Best Bread Box Reviews 2023

One of the most annoying things in the morning - apart from having to wake up, of course - is when you come downstairs to make some toast for breakfast and find the bread’s gone bad. Someone’s left the packaging open, and you can see the signs of mold festering already. That’s NOT how you want to start any day! The solution is to get yourself a nice bread box. To help you find the ideal bread bin, we’ve come up with a list of five of the best bread bin brands and chosen a product from each in different styles to help you decide.
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Our Top Choice
Mountain Woods Acacia Wood Bread Box
Mountain Woods produces hand-crafted kitchen and home products at an affordable price. Their Antique Acacia Wooden Bread Box is unique, elegant and harvested sustainably.
Elegant, wooden design. Packaging is biodegradable. Hand-crafted. Stylish metal fittings. Large capacity.
More expensive than some other mass-produced bread bins.
Flip down antique wooden design
Acacia hardwood/Metal fittings
1 loaf & other baked goods
16 x 10.5 x 9 inches
Sustainably harvested wood
Best Value
Cooler Kitchen Large Vertical Bread Box
Cooler Kitchen was founded a few years ago in 2014 by a couple who loved to cook but had a tiny kitchen. Now they manufacture space-saving, functional kitchen products for everyone.
Space saving design. Spacious capacity. Metal and bamboo construction. Lid doubles as a cutting board. Metal tin is dishwasher safe. Simple, minimalist design.
Some complaints the lid/cutting board warped after being washed.
Metal box with bamboo lid
2 loaves of bread
13 x 7 x 9.5-inches
Lid doubles as cutting board
Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box
Brabantia is renowned for their high-quality and contemporary products for the home. If you’re looking for a stylish bread bin, then look no further than their stylish range.
Stylish design. Flat top for extra storage. Holds 2 loaves of bread. Fingerprint proof. Ventilated bottom. Magnetic seal. Can hang on wall. Corrosion resistant.
Some isolated complaints that after a few months use the magnetic closure wouldn’t stay shut.
Fall front or rolltop
Steel or red
2 loaves of bread
7.3 x 18.2 x 9.8-inches
Flat top for extra storage
Culinary Couture Large Bread Box
Culinary Couture, a family-run business, is focused on customer satisfaction. Their range of kitchen equipment includes tongs, pork shredders, baking mats, bread boxes and more.
Large spacious capacity. Stylish, simple design. Airtight seal with ventilation at the back. Durable. Constructed with powder coated stainless steel. Free bread making e-book.
Some wish there was more ventilation.
Metal box with lid
Silver or white
20 bagels / 1 loaf & baked goods
16.5 x 9 x 6.5-inches
Free bread making e-book
Juvale Retro Bread Bin
Juvale is a leading brand in the home goods industry with a keen focus on quality and customer service. Their products include cutting boards, knives, bread bins, home storage and office supplies.
Retro, vintage design. Constructed with durable steel. Large capacity inside. Can hold 2 loaves. Smooth rounded edges. Bright colors to choose from. Ventilation holes.
Some feel it should have more ventilation.
Metal box with lid
Black, beige, red or turquoise
2 loaves of bread
16.75 x 9 x 6.5-inches
Retro design

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What is the Best Bread Box?

Hopefully, you can now answer some questions such as what capacity you need, what you want to store, and the general aesthetics you want for your kitchen. Lastly, you might want to think about how your product is produced. Now that you have these things in mind, let’s take a look at our list.
Our Top Choice
The Mountain Woods Antique Wooden Bread Bin would be an elegant addition to any kitchen, and no need to feel guilty over the acacia hardwood as it’s sourced responsibly in Asia. For an alternative design with a roll top opening, check out the Mountain Woods Large Acacia Wood Roll Top Bread Box & Storage Box.

Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread Box


Mountain Woods has a long history of hand-crafted kitchen and home accessories. Usually with hand-crafted products you can expect to shed out a large portion of your earnings, but that’s not the case with Mountain Woods, who keep an eye on affordability too. This has meant their home and kitchen products can be found in many homes across the globe.

Their eye for detail and high-quality materials means their products really stand the test of time and have been known to be kept in people’s homes for decades. What will not last for decades, however, is their packing materials. With a keen interest in the environment, Mountain Woods ensures that all their packaging materials are biodegradable and the finish on their products is made from vegetable oil and minerals.

This is also the case with their antique, vintage-looking bread boxes. In particular, we love the Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread Box which has a flip-down, magnetic lid, providing plenty of inside space without taking up too much of your counter. This large capacity bread bin can fit bread and other baked goods comfortably inside, keeping them all fresher for longer.

The beautiful wood design is what sets this bread box apart from its competitors. The wood is harvested sustainably from one of the biggest acacia wood plantations in Asia. This hardwood is extremely popular due to its functionality, beauty, sustainability and versatility. You’d be hard pressed to find a bread box with this style and sourced so responsibly.

Best Value
The Cooler Kitchen Large Vertical Bread Box is made from thick metal with a bamboo lid that double up as a cutting board. If your kitchen could do with some more cutting boards, you should check out the Cooler Kitchen Extra Thick Flexible Plastic Cutting Board Mats too!

Cooler Kitchen Space Saving Large Vertical Bread Box with Eco Bamboo Cutting Board Lid


Cooler Kitchen was founded in 2014 by a couple who lived in New York City. They both loved cooking and being in the kitchen but with NYC apartment prices, their kitchen wasn’t big. That’s when they began their hunt for space-saving, stylish kitchen products that made even small kitchens functional. Their product line includes cutting boards, kitchen utensils, compost bins, knives, cakes stands and lots more.

The Cooler Kitchen Large Vertical Bread Box is 13.3-inches wide and 7.5-inches deep, so it won’t take up too much space on your countertop. The eco-friendly bamboo lid also doubles up as a cutting board, making this bread box even more functional. Cooler Kitchen has done their research and they know that if you have an airtight seal on bread boxes, it traps too much moisture and makes the bread go soggy and moldy quicker, so they have avoided this.

This bread box is dishwasher-safe, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of hand washing. It also shouldn’t need cleaning too often as it’s been designed to not show up fingerprints or smudges. The simple rectangular design with a flat lid on top is more efficient than having a roll-top bread bin because it can hold a lot more and the lids on roll-top ones usually become defective after a while anyway.

The Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box is a spacious, stylish bread box that can easily fit two loaves of bread inside and is handy for storage on the flat top. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a stylish white bread bin, you should check out the Barbantia Roll Top Bread Box in White.

Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box – Available in Multiple Colors, Roll Top Also Available


Brabantia creates beautifully designed products for the home, including cookware, food storage, bathroom accessories and more! They aim to bring you all these products in a sustainable way, leaving the world in a better condition for years to come. The designs of their products are contemporary, and would fit effortlessly into any home. Their kitchen accessories are particularly something to be admired, such as their Steel Bread Box.

This large-capacity bread box is made with steel and has a fingerprint-proof, corrosion-resistant and durable coated finish to give it that new shine day after day. If you have a large family, this bread box will be more than sufficient in size, with space for two full-sized loaves of bread. Also, if your kitchen worktop isn’t the most spacious, the convenient flat top is ideal for storing tins and pots. That’s not all though, you can also hang the bread bin on the wall, so it won’t take up any space at all!

The Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box has a ventilated base to keep your bread fresh for as long as possible and instead of an airtight seal, they’ve gone for a magnetic one. However, Barbantia also knows that everyone has different tastes so they’ve also made a roll top version of this bread box and you can get it in either silver or red.

The Culinary Couture Large Bread Box is spacious enough for bread, bagels and baked goods all at once, or if you’re a bagel fanatic you’ll be pleased to know it can fit 20 in at once! If you’re thinking about making your own bread, then you could probably do with the Culinary Couture Measuring Cups and Spoons Set too.

Culinary Couture Extra Large Bread Bin – Available in Silver or White


Culinary Couture is a family run business that manufacture high quality kitchen products. They believe that everyone, whether an amateur or professional, should cook only with the best kitchen equipment. Their products include tongs, utensil sets, cooking mitts, baking stone, pork shredders, baking mats, measuring cups and, of course, bread bins.

The Culinary Couture Large Bread Box is a spacious bin measuring 16.5 x 9 x 6.5-inches, large enough for even big loaves, bagels and other baked goods to all fit neatly inside. The design is simple, yet stylish. With an airtight seal, your bread will be protected from bugs and humidity but the ventilation in the back prevents mold growth.

Constructed with powder coated stainless steel, this bread box is durable and will stand the test of time thanks to its resistance to rust and corrosion. As if this wasn’t enough, when you purchase this bread bin you also get a handy bread making e-book too. If you don’t think silver will match your current kitchen décor you can opt for the white version instead.

The Juvale Retro Bread Bin is a vintage style, steel bread bin with an easy to open lid. It comes in four shiny, bright colors, black, beige, red and turquoise. If the bright retro style won’t fit with your current kitchen décor, you should consider the Juvale Stainless Steel Roll Top Bread Bin instead!

Juvale Retro/Vintage Bread Box – Available in 4 Colors


Juvale is a leader in the home goods industry, manufacturing a diverse range of products. Their focus is always on quality and exceptional service whether it’s their cutting boards, knives and bread bins or their home storage, paper goods and office supplies.

We’re featuring the Juvale Retro Bread Bin thanks to its quirky vintage design. They’re taking the nostalgia of the 50s and bringing it back with their brightly colored bread bins that can be purchased in black, beige, red or turquoise. Their bins are not only stylish, but practical too with a large capacity that’ll hold a couple loaves of bread or just one loaf and other baked goods and snacks. It measures 9 x 16.5 x 6.5 inches, so it won’t take up an unseemly amount of space on your countertop.

Constructed with durable steel, this bread box will not break easily, and the smooth, rounded design would fit seamlessly into most kitchen decors. Juvale hasn’t forgotten about practicality though and they’ve incorporated an easy-to-use handle and also placed ventilation holes at the back of the bin to prevent your bread going moldy quickly.

How Do I Choose the Best Bread Box?

Do you hate moldy bread, or are you simply tired of having dry bread that takes tremendous effort to get the bread knife through every morning? It’s very frustrating to buy a loaf of crusty bread that tends to turn hard as stone in just a few days. It immediately makes you run for the cereal bowl just to get something in your tummy. Time to take an interest at the merits of traditional bread boxes.

These storage containers are handy for keeping your bread chewy and moist. They keep your bread away from sunlight and air in a climate that’s more agreeable than a refrigerator. The LOCK & LOCK Airtight Storage Containers are a good example of this, however this does pose a problem. For bread to stay at its optimum, it needs to be shielded from fruit flies and bugs but also well ventilated. That’s why most brands will design their bread bins with ventilation holes or systems.

But, you are not limited to keeping your bread fresh. Some bread bins have extra space, so you can also store your baked goodies in the container, while still adding a note of color in your kitchen. These ones are more suitable for storing bread freshly taken out from the bread maker. There are different patterns and colors of bread boxes as well. Thus, you can choose the one that will complement your current kitchen décor. Home Basics is an excellent brand that offers a big range of bread boxes in ALL shapes and sizes. They’ve got rolltop ones, retro ones, brightly colored ones and plain, minimalist ones. If you’re hard pressed deciding what style you want, looking at their range could help.

Most brands are manufacturing bread bins from stainless steel for its durability, how easy it can be cleaned at that it can be made fingerprint and smudge proof. However, stainless steel doesn’t fit in with everyone’s style. If you’re more into the natural look, you should consider the Intriom Organic Bamboo Bread Box. They’ve actually got a whole range of bamboo kitchen products if you’re interested.

However, before jumping into the reviews, let us have a look at the features you need to keep in mind.


So, how much should you spend when purchasing a good quality bread box? They are priced anything between $11 and $55. However, the price of the bread bin could be more; the difference in price is attributed to the material used, the overall size of the bread bin and the brand you choose.

You can get cheap bread boxes and be able to enjoy some of the benefits the expensive options would offer. But don’t settle for the cheap option as it might not keep your bread as fresh and moist as you wish.


Choosing the right bread box can be very tricky as there so many options flooding the market.

Here are some of the important features you need to keep an eye on as you look to shop for a bread box:

  • Material and appearance – You will find bread boxes that will go with any décor you might have, from retro to ultra modern or rustic. They could be made from plastic, wood, ceramic or metal, to name just a few.
  • Size of the bread box – It can take up a fair amount of counter space. If your kitchen is small, consider one that is not too big, or if you prefer a big container to store more bread, one with a flat top could be ideal. It will allow you to put other items on top.
  • Capacity – Some bread boxes can store one or two types of bread. Depending on your family size and the space available in your kitchen you will know your requirements.
  • The lid type – The container can have a roll-top design, metal with a ceramic lid, or a flip-down antique wooden design, just to name a few.
  • The Extras – The bread box could be the item you were looking for to add some life to your kitchen. Some come with matching kitchenware – and just like that, your bread is kept fresh while a unique item added to you kitchen counter.
Construction and Design

As you look for a box that will fit your kitchen décor, there a few other things you also need to consider.

Here is what we are talking about:

  • Other than design appeal, you look at how it has been constructed. This is how they open and the materials used. Some bread boxes have hinged openings, roll-tops or just a simple drop down, to help keep your bread fresh longer.
  • If you are looking to pass down this valuable container to your future grandchildren, metal or wood is better. However, if you are one that forgets the buns you have, choose a bread box that is clear and plastic. At a glance, you can see what’s available for breakfast for the next morning.
  • Do you like eating a lot of baked goods? Then you should consider a larger bread box. Even though you have a small counter space, you will be able to store your cookies, donuts, and biscuits in the extra space while your bread is still stored comfortably. In the end, you have saved space with the big design.
Performance and Ease of Use

The best bread boxes should be well sealed but also allow some amount of air to flow. Remember, we want the loaf of bread to stay moist and chewy for a couple of days. With proper air circulation, it will prevent the growth of mold and reduce condensation. At the same time, these containers are easy to keep clean. When all these things are considered, it should help in your quest to find the ideal bread box.

Get the Best Bread Box of 2023!

Now you’ve seen a variety of bread bins with different capacities, colors, and designs. You should be better equipped to have a look at what brands you love and pick the bread bin that best suits you and your kitchen. If the products we picked out for you don’t tickle your fancy there are other bread boxes from these reputable brands, so check them out!

Our Top Choice
Mountain Woods Acacia Wood Bread Box
Best Value
Cooler Kitchen Large Vertical Bread Box
Brabantia Fall Front Bread Box
Culinary Couture Large Bread Box
Juvale Retro Bread Bin