. Novelty bookmarks like the Harry Potter bookmark collections by The Noble Collections are more like collectibles and are more expensive than just plain bookmarks.

We know that there are cheap bookmarks in the market but your primary consideration should not be price but functionality and durability. Some of these cheap bookmarks would not last long and you end up wasting your time and money if you buy them.
A bookmark is something every avid reader would appreciate, it comes in handy on those occasions when you nod off in the middle of a reading session or when you have to pause your reading and pick up later. There some features that must be present before one can say that an item is performing well as a bookmark and it is necessary for you to know those features so that you can look out for them when you go shopping. These features include:
  • Material – This refers to what the bookmark is made of
  • Size – This talks about the weight and length of the bookmark
  • Quantity – Some bookmarks come in sets so the quantity refers to the number of bookmarks in a set
  • Design – This refers to the shape and style of the bookmark
  • Color – Some sets have bookmarks of assorted colors while others are just plain white or one color
How would these features affect the performance of the bookmark or of what benefit would they be to the user? Stay with us as we go further to explore and explain these features in full details.
Construction and Design
Bookmarks have evolved from just a strip of hard cardboard paper that you just put into the pages of your book to mark your place, to works of art. They are made of anything ranging from paper, to die cast metal and stainless steel, to plastic/silicone and wood.

Like we all know, bookmarks are designed solely to be kept within the pages of books, for this reason, the construction and the design has to be such that it would fit the books without damaging them. The material of manufacture determines how well this would happen.

The best material for a bookmark is paper; this is because paper is light and can be made thin enough to fit between the pages of a book. It would not fall out but would mark the page well without damaging the book. Plastic/silicone is used to make novelty bookmarks that come in different shapes and designs. While these are quite attractive and fun, they can sometimes be too thick and heavy or too short to really stay put in books.

Bookmarks made with die cast metal and/stainless steel are mostly costume, characters or movie props and also has the same disadvantage as plastic and that is that they can be thick and heavy and wouldn’t mark books well without either falling out or damaging the book. Bookmarks are also made with wood in different shapes and sizes. These types of bookmarks are craft products and can be used for different things other than bookmarking.

Generally, of all these materials, paper would be the least durable because it can be easily torn or crumpled but it happens to be the best for functionality.

The size of a bookmark goes a long way in determining its effectiveness. A thin and long bookmark would be more effective than a short and thick one but there are designs that may work well even if they are not long.
Performance and Ease of Use
When you are buying a bookmark, you need to determine who the user is; this would inform you on what combo you should be looking out for. Is it functionality, fun and education or just functionality? For children it’s advisable to get a bookmark with the functionality, fun and education combo. There are many bookmarks that provide this; they come in different shapes and designs, with cartoon characters and all sorts of fun things. For a child that’s a Harry Potter fan, you can get the Harry Potter bookmarks, for the child that’s a cartoon buff, there are many bookmarks that are designed with characters they can identify with and for the artsy type, blank bookmarks would do well as they can personalize them with fun writings, drawings or paintings. There are also digital bookmarks and timers that would help to track your children’s reading and also be an incentive for them to read more

Another thing about buying bookmarks for children is that you have to bear in mind that they would either lose, tear or damage them. This therefore means that you would have to keep replacing them. A budget friendly solution is buying the blank bookmarks that come in sets of 50, 100, 200 or even 500. They get two products in one—a crafts supply that they can write, draw or paint on and, a bookmark that you wouldn’t have to keep replacing every now and then.

Get the Best Bookmark of 2022!

Having come to the end of this review, we hope you have gotten enough information to help you make the right choice in your shopping for a bookmark. We encourage you to quickly make a purchase and see how it works out for you.

Our Top Choice
Peleg Design Hippomark Bookmark
Best Value
Fred & Friends Sprout Bookmark
The Noble Collection Hogwarts Bookmark Set
Mark-My-Time Digital Bookmark
Hygloss Bright Blank Bookmarks