Best Bounce House Reviews 2018

Kids love to jump – on the mattress, sofa, anywhere. The very thought that they’re going for a moonwalk jumping party makes them go crazy. What if we told you that you could bring the fun right into your backyard with high quality and affordable bounce houses? Yes, we know the feeling — and the smile — your little ones and their friends will have. So read on and discover some of the best bounce house brands and of course some great choices you can get today. Quality isn’t a problem if you’re buying from these brands!
Max Capacity
Age Range
Pump Info
Our Top Choice
KidWise Safari Bounce House with Slide
KidWise is all about kid’s products – from trampolines to bounce houses and many more. The Safari Bounce and Slide provides lots of fun.
Good weight capacity. Exciting animal design. Large sliding area. Quality construction.
A bit pricey, but worth every coin!
Up to 4 kids, up to 400 pounds
3 – 10 years
132” x 144” x 120”/ 75 pounds
110-120V air blower included
320D Oxford nylon
Best Value
Bounceland Dragon Quest Bounce House
Bounceland offers exciting, affordable and colorful bounce houses to bring a smile to kids. The Inflatable Dragon Quest is made with a heavy-duty puncture-proof material.
Strong construction. Comes with a basketball kit. Easy to set up, use, and take down.
The netting is a bit low for taller kids.
Up to 3 kids, up to 300 pounds
2 – 10 years
138” x 138” x 96”/ 51 pounds
120V air blower included
PVC-coated, Oxford terylene
Island Hopper Fort Bounce House
Island Hopper is a popular name in the world of bounce houses. The Bounce House Fort All Sport features a reinforced PVC floor and a large play surface measuring 13’ x 10’.
Large playing surface. Unique design. Can accommodate older kids. Good weight limit.
A but pricey because of the high end features.
Up to 5 kids, up to 500 pounds
4 – 10 years
144” x 180” x 84”/ 84 pounds
120V air blower included
Nylon, PVC
My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House
Focusing on safety is what has put My Bouncer ahead of its competitors. The Little Castle Bounce has a weight capacity of 150 lbs and can accommodate 2 kids.
Affordable. Quality puncture-resistant material. Low-noise blower.
Smaller playing ground. Less weight capacity.
Up to 2 kids, up to 150 pounds
3 – 10 years
88” x 118” x 72”/ 31 pounds
120V air blower included
Puncture-resistant nylon
Cloud 9 Princess Inflatable Bounce House
Cloud 9 is one of America’s top manufacturers of bounce houses. The Princess Bounce House can accommodate up to 3 kids and 300 lbs.
Affordable. Quality puncture-proof nylon construction. Good weight capacity for the price.
Smaller playing surface.
Up to 3 kids, up to 300 pounds
3 – 11 years
23” x 17.4” x 17.4”
480W air blower included
Heavy duty 420D and 600D nylon

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How Do I Choose the Best Bounce House?

Let’s face it: a kid’s party is never complete without some jumping and screaming! Yes, you could have a nice ball pit to make the party fun, but you have to get something that those little munchkins can jump on without the worry of going home with injuries. We’re talking about a good quality bounce house from well known manufacturers.

We’ll be honest with you. A good bounce house isn’t just any bounce house, and we’ll tell you why. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (APP), every 46 minutes (less time than it takes you to watch one Bing Bang Theory episode), there’s a child who get’s injured while playing in a bounce house. You might ask — what are some of the injuries? Well, pretty much all of them - from concussions and fractures, to lacerations, to sprains and strains, these kids are sustaining heavy beatings in these playhouses.

And do you know why some of these injuries are common? The answer is simple — poor choice of bounce houses! The safety of your little munchkins comes first and this is why you must spend more time learning how to find the best one. Unlike a baby bounce that comes with straps to keep your kid tight into place, a bounce house is different as it gives the kids more freedom to scream and jump within inflated walls.

With reputable brands you can be sure to get a good quality bounce house that’ll last and give you some peace of mind. Just like baby floats, you’re required to inflate them to a certain pressure for the best performance. As long as you’ve done your homework, there’s no reason to get worried about your bounce house disappointing you when that long-awaited birthday party for your prince or princes comes. Your little munchkins deserve the world, and that’s what you should give them!

These are some of the considerations factors that’ll help you shop for that one bounce house that will be safe and fun to your kids!
When it comes to the price, you really don’t have a choice other than to pay a premium for a truly outstanding bounce house. You can’t gamble with the safety of your kids, meaning that the quality that you go for has to be top notch. Bounce houses can cost as low as $200, but you can find models priced as high as $700. What really affects this price range is the materials used, slides, the dimensions, as well as the overall quality of the build.

While most inflatable bounces come with inflators included in the package, don’t be surprised to find others that don’t include one, requiring you to purchase it separately. If it saves you money, go for the complete package, as this way you can enjoy warranty on all the products.
The budget isn’t the only thing you should consider when buying a bounce house – there’s more! Just to make sure you’re on the right track, keep in mind the following features:

Capacity and weight
    Whether you’re looking for an inflatable bouncer to use indoors or in your backyard, it shouldn’t be bulky to the point that it’s hard to manage. Go for the lightweight options, and as you check the total weight of the bounce house, don’t forget about the number of kids it can accommodate. While some can accommodate up to five kids with a total weight of 500 pounds, you’ll find others with a capacity of only two kids and a weight capacity of merely 150 pounds.
    Basic bouncers come with just one entrance and maybe a single slide. While these tend to be more affordable, you may consider getting your little ones more elaborate models that come with a variety of features. We’re talking about tunnels, multiple slides, climbing walls, obstacle courses and even basketball hoops.
    How much space in your space are you prepared to sacrifice for a bounce house? How many children do you have, and how many friends do they have? These are some of the questions you may ask yourself in order to determine the right size. Some models are big, incorporating more features, and therefore requiring more space to set up. Be sure to check the measurements, both exterior and interior just to be on the safe side.
Construction and Design
If one thing is certain, it’s that bounce houses endure quite a lot of abuse. For this reason, you probably want to go with quality material that’s durable yet not tough or hard enough to harm your kids. The best bounces houses should be made from Oxford nylon, Oxford Terylene or quality PVC. There are heavy duty models that come with 400D – 600D nylon meaning that they can withstand the beating your kids subject the bounce house to.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bounce houses are all about fun. For safety purposes and to make the play even more exciting, go for one with a high floor — at least one that’s positioned high enough to let your little ones bounce with ease. While at it, make sure that the ceiling is also high enough — you wouldn’t want your kids to suffer head injuries at the end of the day.

Some inflatable bounces come with tunnels, but they’re usually narrow and small, making them best suited for smaller kids. Others come with water features for that wet summertime fun! If you get one with obstacles and climbing walls (or one that allows you to add them), it’ll be a plus to keep your kids occupied for hours.

Inflatable bounces usually come with air pumps that are key to setting them up. Some models would work better with the air pump in operation throughout to decrease chances of tears or other damages, since they tend to deflate a bit during use.

What is the Best Bounce House?

Whether you’re planning for a birthday party or you just want your kids to enjoy a great time during the holidays then you’re right to get a bounce house. Now that you know what to look for when purchasing a good quality bounce house, let’s look at our top picks. We’ve done enough research on all the factors, giving you sufficient information to help you make this important purchase for your princes or princesses. If you don’t find the right fit for your little munchkins, don’t worry because these brands have plenty of other options, so be sure to check them out!
Our Top Choice
The Safari Bounce and Slide comes with animal designs to let your kids have fun like they are on a safari! It features an incredible 400 lb weight capacity, accommodating up to 4 kids. If you love this model, but would want a bounce house that can accommodate more kids and weight (5 and 500 lbs respectively), then get the KidWise Clubhouse Climber Bounce House.
KidWise Safari Inflatable Bounce House with Slide - Inflatable Jumper with Jungle Theme

KidWise Bounce House FJC-501

Think of any fun product for kids and chances are that KidWise has it. Whether you are looking for trampolines, swing sets, ride on bikes, play sets or wagons, then you can trust this brand to give you nothing but quality products. It is known for state-of-the-art design and outstanding quality, giving parents countless options.

The Safari Bounce and Slide is constructed to allow your little munchkins to have fun in any season. KidWise has made it extremely easy to use, and all you have to do is unfold it, hook up an air blower (also included), and puff! It’s up and running in minutes! It can accommodate 4 children, provided they do not exceed 400 lbs.

Retailing at around $449, you can get this bounce house today and enjoy the following features:
  • Sliding area leads one to the entrance of the bouncer
  • A big curved slide that can be accessed right from the inside
  • A 400 lb capacity, with a limit of 4 kids
  • Comes with exciting animal designs. Entrance is a Lions mouth while the slide down is an Elephant’s trunk
Best Value
The Inflatable Dragon Quest is a fun bounce house with a weight capacity of 300 lbs and a maximum user capacity of 3 kids. If you want a slightly larger model with a higher user capacity and one that can accommodate up to 4 kids, then we think you will love the Ultimate Combo Bounce House.
Bounceland Inflatable Bounce House with Slide, Ball Pit and Basketball Game

Bounceland Bounce House – Dragon Quest

Bounceland specializes in a wide range of bounce houses, offering kids adventurous and thrilling experiences during the holidays, birthday parties, or any other day! It has made all its products extremely easy to use and given each one of them a unique design to ensure kids love them.

Just as the name suggests, the Inflatable Dragon Quest looks like a dragon castle with a ball pit included. It is a great bounce house for the younger kids who love to spend time jumping. It comes with a plastic ball set for fun basketball games, providing plenty of creative playing.

With all these nice features included, you only have to spend around $399 to get this bounce house on Amazon. Some of the features in store for you include:
  • Heavy-duty commercial-grade material
  • Easy to set up, use and take down
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor use
  • Large jumping area of 6.1 x 6.3 x 6.4 feet
  • Maximum of 3 children and a weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Package comes with a ball pit, 30 plastic balls and a large carrying bag
  • Inflated size is 11.5 x 11.5 x 8 ft
The Bounce House Fort All Sport is a uniquely designed bounce house with a maximum load of 500 lbs, accommodating up to 5 kids. If you are looking for a different design, perhaps a wider model, but with the same weight capacity, then we recommend that you get the Island Hopper Sports & Hops Recreational Bounce House today.
Island Hopper Inflatable Bounce House with Slide and 7 Sport/Activity Features Including a Climbing Wall

Island Hopper Bounce House– Fort All Sport

From the start all the way to the finish, Island Hopper uses only quality and durable materials when making its products. Its bounce houses, to be precise, are made to be safe and fun at the same time. Whether you want your little ones to have a great time during the holidays, or planning a birthday party, you can be sure to give everyone a thrilling experience without suffering any injuries.

The Bounce House Fort All Sport may cost a pretty penny, retailing at around $700, but we can assure you it’s worth it. It’s a bounce house and a club house at the same time, loaded with lots of creative ideas to make activities and games more fulfilling. It comes with an elevated lookout area that your kids can access by climbing up 4 steps. If they prefer a slum dunk basketball game, or playing shot soccer, the bounce house has all that included. What more would you want for your precious munchkins?

To make the deal even sweeter, here are more features you will get:
  • 7 activity/sports, ranging from soccer to basketball slam dunk to a climbing wall
  • Large play surface measuring 13’ x 10’
  • Reinforced PVC floor
  • Package comes ready to get the fun going. You get a blower, storage bag, stakes, game board, 1 ball and even a repair kit
The Brewster Little Castle Bounce House can comfortably accommodate 2 kids at the same time, provided they don’t weigh over 150 lbs. If you want an even smaller model but with the same user and weight capacity, then you can get the My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce and save a few bucks.
My Bouncer Inflatable Bounce House Bopper with Built-in Ball Pit, Hoop and Step - Large Floor Space Required

My Bouncer Bounce House 278762402 – Little Castle

Never willing to let other brands catch up, My Bouncer has demonstrated rich design techniques in its bounce houses over the years, making it a hard to beat company. Its unending dedication to quality has always been evident with the kind of bounce houses it releases to the market.

The Brewster Little Castle Bounce is an affordable bounce house retailing at just $311.67 (almost half the price on Amazon). It features puncture-resistant nylon backed with quality natural rubber in order to retain air. It has a height of 72” to allow it to fit anywhere, whether you want to put it in your backyard, corridor or basement. The package comes with a repair kit for minor cuts to the material.

If you are on a budget and want to get a small bounce house with a user capacity of 2 and a combined weight capacity of 150 lbs, then this is certainly the model to go for. You will enjoy the following features:
  • Great for use indoors and outdoors
  • Quality nylon material to resist punctures
  • Built-in step/landing, ball hoop
  • Bounce area of 50” x 50”:
  • Supports a maximum of 2 kids, each weighing up to 75 lbs
  • Easy to set up. The unit inflates in less than a minute (blower included)
The Princess Inflatable Bounce House has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, which means it can accommodate up to 3 kids weighing 100 lbs or less each. If you want a model with a different design and one that can accommodate 4 kids (400 lbs in total), then we suggest you add some extra bucks and get the Cloud 9 Quad Combo Bounce House.
Cloud 9 Princess Inflatable Bounce House with Slide and Large Mesh Side Windows

Cloud 9 Bounce House – Pink Castle Theme

“More Bounce for your buck”. This is the philosophy Cloud 9 has had since it opened its doors in 2007. The company is not just interested in banking your check; it goes the extra mile to ensure you get the best value for your buck. It manufactures quality bounce houses with innovative designs and makes them pocket friendly so that every kid has a story to tell!

The Princess Inflatable Bounce House comes with a stunning pink theme. It measures 12 ft deep x 9 ft wide x 7 ft tall once its fully inflated, meaning that it’s large enough to allow your adorable kids to experience real fun jumping. It has a weight capacity of 300 lbs, which means that it can accommodate about 3 kids weighing 100lbs or less each. The castle comes with large mesh windows should you want to keep an eye on your little ones as they jump.

This bounce house is ideal for family reunions, birthday parties, holidays or any other time your kids want to have some fun. Here are the features that it offers:
  • The bounce house complies fully with the Lead Free Toys Act
  • Made from heavy duty 600D and 420D fire-resistant and puncture-proof nylon
  • Comes with 480W UL-listed blower

Get the Best Bounce House of 2018!

There you go! You’re now familiar with some of the best bounce houses around, but take another quick look if you’re still undecided about these awesome picks. We can only imagine the happiness and joy that’ll be in your kids’ eyes when they wake up during the holidays or on their birthday to see one of these. But they deserve it, so give them the treat of their life!

Our Top Choice
KidWise Safari Bounce House with Slide
Best Value
Bounceland Dragon Quest Bounce House
Island Hopper Fort Bounce House
My Bouncer Little Castle Bounce House
Cloud 9 Princess Inflatable Bounce House