Best Boxing Glove Reviews 2023

The value of a good set of boxing gloves cannot be stressed enough. Get those fake punching models, and you will wreck your hands and end up in pain. Purchase gloves without extra cushioning, and you might suffer decreased hand functionality or weakened muscles as a result of incorrect punching. But don’t worry if you are just getting started with this sport, or if you are a pro and looking to upgrade your current gloves. We have researched five top names in the boxing gloves market and found five awesome models from each of them to help you train safely and protect your arms.
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Our Top Choice
Everlast Pro Style Sports Boxing Gloves
Everlast is a household name in the world of boxing. The Pro Style Sports Boxing Gloves are made with vinyl and padded material for durability and comfort.
Fairly priced. Thumb lock technology. Great design.
Best suited for just light bag workout sessions.
Best Value
RDX Maya Hide Leather Sports Boxing Gloves
Every boxing enthusiast knows about RDX and all the quality sports gear it makes. Its Maya Hide Boxing Gloves are made with quality leather and extra cushioning for top performance.
Quality leather construction. Enhanced wrist support. Plenty of ventilation to get rid of odors.
Not very elastic.
Venum Contender Sports Boxing Gloves
Venum is a global brand operating across Asia, America and Europe. The Venum Contender Sports Boxing Gloves are made with quality synthetic leather and comfortable foam padding.
Solid construction for durability. Curved anatomical shape for lasting comfort. Multi-density foam to absorb shock.
A bit expensive compared to other gloves of similar caliber.
Ringside Pro Style Sports Boxing Gloves
Ringside is undoubtedly the champion in the world of boxing gear. The Ringside Pro Style Boxing Gloves are made from full grain leather for added durability.
Striking design. Affordable. Good protection. Amazing wrist support.
Lacks palm vent holes.
ProForce Leatherette Sports Boxing Gloves
ProForce is a reputable maker of contact sports gear. The Leatherette Boxing Gloves are ideal for boxing, cardio kickboxing and martial arts.
Ideal for a wide range of sports. Well ventilated. Quality leatherette material.
Available in just one color.

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What is the Best Boxing Glove?

How do you know you are getting the right pair of gloves? It’s pretty simple. First, find a top brand to ensure you get a quality pair. Second, be sure that the punching gloves you purchase are comfortable and a good fit around the fingers and wrist. The gloves shouldn’t force your arm to move in an awkward way. Also consider the material used, padding (whether a protective gel, shock-resistant foam or triple density foam), the closure mechanism, and the budget. You will find all this information in our reviews to help you make this important purchase.
Our Top Choice
The Pro Style Sports Boxing Gloves are ideal for mitt work, light bag workouts and sparring. They come in a wide range of sizes and colors so that everyone gets the right fit. Want the women’s version of these gloves at nearly the same price? Get the Women's Pro Style Training Gloves and enjoy the same quality!

Everlast Men’s Pro Style Training Punching Gloves – Available in 6 Sizes, 3 Colors

From punching bags and gym bags, to protective gear and hand wraps, to footwear and coaching equipment – you name it and Everlast has it! The brand has made waves in the sports and fitness industry because of its undying commitment to producing nothing but quality products. Try one of its products today and you will attest to this!

The Pro Style Sports Boxing Gloves are made with quality synthetic leather – vinyl, which performs well for boxers looking to spend only a few hours in the gym. The full mesh plan keeps the gloves comfortable and breathable, while the anti-microbial treatments help in fighting bacterial growth and odors. If you want a firm fit and grip, we suggest that you grab these boxing gloves today at a price of $34.99.

Here are more features that make this pair of punching gloves a sweet deal:
  • Full padding at both the back and front of the wrist to promote proper technique and comfort
  • Thumb Lock technology to help keep your fist and thumb positioned well and prevent injuries
  • Breathable fabrics and ventilation system to regulate your body temperature
We featured these gloves in a size of 8 ounces and color of black, but you can get them in different variations. Available sizes range from 6 ounces to 16 ounces, while the color choices are black, red and blue.
Best Value
The RDX Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves are made with quality and highly dense shock absorbing foam to let you unleash your punching power and not worry about injuring your arm. Want a more expensive men’s pair of gloves made from cowhide leather? We bet you will love the RDX Cow Hide Leather Gel Boxing Gloves.

RDX Maya Hide Training Leather Punching Gloves – Available in 5 Sizes & 5 Colors

RDX is a global brand specializing in sports and fitness gear. It has built its reputation by keeping its fans on their toes with new and innovative products for years. When it comes to boxing gear, we can comfortably say that only a few brands can compete with RDX.

Whether you are an amateur boxer or one of those tough ladies who can take the action to the ring, the Maya Hide Leather Boxing Gloves are the perfect punching gloves to go for. Why do we say this? Along with the fact that they are made by a reliable brand, they have a unique design to offer extra durability, resilience and sturdiness. It doesn’t matter if you use your gloves every day; for just $53.99, you can use these punching gloves without hurting your arms or fingers.

Let’s take a quick glance at some of the features that are in store for you:
  • Quick-EZ Velcro closure with extra long straps for comfort adjustability and added wrist support
  • Exclusive Quadro-Dome technology lets the gloves distribute the force exerted equally, allowing the internal padding to subdue the shock impact
  • Ventilation mesh helps in expelling moisture that builds up inside, while an exclusive foam allows added cushioning
  • Resilient leather to protect the interior, including your arm
We picked the 10 oz version since it’s an ideal size to fit most people. However, if you have bigger or smaller arms, you can choose from a number of sizes ranging from 8 oz to 16 oz, and from 5 different colors.
The Women’s Venum Contender Boxing Gloves feature a high-density padding to absorb any shock that’s thrown its way, and premium synthetic leather to prolong durability. Want to check out a different line of Venum gloves with 100 percent synthetic leather as well? Try the Venum Elite Boxing Gloves, and you might just like them.

Venum Contender Leather Punching Gloves – Available in 5 Sizes, 7 Colors

Venum specializes in equipment and apparel for combat sports, including karate, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, boxing and martial arts. The brand has made waves in this industry to the point of sponsoring top fighters in major sporting events. Although most of the products it offers cost a pretty penny, you can be sure to get nothing less than quality.

The Venum Contender Sports Boxing Gloves are made to withstand even the most powerful jabs and crosses. They feature 100 percent premium synthetic leather to ensure you enjoy long service. These gloves also have an interesting curved anatomical shape that offers lasting comfort and great versatility.

To own this pair of gloves, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets and part with around $55.99. If this model strikes your attention, here are some of the features you will be looking at:
  • High-quality leather make for extended life
  • Full attachable thumb that minimizes any risk of twisting
  • Multi-density foam to absorb shock
If you want these boxing gloves, you don’t have to go with the featured 12 oz size and pink color. You can choose from 8-ounce to 16-ounce sizes, and among 7 cool colors.
Take your boxing hobby a notch higher with the Ringside Pro Style Boxing Gloves. They are made with molded protective foam technology for comprehensive protection. Are you a beginner and want a pair of gloves to punch lightweight bags? If yes, then you will love the Ringside Striker Training Gloves.

Ringside Pro Style Training Punching Gloves – Available in 2 Sizes, 5 Colors

Whether you are an amateur just looking to shape up with boxing, a professional boxer looking to kill all your fights, or a coach trying to get your mojo back, you can trust Ringside to be your gear companion. The company has been making and supplying quality boxing equipment for years, earning a good reputation as the most dependable brand in the boxing world.

The Ringside Pro Style Boxing Gloves are great for both amateurs and professional boxers. They come with pre-curved padding made of injected-molded foam to ensure you have maximum protection even during high-intensity strikes. The wrist hinge is flexible enough to allow maximum motion.

This pair of gloves is affordable, as it retails from $21.05 to $41.99 on Amazon, depending on the size you select. Whichever one you choose to go with, you will enjoy the following features:
  • Hook and loop closure to allow for easy use
  • Made of synthetic leather for easy cleaning and durability
  • Attached thumb for added comfort
  • Full wrap around your wrist
  • If you get this pair of gloves, you can choose among 5 colors, ranging from black/pink to white. You can also get the gloves either as small/medium size or large/X-large size.
The ProForce Leatherette Boxing Gloves are made to suit boxers as well as those practicing martial arts and cardio kickboxing. They are well ventilated for comfort and better protection. Looking to get the girls' variation of the same model? Check out the Leatherette Boxing Gloves with White Palm on Amazon and get a pair today.

ProForce Leatherette Punching Gloves Black with Red Palm

ProForce has established its name in the world of contact sports gear with quality products. The brand has earned a good reputation for providing fair prices without compromising on the quality of its gear.

If you are going to get a pair of ProForce boxing gloves, you won’t be spending much. The Leatherette Sports Boxing Gloves are a perfect example of good quality products that come with amazing features, such as pre-curved design and quality leather material, for less than $40. This pair of gloves comes with a thumb lock and quality foam core made with cotton lining for the utmost comfort.

We couldn’t leave out the Leatherette Sports Boxing Gloves by ProForce, because they are affordable and can be used in a number of sports, including cardio kickboxing, boxing, karate, Muy Thai and even fitness training. Some of the features they offer include:
  • Quality leatherette material for durability
  • Vented palm for breathability
  • Pre-curved form fit
  • An easy-to-hook wrist wrap
You can get this pair of boxing gloves in 8 different sizes, ranging from 10 ounces all the way to 24 ounces.

How Do I Choose the Best Boxing Glove?

If sport is an essential part of your life, and you have decided to take it to another level that will work all your muscles, then you should definitely consider boxing. It’s a great sport that is also an exceptional way to release stress.

It's not an easy sport; it is actually quite demanding. In order to practice it, you'll need a quality pair of boxing gloves. Not only will they protect you against fractures, but they will also protect you from arthritis, joint, and muscle weakness. In order to protect your hands and to do boxing correctly, you need to choose the right pair of boxing gloves.

The exact origins of boxing are still unknown, but some events indicate that the first recognition of this sport was in 688 BC during an Olympiad. In those days, boxers had a much higher risk of getting injured than their counterparts today. Unlike today's boxing gloves, boxers used thin leather bands in order to protect their hands and fingers.

However, today you're able to find on the market everything you need. If you want to start boxing, or you've already been boxing for quite some time, you should know that the most important aspect is the equipment. In this case, you'll need boxing shoes that offer good toe grip, boxing hand wraps that offer your hands and wrists the right support and protection, and a quality speed bag that will add speed and precision to your practice.
Good boxing gloves will cost you between $20 and $50. The price varies depending on the material used and other additional features. For example, a pair of boxing gloves that are made of leather and feature shock dissipating gel lining will cost around $50.

Cheap boxing gloves won't offer the right support and won't keep your hands protected properly, which will eventually affect your ability to box fluidly. If the gloves don't support your hands and wrists as they should, you might end up with an injury.
Nowadays, there is a wide selection of boxing gloves on the market that come in different designs and sizes.

Choosing the right pair of boxing gloves is really important, and there are a number of things to consider that will impact this choice.
  • Type - There are multiple types of boxing gloves that are suitable for different activities such as bag, training, sparring, and competition gloves.
  • Size and Weight - You’ll be able to find boxing gloves weighing 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz. How much padding they have inside will determine the weight. So, if you want great protection, you should go for heavier boxing gloves. If you train a lot, you should go for lighter boxing gloves.
  • Material - You can choose between boxing gloves made of vinyl, polyurethane leather, and genuine leather. Vinyl boxing gloves are quite inexpensive and are suitable for beginners. However, vinyl won't stand up to the test of time. Polyurethane leather is durable and is also great for beginners. Genuine leather is an exceptional choice if you are looking for durability and sturdiness. They'll certainly go the distance and will eventually mold into your hand shape, offering you good comfort.
  • Closure - Here, you can choose between laces or Velcro. Laces offer a more stable fit, but Velcro is easy to close in a few seconds.
  • Color - Even if it's the least important aspect when it comes to choosing the right pair of boxing gloves, you should know that there is no limit to color options and prints.
Construction and Design
As we said, there are multiple types of boxing gloves that are suited for specific activities.

Bag Gloves: They are suitable for standard punching bag trainings. In this case, the lighter the glove, the faster and longer you'll be able to train. Here, you can choose between fully-padded bag gloves and less-padded bag gloves that are great for speed training.

Training Gloves: These are suitable for general training. They're great for heavy bags, speed bags, and even uppercut bags. These gloves are the most common because they function as "everyday" gloves and are used almost 80% of the time.

Sparring Gloves: They’re good for sparring with a partner as they're padded around the knuckles to protect your hands and your partner's hands.

Competition Gloves: These are light and designed in such a way that your partner feels the strikes. If you participate in competitions, you should check what types of gloves are allowed and make your choice accordingly.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to taking care of and maintaining your boxing gloves, we have one crucial tip for you. If you want to double their lifespan, always dry them after each training.

So, as you see, the enemy of your glove's durability is moisture, and this is why it is important for them to be dried. Similarly, you should own a couple of pairs and rotate between them from one training to another. If you opt for leather boxing gloves you should use a leather conditioner on a daily basis. In this way you will preserve the material and prevent the leather from cracking or tearing off.

Get the Best Boxing Glove of 2023!

Just like headgear, boxing gloves are important when training or competing in a real match. They protect your hands from injury and prevent you from causing too much damage to your opponent. All our choices are made by big names in the industry and come with amazing features to suit you. Take another look and compare the prices as well, to ensure you get one that offers you the much-needed protection (according to your boxing level) and one that won’t hurt your wallet. We are happy to have helped you make this important choice.

Our Top Choice
Everlast Pro Style Sports Boxing Gloves
Best Value
RDX Maya Hide Leather Sports Boxing Gloves
Venum Contender Sports Boxing Gloves
Ringside Pro Style Sports Boxing Gloves
ProForce Leatherette Sports Boxing Gloves