Best Boombox Reviews 2022

Boomboxes are a great way to listen to music wherever and whenever, allowing you to take the party to the beach, park or wherever else your heart desires! With so many features being added to boomboxes in the last few years, you can now stream music to some products straight from your phone or tablet with the push of a button! Have a look through some of our best boombox brands below if you don’t believe us!
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Speaker Info
Battery Info
Our Top Choice
iHome iPod/iPhone Boombox
iHome has dedicated themselves to bringing their customers the most high-tech technology at great prices, evident in their iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Boom Box.
Available in 2 colors.
May be slightly too large for some customers.
iPhone boom box
SRS TrueBass
6 D Batteries
FM Radio
Available in 2 colors
Best Value
Logitech UE Mobile Boombox
Logitech is always thinking of new ways to bring you products that fit in perfectly with your hectic schedule, evident in their UE Mobile Boom Box!
Available in 5 colors. Sleek, portable design. Strong and powerful speaker. Can connect to your smartphone.
Does not have built-in radio.
Bluetooth speaker & speakerphone
Two full range drivers
Internal rechargeable battery
Available in 5 colors
Jensen CD Bluetooth Boombox
Jensen creates products that are the height of technology and style, evident in their CD Bluetooth Boombox.
CD player compatible. Bluetooth. LED CD track display. Fun, vibrant color.
Only available in 1 color.
Music system with CD player
Available in red
Sharkk Portable Bluetooth Boombox
Sharkk is passionate about everything electrical, and therefore creates products they know their customers will love, evident in their Portable Bluetooth Boombox.
Available in 2 colors.
Not as loud as some other speaker brands.
Speaker boom box
10 watt speaker
18+ Battery Life
Available in 2 colors
Memorex Bluetooth Boombox
Memorex has been creating electronic products for years, and certainly knows what they are doing when it comes to creating great quality products, evident in their Bluetooth Boom Box!
Bluetooth. Wireless and audio streaming. Bass-Boost function.
Only available in one design.
Bluetooth boom box
Two 3.5” active speakers
Available in black

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What is the Best Boombox?

When it comes to choosing the perfect boombox for you, it can often get a little confusing due to the sheer number of products available on the market today. Now that you have a better understanding of the factors you need to look out for, let’s take a look at the top 5 brands in the boombox category we have selected.
Our Top Choice
We simply fell in love with iHome’s iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Boom Box due to its fun design and the fact it comes in two great colors! If, however, you are after a slightly smaller (and cheaper) product, then take a look at iHome’s Bluetooth Rechargeable Boom Box instead!

iHome 30-Pin iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Boombox (Not Compatible w/ iPhone 5) – Available in 2 Colors & 2 Packaging Types

Created in 2005, iHome was marketed especially for iPod electronics. iHome is now the #1 brand within the iPod speaker market as well as the #1 brand in digital player speakers too. Today, iHome offers not only speakers but alarm clocks, clock radios, portable speakers, home audio systems, headphones and smartphone accessories too!

We wanted to feature iHome’s iPod/iPhone Speaker Dock Boombox due to its great reviews online and its fun retro design. This boom box comes with a pivoting connector that charges and plays 30-pin iPhone and docking iPod models too. It also has a powerful amp with two 4” woofers and two 1” tweeters for impressive sound, as well as SRS TruBass technology and 5 band EQ. This boom box also includes a digital tuning FM radio that works with the iHome radio app for thousands of internet radio station choices. As well as this, iHome’s boom box includes 100v-240v universal voltage and an AC adaptor with magnetized remote controls and an aux line-in jack.
Best Value
Logitech’s Bluetooth Boom Box and Speaker is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a powerful boombox for on the go! If, however you are after a higher end product with slightly more features, then take a look at Logitech’s UE 984-000304 Boombox Wireless Bluetooth Speaker instead!

Logitech Mobile Boombox Bluetooth Speaker and Speakerphone – Available in 5 Colors

Established in 1981, Logitech has a strong focus on innovation and quality. Their aim as a brand is to help people experience a better quality of digital experiences through their use of modern technology and design. Today, Logitech is the worldwide leader in not only speakers but computer mice and other PC accessories too.

We wanted to feature Logitech’s Bluetooth Boom Box and Speaker due to the brand’s popularity and the product’s sleek, portable design. This boombox can play music from up to 50 feet away from your Bluetooth-enabled tablet or smartphone. It also has multi-person access, which means you and a friends can take turns in playing your favorite music devices at the same time!

The two full range drivers in this product allow for crystal clear sounds as well as a passive radiator for ultimate volume! This boombox also doubles up as a speakerphone with its built in microphone for hands-free calling. You can even take this product away with you due to its compact and portable design with over 10 hours of rechargeable battery life.
We loved the vibrant style of Jensen’s CD Bluetooth Boombox and the fact that it is Bluetooth compatible too! If you are after a slightly cheaper product, however, then take a look at Jensen’s Sport Stereo CD Player Boom Box instead!

Jensen Red Limited Edtion Portable Bluetooth Music System Boombox with CD Player

Jensen is all about hands-on research and bringing you the best available products on the market today! Their hands-on attitude towards the creation of their electronic products means they are of the highest quality and are expertly designed by Logitech’s team of engineers. If you are after top quality products with a HUGE selection of different styles, then Jensen is the brand for you!

We wanted to feature Jensen’s CD Bluetooth Boombox due to its stylish design and the fact it’s a #1 new release on Amazon too! It supports both A2DP and AVRCP Top Loading, and is CD player compatible. Its Blue LED CD Track display allows you to skip and search, and its programmable memory has a FM stereo receiver as well as a bass boost headphone jack. This boom box even has an auxiliary input for connecting your iPod, MPS or any other digital audio players you may have!
We loved how many features Sharkk’s Portable Bluetooth Boom Box included and the fact it looks pretty darn good too! If, however, you are after a boom box with surround sound too, then take a look at Sharkk’s Speaker Set Surround Sound Stereo instead!

Sharkk Speaker Boombox Bluetooth Speaker Portable Wireless Speakers with 18+ Hour Battery Life – Available in 2 Colors

Electronics brand Sharkk is a brand created by the people, for the people, and therefore creates products that their customers LOVE! Their community of shoppers give the brand great insight into what it is their customers want from an electronics brand, and allows them to create products that match their customer’s criteria perfectly. Their high-performance products will fit into your modern life perfectly!

We wanted to feature Sharkk’s Speaker Bluetooth Boom Box due to the fact it has such an incredible number of impressive reviews online and at Amazon too! The 10-watt portable Bluetooth speakers in this product have an impressively loud and clear sound, with a battery life that can last up to 18+ hours! The product’s LED indicators will let you know when the battery needs to be recharged, and also works for hands-free calls with its built in microphone. The sensors in this product automatically illuminate the buttons so you can control the boom box even at night or in dark rooms. You can even connect your iPhone or Android device to this product and play music directly from your phone from over 30 feet!
If you are after a reliable boom box product with all the bells and whistles, then Memorex’s Bluetooth Boombox is the one for you! If, however you are after a slightly higher end product, then take a look at Memorex’s Sport CD Portable Boombox instead!

Memorex Bluetooth Boombox with FM radio in Black

Memorex is an electronics brand that was created in the 1990s, specializing in CD and DVD products as well as flash memory, computer accessories, recordable devices and a whole host of other wonderful electronic products! Originally starting out as a computer tape manufacturer, Memorex now is a major supplier of IBM plugs and other IBM compatible products.

We wanted to feature Memorex’s Bluetooth Boombox due to the brand’s overall popularity and the sleek design of the product. This boom box has Bluetooth-enabled wireless and audio streaming as well as two 3.5” speakers and 2 passive speakers for a high-quality, loud sound! This product also has a bass-boost function so your music will sound crystal clear, and a digital FM radio with an internal antenna.

How Do I Choose the Best Boombox?

It has been over two decades since boomboxes disappeared from the streets in the 1980s. The renowned Radio Raheem gadget took with it the thrill of break dance at the sidewalk and outdoor blast. Music became personal and technology switched to this direction.

If you are a music enthusiast, the party is back, press the play button and sit back for the good old days of boomboxes.

Both the old fashioned and the new version are known for their outstanding technology and performance.
One of the most interesting experiences you will find in these boxes is their power-packed bass; their inbuilt speakers ensure these things live up to their name. And speaking of speakers, did you know that you could also connect them to wireless speakers? Well, if you want to spice things up a bit, this is just one of the options to take things to a whole new level.

Thanks to their size, a handle and a strap on some of them, it goes without saying that portability is another aspect you will find with these boxes. Besides, with their considerably low price, you get a good sound for your buck. If playback is your favorite, a USB drive will help you go full throttle with the fun, but if you like tuning in, then they also come with a radio as well. It does not end here; you can also use your smartphone with most of them, just in case you want to enjoy the files in your handset.

Before looking through our review, have a look at the important features of these incredible musical legends.
Price is important when it comes to purchasing electronics — as you get what you pay for. Boomboxes come with different features, in different designs and sizes, and all these factors affect the overall price. Generally, for a good quality boombox, you can find one in a range from $60 up to $120. If you go for the high-end product that offers you more features, you can expect to pay more.

Let’s not forget there are cheap boomboxes but they will only offer you limited features — like not being able to connect your smartphone or plug in your USB and jam to your favorite playlist. If you hope to enjoy such features, expect to pay a premium.
It goes without saying that one of the best things you can find in these boxes is their myriad features, from colors, sizes, and capabilities. All these are meant to give them not only a pleasing appearance but also an outstanding performance. Checking out the box with the best features for your choice is absolutely the way to go.

Here are some of the features to look out for:
  • Type - Boomboxes come in a variety of options, but most of them come with surround sound feature, CD player, and others enable the use of iPhone input for an unbeatable user experience.
  • Speaker - Usually, this aspect is determined by the size of the boombox, most smaller ones come with two speakers while the larger ones feature three, with the additional one being for bass purposes.
  • Battery life - Boomboxes in this day and age will probably have a power cord to plug into the mains, however, some may have the options of batteries too. Whatever the case, make sure you’ve got enough battery life to keep the party going!
  • Connectivity - When it comes to boomboxes, you do not have to worry about connectivity issues, as you can count on wireless options, USB port, jack port, you name them; it all depends on your choice.
  • Color - Whether you are the sort who love bright colors, or go for whatever option is available, boomboxes will always have something for you. These boxes come with a considerable variety of colors, ensuring something for everyone.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the aspect of sound, personal choice plays a significant role in determining the type and level of sound you want to experience. With boomboxes, you have every reason and means to switch a little function to a full-on party. Show off the different playback options with your surround sound that’ll put everyone inside the music!

While we’re on the subject of speakers, you should consider what size meets your needs. If you’re just planning to put your boombox on in the house during a small get together or whilst dancing around with the mop then you probably won’t need very large speakers. If, however, you’re a bass head and you want to feel the beat, then go ahead and opt for a box packed out with the latest, loudest speakers. Just remember to grab some ear plugs while you’re at it.

Finally, the last thing to consider will be design. We all have our differences when it comes to style and color, and this is well known to manufacturers. From red, black and silver to fushia, turquoise and gold, there are many options on the market for you.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you have already used a boombox, you probably know how important a lasting battery can be. Make sure the boombox you go for has a decent power supply or battery life and you’re good to go. Most boomboxes today will be ones where you charge them up at home and then you can take them out and about wherever the wind takes you. A battery life on full charge of 8 hours + is a must, but look out for some extra-awesome boxes where the battery life lasts more than 18 hours! Yes, it’s true, we’ve seen it with our own eyes!

Another thing these new boomboxes are utilizing is connection. Ensure the product you choose has all the connectivity you need, whether that’s Bluetooth capabilities, a 3.5 mm jack port for external speakers or wireless connectivity to your smartphone. All these things will make your life a whole lot easier when you’re trying to bust out your best moves to that retro 90s tune! Last but not least, another handy addition would be a remote! Yep, those old-fashioned things: well, who wants to walk all the way over to the boombox to do a dramatic change of song?

Get the Best Boombox of 2022!

By now you should have a better understanding of what each brand has to offer as well as what products are available to you on the market today. If you aren’t particularly fond of the product we have chosen, then don’t you worry; all our selected brands have a HUGE variety of products to choose from, so simply browse through their other choices to find the best boombox for you.

Our Top Choice
iHome iPod/iPhone Boombox
Best Value
Logitech UE Mobile Boombox
Jensen CD Bluetooth Boombox
Sharkk Portable Bluetooth Boombox
Memorex Bluetooth Boombox