Best Bowling Bag Reviews 2022

Bowling bags; it’s usually difficult for buyers to pick one from the myriads of options available on the market. To guide you towards making the right decision, we’ve researched and selected some of the best bowling bag brands with some of the best bowling bags and reviewed one from each of them. We would, however, like you to know the featured brands have other models that you may want to see if the ones reviewed here aren’t exactly what you’re looking for.
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Our Top Choice
BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag
BSI has a long history of producing quality bowling products - from bowling balls to bags, lockers and bowling shoes for professional bowlers and rookies alike.
Portable design. Tough and durable. Polyvinyl/ramie material construction. Removable foam ball holder. Side shoe compartment. Extra pocket for accessories.
Not suitable for heavy bowling balls.
14 x 9.5 x 12.5 inches
1 ball
Ramie/poly fabric
Best Value
Moxy Slim Triple Roller Bowling Bag
With over 25 years of hands-on experience in bowling-related maintenance, sales and tournaments, Moxy Bowling produces top notch gear and accessories
Transparent flap protects and showcases balls. EVA molded base holds balls snugly. Adjustable tow strap made of durable Nylon material. Unique slim design.
This bowling bag doesn’t come with any additional compartment.
9 x 11 x 26.5 inches
3 balls
600D polyester
KR Strikeforce Double Roller Bowling Bag
KR Strikeforce has been in the business of providing bowlers with high grade bowling gear and accessories for over 30 years, building their deep trust all the way.
Ergonomic, deluxe design. Vented top shoe compartment. Heavy-duty 1680D fabric construction. Sturdy YKK luggage-style zippers. 2 accessory pockets on each side.
Handle can be loose and shaky.
. 4
14 x 18 x 21 inches
2 balls
1680D ballistic fabric
Kaze Sports 2 Ball Bowling Roller
Kaze Sports specializes in producing high quality bowling bags and other accessories geared towards providing total satisfaction and value to bowlers for less.
Impressive 5-inch rollers and a bearing system. Vented top compartment holds a pair of shoes. 3 extra accessory pockets. Extendable flush-locking handle.
Velcro strap holding the balls in place may be a little lacking.
22 x 12 x 16 inches
2 balls
840D Nylon
Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Tote
Pyramid was founded by experienced bowlers who have all it takes in terms of field experience to produce the best-performing bowling gear and accessories.
Removable polyurethane ball holder. Non-slip shoulder strap. Padded wrap, easy-grip handle. Large single accessories pocket. 600+840D heavy-duty construction.
A few reports of the shoulder strap breaking from the metal hook.
14 x 11 x 13 inches
1 ball
600 + 840D polyester

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What is the Best Bowling Bag?

There are two main types of bowling bags and having gone through our buying guide, we’re sure you’ll be able to decide on the particular type that best suits your need. In that case, let’s quickly head over to our individual product review section where we’ve reviewed the best 5 bowling bags so you can make your choice.
Our Top Choice
The BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag is made of a durable, waterproof and tough poly/ramie material, so you can use this bag for a long time. It also comes with a convenient removable foam ball holder. If you prefer a single ball bowling bag with rolling wheels, then the BSI Single Ball Roller Bowling Bag may be your best bet.

BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag – Available in 5 Colors

BSI is a brand name that’s popular among professional bowlers due to its long history of producing quality bowling products – from bowling balls to bags, lockers and bowling shoes. Its products stand out among their peers in the field both in design, quality, durability and especially in pricing. It’s committed to providing bowlers with top of the line products at the most amazing prices as opposed to what’s obtainable from other well-known brands. Its bowling lockers are manufactured in the USA with quality materials guaranteed to last a lifetime, literarily. Furthermore, its customer service team is ever-ready to give you a personalized service and to help you with any enquiry you might have.

The BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag is the real deal when it comes to bowling bags with its heavy-duty polyvinyl/ramie fabric construction that’s extremely durable and reliable. It can hold the weight of a single bowling ball up to 16 pounds in addition to other accessories without showing any sign of wear or tear. If you’re looking for a high-performance bag that can take some roughness, then this is it. It’s other important features include the following:
  • A snug-fitting and removable foam cup or ball holder that cradles the bowling ball inside the bag so it doesn’t move around so much and get damaged. You can also remove the foam cup in case you want to convert the bowling bag to another use
  • An adjustable and detachable shoulder strap in addition to the reinforced easy-grip handles so you can carry the bag any way you like
  • A roomy main compartment big enough to hold an extra item or two like bowling towels in addition to the ball
  • A side compartment for shoes of up to men’s size 14. This compartment can even hold more than a single pair of shoes; it’s that large
  • An accessory pocket that’s sizeable and zippered for easy access to personal items like wrist watches and phones
  • Comes with metal hardware that is durable
  • Full one-year product warranty for your peace of mind
Best Value
The Moxy Slim Triple Roller Bowling Bag features a dual-purpose transparent top flap designed to protect and showcase your bowling balls with a double zip lock. Its EVA molded base is light and holds balls securely. For a single ball bowling bag with a separate shoe compartment and retractable handle, see the Moxy Single Deluxe Roller Bowling Bag.

Moxy Slim Triple Roller Bowling Bag with Dual-Purpose Transparent Top Flap

Established in Ohio, Moxy Bowling has been into bowling for over 25 years and armed with a wealth of experience, it successfully opened a line of quality gear and accessories which took the bowling world by storm. The success of its bowling gear and accessories can be attributed to the experience it garnered from bowling lane maintenance, national Collegiate Bowling, and online retail. Its products are designed by the best manufacturers in the world and undergo rigorous in-house testing before being made available to the public. With a team of reliable customer service personnel, customers are assured of the best service both during and after purchase.

The Moxy Slim Triple Roller Bowling Bag holds three of your bowling balls in a slim, snug-fitting space with a transparent top flap, ergonomically designed to protect and showcase your balls at the same time. Its rolling wheels are a good 3 inches in diameter which is just wide enough to eliminate wobbling and tipping over when rolling the bag along any surface. Here are more of its features:
  • A double zipper top flap that lets you lock up your balls with a padlock for safety
  • A unique slim design
  • Designed specifically to carry balls below 5 pounds in weight
  • Comes with EVA molded base that’s lightweight and holds your balls securely and safe from damage
  • Easy-grip reinforced handle for comfortable carrying in case you want to lift the bag with your arm instead of pulling it along on its rollers
  • Adjustable tow strap made from sturdy 600D fabric
  • Perfect for air travel as hand luggage
  • Comes with a 5-year product warranty that indicates the manufacturer’s trust in the bag
The KR Strikeforce Double Roller Bowling Bag which comes with 5-inch smooth-rolling wheel, has an armor-like, waterproof 1680D heavy-duty fabric construction that ably withstands any type of handling. For a single ball tote bag with shoulder strap and side shoe compartment design, you’d do well to check out the KR Strikeforce Rook Single Tote.

KR Strikeforce Royal Flush Double Roller Bowling Bag with Armor-Like, Waterproof 1680D Heavy-Duty Fabric Construction

KR Strikeforce is a name synonymous with bowling and your bowling gear isn’t complete without a Strikeforce product in it. It was initially involved in the manufacture and sale of different products ranging from seats and tables to exercise bikes, equipment and high school clothing (including golf bags and vinyl bowling balls). With a view to streamlining and focusing more on their real passion, the founders decided to sell off other product lines (despite the fact that they were all thriving) to stick to only bowling. For more than 30 years, KR has made a huge impact in the bowling world with its high performance, durable products - bowling balls, bowling footwear, bags and other accessories. Even with all the changes, its main goal of providing value-packed, quality products and services has remained constant.

The KR Strikeforce Double Roller Bowling Bag is made from an armor-like, ballistic 1680 Denier fabric that is impervious to rough handling, lasts as long as you want and plays as hard as you do. Although it’s roomy, it’s also portable and doesn’t take up lots of space.

Among its numerous outstanding features are the following:
  • Premium, sturdy YKK luggage-style zippers designed to lock in your ball and accessories nice and safe without getting caught in the material
  • Extra-large 5-inch roller wheels that have exceptional traction for smooth movement on any surface or terrain.
  • A large compartment with retaining straps that securely hold two bowling balls of any weight and size
  • A vented top compartment for holding a pair of bowling shoes up to size 15 with space for a few more accessories
  • Ergonomic, stylish design with a deluxe look guaranteed to stand out anywhere
  • Double-sided accessory pockets so you can load up some personal items and other bowling accessories for easy access
  • Molded and reinforced pick-up handle just in case you need to carry the bag instead of pulling it on the rollers
  • Retractable pull handle that flush locks and extends up to 39 inches
  • An amazing, confidence-inspiring 7-year full product warranty
The Kaze Sports 2 Ball Bowling Roller has impressive, 5-inch roller wheels and bearing system that ensure smooth and quiet movement on any surface in addition to easy-lift hand holds. If you’re looking for a larger bag with 4-ball capacity and accessory pockets, up to 6 in number, check out the KAZE SPORTS 4 Ball Bowling Roller.

Kaze Sports 2 Ball Bowling Roller – Available In Five Colors

Kaze Sports is a specialist in bowling bags and accessories such as bowling towels, see-saws, ball cups, shoe covers, grip sacks, gloves and more. Its products are known for their unique, functional and high quality designs and for being durable and highly affordable as well. Kaze’s bowling bags are top rated and widely used by both professional and rookie bowlers in and around the USA. It’s been in the industry for a long time and has made a name for itself synonymous with quality, style and durability.

The KAZE SPORTS 2 Ball Bowling Roller is ergonomically designed with a strong, waterproof and durable 840 Denier nylon fabric that holds up extremely well to any usage condition, whether rough or gentle. Its dimensions are such that it’s quite portable while being roomy at the same time. Now to more of its other outstanding features:
  • Wide, tight-fitting 5-inch polyurethane rolling wheels with bearings to ensure smooth, whisper-quiet movement over any type of surface and eliminate any possibility of tipping over
  • A tote bag handle that is easy-grip and lets you effortlessly lift and carry the bag instead of pulling along on the rollers
  • An extendable, reliable handle that flush-locks down to the base for a seamless look when not in use
  • 3 extra accessory pockets located one on either side and the third on top side for storing your bowling accessories and personal effects in easy-to-reach locations
  • A top vented compartment for bowling shoes of up to men’s size 15
  • Hand holds on either end which makes it super easy to lift up into a car trunk or any other elevated space
  • Strong and reliable zippers for easy access to all the compartments and pockets
  • Roomy main compartment that holds 2 bowling balls with a Velcro strap and little bowls that hold the balls safely so they don’t move around in the bag
The Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Tote features a removable polyurethane cup that snugly fits your ball thus preventing it from bouncing around in the bag, making it easier to carry. If you’d prefer a 2 ball bag with rollers and extendable handle, then go for the Pyramid Prime Double Roller Bowling Bag.

Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Tote – Available in 20 Colors

When it comes to bowling and bowling accessories, no brand does it better than Pyramid. Established in 2011, it has skyrocketed to the top of the ladder in the industry because of its durable, high quality products. Because it’s founded by bowlers, its products are always geared towards providing the most value at amazing prices. Its commitment to excellence pushes it to design innovative and stylish products that you can trust at all times. It boasts over 150 bowling products made with the latest technology and available in vibrant colors and styles.

The Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Tote features a detachable polyurethane foam cup that holds the ball firmly in place inside its compartment. This means you can remove the foam cup and use the bag for a different purpose outside holding the bowling ball. Made from a combination of 600 + 840 Denier heavy-duty waterproof material, you are guaranteed long term usage.

Here are some other notable features of this bag:
  • A separate roomy shoe compartment that holds a pair of shoes up to men’s size 16 with a little more room for one or two smaller items
  • An adjustable, detachable and well-padded shoulder strap for a comfortable sling carrying
  • A padded wrap, easy-grip handle made from webbed nylon allows you effortlessly lift the bag up to an elevated space like a car trunk
  • A single, large accessory pocket on one side which allows easy-access storage of other bowling accessories and personal effects
  • 2-year product warranty that inspires confidence and trust by letting you know the company fully stands behind its product

How Do I Choose the Best Bowling Bag?

The most popular form of bowling involves throwing the ball towards some pins in order to knock them over. If you’re a spectator or just getting into the game, you may be surprised by the weight of the balls and understand the reason why professionals use special bags to carry their bowling gear around.

A bowling bag is used to carry bowling balls, bowling shoes and other accessories to and from tournaments. Owing mainly to the weight of the balls, which can each be as much as 16 pounds, and to the fact they’re usually expensive and get damaged easily, you’ll want to be careful where you put them and how you transport them. Most ordinary multipurpose duffel bags are not designed to carry the weight of the balls, especially if you’re lugging more than one with you.

Also, most bowling bags are equipped with specialized compartments for the balls so they don’t bump against each other and get damaged. They’re designed in service to the sport, much like a golf bag.

This buying guide is loaded with facts and pointers that’ll help you make the right choice when it comes to bowling bags. You’ll want something durable and affordable, practical and stylish while not being so cumbersome as to take up lots of storage space. Here, we will be talking about the type, material and number of compartments obtainable in different bowling bags, the affordability and other extra features that make bowling bags functional.
Bowling bags vary in price from one brand to another and from one design to the next. Two major considerations that affect its price, though, are the type of material and design. Bowling bags made from polyvinyl are usually more expensive than those made from nylon and even leather because they’re extremely durable. Roller bowling bags are definitely costlier, with some costing as much as $300, when compared to the smaller tote bowling bags that you can get for as little as $15 in some cases.

We featured bowling bags of different prices so you can have the opportunity to choose a quality and durable bag that is guaranteed to give you best value for your money.

Although there are cheap bowling bags out there, some of which we encountered while carrying out our research, you should be wary of those, as they’re mostly made from materials that are bound to start ripping even before you’ve really started using them. You will be better off sticking to quality and affordable products such as those featured in our individual product review section.
A good bowling bag must be able to carry the weight of your bowling ball without ripping apart on you. There are several key features you’ll have to look out for to ensure you get the best bowling bag for your needs. These key features include:
  • Type of bag
  • Material
  • Number of compartments
  • Type of roller wheel
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
There are basically two types of bowling bags. Tote bowling bags are compact and extremely portable. They’re designed along the same lines as a traditional tote bag but with padded and reinforced handles, and shoulder straps in some cases so you can carry them comfortably. They’re usually small and made for carrying one or two balls including other accessories like bowling shoes. A roller bowling bag, on the other hand, is made to carry multiple balls at the same time. Because of the large weight of the bowling balls, roller bowling bags are designed with roller wheels attached to their ends and in most cases, a retractable handle so you can pull and roll them behind you effortlessly. This design transfers the weight of the bowling balls to the wheels thus you don’t feel much of the weight when pulling the bag along. They also have reinforced handles for when you need to lift the bag. Roller bowling bags are usually bulky and because they’re usually in contact with the floor, they’re made from water-proof materials.

Bowling bags can be manufactured using different materials like canvas, leather, and polyvinyl. The most popular materials, however, are nylon, polyvinyl and leather. Here's what they entail:
  • Leather - This material is associated with classy and stylish products. Leather bowling bags are trendy and often come in retro, vintage or vintage/retro combo looks that are high class and high-end. The disadvantage is that leather is not water-proof and offers no protection to the bowling balls and other accessories in the bag.
  • Polyvinyl - This is a synthetic material used in manufacturing bags and other products. It’s composed of a tightly woven rubber thread formed into a semi-solid, cloth-like waterproof material. Its weave form is exceptionally resilient, durable and withstands stress excellently. Its thread count is known as Denier (for example 600D or 1200D) with the latter being twice as strong and durable as the former. These qualities make it an excellent material for making bowling bags, especially the roller bowling bags that carry lots of weight.
  • Nylon - This is another good material which is waterproof as well. It’s woven and formed into cloth material that is durable and not prone to degradation. It’s usually more durable and resilient than leather but pales in comparison to polyvinyl.
Most bowling bags have separate compartments for holding your bowling shoes and the main compartment specially designed to hold your bowling ball(s). In addition to these two major compartments, some brands go a step further to equip their bowling bags with extra compartments on the outside or inside the main compartment that can hold other bowling accessories or some personal items like wristwatches and rings for safe keeping. A few of them even have detachable accessory pouches that you can go out with when you do not feel like going out with the whole bag. Just take note of the shoe size capacity of the bowling bag you want as different bags have different sizes of bowling shoes they can accommodate in their shoe compartment.
Performance and Ease of Use
A bowling bag is as easy to use as other types of bags. They’re also easy to maintain as most of them (except the leather ones) are machine-washable, thus reducing the stress of keeping them clean.

They usually feature zippers instead of buckles and the main compartment that holds your bowling ball often comes with two zippers that can be brought close together thus making it possible to pass a padlock through them and lock it up for securing your balls against theft.

When buying bowling bags on roller wheels, you should endeavor to check out the type and size of wheels that come with it. A good roller should have wheels that are large and tight-fitting with good traction as opposed to wheels that are tiny and prone to tipping over, especially if being pulled down the stairs or on uneven ground.

Another important feature that affects the performance of a bowling bag is the type of strap it has. Most bowling bags have sturdy, well-padded shoulder straps that are detachable, in addition to the easy-grip handles that evenly distribute the weight of the bag’s content and reduce the stress effect on the arm and shoulder of the user.

Some bowling bags come with special features like foam padding, polyurethane cup holders and others that help keep your balls safe. And for multiple ball carriers, they usually have dividers that separate the balls to keep them from rubbing against each other.

If you’re a serious or professional bowler who has several bowling balls, shoes and other bowling accessories, then you should consider getting one of the roller bowling bags to lug your gear more efficiently. But if you’re a recreational or beginner bowler who owns a few bowling balls, then a tote-style bowling bag is what you might need to save costs and space.

Get the Best Bowling Bag of 2022!

Having come to the end of this review, it’s high time you took that big, final step and placed the order for the bowling bag that you’ve chosen. Thanks for reading!

Our Top Choice
BSI Deluxe Single Ball Tote Bag
Best Value
Moxy Slim Triple Roller Bowling Bag
KR Strikeforce Double Roller Bowling Bag
Kaze Sports 2 Ball Bowling Roller
Pyramid Path Pro Deluxe Single Tote