Best Bowling Ball Reviews 2023

The bowling ball is the center point of the bowling game. Without the ball, there can be no game. We understand how important it is to have the right ball for every game, and we also understand how confusing it can be to choose the right ball from all the options available. To make this process easier for you, we dedicated some hours to researching brands that make bowling balls. We found five top brands that produce great bowling balls, and we decided to bring some of their products to you. Though each of these brands has a wide selection of bowling balls, we have just chosen one from each brand for this review. After looking through our selection, you can check out other options available from any of these brands if you do not immediately find what you want.
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Our Top Choice
Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana Ball
Brunswick was involved in the game of bowling from the very beginning. It contributed deeply to bowling's rise as a recognized sport.
Attractive design. Strong coverstock. Big backend reaction. Consistent in medium-heavy oil conditions. Great continuation and consistency. Highly reliable.
Not very effective on dry lanes.
Red/White/Blue Pearl
ECS Hybrid
Medium-heavy oil conditions
12, 13, 15 and 16 pounds
Nirvana Ultra-Low RG
Best Value
DV8 Pitbull Black Violet & Green Bowling Ball
DV8 is totally committed to the bowling game. It supports the game and its players through its line of high-quality bowling balls and related paraphernalia.
Strong ball. Rolls early. Has a wide hook. High performance coverstock. Perfect for heavy oil. Versatile. Rough box surface. Strong core. Good length.
This may not be the most suitable for dry lanes.
Black/Violet/Neon Green
Composite bite
Medium-heavy oil conditions
12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 pounds
Pitbull low RG asymmetric
Storm Code Black Bowling Ball
Storm does not just want to be the most innovative bowling brand. It wants to make the best bowling equipment available to all, ensuring the continued growth of the game.
Attractive. Reads lanes smoothly. Consistent. Hits hard. Lots of backend. Great breaking power. Hooks aggressively.
May not be as effective on dry lanes.
R2S Pearl Reactive
Heavy oil conditions
12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 pounds
Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball
When a company is operated by professionals who are passionate about the game like Ebonite is, you'll get quality products each and every time.
Great color. Lovely design. Good for learning hooks. Straight and moderate hooks. Reacts well. Good length. Strong backend.
This is not an aggressive ball.
GB 10.7
Dry to medium
10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 pounds
Cyclone Torq
Pyramid Path Undrilled Bowling Ball
Pyramid was set up by bowlers who saw the growing need for quality, affordable bowling equipment and set out to meet that need.
Looks great. Good color and size options. Nice feel. Shoots straight. Well balanced. Perfect for spare shots. Affordable.
Ball is not versatile.
8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 pounds
Info not available

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What is the Best Bowling Ball?

Choosing the best bowling ball is a very personal thing. It is a choice that will be affected by many factors, such as the player’s age, size, and skill level. It is therefore totally up to you, the player or buyer, to determine what will be the best bowling ball for you or whomever you're buying it for. Having read this far, you now know a number of factors and features to consider. Put them all into consideration, and then pick out the ball that incorporates most of the features you really need.
Our Top Choice
The Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana is a high-performing bowling ball with a high hook potential for more hook control in your game. Its Siaar micro pad finish makes for effective play on medium to oily lanes. Need a more affordable bowling ball from this brand? Try the Brunswick TZone Green Envy Bowling Ball.

Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana Bowling Ball – Available in 4 Sizes

Brunswick's history is deeply intertwined with the rise of bowling as a sport for the general public. It made its first bowling balls in the 1880s, and integral members of the Brunswick company started the first bowling congress that helped standardize the rules for bowling. Brunswick continued to grow and develop technologically advanced products that improved the game.

The Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana is a top-of-the-line bowling ball designed to deliver the best performances in all your games. It features a new and innovative coverstock technology – the ECS hybrid coverstock. This gives the ball a larger sweet spot area and increased friction, which reduces the need for adjustments. This coverstock tech delivers a refresh rate that is significantly faster than most balls in the class. This helps the ball read the lane really well, while keeping the coverstock in a performance-ready state for much longer. It also has a high hook potential that results in wider hooks.

This ball's other features are listed below:
  • Ultra-Low RG Core – Provides efficient length for accurate shooting
  • Siaar Micro Pad – Gives great continuation on the backend, for complete follow-through
  • Maximum Radius of Gyration – 2.531
  • Minimum Radius of Gyration – 2.477
  • Comes Undrilled – Users can drill it to fit their fingers for more comfortable and efficient play
  • Coverstock - suited for medium to oily lanes
This bowling ball is available in four sizes: 12, 13, 15, and 16 pounds.
Best Value
The DV8 Pitbull Bowling Ball is as powerful as its name implies, making it ideal for aggressive play. It features a low RG core and a composite bite coverstock for maximum hook even in heavy oil situations. Need a lower-priced ball from DV8? Consider the DV8 Freakshow Solid.

DV8 Pitbull Bowling Ball – Black/Violet/Neon Green - Available In 5 Sizes

DV8 is a manufacturer of bowling balls, shoes, bags and other related items. It's dedicated to every aspect of the game, supporting and pushing players to aim higher and achieve more. With what it has achieved in just under a decade since it opened, there is no doubt that DV8 is determined to be a major player in this game.

The DV8 Pitbull Bowling Ball was designed with the brand's unique coverstock (composite bite) and an asymmetric core with a high differential. This ball was designed to be aggressive, and with its high hook potential, it will deliver maximum hook even in heavy oil lanes. Aside from these, it has other great features, which include:
  • Core with two scoops – Reduces the effect of drilling to the core
  • 500 / 1000 Siaair micro pad – Ensures a consistent finish without many scratches
  • 0.055 RG differential (at 15 pounds) – Will break into an arc quickly, achieving a wider hook
  • Length potential of 95 – Helps in achieving a wider hook
  • Aggressive ball motion – Grabs on to the lane, delivering good continuous motion even in heavy oil
Choose the size that best fits you from any of the available five sizes: 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 pounds.
The Storm Code Black Bowling Ball combines Storm's RAD4 core tech and the R2S coverstock with 1500 grit polish finish for a ball with a high differential and an excellent balance of reactivity and length. If you’re looking for a more affordable ball with a more predictable roll pattern, get the Storm Optimus Solid Bowling Ball.

Storm Code Black/Charcoal 15lbs Bowling Ball

Storm aims to be a leading innovative force in the bowling industry. Its plans to achieve this has three pillars: education, growth and performance. It is committed to the continuous growth of the game both by encouraging existing bowlers and also by developing new talents. The quality of its products are never in doubt as it continually strives to ensure that anyone who bowls with a Storm product has the best bowling experience possible.

Take your bowling game to a new high with the Storm Code Black Bowling Ball. This ball features Storm's groundbreaking engineering feat, the RAD4 Core. This Radial Accelerating Disk technology features a very dense weightblock shaped like a disc. It generates a really high torque, and has a high differential that makes the ball hook more than other balls in its class. This is your ideal ball for medium to heavy oil conditions. Here are some of its other great qualities:
  • Lightweight core – Makes it easier to throw
  • Pearl reactive coverstock (R2S) – Creates an ideal balance between length and reactivity
  • 1500 grit polished factory finish – Gives it the right amount of friction
  • High flare potential of 6+ – Easy to achieve a high hook potential
  • Asymmetrical weightblock – Makes it respond to friction on the lane quickly, enhancing the ball’s hook
  • 2.50 RG at 15 pounds – A high differential that helps you achieve a wider hook
  • Black/charcoal/solid design – Gives it a tough, mean look
This ball has five available sizes of 12, 13, 14, 15 and 16 pounds.
The Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball is what you turn to when you need a ball that can throw straight to get the spares, and also be used as a strike ball on dry to medium lanes. Looking for higher performance? You should try the Ebonite Maverick.

Ebonite Cyclone Fireball Bowling Ball – Available in 7 Sizes

Ebonite makes bowling balls and other accessories required for the game. This is a brand that is fully committed to delivering the best products to ensure the continued growth of the game. It works with influencers in the bowling game. These include professional and amateur bowlers, coaches and pro shop owners. These all influence the process that results in the top-quality products we have come to expect from Ebonite.

The Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball is a versatile ball of medium aggressiveness. It features a Cyclone Torq core, which gives it the right balance for increased performance. You can use this ball to target spares with straight throws, or as a strike ball on dry to medium oil lanes. With it, you can throw a medium hook. This ball has other great features some of which include:
  • GB 10.7 Coverstock – Reacts well with the lane
  • Core - Has the same core across all seven sizes. Delivers the same efficiency regardless of size
  • High RG – Gives the ball more length
  • Fireball Color – A fiery and attractive design
  • Range - Range of 800/1000/2000/4000 Abralon and Powerhouse Polish, for varying levels of friction
  • Versatile – Can be used for straight or curved throws
This ball comes in seven sizes and whichever you choose, they all have the same core. The sizes include balls of 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 pounds.
The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is a reliable ball for play on dry lanes. Its plastic coverstock makes it ideal for straight shots, so it's great for new players and experienced players who want to pick out spares. Would you rather have a ball for medium-heavy oil conditions? Check out the Pyramid Antidote Bowling Ball.

Pyramid Path Undrilled Bowling Ball – Available in 7 Colors & 9 Sizes

Pyramid was established by bowlers, which explains its deep understanding of the game. The Pyramid staff is interested in the continuous growth of the game, and strives to make this happen by offering high-quality bowling products at really affordable prices.

The Pyramid Path Bowling Ball is the perfect ball for the new bowler. It is designed with a plastic (polyester) coverstock that is just ideal for straight throws. A new bowler will feel at ease with this ball, as there will be no pressures to achieve a hook. Since this ball is great for making straight shots, experienced bowlers can also use it for picking out spares. The fact that it comes in a wide variety of sizes makes it all the more suitable for a wider range of players, as players of all ages and skill levels will find a size that will fit them. Here are some of this ball's other aspects:
  • Attractive Design – Makes the ball stand out
  • Polished Finish – Gives it more length
  • Colors - React to black light. Looks great and adds another level of fun
  • Made for Use on Dry Lanes – Great for starting bowlers
  • Undrilled From the Box – Allows for custom drilling to suit each player
  • Two-year Warranty – Gives you confidence in the product’s usage
Make a statement with more than your play. Choose the color that truly captures your playing style from any of these seven available color combinations: Aqua/silver, black/orange, black/silver, blue/black/white, emerald/lime/acid yellow, hot pink/lime, and pink/black.

How Do I Choose the Best Bowling Ball?

Have you ever observed children playing? A child will take the time to stack building blocks (or any other items) upon each other and then knock them all down, all the time shrieking with delight. Most adults don't understand how something so insignificant can bring a child so much fun and excitement. But as long as it makes kids happy and does not harm them in any way, they are okay with it.

How is this any different from grown folks who carefully set up bowling pins and then, with great concentration and flourish, send a ball racing down the lane to crash into the pins, knocking them down? If they manage to knock them all down at once (strike), they shriek in delight, high-fiving and patting themselves on the back for a job well done. Some even win prizes and are designated experts at knocking down these pins. Is this any different from the case of the child described above? Certainly not! The important thing is how it makes us feel, which is great and emotionally high.

Just like you, we love bowling and have written this guide to help you choose the best bowling ball, so you can knock down a lot more pins and eventually begin to hit steady strikes. In fact, we want you to get so good at this that you also will begin to win awards and be called an expert at this great and exciting game.

Unlike other ball games such as basketball, baseball, or football, where every player is required to use the same ball, in bowling, every player can (and should) use their own balls, specially drilled to fit their hands. In fact, you should have more than one ball for taking different shots. So if you are ready, join us on this journey as we help you fill your bowling bag with the right bowling balls for you.
Price is a major consideration point when it’s time to choose a bowling ball. Many factors can affect the cost of a bowling ball. Some of the major factors include the coverstock and the core. We found that with between $45 and $180, you can get a good bowling ball, whether you need one for beginners or professionals.

You can also choose to get a more expensive bowling ball if there are some values it offers you that these do not. It’s only normal to pay more for more features. If you are looking for bowling balls that cost less than we have listed, we will advise that you avoid cheap bowling balls, especially if you want to get a product that will offer you good value.
Choosing the right bowling ball for you requires that you put certain factors into consideration. Carefully considering these factors will make it easier for you to find a ball that is perfect for you. Some features to consider include:
  • Coverstock
  • Weight
  • Core
  • Hook Potential
  • Radius of Gyration
  • Lane Condition
  • Drilling
Let us explain these some more.
Construction and Design
The type of coverstock a bowling ball is made of is very important, because it will determine how the ball can be used. There are three basic types of coverstock: plastic, urethane, and reactive resin. These have different levels of traction, with plastic having the lowest and reactive resin having the highest. Balls with plastic coverstocks are usually regarded as entry-level balls, while those with urethane coverstocks are regarded as intermediate balls. Professional-level balls are usually made of reactive resin.

In bowling, you can either shoot straight or with a hook. Shooting straight is used by experienced players to target spare pins left standing when they are not all knocked down at the first try. It is easier to knock down more pins, or even all the bowling pins, at the first try when the ball hits the pocket from the side, rather than directly from the front. The only way to achieve this is to throw a hook. Plastic balls are not meant for throwing hooks, because they are very smooth and have little to no friction with the lane even on dry lanes. You'll need a ball with urethane coverstock, or one with a reactive resin coverstock for an even wider hook.

Another feature to be considered is a ball's core. There are two types of bowling ball cores, the asymmetrical core and the symmetrical core. A symmetrical core has a more uniform weight distribution, at least along one axis. An asymmetrical core has its weight distributed more to one side. Symmetrical cores will have a more uniform shape, while asymmetrical cores will have shapes with various protrusions that will affect their weight distribution. If you need a ball that hooks hard and strong, then a ball with an asymmetric core is your best bet. To achieve a smoother line and a more gradual hook, get a ball with a symmetrical core.

Some other features, such as hook potential, flare potential, and radius of gyration, all derive from a combination of the two factors explained above – coverstock and core. The hook potential refers to how wide a hook a ball can achieve. The higher the hook potential, the wider the hook that ball can achieve. Flare potential is a measure of how much flare a ball can achieve on the lane. The more flare potential, the higher the hook potential, and vice versa. RG, or radius of gyration, refers to how quickly the ball will begin to spin when it is thrown. A high RG means the ball will start spinning slowly and will therefore start arcing farther down the lane. A low RG means the ball will start spinning quickly and start arcing sooner, resulting in a wider hook. All these points are interrelated and must be looked at in relation to each other.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bowling balls come in different sizes, and these sizes are usually given in pounds. Choose a ball that is the right weight for the user. It will be both ineffective and risky to use a very heavy ball to play the game. Choosing the right weight will set the right tone for the game.

The user's level of experience should be considered. The type of core a beginner chooses will either make learning easier or more difficult. Symmetrical cores are easier to control than asymmetrical cores. This should be the beginner’s first choice. Though the asymmetrical core produces a more aggressive hook, combining a ball with an asymmetrical core with a strong coverstock will yield a strong hook with a motion that is easier to predict. Combining different cores with different coverstock types will yield different results.

The lane condition is another major factor. You could be playing on a dry lane, a medium lane or a heavily oiled lane. These lanes require different types of balls to achieve the best results. For a dry lane, your best bet is a ball with a plastic coverstock. This type of coverstock is stiff and smooth enough to slide on this type of surface. For medium lanes, go for a ball with urethane coverstock and a flare potential in the medium region. This type of coverstock will have enough friction to grip this type of lane. For heavily oiled lanes, use a ball with reactive resin coverstock and a low radius of gyration (RG). You need a ball that can grip the lane even in this condition, and this type of ball can.

One more factor that will affect how efficient the ball will be is how and where it is drilled. Aside from drilling the ball to fit your hand, making it easier to throw and reducing the risk of injuries, the position the holes are drilled in will affect the effectiveness of the ball. This is why most balls come undrilled, so each user can drill the ball to fit. This is something that requires some level of expertise and should be handled by a professional. Take your ball to a sports shop and have a professional drill it for you.

Get the Best Bowling Ball of 2023!

Congratulations on getting to the end of this review and guide. We do hope you found it insightful. Hopefully, you now have a better idea of the type of bowling ball you need and can therefore confidently pick a ball. Place your order so you can begin to enjoy the game of bowling with your own ball.

Our Top Choice
Brunswick Ultimate Nirvana Ball
Best Value
DV8 Pitbull Black Violet & Green Bowling Ball
Storm Code Black Bowling Ball
Ebonite Cyclone Bowling Ball
Pyramid Path Undrilled Bowling Ball