Best Boys’ School Backpack Reviews 2023

We know how emotional it can be see your little one get ready for their first day of kindergarten, school or college. Your teary farewells could be met with, “I don’t want to go mommy!” or “Jeez! It’s not like I’m going to Mars, Ma”. Whatever their age, you’d want your kids to be well-prepared when they set off on this landmark journey. A good school backpack can help make this journey easier for your child. We set out to bring you five of the best school backpack brands for boys, showcasing a range of useful features, distinctive styles, and varied prices.
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Our Top Choice
Ful Free Fall’n College Backpack
Ful specializes in creating cool backpacks and sturdy travel gear with rugged good looks. Its Free Fall’n Unisex Bag offers great durability and ample space.
Large dual storage compartments. Internal vertical organizer. Laptop sleeve for gadgets sized up to 17”. Comfortable shoulder straps. Small pouches attached.
Top handle to be used with care when the bag is heavy
19x13x8 inches, 2.8 pounds
1 audio, several large external
1680D polyester
Detachable cell phone slot
Best Value
The North Face Youth Recon Backpack
The North Face is a popular name in the world of athletic equipment and kids’ sportswear. The Youth Recon Squash Bag makes for a smart and bold backpack for boys 6-10.
Lightweight. 7 choices of shades. Spacious main compartment. Reflective bike light loop for better safety
Not big enough for older kids
17x13x3 inches, 14.4 ounces
7 color options/2 design options
Side mesh pockets,external zipper
600D and 1200D polyester
Internal name tag
Hartmann Three Compartment Belting Backpack for Boys
Hartmann specializes in contemporary travel and business bags. Its Intensity Belting backpack could be a great fit for students who need to carry extra books or gadgets regularly.
Several compartments and pockets for easy organization. Adjustable shoulder straps. Top and side handles for convenient carrying. Rich leather make
Slightly heavy
9x18.2x12.2 inches, 8.4 pounds
Business, black
Multiple leather & nylon pockets
Ballistic nylon, belting leather
Dust bag, cord pouch
JanSport Superbreak School Backpack for Boys
JanSport is popular the world-over for durable, no-fuss backpacks and storage accessories. Its Superbreak School Bag is great for everyday school or college use.
Ultra-light. Straight-cut padded shoulder straps. Smooth exterior. 1 main compartment large enough for storing books, folders, binders, and stationery
No side pockets
16x2x12 inches, 12 ounces
Black, 90 color options
1 front pocket
600D polyester
Web haul top loop
Disney Spiderman Rolling School Backpack for Boys
When it’s about kids’ toys, clothes or accessories, Disney stands tall and class apart. Its Marvel Spiderman themed school bag is sure to make your little Spidey fan jump with joy.
Easy to move rolling-style construction. Vibrant Spiderman graphics and colors. Lightweight
Not big enough for large books or iPads
10x5x12 inches, 1.9 pounds
Spiderman rolling bag, multicolor
1 mesh, 1 front, 2 side pockets
Nylon, polyester
Rolling wheels, telescope handle

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What is the Best Boys’ School Backpack?

The ideal school backpack must be spacious and stylish - all this without exerting too much pressure on the shoulders, back or neck. Guess what? Choosing the perfect school backpack just got easier. Let’s go ahead and look at more of their features.
Our Top Choice
The Free Fall’n backpack from Ful is perfect for all your school supplies, gym wear, and even your beloved gadgets. Not within your budget? No worries! Check out these super spacious Hexar Backpacks from Ful offering fabulous features in 2 vibrant colors and priced at a comparatively lower rate.

Ful Free Fall’n Unisex Adult Bag with Padded Laptop Compartment

Your first day at High School is no small deal. It’s time to bid adieu to that naïve Junior High image and transform into a new you. We know how important it is to create a great impression while handling the added pressure of homework, excelling at those football tryouts or hitting that perfect note in music class – the struggle is real. What if there was a loyal companion that had your back at all times? Presenting, the Free Fall’n School Backpack from Ful – the brand that’s near synonymous with tough, fashionable school and travel gear.

This ultra cool solid green bag is built to organize your hectic school life. In addition to 2 large main compartments, it has front and side storage slots. Fed up of lugging around your heavy laptop? Simply store it away in a large padded sleeve. The air regulating back panel and contoured shoulder straps ensure enhanced comfort. You might start double checking if you’ve carried your computer after all! When we last checked, this power-packed bag retailed for about $119.99. But, it could be all yours for less than $100 if you shop from Amazon!

Wait, there’s more!-
  • Convenient earphone port for audio pocket
  • 1 elastic water bottle pouch at the side
  • Quick access front slot
  • Comes with one-year warranty
  • Long-lasting ballistic nylon and polyester material
Best Value
The North Face Youth Recon Squash Backpack is a convenient and roomy bag that can fit everything your little prince would need right from folders and binders to his snack box and precious trinkets. Looking for something your choosy teen would love? These classy and subtle-toned Mini Berkley Bags from North Face could be perfect!

The North Face Youth Recon Squash Kids’ Bag with 7 Color Options and 2 Design Patterns

If you asked your tiny monster to pick a bag for him, he’d probably choose the one with his favorite color or theme. But, as a parent, you need to ensure that the backpack is large enough to fit all his school supplies, yet tender on those delicate shoulders. Make way for the Youth Recon Squash Bag from The North Face – a brand that crafts some of the most innovative, comfortable and strong sports gear.

This gorgeous and convenient 17 liter bag can easily accommodate one 9.5” x 12” folder and nearly everything your preschooler would need at school or during those Christmas trips to grandmas. It is made from high-quality, breathable polyester which aids longevity. Our latest report suggests that you could grab your very own petite Youth Recon Squash Bag at $50. But, you could stumble upon a lower price at Amazon.

If you thought this North Face backpack was all looks and no power, we beg to differ. Read on to discover what more is in store for you-
  • Stitched foam back panel for enhanced comfort
  • Mesh water bottle pockets that can be expanded easily
  • Easy to clip sternum strap that prevents the side straps from sliding off jackets and smooth fabrics
  • Easy and smooth zippers
Think your boy would turn down anything in ice green? Well, The North Face is a pro when it comes to versatility. So, you can choose from 7 fun shades including cha cha pink and interesting patterns like lightning bolt and graffiti mash.
Hartmann’s Intensity Belting Three Compartment School Backpack boasts of ample space through numerous pockets and slots, and a sleek look through its all-American tanned leather build. If you are looking for a lighter option, you could check out for this smart leather backpack from Hartmann that weighs just a little over 3 pounds.

Hartmann Triple Compartment School Bag with Luggage Intensity Belting

If you thought minimalism was yet to enter the world of school backpacks, we suggest you take a quick look at Hartmann’s Intensity Belting Three Compartment Bag. The world-renowned brand has once again showcased its rich experience by crafting an elegant bag that smartly utilizes every inch of its space.

Perfect for those ultra chic guys at school, this backpack is made of tanned leather extracted from the choicest plants and tree barks, making it super strong and durable. It has a padded, shock-proof compartment for your laptop or tablet. The S-contoured shoulder straps expertly distribute the bag weight and guard your back and shoulders against extreme stress and burden. The inner body is made from water- and oil-resistant nylon. Generally retailed at around $334, our latest study shows that you could get this convenient school backpack at less than $300 from Amazon.

Let’s take a breather because there’s a lot more where that came from-
  • Thumb loops for adjusting the shoulder straps
  • Multiple compartments with easy zippers
  • High-quality jacquard lining for enhanced durability
  • Leather slot for storing keys
  • Accordion style compartment for files and folders
If you’re one of those lucky few with a large school locker, Hartmann’s Two-Compartment School Backpack could be a great fit for your needs. What’s more? It also comes in a sharp olive color. Looks like this brand never ceases to please!
The Superbreak School Bag from JanSport has a 15.5 x 12 inch build to fit in all your regular school supplies or even your change of clothes for those tough gym classes. If you need a separate sleeve just for your laptop, we think you’d love this unique seafoam green toned backpack from JanSport.

JanSport Superbreak Big Kid Backpack with More Than 30 Color & Design Options

Even if you’ve never bothered checking brand names, chances are you must have heard or seen the JanSport logo at least once. It could be your neighbor rushing off to school every day with his JanSport knapsack. Perhaps, you could be having one of these long-lasting bags in your own home right now. This brand has been near synonymous with durable travel gear and standard backpacks. Its products are reasonably priced and hence offer great value for money.

Let’s take a look at some of the striking features of the Superbreak T501 from this super brand, shall we?
  • Two-thirds of the back panel is padded for enhanced comfort
  • Zipped front pouch for better safety
  • Easy to maintain by simply cleaning with a damp cloth
  • Polyester construction for better durability and strength
  • Comes with a lifetime manufacturer warranty
Don’t fancy black? How about blue? If that’s a yes, then which one would you prefer? Blue crest, mammoth blue, Swedish blue, blue corona, flight blue peacock…we could go on and on. That’s right - you can choose to get this utilitarian JanSport Superbreak School Bag for Boys in about 90 different colors!
The Marvel Spiderman School Backpack from Disney is just about every little boy’s dream bag. It is not just fun and appealing, but perfectly useful and convenient. Are you one of those who must handover a Finding Dory-playing iPad during every trip to the restaurant? Then this Dory-themed Backpack with lunch kit could be perfect for your tiny boss.

Disney’s 12” Rolling Luggage Style School Bag for Boys with Spiderman Theme

With great power comes great responsibility, and with great backpacks come jumpy, happy toddlers. Disney is a brand that needs no introduction. It has carved a niche for itself by creating some of the most unique, child-friendly products around. So, when Disney decides to craft a Marvel Spiderman backpack, you know it’s going to be awesome. This convenient rolling-style school bag comes with an easy-to-pull handle that can extend to a maximum height of 9”. It is perfect for boys aged 3 years and up. Our latest study suggests that this adorable bag is available at just $28.90!

Picture your munchkin pulling around his very own Spider Sense bag on his way to school. He’s one tiny man on a mission. But, there’s more to this functional backpack than just cuteness.
  • Mesh pocket for water bottle
  • Side pockets with zipped slots
  • Zipper-pulls with Spiderman logo on either sides
  • Large front pocket with zipper
  • Adjustable and soft shoulder straps
  • Easy to clean
If you liked this Spiderman School Backpack, we’re confident you would also love Disney’s Spiderman Back to School Collection. From lunch bags to stationery kits, it has everything a Peter Parker fan would dream of. Let’s just hope your little one doesn’t drive you up the wall with all his excited Spiderman theme song-humming.

How Do I Choose the Best Boys’ School Backpack?

They grow up so fast, don’t they? Just the other day your little man was smiling at you adoringly and giggling cutely as drooled on his baby bib. And now, not even a baby gate can contain your little boy. Well, it’s time for another landmark phase in their life – school. The first day of school is met with anxiety, joy, pride and a whole lot of other emotions. Nothing symbolizes the start of this crucial journey more than a school backpack.

School backpacks for boys are made to help your little man carry his books, tablet, crayons and gym kits among other things. To accommodate all these necessities, the school backpack needs to have adequate space inside and still be light enough for your little superstar to carry - You don’t want him walking into his kindergarten class looking like he’s literally carrying a boulder on his shoulders, do you?

The best school backpack for boys should have top notch lining on the inside and multiple compartments to separate the different items in it. Another crucial consideration are the straps which should have thumb loops to adjust the height of the bag to match your little man’s height. The back panel needs to be padded for your boy to comfortably carry the bag around.

Does the school backpack have pockets? Front, side and even internal pockets are essential to store small items. Better yet, get a school bag that has space to carry your superstar’s retro lunch box as well as mesh side pockets for his water bottle. Don’t forget to buy him a study desk – he needs to be comfortable as he does his homework, remember?
We know that a good education does not come cheap; but a quality school backpack for your little man does! With bags ranging between $20 and $140, you can get a school backpack with enough space to carry all his items. Some backpacks come with leather finishes and technology organization compartments. You may get fancy school backpacks for boys with wheels and a telescopic extendable handle.

The one thing we can say is that, even though it can be hard to afford a high-end backpack with all the bells and whistles, you should try not to get a super cheap boys school backpack because it might have poorly manufactured interior linings which peel off after a short while. They may also have uncomfortable back panels that press into your angel’s back as he carries his bag around.

Ultimately, all these things affect the price so it’s good to have a solid idea of what your budget is and what features are a must-have as opposed to those you can do without.
A trip to your favorite shopping store boy’s section will reveal just how many different types of school backpacks are available on the market. Should you pick the one with Spiderman jumping out of it? Or that Green Hulk one on the shelf? Is green even his color? Just how do you know what to pick for your little man?

Well, here are some key features to guide you to select the most ideal backpack for your boy:
  • Size - Always consider your son’s height before picking a school backpack for him to prevent the bag hanging heavily and straining his little shoulders.
  • Interior - A bag with compartments on the inside is ideal since it will allow him to better organize his items.
  • Pockets - Front and side pockets add to the utility of the backpack. Mesh pockets can also be present to carry your boy’s water bottle. Better yet, ensure that the pockets have good zippers to keep your boy’s stuff safely inside.
  • Material - Most backpacks are made of polyester or ballistic nylon which is long lasting. You may find some high end ones made of leather.
  • Mobility - To allow your boy to carry around his backpack, it may have straps which could be padded for greater comfort. It may also have wheels and a pulling handle to help your boy transport it easily.
Construction and Design
Most school backpacks have incorporated graffiti and action figure images to attract your boy’s attention to their products. Trust me - once you buy your boy that Spiderman backpack they won’t want to put it down, even when they’re sleeping! The inside of the backpack often has compartments to keep the contents organized. The more expensive ones even have technology organization sections for your boy’s gadgets.

Polyester or nylon may be used to make the school backpacks since these two materials are durable. You may also find leather backpacks with a top handle to help your boy lift the bag. Straps are a common feature in backpacks which often have thumb loops to help you adjust the height of the bag.

On the inside, the backpack is lined using nylon and the extent of lining varies from one brand to another. The outside may have pockets on the side and on the front for added storage. Mesh pockets are also common to carry water bottles as well as added space for lunch boxes.
Performance and Ease of Use
The performance of a boy’s school backpack does not solely depend on which cartoon characters are imprinted on it. No. There’s more to the utility of a backpack such as how well it can handle the weight of its contents without tearing and how easy it is to carry around. Sternum straps are a valuable addition to a boy’s school backpack since it helps prevent the shoulder straps from sliding off.

The zippers of the backpack are usually of a good size and can easily move to allow your boy to open and close the bag. To clean, most backpacks just need to be wiped with a damp cloth. The backpack’s back panel is more comfortable when padded so that the contents don’t poke your little man as he goes to school! A lot of these concerns or issues shouldn’t come to fruition if you choose a trusted brand known for producing high-quality products.

Get the Best Boys’ School Backpack of 2023!

Amazing! You made it to the end of this review and we hope that you are more informed and equipped to purchase the best school backpack for your baby boy. Not there yet? Don’t worry. These experienced brands are brimming with other great options just for you!

Our Top Choice
Ful Free Fall’n College Backpack
Best Value
The North Face Youth Recon Backpack
Hartmann Three Compartment Belting Backpack for Boys
JanSport Superbreak School Backpack for Boys
Disney Spiderman Rolling School Backpack for Boys