Best Boys Rain Boots Reviews 2023

Shopping for boys boots can feel overwhelming given the myriad of options out there. Fashion trends keep shifting from rubber to leather soles, cowboy boots, flip-flops, and much more. Boys can be more adventurous, and you’ll want rain boots that are both sturdy and comfy. The wrong boots may cause trips and falls that can lead to injury. We’ve reviewed five of the best boys rain boots brands recognized for quality and comfort..
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Our Top Choice
Crocs Bump It Batman™ Rain Boot
With its headquarters in Niwot, Colorado, Crocs sells shoes in over 90 countries, so you can spot Crocs shoes in the streets of London, New York City, or Hong Kong.
Croslite™ foam construction. Pull tab makes it easier to put the boots on and off. Waterproof. Iconic Crocs comfort
Isolated incidents of boots warping in high heat
Batman logo design
Low boot
Croslite™, Rubber bumper toe 
1-8 years
7 sizes
Best Value
Hatley Red & Navy Rain Boots
Hatley manufactures fun, nature-inspired clothing and gifts for the entire family in an environmentally-safe manner.
PVC-free rubber with 100% cotton lining. Easy pull on handles. Easy to clean-hand wash. Slip resistant sole. Waterproof. PVC-free.
Some customers found choosing the right size a bit difficult.
Pull On closure, pull on handles
Low boot
100% Rubber, cotton lining
Toddlers and small kids
4-7 for toddlers, 8-13 for small kids
Hunter Original Kids First Classic Rain Boots
Hunter was started by entrepreneur Henry Lee Norris who manufactured boots using the innovative and newly-patented vulcanization technology to produce durable rubber items.
Wider upper leg to ensure freedom of movement. Flatter sole and a rounder foot. Matte finish. Waterproof
Shoes come up a little big
Flatter sole, rounder foot
Low boot
Natural rubber sole, nylon lining
Toddlers and small kids
9 different sizes
Oakiwear Kid’s Neoprene Rain Boots
Whether it’s hiking a muddy trail, or jumping in puddles, Oakiwear understands that outdoor activities nurture creativity in children, and they have the best gear to help your child experience a lifetime of adventure.
Rubber sole and 100% neoprene lining. Reinforced handles. Waterproof. Affordable
Shoe sizes run a little big
High cut off point
Low boot
Rubber sole, 100% neoprene lining
Toddler to big kids
11 different sizes
Disney Avengers Rain Boots
From engaging digital experiences, Disney keeps bringing to life their stories and characters through their innovative products.
Treaded synthetic outsoles. Colorful graphics. Reinforced handles.
Size is bigger than normal shoe size
Low boot
Synthetic rubber sole
Toddler/Little Kid
3 different sizes

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What is the Best Boys Rain Boots?

Most kids love to play in puddles, but as a parent, you’re always concerned about how they can ruin a good pair of shoes in no time. With decent boys’ rain boots, you won’t need to worry about that anymore. Your boy can stay warm and dry as he splashes about. There’s a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles available to suit his personality. Now that you’re equipped with what to look for in boys rain boots, it’s time to go out there and pick the perfect pair.
Our Top Choice
The Crocs Bump It Batman™ Rain Boot comes with Croslite™ foam construction to keep them light, enabling your son to play superhero all day without feeling weighed down. Looking for Different graphics? Check out the crocs Kids' Bump It Graphic Rain Boot that comes in different sizes and two colors for your prince and princess.

Crocs Bump It Batman™ Rain Boot for Ages 1-8 Years - Available in Different Sizes

Founded in 2002, Crocs, Inc. is a global leader in cutting-edge casual footwear for children, men and women. All of their shoes feature Croslite™ fabric and revolutionary technology to give them the soft, lightweight, comfortable, odor-resistant and non-marking qualities loved by all Crocs fans. The company has sold over three hundred million pairs of shoes since its founding in 2002.

Your “bat son” will love the Crocs Bump It Batman™ Rain Boots because they are an excellent fit, lightweight, and easy to put on. With these action-packed Batman boots, your little champ will be jumping with joy trying to find every puddle to splash in. The good thing is that the Croslite™ foam construction makes them light, so he or she can play all day without feeling weighed down.

Here are the features that come with the Batman rain boots:
  • Bat logo glows in the dark
  • Pull tab makes them easy to put on and off
  • Soft TPU bumper to protect the toes and provide comfort
  • The original Croslite™ foam provides cushion to the kid’s feet
  • Synthetic sole
  • Measurements: boot shaft length-6.4 inches, circumference-10.4 inches.
The Crocs Bump It Batman™ Rain Boots are available in multiple sizes and should fit a child aged 1 - 8.
Best Value
The Hatley Red & Navy Rain Boots are made from PVC-free rubber with 100% cotton lining to keep the kid’s feet warm, dry, and comfortable. Want to save some bucks by picking a different design? Try out the Hatley Boys' Printed Rain Boots that are made from Plc free rubber.

Hatley Boys' Red & Navy Classic Rain Boots - Available in 11 Sizes

Founded more than 20 years ago by skilled painter Alice Oldland and her husband John, Hatley began by making and selling the best pig and cow aprons and later included gifts and clothing. The company thrived and was later handed over to Alice and John’s three sons, Chris, Jeremy and Nick, who transformed the company by developing a comprehensive children’s line and comfy women’s sleepwear.

After the rains come the muddy puddles! Nothing is more fun for kids than jumping into puddles and making big splashes. With an excellent pair of rain boots, your munchkin’s feet remain dry and warm as he plays in the rain. The Hatley Red & Navy Rain Boots come with handles to make it easier for kids to put them on and off. The slip resistant soles ensure that they’ll remain stable while playing on wet surfaces.

The Hatley Red & Navy Rain Boots are handmade vulcanized rubber boots with 100% cotton lining to keep the kid’s feet comfortable and warm. They are available in sizes 1-3 for big boys, 4-6 for toddlers and 8-13 for small kids.
The Hunter Original Kids First Classic Rain Boots come with a wider upper leg to ensure freedom of movement and also to make it easier when putting-on and taking-off. Willing to pay more for a variety of colors and a little heel? Check out the Hunter Kids Junior Black Rubber Wellingtons Boots that come in 9 colors and 3 sizes.

Hunter Kids Unisex First Classic Rain Boots (Toddler/ Little Kid) - Available in 9 Sizes

Established in 1856 by American businessman Henry Lee Norris, Hunter is a British born company with a long-standing history of innovation. Hunter is well-known for its iconic first boot, with its products being worn by explorers, pioneers, celebrities, and icons alike. Today, Hunter boots are easily recognizable in festivals across Britain and the world.

Designed for growing feet, the Hunter Original Kids First Classic Rain Boots have a rounder foot and flatter sole to ensure that your kid can walk easily. The upper leg is wider to allow free movement and to make it easier to put them on and off. You kid will always remember his first puddle jumping experience with the Hunter classic rain boots. These boots are handmade using 28 different parts with great attention to detail. The vulcanized natural rubber, woven nylon lining and the cushioned foot bed all come together to ensure your kid feels comfortable and warm.

Other features that come with the Hunter Original Kids First Classic Rain Boots include:
  • Matte finish
  • Waterproof construction
  • Rubber sole for durability
  • Measurements: Shaft-10 1⁄2 inches, weight- 8oz
These boots are available in nine sizes; 5 – 10 for toddlers and 11 – 13 for little kids.
With its rubber sole and 100% neoprene lining, the Oakiwear Children’s Neoprene Rain/Snow Boots are designed to ensure your little man remains warm and dry. Do you want to save a few bucks and get a different design? We recommend the Oakiwear Kids Rubber Rain Boots that come in Mermaids, Crocodile, Pirates, Purple Fairies, Army, and Blue Dino designs.

Oakiwear Children’s Neoprene Muck Boots for Rain and Snow - Available in 11 Sizes & 14 Colors

Oakiwear knows that it takes great gear to really enjoy the outdoors. Established more than 10 years ago by a mom who couldn’t find durable and affordable outdoor clothing for her young children, Oakiwear spends a lot of time perfecting toddler and kids’ rain and snow gear. From their best selling rain boots to their unique waders and rainsuits, Oaki has grown to become a go-to outdoor apparel company for kids.

Oakiwear has a large variety of patterns and designs for kids’ rubber rain boots, so your child will never lack on the style front. The best part is that their boots are high quality and affordably priced.

With rubber sole and 100% neoprene lining, the Oakiwear Children’s Neoprene Rain/Snow Boots are warm, comfortable and waterproof. These boots are lighter that full snow boots, but can be used both as rain boots and snow boots, saving you money. The reinforced handles make it easier for your child to wear and take them off. The high quality durable rubber casing coupled with an excellent tread will ensure that your child uses these boots for a very long time. With its high cut off point, you can rest easy knowing that your little one’s feet will remain dry inside as water is kept out.

These boots are available in 11 sizes and 14 colors to ensure every child has an option! The sizes run from size 6 toddler all the way up to size 1 big kids.
The Disney Avengers Rain Boot comes with treaded synthetic outsoles to offer your boy solid traction while playing on different surfaces. Is your son a fan of cars? Put a smile on his face by getting him the Disney Cars Kids Boys' Lightening Rain Boots that are made from 100% waterproof rubber.

Disney Avengers Multicolor Rain Boots (Toddler/Little Kid) - Available in 6 Sizes

Disney has occupied the minds and hearts of kids around the world with their range of children-focused products. From movies to games, books, apps, clothing, bedding, footwear, and many other products, this company’s creativity and innovation brings their characters and stories to life.

The Disney Avengers Rain Boot will surely bring a sparkle to your son’s rainy days. The 100% synthetic rubber construction will protect his feet from mud and cold while offering solid traction on different surfaces. And, with the colorful graphics of the Hulk, Iron man, and Captain America, your boy will take his favorite characters with him everywhere he goes. Reinforced handles make it easy for kids to take them on and off.

These multicolored rain boots come in six different sizes, so check out the sizing chart before choosing the perfect size for your little one. They range from size 7 for toddlers up to size 12 for little kids.

How Do I Choose the Best Boys Rain Boots?

Rain can put a damper on many life’s activities, but with a decent pair of rain boots, your boy has no excuse for breaking his fashionable light up shoes in the mud. Rain boots come in a wide range of styles, colors, and every kid looks forward to a rainy day to showcase their new rain boots.

Rain boots definitely have a place in every boy’s closet, especially if you live somewhere with lots of rainfall. There are a few factors to consider when shopping for boys rain boots, but the most critical consideration is what they’re going to do with the boots. For example, a rain boot designed for casual urban use may not be appropriate for working on the farm.

Some boots are designed with winter conditions in mind, although you might want to stock a pair of snow boots for the really cold days. Such boots are insulated and can be worn from the end of autumn to the beginning of spring.

Rain boots are also great for camping or climbing. Slipping rain boots on and off as kids scramble in and out of the tent is much easier than hiking shoes. You don’t need to worry about getting them soiled around the muddy terrains or getting smoky around the camp fire.

Before we take your through our top picks, let’s go through the various features available when shopping for boys rain boots. Read on!
If you thought your favorite boys’ rain boots were only available in a narrow price range, think again. Some boys’ rain boots can be quite pricey but we narrowed down some great quality pairs that will cost between $30 and $55. Of course, there are more expensive pairs you could go for, and depending on how often your boy wears rain boots, it could be a good investment to consider high quality and durability. There are cheap boys rain boots out there, but we avoided such models for quality concerns. They’re probably made from substandard materials that may quickly deteriorate and allow the rain water inside.
Rain boots allow your boy to be out and about in any weather without his feet getting wet or cold. It’s important to be sure you’re purchasing the right fit since size can’t be adjusted later on. They also come in various shapes to suit different types of feet.
  • Material – Rain boots are made from various materials. Natural rubber is durable, soft, and 100 percent waterproof and supple. Boots made with natural rubber are flexible, comfortable, and easy to slip on and off.
  • Shape – Rain boots can have wide or narrow shafts. Depending on the shape of the feet, go for an appropriate shape that allows him to walk around in comfort.
  • Size – Since rain boots can’t be strapped to the feet like other footwear, appropriate size is important. Avoid leaving too much room for growth as this may hinder playing and moving around without the boots slipping off or causing discomfort. Too tight fits should also be avoided.
  • Insulation – If you’re living in a cold climate, consider winter rain boots. They come with linings made of natural materials to maintain warmth and breathable internal condition for the feet. They also offer insulation against the cold external conditions. The lining can be made of wool or cotton.
Construction and Design
The original Wellington boots were fashionable in England's elite circles before being reduced to everyman’s work boots with ugly dark colors. Now, the rain boot has undergone a second renaissance and is slowly becoming fashionable. Here are the common designs you’ll find on the market:
  • Ankle – These rain boots reach up to just above the ankle and come in various colors. These boots work better with shorts and are convenient for working around the garden or shopping.
  • Mid-Calf – These boots go over the ankle up about halfway up the legs. They can be worn over tight pairs of jeans.
  • Classic Wellingtons – This design has come a long way since its inception, and they now come in different design variations. The boots are completely waterproof making them perfect for rain or muddy conditions.
  • Knee Length – These boots are protective and cover up to the knee.
  • Fur Lined Sheepskin – If you’re living in a wet climate, keeping warm is an issue. Fur lined sheepskin rain boots are great for those chilly days while still looking stylish and fashionable.
Performance and Ease of Use
Boys rain boots should be practical and usable. The boots should be water resistant but preferably waterproof. Here’s the difference: water resistance means the rain boots should repel or block external moisture but may not completely keep your feet dry. Waterproof boots should protect the feet 100 percent from water and are perfect for those torrential downpours.

During rainy seasons, the ground is often muddy and slippery. Boys’ rain boots should come with good treads to protect your boy from skidding and sliding in the mud. Rain boots should be comfortable and allow the wearer to run and play without getting blisters.

It’s also important to take good care of rain boots so they’ll last. First, they should be stored in an upright position in a cool, dry place. Keeping them in direct sunlight or heat can cause the rubber to warp and lose shape. When they get soiled, wash them with mild soap and water and air dry. Avoid warm or hot water. During long dry seasons, take time to occasionally treat your boots with special silicon rubber conditioner to maintain the supple and soft feel of your boots.

Get the Best Boys Rain Boots of 2023!

As the rainy season kicks in, there are bound to be some puddles perfect for jumping. Boys’ rain boots come in handy during wet seasons, and your boy will definitely love a pair to stomp through mud and puddles. Hopefully, you’ve found the best boys rain boots for your charming prince with help from our review. Even if you haven’t found the right ones yet, look out for other fabulous options from these same brands. There’s bound to be a model that matches your style and budget.

Our Top Choice
Crocs Bump It Batman™ Rain Boot
Best Value
Hatley Red & Navy Rain Boots
Hunter Original Kids First Classic Rain Boots
Oakiwear Kid’s Neoprene Rain Boots
Disney Avengers Rain Boots