Best Box Spring Replacement Reviews 2023

When it comes to the term “box spring” it can mean two different things. It can refer to the traditional “box of springs” foundation designed to work with innerspring mattresses. Or, it can refer to the newer style of mattress foundation which doesn’t even have springs inside – simply because people are used to calling the piece that goes under a mattress a box spring, so it stuck as a generic term. Because most manufacturers have switched to making this type of foundation, and because of their versatility, this review focuses on this type. We’ve researched and identified some of the best box spring mattress foundation brands. To show you what they make, we’ve featured one foundation per brand. If you don’t care for our featured products, that’s okay. There are many other options available from the brands featured here.
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Our Top Choice
Zinus Bifold Box Spring Mattress Foundation
Zinus' mission is to deliver well-being and enhance good health through the world’s finest lifestyle and sleep products. The 9-Inch High Profile Bifold Box Spring is a perfect example.
Doesn’t require assembly. Made of heavy-duty steel. Impressive 5-year warranty. Compresses for easy storage and transportation. Looks good.
Not the best for very heavy persons.
Zipper Fabric
5 Sizes
9 Inches
42 lbs.
Best Value
Lifetime Sleep Products Low Profile Box Spring
Lifetime Sleep Products has been making superior sleeping products for years now. The 4-Inch Box Spring is a low profile foundation and is great for high profile mattresses.
Very sturdy. Easy to transport, even in elevators. Comes with a lifetime warranty. Fits well in a variety of spaces. Non-skid surface.
Assembly isn’t that easy, especially if you’re doing it for the first time.
5 Sizes
4 Inches
60 lbs.
Brooklyn Bedding Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation
Brooklyn Bedding’s mission has always been to make the “best bedding ever." This is evident in its Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation, which doesn’t need any assembly.
Transportation is easy as there is no assembly required. Compact and sturdy construction. Available in multiple sizes. Durable.
Contacting the brand’s support team isn’t easy.
Soft Knit Cover
6 Sizes
8 Inches
68.5 lbs.
Tubular Steel
Best Price Mattress Steel Box Spring Foundation
Best Price Mattresses is a prestigious mattress manufacturer. The 7.5-Inch Spring/Mattress Foundationdelivers the support of the traditional box spring in a better way.
Easy to transport. No assembly required. Has a non-skid top. 100 percent steel construction. 5-year warranty. Can be used with any mattress.
There are sometimes size variations.
Non-Skid Fabric
5 Sizes
7.5 Inches
34 lbs.
Heavy Duty Steel
Classic Brands Regular Profile Foundation
Classic Brands has been in business for 45 years, making mattresses using innovative design and premium materials. The 8-Inch Instant Foundation is a regular profile foundation.
Easy to set up. Supports any mattress. Made from handcrafted wood. Available in multiple sizes. Travel friendly.
Assembly instructions may be hard to follow.
Draw String Cotton Fabric
6 Sizes
8 Inches
54 lbs.

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What is the Best Box Spring Replacement?

You now know what you’re looking for, don’t you? Hopefully our guide was a great help. Now, it’s time to head on to the reviews and make your choice!
Our Top Choice
The 9-Inch High Profile Bifold Box Spring is a great Zinus product. It has a traditional box spring look and doesn't require any assembly. If you don't mind assembling or don’t need as much height, check out the best-selling 5-Inch, High Profile Box Spring. It's made of steel but has easy assembly.

Zinus 9-Inch High Profile Bifold Box Spring Folding Mattress Foundation - Steel Construction, No Assembly Required, Available in 6 Sizes

Zinus believes that a good night's sleep shouldn't be reserved for a few. It started out making portable furniture, sleeping bags, and tents. Now it makes mattresses, pillows and other bed products, such as mattress foundations. Zinus has some of the best carefully crafted box springs on the market today, which explains their popularity. We trust you won’t be disappointed by any of its mattress foundations.

Different people prefer different bed heights, and transporting box springs can be a challenge. To address this, Zinus makes box springs of different heights. For transportation and assembling challenges it has a folding box spring, which doesn't require any assembling and is easy to transport even in tight areas. The 9-inch Bifold Box Spring is compressible for easy storage and mobility.

Setting it up requires you to remove it from the box and unfold it, and it will open to a box spring shape. For durability, it has a strong steel frame, which makes it sturdy as well. It will work well with almost any type of mattress, and as an assurance of quality, you’re given a 5-year limited warranty.

The box spring we’ve featured here is the split queen size. If you’re looking for a different size, Zinus has twin, twin XL, full, split California king and split king sizes.
Best Value
Do you have a thick and heavy mattress and need a box spring? Go for the sturdy, low profile, Lifetime Sleep Products 4-Inch Box Spring. If you’re looking for a metal platform bed, try the Lifetime Sleep Products Metal Platform Bed. It's available in 6 sizes, doesn’t require a box spring and is great for all types of mattresses, especially memory foam.

Lifetime Sleep Products 4-Inch, Low Profile Mattress Foundation – Great for Memory Foam Mattresses, Comes in 5 Sizes, Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Sleep Products appreciates that you love and value a nice sleeping place. Apart from box springs, the company also makes mattresses, metal platform beds, and replacement mattresses. This brand knows that we all have different preferences about how high a bed should be. That's why it offers both low profile and standard box springs. Since the weight of mattresses has increased over time, Lifetime Sleep Products' box springs are sturdy, which also adds to their durability.

We picked the 4-Inch Box Spring because of its sturdiness. It's also easy to transport and will fit in hallways, tight staircases, and elevators, where most other box springs won’t fit. Not only will this box spring provide support to your mattress, but its elegance and easy assembly makes it a great deal.

This box spring is made for bedroom assembly, so it will be delivered non-assembled. Luckily, the clear guide and impressive design mean you’ll only need up to 15 minutes to assemble it, and it can be put together by anyone! With a power screwdriver, fixing the screws will even be easier. If you're a townhouse or apartment dweller with limited space, and you want a low profile box spring, this is all you need.

The wood components make this box spring very sturdy. This makes it a good option for inner spring, heavy memory foam, and latex mattresses. To assure you of its quality, you’ll be given a lifetime warranty, which means the brand is sure of its quality.

This product is also available in twin, twin x-large, full, and king sizes.
With the Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation, you won’t ever have a squeaking bed. This box foundation is made using heavy-duty steel, making it a sturdy and compact unit. If you need a rise platform frame, which replaces a box spring/foundation and bed frame, look at the Brooklyn Bedding Super Duty High Rise Platform Frame, available in seven sizes.

Brooklyn Bedding Ultimate Dreams Simple Life Tri-Fold Box Foundation - Fully Assembled Mattress Foundation, Available in 5 Sizes

Brooklyn Bedding, a family-owned company, has made a name for itself in the bedding industry since 1995. Initially, it only made mattresses. Later, it decided its mission of providing products for the best sleep ever couldn’t be accomplished without having the best sheets ever and the best pillows ever. If customers and independent reviews are anything to go by, Brooklyn Bedding's mission of making bedding that works for everyone is being achieved.

The Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation has incredible edge firmness. This guarantees you noise-free support and long- lasting durability. The sturdiness provides support to your mattress and prevents the mattress from sagging. This keeps the mattress in position and also adds to its durability.

Unlike other box foundations and box springs, which you need to assemble after buying, this box foundation is sold fully assembled. This saves you the hassle of fixing 50 screws and aligning nut holes. When you get it, just unpack it, unfold it, and you'll be done. This is thanks to the design, which allows the box foundation to be folded. This makes it easy to transport after buying and when relocating. Even if you have to take stairs, it will be pretty easy to transport it. This box foundation also works well with any mattress.

The unit we've featured here is the California King size. This box spring is also sold in Twin XL, Full, King, Queen and Twin sizes.
If you need an innovative traditional box spring, you won’t go wrong with the Best Price Mattress 7.5-Inch Spring/Mattress Foundation. It has a convenient bi-fold design. Looking for a complete mattress support to replace a box spring or a traditional bed frame? Consider the Best Price Mattress Innovated Box Spring Platform Foundation, with 100% metal construction.

Best Price Mattress Bi-Fold Steel Box Spring/Mattress Foundation - No Assembly Required, Available in 7 Sizes

The Best Price Mattress mission is evident in its name: provide mattresses at the best price. Its motivation is to see everyone enjoy their sleep by having a good mattress. This company is probably the best in innovation when it comes to mattresses. Since good sleep comes from a combination of different elements, the company also makes other products, including mattress foundations, memory foam mattresses, gel memory mattresses, iCoil spring mattresses, and bed frames.

The 7.5-Inch Spring/Mattress Foundation has heavy-duty construction. This is what makes it sturdy, offering the mattress complete support. Because of its stability, there won’t ever be noise, and it prolongs your mattress life.

This mattress foundation is sold pre-assembled, making it affordable and easy to ship and transport when relocating. To assemble it, remove it from the package, unfold it and place your mattress on top. On top of the foundation, there is a non-skid fabric, which holds the mattress in place. This makes it safer, especially when youngsters are using the bed. You can use with it any mattress, and it is sold with a 5-year warranty.

The version we've featured is the queen size. If you'd prefer a different smaller or larger size, it's also sold in twin, full, king, and California king sizes.
The Classic Brands 8-Inch Instant Foundation is a regular profile foundation made from handcrafted wood. It's easy to assemble, making a sturdy bed foundation. If you’d like a low profile foundation, see the 4-Inch Instant Foundation, which supports all mattresses. It's also durable and noise-free, and is available in 7 sizes.

Classic Brands 8-Inch Instant Foundation - Handcrafted Wood, Regular Profile Foundation, Assembly Required, Available in 6 Sizes

Classic Brand is a company that anyone who loves quality sleep products should check out. It leads in leather furniture and specialty sleep products. It lives up to its name by providing quality sleep items. The brand makes all types of mattresses, including hybrid mattresses, cool gel mattresses, memory foam mattresses, innerspring mattresses, latex foam mattresses and sofa mattresses. Classic Brands also makes bed frames, mattress protectors, mattress toppers, adjustable comfort pillows and instant foundations.

Classic Brands' 8-Inch Instant Foundation is made of Amish handcrafted solid spruce. Its efficiency in preventing mattress sagging adds to its durability. It is a perfect replacement for traditional box springs and brings a touch of class to your bedroom.

It is sold unassembled, but it will only take you a few minutes to follow the 4-step assembly procedure using the included tools. This foundation is noise-free and very stable, and whatever your bed type, the manufacturer says this box spring will support it.

In this review, we’ve featured the queen size. If you want a different size, twin, twin xl, full, king and California king types are available.

How Do I Choose the Best Box Spring Replacement?

The central piece of furniture in every bedroom is the bed, so you should take your time in choosing the right one. Remember you want one that is comfortable and that you will look forward to coming home to every night.

There’s nothing wrong with paying so much attention to your bed especially since that’s where you will be spending a third of the day, if you are obedient to doctor’s orders. We all know, as doctors constantly admonish, that a good sleep is necessary to get us well-rested from the previous day and up and running for the next. In fact, a good sleep can prevent a lot of diseases that people come down with today. And guess what? It’s free!

Now, if you’re going to get a good sleep for the recommended time period, then everything about your bed has got to be solid. Your bed frame must be rugged enough to accommodate your weight. Your mattress must be comfy, yet firm to prevent back pain. Of course your pillow must be really fluffy, and finally the sheets must be clean!

Okay, sorry not finally, there’s something else that’s critical to the overall performance of your bed and that’s a box spring. Well, we all know that they aren’t actually box springs literally, but who cares? The name stuck, and we love it!

Anyway, a box spring is pretty foundational (literally) to any bed or mattress. It helps provide a solid platform on which to place your mattress for support and comfort. Needless to say, if your box spring is all shaky and always making creaking noises, then dear friend it’s time to make a change.

You must understand that when it comes to beds, three words must be uppermost in your mind: firm, comfy, and noiseless because without these three ingredients, you cannot have a good sleep.

Whether you’re looking to change your old box spring or you want to get a whole new unit, you will need some tips on how to spot and snag a good one. This is especially important because a lot of rascals are on the loose, and they all have an eye for your money. But if you stay close to us, we promise to feed you all you need to know about these guys. Hopefully at the end of our review you’ll have found the box spring that’s right for you. Now let’s get on with it.
You might be correct if you say that box springs don’t sell for cheap, but if you consider the fact that these guys last for a mighty long time, you should be able to overlook the up-front expense. Now, hold your breath, a good box spring can cost you anywhere around $80 to about $500. If you love convenience and are probably thinking of going for a split unit or something that comes pre-assembled, then know that you will spend more than someone else who’d be satisfied with the basics.

This doesn’t mean that you should look for cheapies though. Cheap box springs are a disaster waiting to happen because first off, you don’t know when it will give. Secondly, most of them begin to make creaking sounds barely a few weeks after they are purchased. The essence of investing in a seemingly expensive box spring is so that you never have to do it again. Or at least not for another few years. Trust us, you do not want to get a cheap box spring.
So before you finally settle for any one purchase, you might want to find out some of the features that make for an excellent box spring. Have a look:
  • Type
  • Materials
  • Desired Bed Height
  • Support
  • Appearance
Let’s get into the details already!
Construction and Design
So there are two types of box springs that you can choose from, and they each come with their individual pros and cons. There’s the standard type and the split box.

As the name implies, the standard box spring is a one-piece while the split is well… split. The good thing about the split box type is that they are easy to move around unlike the standard type.

You know you can’t exactly squeeze a box spring through tight corners like a mattress, so ease of movement is really a big deal when it comes to box springs. Split box springs are really easy to move since they come in parts, but they are also more expensive. And if your bed frame doesn’t have support at the center, a split box spring might not be for you.

There are various kinds of materials that a box spring could be made of. The options are really wide and varied. For instance, some are made of hypoallergenic fabrics, natural fillers, densely packed coils, and organic fabrics. Depending on your preferences, any of these materials would normally work. Just be sure to get a hypoallergenic box spring if you have sensitivity issues.

And finally, it’s always a good idea to have a good looking box spring even if it doesn’t affect the performance. You should pick something that looks good as it gives your bed a nice appearance.
Performance and Ease of Use
The support your chosen box spring offers must be solid in order to offer comfort and durability. Improper support can cause you to sleep poorly and could also make you lose your mattress’ warranty. So check out your mattress and know whether it requires a soft type or a firm zero deflection type. Whatever you choose though, ensure that it’s solid.

Lastly, we will take a look at the total height of your bed. You already know that your box spring will cause the height of your bed to rise considerably and noticeably, so you should put that into consideration.

There are two heights that box springs come in; the 9-inch box spring which is standard and the low-profile 5-inch box spring. If your bed is already at your preferred height, then just go for the low profile one as it will still offer the same support without making your bed look too tall.

Get the Best Box Spring Replacement of 2023!

We hope we have saved you time in finding the best box spring foundation for your needs. The selected brands are reputable, and you can always count on them for quality products. Create a great bed with any of these!

Our Top Choice
Zinus Bifold Box Spring Mattress Foundation
Best Value
Lifetime Sleep Products Low Profile Box Spring
Brooklyn Bedding Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation
Best Price Mattress Steel Box Spring Foundation
Classic Brands Regular Profile Foundation