Best Bread Box Reviews 2018

One of the most annoying things in the morning - apart from having to wake up, of course - is when you come downstairs to make some toast for breakfast and find the bread’s gone bad. Someone’s left the packaging open, and you can see the signs of mold festering already. That’s NOT how you want to start any day! The solution is to get yourself a nice bread box. To help you find the ideal bread bin, we’ve come up with a list of some of the best bread boxes from top brands in a variety of designs to give you the best possibly choice.
Our Top Choice
Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box
Brabantia is renowned for their high-quality and contemporary products for the home. If you’re looking for a stylish bread bin, then look no further than their Fingerprint Proof Rolltop Bread Box.
Stylish design. Available in 7 colors. Rolltop design saves space. Flat top makes for extra storage. Ventilated patterned bottom. Noiseless plastic stopper.
Some suggestions that packaging could be better.
Available in 7 colors
2 loaves of bread
6.9 x 17.6 x 10.6” / 3.5 pounds
Flat top for extra storage
Best Value
Home Basics Metal Bread Box with Lid
Home Basics produces affordable and fashionable home products for your kitchen, bathroom or any room you want! Their products, like their Metal Bread Box, are available with matching accessories!
Attractive color options. Matching kitchen accessories available. Convenient lid handle. Doesn’t take up too much worktop space.
Removable lid takes up more space than rolltop kind of bread bin.
Metal box with lid
1 loaf of bread
16 x 7.5 x 10” / 2.4 pounds
Matching kitchenware available
Mountain Woods Acacia Wood Bread Box
Mountain Woods produces hand-crafted kitchen and home products at an affordable price. Their Antique Acacia Wooden Bread Box is unique, elegant and harvested sustainably.
Elegant, wooden design. Packaging is biodegradable. Hand-crafted. Stylish metal fittings. Large capacity.
More expensive than some other mass-produced bread bins.
Flip down antique wooden design
Acacia hardwood/Metal fittings
1 loaf & other baked goods
16 x 10.5 x 9 inches
Sustainably harvested wood
A.C.K. Trading Tuscany Fleur De Lis Bread Box
A.C.K. Trading produce beautiful hand-painted ceramic products for homes across North America. Their line of Tuscany Fleur De Lis Kitchenware is particularly stylish.
Other kitchen products available in same color and style. Glazed ceramic finish. Hand-painted. Dishwasher safe. Vintage look.
Not as large as some other bread bins featured.
Ceramic with lid
1 loaf of bread / 208oz.
9 x 6.9 x 13.2” / 6.5 pounds
Matching kitchenware available
Progressive International Adjustable Bread Bin
Progressive International creates innovative and affordable products. Their kitchen products offer solutions to age old problems, such as their expandable, breathable bread bin.
Expands up to 11 inches; can accommodate bread and other baked goods. Adjustable air vent for perfect air circulation.
Not as attractive as some other featured bread bins.
Plastic / Expandable
1 loaf of bread/Up to 11” length
11 x 7 x 6.8” / 2.1 pounds
Adjustable air vent

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How Do I Choose the Best Bread Box?

Do you hate moldy bread, or are you simply tired of having dry bread that takes tremendous effort to get the bread knife through every morning? It’s very frustrating to buy a loaf of crusty bread that tends to turn hard as stone in just a few days. It immediately makes you run for the cereal bowl just to get something in your tummy. Time to take an interest at the merits of traditional bread boxes.

These storage containers are handy for keeping your bread chewy and moist. They keep your bread away from sunlight and air in a climate that’s more agreeable than a refrigerator. A bread box is the second best thing after a coffee maker, as a slice of good fresh bread needs to be accompanied with a brew of hot coffee. Another advantage of a bread box is the simple fact that you can make sandwiches quickly: just take the bread slices out of the box, put them into the sandwich maker and your breakfast is ready in no time!

But, you are not limited to keeping your bread fresh. Some bread bins have extra space, so you can also store your baked goodies in the container, while still adding a note of color in your kitchen. These ones are more suitable for storing bread freshly taken out from the bread maker. There are different patterns and colors of bread boxes as well. Thus, you can choose the one that will complement your current kitchen décor. However, before jumping into the reviews, let us have a look at the features you need to keep in mind.
So, how much should you spend when purchasing a good quality bread box? They are priced anything between $11 and $55. However, the price of the bread bin could be more; the difference in price is attributed to the material used, the overall size of the bread bin and the brand you choose.

You can get cheap bread boxes and be able to enjoy some of the benefits the expensive options would offer. But don’t settle for the cheap option as it might not keep your bread as fresh and moist as you wish.
Choosing the right bread box can be very tricky as there so many options flooding the market.

Here are some of the important features you need to keep an eye on as you look to shop for a bread box:
  • Material and appearance – You will find bread boxes that will go with any décor you might have, from retro to ultra modern or rustic. They could be made from plastic, wood, ceramic or metal, to name just a few.
  • Size of the bread box – It can take up a fair amount of counter space. If your kitchen is small, consider one that is not too big, or if you prefer a big container to store more bread, one with a flat top could be ideal. It will allow you to put other items on top.
  • Capacity – Some bread boxes can store one or two types of bread. Depending on your family size and the space available in your kitchen you will know your requirements.
  • The lid type – The container can have a roll-top design, metal with a ceramic lid, or a flip-down antique wooden design, just to name a few.
  • The Extras – The bread box could be the item you were looking for to add some life to your kitchen. Some come with matching kitchenware – and just like that, your bread is kept fresh while a unique item added to you kitchen counter.
Construction and Design
As you look for a box that will fit your kitchen décor, there a few other things you also need to consider.

Here is what we are talking about:
  • Other than design appeal, you look at how it has been constructed. This is how they open and the materials used. Some bread boxes have hinged openings, roll-tops or just a simple drop down, to help keep your bread fresh longer.
  • If you are looking to pass down this valuable container to your future grandchildren, metal or wood is better. However, if you are one that forgets the buns you have, choose a bread box that is clear and plastic. At a glance, you can see what’s available for breakfast for the next morning.
  • Do you like eating a lot of baked goods? Then you should consider a larger bread box. Even though you have a small counter space, you will be able to store your cookies, donuts, and biscuits in the extra space while your bread is still stored comfortably. In the end, you have saved space with the big design.
Performance and Ease of Use
The best bread boxes should be well sealed but also allow some amount of air to flow. Remember, we want the loaf of bread to stay moist and chewy for a couple of days. With proper air circulation, it will prevent the growth of mold and reduce condensation. At the same time, these containers are easy to keep clean. When all these things are considered, it should help in your quest to find the ideal bread box.

What is the Best Bread Box?

Hopefully, you can now answer some questions such as what capacity you need, what you want to store, and the general aesthetics you want for your kitchen. Lastly, you might want to think about how your product is produced. Now that you have these things in mind, let’s take a look at our list.
Our Top Choice
The Brabantia Large Rolltop Bread Box is both fashionable and functional rolled into one. However, if you’re looking for a different style bin, perhaps check out the Brabantia Fall Front Bread Bin which is available with a black or white finish.
Brabantia Roll Top Bread Bin - Matte Steel Fingerprint Proof – Available in 7 Colors & 2 Sizes

Brabantia Bread Box 299445 – Large - Black

Brabantia creates beautifully designed products for the home, including cookware, food storage, bathroom accessories and more! They aim to bring you all these products in a sustainable way, leaving the world in a better condition for years to come. The designs of their products are contemporary, and would fit effortlessly into any home. Their kitchen accessories are particularly something to be admired, such as their Rolltop Steel Bread Box.

This large-capacity bread box is made with steel and has a fingerprint-proof, corrosion-resistant and durable coated finish to give it that new shine day after day. If you have a large family, this bread box will be more than sufficient in size, with space for two full-sized loaves of bread. Also, if your kitchen worktop isn’t the most spacious, the convenient roll-top design will save you precious preparation space and the flat top is ideal for storing tins and pots.

The Large Capacity Rolltop Bread Bin is not just a pretty face though. The construction of the base makes for proper ventilation, and there’s even a plastic stop on the inside to prevent that notorious bang as the kids slam the lid shut! Although we’re featuring the large, black version of this bread bin, it also comes in medium, for those not needing quite this much capacity, and in 7 colors. Choose from, steel, brushed steel, red and more to ensure your new addition to the kitchen fits right in.
Best Value
The Home Basics Metal Tin Bread Box comes in three attractive colors, and there are also matching kitchen accessories available if you want to deck out your entire kitchen. Alternatively, if you want a more classic looking bread box, check out the Home Basics Stainless Steel Bread Box instead.
Home Basics Metal Bread Box with Lid – Available in 3 Colors

Home Basics Bread Box BB44456 – Turquoise

Home Basics does exactly what it says on the tin; they bring you affordable home products for the everyday user. “Basic”, however, does not mean cheap or boring. Quite the opposite: Home Basics’ products are durable, functional and fashionable too. This is especially evident in their Metal Bread Box with Lid.

They have nailed the chic, vintage look that’s oh-so-fashionable right now and produce this bread box in three attractive colors: turquoise, red and cream. Not only that, but you can get a whole bunch of matching home products to go with it! From tea towels, utensil pots and kitchen timers to oven mitts, canisters and colanders, you could revamp your whole kitchen for a very reasonable price.

The power coated steel will keep this bread bin in tip top condition for years and the simple, metal box design with lid will fit into any kitchen nicely and won’t go out of style.
The Mountain Woods Antique Wooden Bread Bin would be an elegant addition to any kitchen, and no need to feel guilty over the acacia hardwood as it’s sourced responsibly in Asia. For an alternative design with a roll top opening, check out the Mountain Woods Large Acacia Wood Roll Top Bread Box & Storage Box.
Mountain Woods Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread Box

Mountain Woods Bread Box ACBBR

Mountain Woods has a long history of hand-crafted kitchen and home accessories. Usually with hand-crafted products you can expect to shed out a large portion of your earnings, but that’s not the case with Mountain Woods, who keep an eye on affordability too. This has meant their home and kitchen products can be found in many homes across the globe.

Their eye for detail and high-quality materials means their products really stand the test of time and have been known to be kept in people’s homes for decades. What will not last for decades, however, is their packing materials. With a keen interest in the environment, Mountain Woods ensures that all their packaging materials are biodegradable and the finish on their products is made from vegetable oil and minerals.

This is also the case with their antique, vintage-looking bread boxes. In particular, we love the Extra Large Acacia Wood Antique Style Bread Box which has a flip-down, magnetic lid, providing plenty of inside space without taking up too much of your counter. This large capacity bread bin can fit bread and other baked goods comfortably inside, keeping them all fresher for longer.

The beautiful wood design is what sets this bread box apart from its competitors. The wood is harvested sustainably from one of the biggest acacia wood plantations in Asia. This hardwood is extremely popular due to its functionality, beauty, sustainability and versatility. You’d be hard pressed to find a bread box with this style and sourced so responsibly.
The Tuscany Fleur De Lis Bread Box is a truly unique bread bin that’ll set your kitchen a grade above the rest. It wouldn’t hurt to get a few matching kitchen products too. If the Fleur De Lis theme of this bread box isn’t for you, why not look at the Tuscan Sunshine Country Rooster Hand Painted Bread Box instead?
A.C.K. Trading Tuscany Fleur De Lis Bread Box / Toast Jar – Available in 3 Colors & with Matching Kitchenware

A.C.K. Trading Bread Box 82012 – Green Bread Box

A.C.K. Trading is the sole distributor of their extensive line of kitchenware, cookware and household ceramic products. They are a relatively small company, based in Los Angeles, with a team of sixty designers who are constantly striving to improve designs and explore new markets. Their line of ceramics features a variety of designs, from the Bamboo Rooster to the more contemporary Just Black and White.

Today we are taking a look at their Tuscany line of ceramics, in particular their Tuscany Fleur De Lis Bread Box. This bread bin is available in green, blue or red, so you can choose whichever will fit in best with the style of your kitchen. The Fleur De Lis design is hand-painted onto each bread box, giving it a unique feel.

The glazed ceramic finish also means that this bread box is dishwasher safe, so no problem if it gets a bit grubby in the bottom—you can just pop it in the dishwasher! If you like the design of this bread box, then you might be interested in the numerous other kitchen products available with the same design and color! Kit out your kitchen with their matching cookie jar, canisters, fruit bowl, mug or utensil holder, just to name a few!
The Progressive International Adjustable Bread Box is an innovative way to keep your baked goods fresher for longer, with an adjustable air vent for optimum air circulation. If you want a similar storage container for other kitchen items, check out the Prepworks by Progressive Flour ProKeeper.
Progressive International Prep Solutions Adjustable Bread Keeper

Progressive International Bread Box GBK-8

Progressive International has been dedicated to creating durable and functional food-prep items, household products, tools and gadgets for almost four decades. Their products are now sold internationally, although their main business and headquarters is in America. Progressive believes in creating new and innovative products through extensive research and customer input. This is clearly evident in their Adjustable Bread Keeper.

Their bread box keeps not only bread, but muffins, bagels and other baked goods fresher for longer. Basically, anything that you can fit into the expandable 11-inch container. The pot has been designed with an adjustable air vent, meaning your goods will get just the right amount of ventilation. Also included with this futuristic bread box is a convenient cutting board, which is all dishwasher safe!

Get the Best Bread Box of 2018!

Now you’ve seen a variety of bread bins with different capacities, colors, and designs. You should be better equipped to have a look at what brands you love and pick the bread bin that best suits you and your kitchen. If the products we picked out for you don’t tickle your fancy there are other bread boxes from these reputable brands, so check them out!

Our Top Choice
Brabantia Roll Top Bread Box
Best Value
Home Basics Metal Bread Box with Lid
Mountain Woods Acacia Wood Bread Box
A.C.K. Trading Tuscany Fleur De Lis Bread Box
Progressive International Adjustable Bread Bin