Best Breastfeeding Pillow Reviews 2023

Finding a resting or let alone breastfeeding position that doesn't make you feel like an unfortunate victim of an iron maiden of sorts can be a difficult thing to achieve. You can accomplish this great goal with an appropriate breastfeeding pillow! If you'd like to equip yourself with one of these useful items of comfort and leisure, check out our list of five of the best breastfeeding pillows currently on the market, and make a comfortable choice!
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Our Top Choice
My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow
Coming from a company cheekily called My Brest Friend, this deluxe nursing pillow can be a valuable piece of baby-related equipment for any young mother!
This pillow was made from 100% high-quality polyester. It comes with a Velcro strap as well as a silent release buckle. It's machine washable.
Any additional cloths you may be using can get stuck to the Velcro belt willy-nilly, which can be annoying.
Wrap Around Design
100 % Polyester
23 x 16.3 x 4.5 Inches; 1.8 Pounds
Available in 10 Colors
Velcro Strap
Best Value
Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Nursing Pillow
Boasting a rather versatile 4-in-1 configuration, this Fisher-Price breastfeeding pillow can be a great solution for babies old enough to be appreciative of toys!
It features a U-shaped build perfect for breastfeeding or bottle feeding. There are a couple of toys to keep your baby amused. The cover is machine washable and easy to take down.
The edges are pretty square instead of being nicely contoured.
U-Shaped Design
Machine Washable Cover
19 x 19 x 7 Inches; 1 Pound
White and Green, Pink and Grey
Comes with 3 Linkable Toys
Twin Z PIllow Twin Breastfeeding Pillow
Bulky and supportive, the Twin Z nursing pillow might as well be one of the best investments that a young mom can make!
This pillow can be used as a support for a variety of motherly duties, such as breastfeeding, reflux managing and so on. It features a number of ergonomic blue dots. It's rather big and supportive.
If mishandled, it can be quite dangerous for children. Don’t leave children unsupervised with it.
W-Shaped Design for Twins
Hypoallergenic Cover
38 x 25 x 5 Inches; 2 Pounds
Features a Back Support
Boppy® Bare Naked® Pillow
Simple and relatively small, this nursing pillow from Boppy might be a reasonable choice for people working on a budget but who wouldn't want to compromise on quality!
The pillow is made out of 90% polyester and 10% cotton. It comes with a one-year warranty. Its flexible design helps strengthen muscles and coordination.
The pillow is not supportive enough of your back, especially in comparison to other products on this list.
U-Shaped Design
Polyester 90%, Cotton 10%
18 x 16 x 5.5 Inches; 4 Pounds
1-Year Warranty
Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow
Featuring a lovely design that enables your entire baby to be safely tucked in the pillow itself, this Leachco nursing cushion can really be a lifesaver if you've got a particularly lively and wiggly baby!
The pillow features a 65% and 35% cotton build, making it comfortable and durable. The Velcro strap will prevent your baby from slipping and it's adjustable to the size and weight of the baby.
The maintenance is a pain in the neck. Comes without slipcover and is not machine washable.
U-Shaped Design
Polyester 90%, Cotton 10%
20 x 18 x 7 Inches; 1.9 Pounds
Seat Wrap

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What is the Best Breastfeeding Pillow?

Feeding your baby the natural way has always been a bit of a tricky process that inevitably includes at least some degree of discomfort. Well, we at TopProducts say: not anymore! With a well-made breastfeeding pillow, this otherwise potentially irritating drill can become a relaxing time filled with joy, and not that many cramps and what-not! If you're unsure as to what model you should get, check out our top five list and find the optimal piece of cushioning for your needs!
Our Top Choice
Featuring an aesthetically pleasing color and a couple of useful accessories, this breastfeeding pillow from My Brest Friend is a simple and affordable way to make breastfeeding time an enjoyable part of the day! If you're more into a fireworks-themed nursing experience, this Original Nursing Pillow will perhaps suit you better.

My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow – Available in 13 Colors

Having looked far and wide to do our research, we at TopProducts are quite sure that there's scarcely a company with a more specific purpose than a certain factory and online business jocularly called My Brest Friend. For the record, the company assuming the second place in this little contest of ours is an Australian lady bag business with a glorious reptile-deterring name of 'My Best Friend is a Bag' (they do crocodile models and stuff like that). Swinging over to the matters of breastfeeding, My Brest Friend is a business that supplies young mothers across US with a supportive piece of cushioning for their daily breastfeeding sessions.

The company was founded by a guy, actually, going by the name of Andrew Zenoff, who, having observed some lady friends of his struggle with the positioning of their daily breastfeeding undertakings, decided to invent a cushion to make that process much easier and enjoyable. What he came up with after more than a year of arduous tests and more than 50 redesigns was truly revolutionary—a breastfeeding pillow that every single woman who tried it out found satisfying! The rest is history.

The product we've decided to feature on this list could as well act as a prototype for his concept, as it includes pretty much all of the initial key components that made this pillow great in the first place: a soft plush for the baby to rest on, a Velcro strap for security, as well as another safety buckle lock just in case.

The list of features for the breastfeeding pillow from My Brest Friend:
  • Made from high-quality, durable polyester
  • Features an extra soft plush layer for the baby
  • Comes with a Velcro strap for securing the optimal position
  • Machine washable

All in all, a comfortable and easy-to-use piece of cushioning. The straps and the buckle system enable you to adjust the height as well as the exact position of your pillow so that you can relax and spend the feeding time with your baby without suffering back pains and other annoying inconveniences.
Best Value
Whether it's toys, accessories, or simply a comfy breastfeeding spot you're after in your quest for a perfect nursing pillow, this Fisher-Price model can be a perfect choice for you! If it's just a cover that you need, however, this Hibiscus-themed model may suit your needs better.

Fisher-Price Perfect Position 4-in-1 Nursing Pillow

In the world of companies specializing in baby equipment, the Fisher-Price factory holds a rather special place as one of the most beloved brands by not only the moms, but also dads, aunts, cousins and, most importantly, the kids. It all started way back in 1930, when a distinguished gentleman of leisure and a keen child at heart called Herm Fisher decided the toys of his era suddenly were dull and utterly unsatisfactory! What he dreamed of was something that he could engage in, a toy that can jump-start his imagination and take him, ehrm, the kids of his age to their own worlds of magic!

Inspired by this illustrious idea, he went on to establish his own little toy factory with the help of his friend Irving Price. The newly-developed Fisher-Price company quickly rose to prominence thanks to their innovative ideas and a constant inflow of new concepts and designs to play around with! Nowadays, they make every and any piece of equipment crucial for a child's development, from toys to nursing accessories.

The model we're displaying here on our list is one of their bulkier designs featuring not only a typical breastfeeding pillow, but also three toys hanging from an elegantly curved arch above the baby, as well as an easily-washable cover. For additional maneuvering ease, the entire thing was designed so that it can be comfortably carried about with only one hand.

The list of features for the Fisher-Price 4-in-1 nursing pillow:
  • Features a finely curved U-shape
  • Comes with three toys to keep your baby busy
  • The fabric used is soft and supportive
  • The cover is machine washable
  • Easy to move about, even if you have only one hand available
All things considered, this curiously-shaped sloping pillow equipped with 3 toys can be an excellent solution for you if you've got a lively baby who likes to explore, even during its feeding time! The covers are a breeze to wash, which is great news considering how babies tend to have these cloth-ruining little 'accidents' every now and then.
Sizeable and supportive, a Twin Z nursing pillow can be your best friend when it's feeding time for your beloved twins! If you like the idea, but would rather like to see this product in a green finish, check out this Light Green Z Pillow instead!

Twin Z PIllow 6-in-1 Twins Breastfeeding, Bottle Feeding, Tummy Time, Reflux, Support & Pregnancy Pillow - Blue

Breastfeeding one baby daily can really be a tough task at times, with your schedule going berserk and your neck assuming new curious and fantastically painful angles you didn't even know existed previously! Imagine, then, what it would look like if you had to juggle two babies at once! It takes some effort, that's for sure. To alleviate the sheer frustration and annoyance of not being able to sit or lie down properly, you might want to consider getting yourself a Twin Z nursing pillow!

Considering the fact that it was only recently that this product hit the market, it's really a wonder just how much popularity this Twin Z nursing pillow has been gaining over time! It all started when a particularly frustrated mom decided to take matters into her own hands. In her creative vigor and what can only be described as a bout of sheer genius, she invented this supportive, bulky and almost muscular piece of nursing cushioning that will hold her twins securely and comfortably throughout their sometimes quite intense breastfeeding sessions!

The great thing about this particular product is that it's simple enough to be relatively inexpensive, and then versatile enough so that it can act as a support cushion for a variety of motherly undertakings: breastfeeding, bottle feeding, dealing with infant refluxes and so on.

The brief list of features of this Twin Z nursing pillow:
  • Sizeable and comfortable
  • Provides a solid back support
  • Relatively lightweight despite its size
  • Ergonomic blue dots
In conclusion, this is a must-have piece of cushioning for a young mother with twins. The bulky shape is supportive and adaptable enough so that you can find your optimal breastfeeding position for yourself, without worrying that you won't be able to turn your head left or right for a week! The price is also quite agreeable, so what's not to love?
Featuring a specialized 'stretch panel' which enables a woman to find a new comfortable position each and every time she uses it, this Boppy nursing pillow is a versatile piece of cushioning every breastfeeding woman should have about! If you'd like some cheery imagery on your pillow, though, see if this peaceful jungle version does the trick.

Boppy® Bare Naked® Breastfeeding and Nursing Pillow

If you already recognize the name Boppy from somewhere, don't be surprised. This very brand is one of those instances where supposedly a completely simple product manages to garner massive public recognition for a short period of time. It was even featured in on the well-known TV show Friends! The story of Boppy goes back to 1987, when a passionate inventor named Susan Brown came up with a weirdly-shaped pillow for assisting young moms in their breastfeeding duties! Ever since that faithful day, about the only thing that was ever changed in the design was the covering cloth, while the original setup remained the same.

Fast forward a couple of years from their initial success, and you've got a blooming company that's picked up a couple of awards along the way and came up with some new hefty additions to their nursing pillows. An additional slipcover, for example, was one of the long-awaited innovations that reaped nothing but great reviews when it was introduced in the year of 2000.

As for the product we're featuring here on our list, it features a low-cost build made out of 90% polyester and only 10% cotton. The unique thing about this model is that it’s highly-stretchable, meaning that its stock size can fit many different women of all shapes and sizes!

The list of features for this Boppy Bare Naked Pillow and Positioner:
  • Made out of 90% polyester
  • It's capable of stretching so that everyone can use it
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • It's machine washable
  • Its shape strengthens muscles and coordination in nursing mothers
Perhaps the biggest selling point of this nursing pillow is its sheer simplicity: it's just a U-shaped, polyurethane-filled sack. Also, the fact that it comes from one of the most well-known manufacturers of these exquisite breastfeeding cushions doesn't exactly hurt either! A tough little adaptable nursing pillow, all in all!
Don't let your beloved baby fall off a chair so that you have to invent your own safety strap brand. Get a Leachco nursing pillow instead and don't worry about your baby falling out of its protective cushioning ever again! For a more elaborate, two-piece version, check out this Leachco Natural Boost Nursing Pillow in denim color.

Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow and More – Available in 3 Colors

As far as curious jump-starting circumstances that create new companies go, the inception story of the Leachco family business is one riddled with mystique, ominous syringes and some imagery of an infant falling to its doom from a great height in a foreign and unsafe location! Aye, and let it be known that the potentially macabre turn of events that transpired on this faithful day went thus: In the year of our Lord 1988, a young couple named Clyde and Jamie went out for dinner and brought their 7-month son with them. The baby almost fell from the chair. That's the story. (Also, Jamie is a nurse.)

Luckily for the Leach family, young Alex survived the incident and is now alive and well, and more importantly, today he represents a valuable part of the workforce at his parents' factory. The first ever safety strap for babies was invented by Jamie when they came back from their little downtown excursion. Once other parents found out about it, suffice to say, a new company was born as these straps were selling like hotcakes!

The nursing pillow, on the whole, is well-tailored and features one of the aforementioned safety straps, which was made using a Velcro strap. Even though the outer cover is not removable, the seat itself is quite adjustable and can be made to assume any size you desire.

The list of features for the Leachco Nursing Pillow:
  • Features a U-shaped curve for better grip
  • Additional fastening safety with the Velcro strap
  • Can be used for every baby age group, from newborns to toddlers
  • The seat wrap can be tucked away in a hidden pocket
Well-rounded and featuring the famous safety belt, this Leachco nursing pillow is one of the bulkier models on our list, and that means more versatility in use, and more options of how to pack, ehrm, position your baby! Also, this product will cover the entire first stage of your baby's life, so you won't be needing to buy any more similar products in the future.

How Do I Choose the Best Breastfeeding Pillow?

Breastfeeding pillows have become an integral part of a parenting arsenal. While they might be extraordinarily large for cushions, these squishy objects more than make up for it with their spot-on shape, which provides just the right amount of support in all the key areas, so to speak! In this section of our buying guide, we'll mention a couple of important things that are essential for every breastfeeding pillow.

The material of choice for these pillows determines the level of comfort they can provide. Manufacturers often use such wonders of modern-day artificial production as polyester, with an odd Velcro strap here and there to spice it all up. This material is well-known for its low price and malleability, which makes it a perfect option for making a cushion of any sort. For this reason, many other nursing-related items, such as baby bibs, baby pillows, and even nursing bras, are routinely made out of some version of polyester! These designs usually feature polyester in combination with some other materials, namely cotton, spandex, or elastane.

The second most important feature of these cushions is their shape, a design category that can get pretty creative indeed. Since their primary goal is to make you as comfortable as possible while performing this important duty, manufacturers have been known to take great freedoms in their design solutions to achieve this illustrious goal. As a result, you've got a number of different versions of the breastfeeding pillow, where some offer just a basic U-shape, and some boast full back support! Whatever your model of choice might be, getting one of these is surely a must if you've got a lot of breastfeeding business ahead of you!
Generally speaking, the prices for breastfeeding pillows range from 20 to 100 bucks, depending on their design, size, and material. It should be noted that shapes of these nursing cushions differ quite substantially. You can find models that are made just to act as accessories to help you sit evenly, as well as those that are made to fully support you, so that you can sit back on them and relax while breastfeeding. Great stuff indeed, and thanks to such a wide range of different models, you should be able to find some sort of solution for yourself, regardless of the budget you're working with! Avoid the cheap breastfeeding pillows, as they aren't likely to offer sufficient support.
Breastfeeding pillows are a unique breed of cushion that can facilitate the otherwise arduous process of feeding your baby the natural way, and make the activity much more bearable and even enjoyable both for you and the little one! If you're not exactly familiar with this category, behold upon the glorious list below, and learn about what makes a pillow so, well, cushiony!

Here are some features to consider when buying a brand new breastfeeding pillow:
  • Material
  • Shape
  • Velcro strap
  • Age group (babies and/or toddlers)
  • Pockets
  • Seat wrap
  • Cleaning instructions
  • Back support
  • Warranty
Solid back support can be a great addition to your breastfeeding pillow configuration, so getting a model with this part already built-in can be a great solution to this issue!
Construction and Design
There seems to be no agreement among breastfeeding pillow manufacturers as to what design solution is the main one. Each and every company that makes these nifty nursing accessories has its own design, and each of them has a different appearance. The upside of this is that there's a good chance the retailers will have a breastfeeding pillow that matches your needs perfectly! You can get a U-shaped model, a model with a back support, ergonomic designs, you name it!
Performance and Ease of Use
Since most pillows feature some sort of cover that goes over the foam or feathers underneath, and breastfeeding pillows are no exception, the most notable part of their maintenance is to wash them thoroughly every now and then. This prevents bacteria and dirt from accumulating. Using a baby bib as well can be a great way to additionally protect your pillow and then have a smaller cloth to wash afterward.

Get the Best Breastfeeding Pillow of 2023!

The notorious breastfeeding stance surely qualifies as one of the most uncomfortable sitting positions you can assume. It's fair to say that you need all the help you can get. Quite right, and if you've already been to your wits' end and back in an effort to figure out a solution, a neat and cozy breastfeeding pillow can be a proper lifesaver for you! We at TopProducts hope you liked our top five picks, and wish you a successful purchase and shipping!

Our Top Choice
My Brest Friend Deluxe Nursing Pillow
Best Value
Fisher-Price 4-in-1 Nursing Pillow
Twin Z PIllow Twin Breastfeeding Pillow
Boppy® Bare Naked® Pillow
Leachco Cuddle-U Nursing Pillow