Best Bowling Pin Reviews 2023

Looking to try bowling for the first time or need to replace your existing, but worn out pins? Bowling pins come in all sorts of colors or finishes, sizes and brands to choose from. Since picking the right set can be hard for a newbie, we’ve researched five best bowling pin brands on the market, showcasing a set from each, to help you pick the right ones.
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Set Size
Pin Height
Our Top Choice
Champion Sports Bowling Ball and Pin Set
Founded in 1961, Champion Sports has been manufacturing fitness, sporting and physical education equipment for the last five decades.
Use indoors or outdoors. Includes a rubber ball. Weighted for stability. Ideal for beginners. Usable by kids and adults. Perfect for the whole family.
Pins don’t stand properly on grass.
Weighted bowling pin set
White pins; blue/red swirl ball
10 pins, a ball, score pad & sheet
15 inches
Plastic pins & rubber ball
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Pin Set
Melissa & Doug is a leading manufacturer of toys such as games, outdoor products, balls and children’s accessories.
Affordable, durable & colorful. Easy for kids to grasp. Portable & used to play various imaginative games. Fosters fine motor skills development.
Not properly weighted hence fall often.
Weighted bowling pin set
Colored pins; green/blue ball
6 pins & a ball
8 inches approx..
Soft and plush fabric
Cramer Bowling Pin Set
Cramer is a family-owned business that was founded in 1917 to manufacture the things athletes need to win such as sports medicine.
Weighted for stability & easy to set up. Ideal for all age groups. Easy to play and supports easy tracking. Works on almost any surface.
Players must bring their own balls.
Weighted bowling pin set
White pins with red stripes
10 pins, setup sheet & score pad
15 inches
S&S Worldwide Big Bowling Pin Set
Founded in 1906, S&S Worldwide manufactures delightful products for fun and hands-on learning to keep kids busy and entertained.
Easy to use & set up. Lightweight & takes up little space. Affordable price bracket. Colorful for fun and promoting active play.
Not for kids below three years.
Non-weighted bowling pin set
Colored pins & two black balls
10 pins, 2 balls & a case
11 to 12 inches
Liberty Imports Deluxe Super Bowling Pin Set
Founded in 2011, Liberty Imports is a leading private label brand of premium games and toys for kids of all ages.
Lightweight and colorful but also durable. Sized for kids. Weighted for stability. Colorful balls.
Pins are sized for children.
Weighted bowling pin set
Colored pins & an orange ball
6 pins & a ball
7 inches

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What is the Best Bowling Pin?

Choose weighted bowling pins if you’re into professional bowling and non-weighted variants if you’re a beginner or shopping for your kids. Make sure that the pins you buy are of a proportionate size to your bowling ball for endless fun. Since you’re now aware of what to look for in bowling pins, let’s find out if one of our recommended bowling pin sets is what you need.
Our Top Choice
The Champion Sports Bowling Pin Set features ten pins, a rubber ball, a score pad and a set up sheet for total family fun all-year round. You can confidently learn to bowl with this weighted bowling pin set. If you’re working on a budget and looking for short, cost-effective pins, opt for the Champion Sport Mini Bowling Pin Set. The set is short, stable and compact for convenient storage.

Champion Sports Bowling Pin Set with 10 Pins, 1 Swirl Ball, Score Pad and Setup Sheet

Dolores and Bernard Meller started Champion Sports from their basement when they first made a Leather Boxing Rope with handcrafted wooden handles. The family-owned business now has an expansive facility of almost 150,000 square feet. It has a wide product selection and delivers orders on time. The company has more than two thousand products custom-made for group or individual use.

The Champion Sports Bowling Pin Set features ten weighted pins and a rubber ball weighing five pounds to help beginners bowl like professionals. Whether you’re looking for a pass-time sport for recreation or one for your school’s physical education classes, this bowling pin set has you covered. Usable indoors or outdoors, setup your lawn and organize the pins on the setup sheet for a round of bowling fun for the whole family.

You can use the included stat sheet to track each player’s scores during each round of bowling. Weighted for stability, the bowling pins are supposed to stay where they are for prolonged entertainment. Designed for use on various kinds of surfaces, this bowling set is perfect for an indoor party, backyard party or even a vacation. Your kids and spouse or friends can all join in the game for endless fun.

With this set, you don’t have to worry about being a beginner player as it gives you the chance to master your skills and enhance your technique and control.

Here are a few other Champion Sports bowling pins to consider:
  • Champion Sports Foam Bowling Pins - yellow pins
  • Champion Sports Bowling Pins - multi-colored pins
Best Value
The Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Pin Set comes with six monster pins and a beastly ball in plush colors and a furry texture your kids will love. However, if you prefer a single bowling pin in orange and purple at a more cost-effective price, opt for the Melissa & Doug 7in Bowling Pin. It’s small, colorful and small-sized to fit the hands of kids.

Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Pin Set for Kids with 6 Pins, Ball and Carrying Case

Melissa & Doug is a brand focused on promoting imaginative play in kids. It manufactures all kinds of toys and versatile products your youngsters can use to play in different ways. Although the products are based on simple concepts, they inspire kids to do more by being creative. Whichever product you buy, your kids can benefit from free play, discovery, imagination, learning and creativity.

The Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Pin Set is one of the products by this brand meant to help your kids unearth their passion and imagination through engaging play. Your little one’s hands can easily grasp the pins for endless fun whether a game is played in a group or individually. The monster pins are squishy and soft and made in attractive, alluring colors to excite your kids and make them want to knock them down harder.

Highly-textured for easy grip, the monster ball can also fit in your kids’ little hands for throwing. The premium materials used to make the monster pins and balls are strong enough to withstand frequent plays and easy wipes to remove dirt and other types of stains. What’s more, your kids won’t just enjoy playing individually or with their friends, but can bring the lightweight set wherever they go.

The monster pins can be arranged and knocked down, used in imaginative games or to tell stories. Since a lot of movement is involved in bowling, your toddler or pre-schooler will develop fine motor skills, dexterity, movement, improved balance and hand-eye coordination.

Here are a few other Melissa & Doug bowling pin sets you might like:
  • Melissa & Doug K’s Kids Bowling Pins Set - 6 pins, a carrying case
  • Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Happy Giddy Bowling Set - 6 pins, a ball, storage bag
The Cramer Weighted Bowling Pin Set features ten white pins, a setup sheet, and score pad for kids to enjoy endless fun indoors or outdoors. Do you prefer a similar, but non-weighted bowling pin set? Opt for the Cramer Non-Weighted Bowling Pin Set with ten red rubberized pins, a score pad and a setup sheet.

Cramer Bowling Pin Set with 10 White Pins, Score Pad and Setup Sheet - Available in 5 Styles

Founded when its co-founder Chuck Cramer got injured, Cramer is focused on helping athletes and sports men realize their goals. It provides the sports medicine athletes need to nurse their wounds and injuries for quick recovery. The company has grown over the years to diversify its product portfolio within the sports industry. Today, it also manufactures games and basic sports equipment for entertainment.

The Cramer Weighted Bowling Pin Set is ideal for kids, youths and even adults to enjoy some leisure time indoors or outdoors. Built fifteen inches high, the bowling pins have a red stripe on them and are weighted with sand ballast. This ensures the pins are stable so they don’t fall easily. The score pad and setup sheet add to the functionality of the game.

Whether you’re a kid or adult, you’ll enjoy playing this game from the comfort of your home, indoors or outdoors, or bring it with you for use on the go. Use it on concrete, in a gym, on short grass or any other surface with little to no resistance. You can buy this set for your kids, the whole family, or for use whenever you have a gathering, party or get-together.
The S&S Worldwide Big Bowling Pin Set features ten bowling pins in assorted colors and two black balls for recreational use. Opt for the S&S Worldwide Foam Bowling Pin Set if you want your bowling pins in green and ball in orange. The set is noiseless and more durable for prolonged use.

S&S Worldwide Big Bowling Pin Set with 10 Pins, 2 Balls and Carrying Bag

With at least one hundred years of helping people play and learn, S&S Worldwide doesn’t just target kids, it caters to the young at heart. It manufactures various products ranging from craft supplies, craft kits, and education to therapeutic kits and games that can also enliven parties with fun entertainment. The company uses premium materials to create products that make jobs easier and support great savings.

The S&S Worldwide Big Bowling Pin Set comprises of ten colored pins and two black balls for everyone to enjoy some fun. Recommended for at least three-year olds, this bowling set is perfect for preschoolers, early childhood education, active play, movement therapy, rehab and the gym. Even when you need to find a good bowling pin set in the last minutes before your function or party, this bowling set will come in handy.

Even if the space you have available indoors or outdoors is limited, the set comes in a compact design to take up less space. With a height of eleven to twelve inches, the bowling pin set is made from plastic for lightweight use. Measuring five inches in diameter, the two black balls are easy to grip for your little ones to play whenever they want. Use the carrying case to organize the pins and balls for easy storage.

Here are a few other S&S Worldwide bowling pin sets to consider:
  • S&S Worldwide Bowling Pin Set - no ball
  • S&S Worldwide Bowling Pin Set - a red ball included
  • S&S Worldwide Spectrum Rainbow Bowling Pin Set - rainbow colors, no ball
The Liberty Imports Deluxe Super Bowling Pin Set is made up of six bowling pins in blue, pink and yellow, and an orange ball for rounds of fun gaming indoors or outdoors. But if you prefer a 2-in-1 bowling pin set that doubles into twelve stacking cups, opt for the Liberty Imports 2-in-1 Cartoon Stacking Cup Bowling Toy Set. It promotes creativity and helps toddlers learn how to sort sizes, colors and numbers.

Liberty Imports Deluxe Super Bowling Pin Set with 6 Multi-Colored Pins and Ball

Liberty Imports is focused on sourcing only premium and distinct products for its customers. The company offers a large selection of products at competitive prices, coupled with exceptional customer support services. Based on customer opinions and insights, the company always finds and introduces new trendy products. It also ensures its customers enjoy exceptional shopping experiences.

The Liberty Imports Deluxe Super Bowling Pin Set features multi-colored pins and an orange bowl your kids will love playing with. With the bright colors, your kids won’t just get excited about bowling, they’ll get engaged for the benefits that come with the game such as improved motor skills.

Whereas the ball is six inches round, the pins stand seven inches tall. The sturdy plastic they’re made from is strong to withstand prolonged use and the colorful balls inside the pins weight them down to keep them stable. Although this bowling set is meant for kids, beginners will love using it for training purposes. When not in use, display them in your kids’ room or living room for an elevated look in bright colors. With this set, your kids are ready for rounds of enjoyable gaming.

How Do I Choose the Best Bowling Pin?

Bowling, just like cornhole gaming, is a sport that’s been around for centuries and is still gaining popularity each passing day. This is because it’s an easy sport to take part in and can be practiced by all, including kids. If you’re looking to start bowling or are already a pro bowler then you know the feasibility of the game depends on the bowling pins. There are standards set on the size and weight of the bowling pins that should be adhered to if you are going to enjoy the game as it’s intended.

Having the best bowling pins makes it possible to have a sport that can be well scored. If the bowling pins are too heavy, they will be difficult to knock down and if too light, they will drop even before the bowling ball gets to them hence the need to have the right weight. This is important whether you bowl as a hobby, professionally or if you are simply looking for a fun, home bowling game for the kids and family to enjoy when you get tired of playing croquet.

Bowling pins are essential if you’re looking to engage in the sport. They’ll allow you time to practice even when you’re at home. They’re also good for recreational purposes at home so you can use the game to bond with your family and friends. What’s more, you can play it indoors or outdoors just as you would chess.

Made from various materials, bowling pins are made for professional gaming, casual recreation at home or a mix of the two. There are those also made specifically for kids in smaller sizes. This review is a mix of weighted and non-weighted bowling pins. They also come in various colors, making them ideal for displaying at home for an aesthetic appeal. We hope this review can help you make an informed buying decision.
Bowling pins come at different prices, depending on the material used in the construction. The other price factors are the kind of finish done on the pins and the construction. These features determine the durability of the bowling pins, a major consideration. There are cheap bowling pins available on the market, but they might not be the best to purchase. Cheap could mean they’re made from cheap materials, hence can’t last as long you’d want them to and may not behave the way you expect bowling pins to.

Go for premium quality pins if you want a set that can last you a long time and expect to get what you pay for. You’ll find good bowling pins in the price range of $5 to $60 depending on the number of pins and their quality.
When shopping for bowling pins, the most important feature to look out for is the material used in making the pins. You need a material that can withstand the beating the pins are put to day in day out. Choose your desired number of pins in a set and preferred finish. Whether you want a set for professional gaming, a beginner set, one for your kids or just one you can use to entertain your guests during parties or gatherings, go for the right size and height.

Here are some of the features you need to look out for before deciding on the bowling pins to buy:
  • The material used such as plastic, fabric, wood, etc.
  • Properly weighted for increased portability
  • An ideal size with the pins being proportionate to the ball
  • Lightweight for portable use on the go
  • The number of pins included
  • The coating or finish of the bowling pins
  • The height of the pins
With properly weighted pins, you can enjoy your rounds of bowling not just professionally, but also in the comfort of your home, not to mention displaying your bowling set for an appealing look indoors.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design, there are a number of things to keep in mind for that perfect purchase. Don’t click that nice bowling pin set you see online without reading these factors first. You’ll be glad you did!
  • Type – Bowling pins can either be weighted or not. When they are weighted, they have something placed inside them at the bottom to increase the stability of the pins. This ensures they don’t topple over or rock when the bowling ball is rolling on the gutter or the wind blows when you’re outside. The bowling pins are supposed to be steady until they’re knocked over by the ball. Non-weighted bowling pins are a good choice for people who are just starting out or kids. They’re also good for training people on hand-eye coordination and for recreational fun.
  • Design – There are different designs of bowling pins. For instance, kids’ bowling pins come in different bright colors. They’re also made into different cartoon characters or animals to entice the kids and keep them engaged in the game. The designs are also different for different kinds of bowling. As an example, the pins in Candlepin bowling or in duckpin bowling are different from usual bowling pins. Candlepins are thinner and a bit taller than the usual bowling pins while duckpins are shorter and thicker.
  • Set Size – Bowling pins, due to the various styles of bowling, come in different sets. The most common bowling variant is ten-pin bowling. This requires a set to have ten pins. Other variants of the game include nine-pin bowling, six-pin bowling and five-pin bowling. Most sets also come with two balls included so you have all you need to play the game. In a set, you can also find score sheets and installation manuals. If you’re new to the game, you might want a set containing everything.
  • Size – The size of the bowling pins is also important because it determines the entire game play. For proper scoring, the pins need to be the recommended size as set out by the USBC. For usual bowling needs, the pins should be 15” in height, 4.75” at the widest point and 2.25” at the base. The allowed weight of the pins is between 3 lbs, 6 ounces and 3 lbs, 10 ounces. This is because the weight of the pins is calculated as a percentage of the allowed weight of the bowling ball.
  • Material – Many materials have been tried in the construction of bowling pins. If you’re looking for a professional bowling experience, the material used in construction of such pins is maple, which is then coated with plastic and finally given a glossy finish. This is the most durable and most practical material in the construction of the bowling pins. Other materials used include plastics and synthetics. The choice here depends on entirely how much you want to spend and what kind of experience you want from your bowling endeavors.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bowling pins are constantly hit by a heavy ball and falling over, causing them to wear off. As the pins wear off, the quality of play deteriorates, hence the need to have pins that are in top notch conditions. Make sure the pins you buy are easy to use and come with instructions on how to set them up on the rack.

If you have the weighted type, ensure they come with an opening which can be used to control the weight as required by removing or adding the weighting material. It might be best to have two sets so you can alternate so they rest between play, hence lasting longer. If you want a set you can display indoors when not in use, go for multi-colored pins for an interesting look.

Get the Best Bowling Pin of 2023!

Whether you’re buying bowling pins for your family, kids or professional use, or to simply display in your living room, there’s one out there to meet your unique needs. We hope this guide was a helpful resource and you’re now able to make an informed buying decision. In case you need a different indoor game, check out our other indoor game reviews.

Our Top Choice
Champion Sports Bowling Ball and Pin Set
Best Value
Melissa & Doug Monster Bowling Pin Set
Cramer Bowling Pin Set
S&S Worldwide Big Bowling Pin Set
Liberty Imports Deluxe Super Bowling Pin Set