Best Boys Raincoat Reviews 2022

If you’re living in an area with a long rainy season, or planning to visit a city prone to downpours, purchasing a foolproof raincoat or jacket is a necessity. You can choose from a wide range of styles and designs, ranging from plain raincoats to models with extra features like zippers and pockets to suit your boy’s lifestyle. Some plain jackets can be spiced up with a goofy hat or funky gloves to enhance appearance. We’ve reviewed some of the best boys’ raincoat brands, and have highlighted five excellent products, to point you to the right model. We also have separate reviews for Girls’ Raincoats and Kids’ Raincoats (Unisex) that you might be interested in.
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Lining info
Outer info
Our Top Choice
Hatley Boys' Printed Raincoat
With their designs sold across the world, Hatley continues to stand for the very principles on which it was founded: quality, good design, family, and of course, lots of laughter.
100% polyester lining. Snap closure. Waterproof. True to size.
Does not have a zipper.
Printed, hand pockets
Snap closure
7 sizes; 2 - 8
100% polyurethane
Best Value
Western Chief Kids Batman Raincoat
Whether you want raincoats for gardening, everyday wear, or for play, Western Chief is your one-stop shop for affordable, functional raincoats that fit your lifestyle.
100% waterproof polyurethane outer shell. Long-sleeved and very thick. Moisture-absorbing lining. Snap closure for easy closing and opening.
Back mantel comes off easily.
Character raincoat
Snap closure
3 sizes; 2T, 4/5 or 5/6
Polyester, cotton
100% polyurethane
The North Face Boys’ Zipline Raincoat
For over 50 years now since its humble beginnings, The North Face still delivers a full line of high-performance equipment, apparel, and footwear.
Two hand pockets and a fixed hood. Breathable, waterproof and seam-sealed. Elastic cuffs.
Runs a bit small.
Seam-sealed, elastic cuffs
3 sizes; medium, large or X-large
100% polyester
100% nylon
Columbia Boys’ Rain-Zilla Jacket
Columbia Sportswear is an industry leader in outdoor apparel and takes pleasure in their love of outdoor activities, just like their clients. Their rain coats are ruggedly tested for durability.
Microfleece lining. Waterproof. Lightweight. Machine washable.
Fleece lining does not cover the whole jacket.
Reflective detail, elastic cuffs
2 sizes; 2T, 3T
100% polyester
100% nylon
Fox Fire Boys Brown Monster Truck Rain Coat
The Foxfire for Kids line of apparel features raincoats, umbrellas, rubber boots, hats and sleepwear. They stock fun designs for boys and girls featuring kittens, flowers, fire and rescue equipment, dinosaurs, etc.
High-quality 100% polyurethane fabric. Beautiful design with colorful monster trucks. Soft cotton lining.
Available in only one design.
Monster trucks
Snap closure
8 sizes; 1T - 10
Polyester, cotton
100% polyurethane

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What is the Best Boys Raincoat?

As the wet months approach, parents begin to think of the best ways to keep their kids warm and protected from the harsh, rainy conditions. Some boys love a little flair in their wardrobes and won’t be excited about a plain raincoat. The best boys’ raincoats should keep your boy warm and excited to wear it and show it off to his friends. Now that you know what to look for in a boys’ raincoat, it’s time to dive straight to our top picks and grab a model that suits your style and budget.
Our Top Choice
The Hatley Boys' Printed Raincoat comes with 100% polyester lining for extra warmth and comfort during those chilly and rainy days. Willing to pay a bit more for different features? Get the Hatley Boys' Splash Jacket that comes with front pockets, zipper, Velcro front closure and detachable hood.

Hatley Boys' Heavy Duty Printed Raincoat - Available in 7 Sizes and 13 Colors

Hatley’s objective is to design fun, nature-inspired clothing and gifts for the entire family in an environment-friendly way. The company has developed a complete children’s line, as well as comfortable women’s sleepwear, and diversified into the gift industry with kitchen textiles, mugs, napkins, and much more.

You will be impressed by the quality of the Hatley Boys' Printed Raincoat. This raincoat is completely PVC-free, waterproof, and comes fully lined to provide that extra comfort and warmth during chilly and rainy days. With it, your son will no longer fight putting on warm clothing; the 13 color designs will give him enough choices to pick the one he loves most. He can choose from prints including heavy duty machines, fire trucks, dinosaurs, wooly mammoths and aliens, so there’s bound to be one that takes his fancy.

This raincoat comes with a snap closure for easy wear, and it’s machine washable, making it easy to clean. It is true to size and does not run small! You also get to choose among seven different sizes, from 2 – 8.
Best Value
The Western Chief Kids’ Batman Raincoat comes with 100% waterproof polyurethane outer shell and a moisture-absorbing lining, making it ideal for both rain and play. Looking for different features? Check out the Western Chief Boys' Rain Coat, available in 11 different color designs and 7 sizes. The outer shell is 100% water-resistant nylon and has a zip-front closure.

Western Chief Boys' Batman Character Waterproof Rain Coat - Available in 3 Sizes

Founded in 1891 in Seattle, Western Chief started making boots to deal with Alaska’s tough weather conditions during the Gold Rush. Today, the company continues to offer family outdoor footwear. Their products include kids’ lovable character rain boots, cozy boots for women, and sturdy work boots for men, among other stuff.

The Western Chief Kids’ Batman Raincoat is perfect for both rain and play. This raincoat comes with a lined hood, cape, and utility belt, and is quite the attention-getter. The cap unhooks and can be worn separately for dress-up play. With the 100% polyurethane outer shell and the inner lining made of 35% cotton and 65% polyester, this character raincoat is both waterproof and moisture absorbing. Your baby will remain dry and comfortable all day long. The snap closure comes in handy when putting on and taking off.

If you are keen on this raincoat, you will be happy to know that it comes in three different sizes, so choose one that fits your little superhero nicely. They’ve got 2T, 4/5 or 5/6.
The North Face Boys’ Zipline Raincoat comes with two hand pockets and a fixed hood, offering the features needed for a rainy day. Looking for variety? Check out The North Face Boys' Resolve Reflective Jacket, available in 11 colors with a hook-and-loop closure.

The North Face Boys’ Zipline Rain Jacket - Available in 3 Sizes and 2 Colors

Founded in 1966, The North Face began, ironically, on a beach, when two hiking enthusiasts decided to follow their dreams and started a small mountaineering shop selling high-performance backpacking and climbing equipment. By the end of ten years, The North Face was the only company in the US offering a comprehensive collection of high-quality outerwear, skiwear, packs, tents, and sleeping bags. Today, the company still pushes the boundaries of innovation to become the world’s best choice for the most accomplished mountaineers, climbers, endurance runners, explorers, snowboarders, and extreme skiers.

Keep your boy dry and warm with The North Face Boys’ Zipline Raincoat. This raincoat is breathable, seam-sealed and waterproof, so it will keep the rain out while still leaving him comfortable. The two hand pockets and the fixed hood provide all the features needed for a rainy day. The body is 100% nylon with 100% polyester mesh lining, all working together to provide maximum protection and comfort during the rain.

There’s not a huge range of colors to choose from when it comes to this raincoat, but you can choose between clear lake blue or black and these are available in medium, large or X-large sizes.
The Columbia Boys’ Rain-Zilla Jacket is made of waterproof fabric and comes with microfleece lining to keep your little monster warm and dry on cold and rainy days. Willing to pay a little extra for different features? We recommend the Columbia Boys' Hot On The Trail Rain Jacket, which is mesh lined and comes with reflective detail.

Columbia Boys' Super Blue/Carbon Rain-Zilla Raincoat - Available in 2 Sizes

The Columbia Sportswear Company was founded in Portland, Oregon, and has been making high-quality gear to help the Pacific Northwesterners enjoy the outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. Seventy years down the line, the company is still based in Portland, making no-nonsense apparel and footwear to keep their clients warm, dry, and protected. Their unique Boyle family irreverence and the Pacific Northwest heritage set them apart from the competition. Their products are constantly tested against every kind of terrible, day-ruining conditions that can be dished out by the mighty Pacific Northwest.

Protect your boy in the Rain-Zilla jacket and let him enjoy a little rain. The waterproof fabric and microfleece lining will keep him warm and dry. It comes with an attached, adjustable hood to protect the head as well. The elastic cuffs seal off moisture, while the fleece lining keeps the skin cozy and warm as the rain thumps hard on the outside. With its reflective detailing, you can maintain visibility on the road and enhance safety. The fabric is made of 100% Nylon and 100% Polyester, making the jacket sturdy and machine washable. Unfortunately, you can only choose between 2T or 3T sizes, so hopefully your boy fits one of those sizes!
Made of high-quality 100% polyurethane fabric, the Foxfire Boys Brown Monster Truck Raincoat comes with soft cotton lining to provide extra warmth during cold, rainy days. Not a good fit for your little monster? Check out the Foxfire for Kids Little Boys’ Sports Raincoat, which comes in eight different sizes to choose from and has a soft cotton/poly lining.

Fox Fire Boys Brown Monster Truck Rain Coat - Available in 8 Sizes

Fox Fire, Inc. was started in 1985 as a wholesale manufacturer and distributor of men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel. They also supply and produce custom garments for different industries from their offices and warehouses distributed throughout the US and Canada. They aim to improve their clients’ businesses by responding quickly to customer requirements, enhancing quality at competitive prices.

Let your boy walk in the rain without worrying about getting wet with this cute Fox Fire rain coat. The design looks good and feels warm as well. The hooded raincoat is made of 100 percent quality polyurethane with a soft cotton lining to enhance comfort on the inside, and it’s waterproof on the outside. Its easy-snap closure with two flap pockets makes it easy to wear. The monster trucks and the cute, brown design enhance the look. The rain coat is PVC free, hence, guaranteeing your satisfaction. The fabric is 100 percent polyurethane, and the 65 percent polyester, and 35 percent cotton lining makes it both sturdy and comfortable. If you’re already sold on this monster truck raincoat, then go ahead and pick one of the eight sizes available. They range from 1T – 10.

How Do I Choose the Best Boys Raincoat?

The rainy months are often the most annoying and frustrating periods for adults, but not for kids. Kids don’t get bogged down by heavy downpours and will not shy away from playing and having fun with water. In fact, rain provides the best waterworks playground for the little ones. Every rainy season comes with various outdoor activities and holiday celebrations that you don’t want your boy to miss. As a parent, the question is not about whether or not to allow your son to play in the rain, but rather how well you equip him with the right attire for the weather. You need to arm him with a raincoat that fits well and keeps him warm and dry in the rain. Every parent understands that even the sturdiest dress coat will get ruined and soaked in rain within minutes.

But how do you choose the right raincoat for your boy? Whatever option you choose to purchase, ensure that it’s warm, comfortable, and utilitarian. Boys love those extra pockets to carry any treasures they come across, so keep that in mind when shopping. Consider a pair of waterproof rain boots as well, to protect his feet from the splashes.

Even with the best kids’ umbrella, raincoats are still paramount. Kids love playing and running around in the rain, and most often, they’ll forget to hold up the umbrella or even throw it off completely. You don’t want to deal with the health implications that come with heavy downpours drenching your little one. Take precautions by getting the right raincoat with an adjustable hood to ensure the whole body is safely protected from the cold and wet conditions.

Finally, you should know how to find the right material and size of raincoat for your boy. Focus on waterproof and fast-drying material on the exterior and soft and warm materials on the inside.

With this appreciation, it’s time to delve deeper into the important features to look for in a boys’ raincoat before we usher you to our top picks.
Many parents dread the thought of shopping for a new raincoat, since they can be expensive and the options to choose from are overwhelmingly numerous. All you need is a jacket that is appropriate for the weather, is of the right size for your boy, and most importantly, a jacket you can afford. You shouldn’t spend more than you need to. If you’re looking for an outfit for occasional downpours, you don’t need to purchase a highly technical raincoat preferred by families who spend every weekend playing a sport or taking a walk in the rain.

In general, a good-quality raincoat should cost between $25 and $55. Keep away from very cheap boys’ raincoats, since they may not offer you value for your money. The price often depends on the material the raincoat is made of and other extra features like zippers, adjustable hoods, pockets or stylish embroidery.
Shopping for a boys’ raincoat doesn’t have to be difficult. There are three critical components to look for: material, size, and accessories. The rest are luxuries you can opt for if you have some extra bucks to spend. Here are the features in more detail:
  • Material – Most raincoats are made of PVC or polyurethane on the exterior and soft cotton, polyester, or fleece on the inside. Models that are 100 percent waterproof, with soft and supple fleece lining provide maximum comfort under heavy downpours.
  • Size – Raincoats need to be snug enough to cover the entire body and keep you warm, yet loose enough to allow movement and adequate air flow. A raincoat that is too tight will restrict movement and even cause the body to overheat. On the contrary, a too-big raincoat may not adequately protect against the elements. Since boys are generally active, you need a raincoat that suits their lifestyle.
  • Fastening – Different raincoat models have different means of fastening. Some come with zippers, while others come with poppers. Go with a model that works best for your boy to ensure he can easily put in on and take it off.
Construction and Design
The type of raincoat you purchase will depend on the weather conditions in your region. A light raincoat will work well in warm climates, while heavy, thicker raincoats are suitable in cooler climates. Due to the shifting seasons, it’s sometimes necessary to purchase at least two raincoats for your boy – one for warm seasons and the other for colder seasons. How warm a jacket is will depend on the material it’s made of and how it’s made. Some models incorporate several layers to enhance warmth, while others come with a single, breathable layer.

As you shop for a boys’ raincoat, you will realize that manufacturers refer to some models as soft shell and others as hard shells. Soft shell raincoats are made with stretchy and breathable fabrics. They are usually waterproof, though not 100 percent. Hard shell raincoats, on the other hand, have stiffer materials and are less breathable and completely waterproof. They are great for harsher weather conditions, especially heavy downpours.

Another design consideration is whether you need a hooded raincoat or not. Cold weather often requires a hat and a pair of gloves. You can save some bucks by purchasing a raincoat with a removable hood, so you won’t have to buy an extra hat during winter – a hood will also keep the back of the neck warm. And when the weather starts to warm up, you can detach the hood and store separately.

Some raincoats are lightweight and single layered while others come with an interior lining that can be detached. Again, depending on your preference, you can opt for a lined raincoat instead of spending money on two different raincoats for different seasons.
Performance and Ease of Use
Buying raincoats for boys may seem daunting, but with the right considerations, you can find one great-quality raincoat that will serve your boy for several seasons to come. One important parameter to consider is the size of the jacket. Boys tend to grow fast, which means some parents may have to buy raincoats more than once every season. In that way, the yearly budget on raincoats can add up quickly. One good idea is to purchase a raincoat that is one size ahead of the boy to ensure that your boy won’t outgrow it within a few months.

The second issue is how easily the raincoat can be put on and taken off. Models with poppers tend to be easier to fit and loosen up. However, zippers provide a more watertight enclosure than poppers. Since raincoats will definitely touch water most of the time, it’s advisable to consider models with lightweight exterior fabrics that are quick to dry. Models that are machine washable could be great options too.

Get the Best Boys Raincoat of 2022!

Protect your boy from the rain this spring with a practical and great-looking raincoat that he’ll love wearing even when it’s not raining. The best boys’ raincoats should not just be showerproof, but rainproof. Watertight materials with quick-drying capabilities are great options. We’re glad to have played a part in your quest to find the right raincoat for your boy. Check out other alternatives by these brands if your boy didn’t like our picks.

Our Top Choice
Hatley Boys' Printed Raincoat
Best Value
Western Chief Kids Batman Raincoat
The North Face Boys’ Zipline Raincoat
Columbia Boys’ Rain-Zilla Jacket
Fox Fire Boys Brown Monster Truck Rain Coat