Best Boomerang Reviews 2022

Boomerangs come in various types, brands, sizes, color finishes, and materials. They can be used indoors or outdoors and can be left-handed, right-handed or both. We have researched five of the best boomerang brands on the market, showcasing a boomerang from each to help you find one that best meets your needs.
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Hand Used
Our Top Choice
Colorado Boomerang Kilimanjaro Wood Boomerang
Colorado Boomerang was founded in 1985. It’s a leading American brand that produces high quality handcrafted boomerangs and related accessories using Finnish birch plywood.
The boomerang is lightweight, durable, easy to use and best for anyone above 10 years of age. It’s also affordable, comfortable to grip, colorful and covers a distance of up to 55 yards.
It’s designed for adults, hence not ideal for kids below 10 years.
Outdoor returning
Right handed
55 yards
10 x 14.5 x 0.1 inches & 0.35 lbs
Best Value
Happily Safe Wooden Boomerang
Happily Safe is a brand with a focus on manufacturing safe outdoor gear for kids and the whole family such as boomerang toys.
It’s premium, affordable, easy to use, lightweight, portable, ideal for at least 8 years olds onwards, high-performing, sturdy and durable and comes with a bonus slingshot.
So far, no issues have been reported by users.
Outdoor returning toy
Left handed
9 yards
13.6 x 6.9 x 0.1 inches & 0.1 lbs
Wallaby Boomerangs Warukay 2 Wood Boomerang
Wallaby Boomerangs is a brand responsible for manufacturing high quality boomerangs for outdoor and indoor use with locations in the USA and Canada.
The boomerang is durable, lightweight, easy to use, ideal for at least 10-year olds and covers up to 25 yards when thrown.
It’s more expensive than most boomerangs.
Outdoor juggling
Right or left handed
Birch wood, bamboo
20 to 25 yards
8.5 x 8.5 inches & 0.12 lbs
Rangs Boomerangs Kookaburra Wooden Boomerang
Started by a thrower with many championships under his belt, Rangs creates sports, handmade competition and wooden traditional boomerangs as well as boomerangs for beginners.
It’s versatile, soft, durable, safe, lightweight, easy to use, high performing and usable by at least 8-year olds.
No issues reported.
Indoor use
Left or right handed
27.34 yards
6.3 x 16.1 x 0.2 inches & 0.25 lbs
Channel Craft Spirit of Fire Boomerang
Founded in 1983, Channel Craft began as a traveling wood shop. The American brand has grown over the years to make high quality handcrafted games, toys and puzzles.
It’s durable, lightweight, affordable, colorful, used by at least 9-year olds, easy to use and covers up to 35 yards when thrown.
Some users complained that it doesn’t last long.
Toy boomerang
Right handed
Baltic birch wood
25 to 35 yards
13 x 8.5 x 0.3 inches & 0.25 lbs

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What is the Best Boomerang?

Choose a boomerang of the right type, material, flight distance, hand orientation, size, and color finish, and carefully consider any other features it comes with. Long-distance boomerangs can be used outdoors either by professionals or beginners and a good size will ensure you can easily hold the boomerang for maximum throws within the covered limit. Find out if one of our recommended boomerangs is what you need.
Our Top Choice
Designed for adults, the right-handed Colorado Boomerang Kilimanjaro Wood Boomerang is designed to cover up to 55 yards when thrown before returning. The hook-shaped boomerang is handcrafted to a smooth finishing touch and appealing look. The Colorado Boomerang Speed Racer Boomerang comes with a long helicopter hover and is improved for fast catch. Opt for it if you want a blue boomerang for beginner kids at almost half the price of our featured product.

Colorado Boomerang Kilimanjaro Wooden Boomerang – Made in the USA

Colorado Boomerang is an American brand that has been handcrafting boomerangs since 1985. Other than supplying its range of boomerangs to different vendors, the company also prints custom designs on the products as you please. Designed by the firm’s leading boomerang craftsmen, the company makes use of tested blueprints to ensure that you always have access to high quality wooden boomerangs despite your location on the globe.

The Colorado Boomerang Kilimanjaro Wood Boomerang is made in the USA and handcrafted for personal touch. Despite being one of the largest boomerangs in the company’s collection, it travels up to 55 yards away when thrown. Designed in the form of a hook, it’s ideal for you if you’re doing traditional long distance throwing. What’s more, it comes with a 24-page instruction booklet with illustrations. This means you can use this boomerang if you’re at least 10 years old, although it’s made for adults.

Here are a few other Colorado Boomerangs to consider:
  • High Quality Yanaki Sports Boomerang
  • Yellow Target Boomerang
  • Polypropylene Pro Sports Boomerang
  • Polypropylene Black Mamba Boomerang
  • Colorado Boomerangs Aussie Fever Wooden Boomerang
It’s available in multiple colors of red, white, gold and yellow.
Best Value
Designed for advanced and beginner players, the Happily Safe Wooden Boomerang is ideal for kids who are at least eight years of age and adults. It’s the right toy to bring your whole family outdoors for unending fun with throws covering up to 9 yards. The Happily Safe Boomerang is also wooden and ideal for both kids and adults. Opt for it if you want a boomerang in a different color and design for outdoor family fun times at a cheaper price.

Happily Safe Boomerang - A Wooden Flying Toy that Always Return when Used in the Right Way

Join your family outdoors for fun boomerang throwing sessions. Happily Safe is a new brand with a focus on helping families have fun outdoors. Whether you want to play in your backyard, lawn or any other open space outdoors, this is a good way to spend your time in summer.

The Happily Safe Wooden Boomerang is a flying toy that returns when thrown. It covers up to 9 yards when thrown. Each pack comes with a bonus slingshot. It’s hand-made and professionally-designed with non-toxic water paint and hardwood.

The high-performance boomerang is ideal for both beginners and advanced users of at least 8 years. The medium-sized boomerang is available in blue and beige colors.
Designed for left or right hand use, the Wallaby Boomerangs Warukay 2 Wood Boomerang is designed for people who’re at least 10 years of age. It’s a fantastic boomerang designed for outdoor juggling or trick catching up to 25 yards. The Wallaby Boomerangs Wandjuk 1 is a fantastic v-shaped traditional boomerang for light to medium wind speeds. Opt for it if you want a boomerang designed for at least 15 year olds.

Wallaby Boomerangs Warukay 2 Wooden Boomerang – Great for Practice, Tricks or Juggling

The innovative brand with contemporary designs is ideal for your outdoor adventures. Wallaby Boomerang designs safe outdoor gear and boomerangs to meet all your throwing needs.

The Wallaby Boomerangs Warukay 2 Wood Boomerang flies in light wind speeds. With a flight distance of 20 to 25 yards when thrown, this is the boomerang you need to hone your juggling, throwing or trick catching skills.

Here are a few other Wallaby Boomerangs to consider:
  • Wungan - Boomerang
  • Wallaby Boomerangs Wawilak - Boomerang
  • Warukay 3 - Boomerang
This boomerang comes in a star-shape with varying multi-color finishes.
Made in Australia, the Rangs Boomerangs Kookaburra Wood Boomerang is naturally-decorated for use by persons who’re at least 10 years old. The boomerang covers about 27 yards when thrown, and is ideal for both beginners and seasoned players. Rangs Boomerangs Indoor Magic is made of ‘memorang’ foam, hence it is ideal for indoor use. When thrown, it covers about 4.3 to 7 yards in a cycle. Opt for it if you want a boomerang made of foam for safe indoor use at almost half the price of our featured product.

Rangs Boomerangs Kookaburra Natural Wood Boomerang

Rangs Boomerangs uses aerodynamic design and different sizes and shapes of models to create magnificent boomerangs. The Rangs Boomerangs Kookaburra Wood Boomerang is designed to fly up to 27 yards and to be used by at least 10 year-olds. It comes with instructions to guide you on how it works.
Made from Baltic birch wood, the Channel Craft Spirit of Fire Boomerang is handcrafted to cover up to 35 yards when thrown. It comes in three designs, each with distinct elevations, distance covered and patterns of flight. The Channel Craft Southpaw Wind Boomerang is designed to cover 25 yards and comes in varying colors. Opt for it if you want a left-handed boomerang made for just kids in a different finishing.

Channel Craft Spirit of Fire Wooden Boomerang – Made in the USA

Channel Craft is a household brand that has grown over the years to offer high quality products to keep you and your family entertained. Having started out as a traveling shop, today the brand boasts many products in its catalogue, ranging from cool puzzles to colorful toys your kids will love.

The Channel Craft Spirit of Fire Boomerang is made in USA. It’s handcrafted from birch wood for durability and personal touch, and given a colorful finishing. It’s designed for use by at least 9-year olds and covers up to 35 yards. It comes with flight instructions to help you as a beginner on how to use it.

Here a few other Channel Craft boomerangs to consider:
  • Channel Craft Boomerang Spirit of Earth
  • Channel Craft Boomerang Spirit of Fire Grafitti - Right Handed – Colors Vary (Toys)
  • Channel Craft Boomerang, The Calico Jack
You’ll find this boomerang in multiple colors your child will love as a gift.

How Do I Choose the Best Boomerang?

Boomerangs are flat tools designed in the form of airfoils to spin when thrown. They’ve been used for centuries, with their origin linked to the Australian Aborigines who used them for hunting. The indigenous Australians are also believed to have used boomerangs in sports and entertainment.

Traditionally, boomerangs were made from wood. However, they’ve revolutionized over the years and today they can be made of leather and plastic as well. Other than sports and entertainment, boomerangs are also used for decoration and education purposes. Adding a decorated boomerang into your interior space is a perfect way of giving your space a traditional yet elegant look.

Since the market is flooded with cheaply-made products, finding a good boomerang can be a challenge, especially if you’re buying one for the first time. Popular online boomerang forums can help you learn more about these products from seasoned users.

When shopping for a boomerang, you must first decide on the type you want. Boomerangs can be designed for hunting or categorized as returning, indoor or outdoor, cross, beginners, seasoned or toys. Consider matching your hunting gear such as deer calls with your boomerang if you intend to use it for hunting.

If you’re buying one you can display indoors in your living room, make sure it blends into your existing décor. If your furniture is wooden, consider buying a wood boomerang or a leather one if you have cushioned or upholstered seats, for a matching look.
The material, size, popularity and design of a boomerang can influence its price. Available in different colors, finishings and age of the expected user, basic boomerangs cost about $5 to $20. Handcrafted and customized designs cost more as they’re given a personal touch.

Although boomerangs are generally not highly priced, functional pieces and retro designs cost more. High-end boomerangs cost anything from $20 to $40 whereas toys are priced below $15. If you’re looking for a boomerang meant for hunting, sports or entertainment, make sure you buy the best quality.

Cheap boomerangs might seem appealing but they barely last and have rough edges. Therefore, you must avoid them. Buy from a popular brand with experience in the industry.
Boomerangs are simple but come in various shapes and designs. They’re decorated differently and also come in varying sizes. Boomerangs are also designed for different applications. As such, it’s important to know what to look for in a boomerang to find one that meets your specific needs. They’re given different color finishes and decorated for an appealing look.

Here are the import features to look for in a boomerang:
  • Small size for easy throws
  • Material such as wood, leather, plastic, etc.
  • Country of origin such as US, Germany, France, etc.
  • Safety for children to use the boomerangs
  • Left or right – handed use
  • Distance covered
A good boomerang made from premium materials can last years and years of use; find one that works for you in terms of functionality and appearance.
Construction and Design
Shopping for a boomerang? Here are some factors to help you make an informed decision:
  • Size – Choose a boomerang depending on how you intend to use it. A big boomerang is suitable for entertainment, sports, hunting or decoration. Consider small and light boomerangs if you are buying one for your children to play with as a toy. However, heavy boomerangs are also ideal for decoration because they don’t have to be moved around.
  • Material – The right material for your boomerang depends on your personal tastes and preferences. Wooden boomerangs can be crafted and engraved for a traditional look. On the other hand, plastic boomerangs are typical of the modern user. Whichever material you choose, ensure it is durable.
  • Shape/Design - Boomerangs are built in different shapes, designs and colors to meet your unique needs. Toy boomerangs are safe for children to use. Today, people are more creative and make paxolin, carbon fiber, leather and phenolic boomerangs.
  • Country of Origin – Boomerangs are made in different countries such as the US, UK, France, India, Australia and Germany. This is important when you collect antique boomerangs as the style often reflects culture.
  • Good Quality – Find a boomerang that’s made from premium materials to give you value for your money. Buy a durable boomerang from a popular brand to ensure it lasts.
  • Safety – A good boomerang is stiff, smooth and offers good grip to minimize or prevent possible injuries. This is an important feature to consider when buying a boomerang for your kids.
  • Hand Used – Buy a boomerang designed to support the hand you use most. It can either be right or left handed, or both.
  • Distance – The distance a boomerang covers is important to ensure you buy the right one for your unique throwing needs.
Performance and Ease of Use
Boomerangs move swiftly when thrown and the lighter they are, the faster and farther they travel. They can be built with up to four wings to support faster movement. Boomerangs with fewer wings are less likely to cover longer distances. Returning boomerangs are built with more wings to ensure they are able to return.

A boomerang’s wings can help you determine whether its left or right handed or both. Left-handed boomerangs have wings that rotate clockwise while the converse is true regarding right-handed designs. Whether you’re a beginner or advanced boomerang user, find one that suits your experience level.

Get the Best Boomerang of 2022!

Whether you’re a professional or beginner boomerang thrower, or simply want to gift one to a friend or loved one, there’s a boomerang out there to meet your needs. We hope with our review of five of the top boomerangs, you’ll be in a position to pick the right one.

Our Top Choice
Colorado Boomerang Kilimanjaro Wood Boomerang
Best Value
Happily Safe Wooden Boomerang
Wallaby Boomerangs Warukay 2 Wood Boomerang
Rangs Boomerangs Kookaburra Wooden Boomerang
Channel Craft Spirit of Fire Boomerang