Best Briefcase Reviews 2017

A briefcase is an indispensable accessory in a modern business person's toolkit. It should be able to hold lots of items (including your laptop), it should be practical and durable, and it should also be eye-catching. Luckily for you companies fight each other to provide consumers with exquisite briefcases that come in all sizes, shapes and colors. We took the time to analyze the offerings of 5 excellent briefcases that come from reputable brands, and we are more than happy to share our reviews with you!
Our Top Choice
Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Briefcase
This genuine Colombian leather flap-over briefcase from Samsonite is exceptionally well-built and is suitable for students, businesspeople, lawyers, and anyone who wants to carry goods in style.
Sturdy construction. Drop-dead gorgeous design. Available in multiple colors. Includes shoulder strap. Features multiple compartments.
Maybe a bit pricey for some, but this is to be expected for such a high-quality product.
Flap-over design
5.5" x 16.5" x 12"/ 3.9 lbs
Natural cowhide leather
Brown, Reg brown or black
Hand washable
Best Value
Solo Executive Leather Briefcase for 16" Laptops
This is a high-quality, versatile and gorgeous travel bag for people who adore the feel and texture of genuine leather. Its ample storage space makes it is perfect for people who like to pack many items
Breathtaking design. Multiple compartments for storage. Made by reputable and famous brand. Can hold laptops up to 16".
Lack of color choices, but the espresso color is suitable in both formal and informal circumstances.
Business-style bag
12.5" x 18" x 4.5" / 3.1 lbs
Full-grain leather body
Padded carry handle
McKleinUSA TURNER Black Leather Attache Briefcase
This is a business-type briefcase that can easily hold and protect your laptop and important documents. It comes with an interior organizer section, and it is made from genuine leather.
Attractive, elegant design. Available in black or brown colors. Enhanced security. Spacious. Protective feet prevent falling.
Isolated complaints regarding build quality.
Attache-style briefcase
14.2" x 10.2" x 3.9"/5.7 lbs
Black leather
Black or brown
3-digit security lock
ECOSUSI Ladies Faux Leather Briefcase (Holds Up to 14" Laptop)
This satchel bag is perfect for modern ladies who want to take their small laptop or tablet with them wherever they go. It is available in several colors and has a chic, eye-catching design.
Reasonably priced. Stunning design. Appropriate for multiple circumstances. Well-built. Multiple compartments.
Isolated complaints about the quality of the closures.
Satchel bag for ladies
14.2" x 10.2" x 3.9"/2.4 lbs
High-quality faux leather
Available in several colors
Comes with long adjustable strap
Berchirly Vintage Leather Laptop Briefcase
If you prefer old-school products, this is the travel accessory to buy. Berchirly has made a beautiful, eye-catching briefcase that is durable and offers that authentic vintage feeling.
Reasonably priced. Versatile and durable. Appropriate everywhere. Comfortable to carry. Multiple internal compartments.
Several complaints that this bag cannot hold certain laptops. It is designed for smaller laptops, so be mindful of this.
Vintage satchel bag
14.17" x 11.02" x 3.93"/ 2.4 lbs
High-quality PU leather
Black, brown or dark coffee
Multiple zipped pockets

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How Do I Choose the Best Briefcase?

A briefcase is not a fad but a necessity, especially if you travel a lot and you need to take your documents and laptop with you. Of course, you can also place all your personal items and your laptop in a backpack, but it doesn’t look that good on you if you are in a suit, is it? Just as a watch says a lot about the person who wears it, a briefcase also says a lot about its owner, because it is an equally important fashion accessory.

It is more than obvious that there are plenty of fashionable and easy-to-wear briefcases that are also perfect for everyday wear. The briefcase is a great accessory if you are a businessperson, engineer, lawyer or even a student. Whatever your profession is, a nice-looking briefcase will make you look more stylish.

The classic leather briefcase has changed a lot and doesn’t look like a rugged box anymore. Even though the original shape still exists for most briefcases, the modern ones have buckles, textured or smooth exteriors and interiors, and practical compartments inside. There are also multiple types of briefcases for women, which are available in multiple colors and have drop-dead gorgeous designs. Your briefcase is an accessory that can and will be used for a long period of time.

If you want to stay classy and have a smart look all the time, sit back, relax and read the following guide. You will learn everything you need to know when it comes to purchasing a briefcase.
Briefcases are attractive and are also ideal for contemporary fashion combinations, so they will not be what you would call inexpensive items. Even if you don’t know yet what type of briefcase to get, if you choose a tough and durable one, made of quality materials, you can use it for years to come.

There are many types and models of briefcases on the market, but the most resilient and good-looking ones are those made of natural leather. They maintain their quality over years of heavy use. A great briefcase will have two or three compartments and enough space for your keys, laptop, phone, tablet and other objects. Needless to say, the more features, and the better the material, the higher the price tag.

The price range for quality briefcases starts around $30, and it can cost about $100 for a briefcase with a combination lock. Of course if you go for a high end leather briefcase, you can expect to pay more than that. You will also find cheap briefcases on the market, but those shouldn't be on your buying list. They will wear out or break after a short time.
The reason the leather briefcase is still fashionable is because it is just as useful now as it was in the past. A good briefcase should be roomy, and safe (but not have too many locks and buckles). It should be lightweight, as you will be carrying it a lot. It is also important that the briefcase has a detachable buckle, so you can wear it comfortably over your shoulder. Here is what you should look for when purchasing a good quality briefcase:
  • Size – The size of the briefcase should be roughly equal to that of your laptop, but it should also have enough space for other personal objects
  • Material – You should also consider the material from which the briefcase is made. Manufacturers usually use leather, faux leather, polystyrene, nylon or even politex
  • Safety – The briefcase should be sturdy and durable
  • Compartments – A good quality briefcase has at least two compartments
Construction and Design
A briefcase is usually paired with an office outfit, so it goes well with suits, but not so well with sportswear. Leather briefcases, especially, should be matched with leather shoes and belts. Ideally, you could also wear a leather wallet of the same color as the briefcase.

A brown briefcase looks great with brown, navy or gray suits, and even with black ones. A briefcase should be either black or brown. It may be advisable to have two briefcases, one black and one brown, so you can use them alternately depending on your outfit and the occasion.

Another important factor in choosing the perfect briefcase should be the number of compartments. If you have multiple items that you have to carry with you everyday, you should get a briefcase with multiple dedicated compartments. If not, go for a more spacious briefcase, so you won't have to bother searching for your keys in every pocket.
Performance and Ease of Use
If you are buying a leather briefcase, you should use protective oil, especially when you don’t use it for a while and store it in the closet. Additionally, if your briefcase is dirty, you can clean it with a cotton cloth and a little soap. Briefcases don’t require intensive maintenance, so you don’t have to worry much about this.

What is the Best Briefcase?

If you are shopping for briefcases, it is important to pick a good one right from the start, one that can last years without major deterioration. Set a budget, take a look at your laptop to find out its screen size (if you need to carry it in your briefcase), and analyze your needs for space. Then take a look at our 5 products and see which one fits your needs the best. Let's meet our first contender!
Our Top Choice
The Samsonite Colombian Leather Briefcase comes in several colors and can easily hold your 15.6" laptop. If you prefer an equally practical bag, but with wheels, we strongly encourage you to try the Xenon 2 Spinner bag from the same manufacturer.
Samsonite Messenger Bag - Made from Leather, Can Hold Laptops Up to 15.6", Hand Washable

Samsonite Laptop Bag – 45798 Brown

Samsonite doesn’t need any introduction. It is a leading manufacturer of bags, backpacks and other travel accessories, and its products are well received by the general public. Samsonite also crafts stunning briefcases, and the flap-over one made from Colombian leather is truly a masterpiece. This messenger bag feels appropriate in any environment and situation, and thanks to its impressive build quality, you will enjoy it for years!

Here are some of the highlights of this exquisite laptop bag.
  • It is made from minimally treated genuine Colombian cowhide leather.
  • It is available in brown, reg brown and black, so you can choose whatever fits your style.
  • The bag comes with a padded shoulder strap, which can be detached if necessary.
  • You can confidently use this bag to transport your 15.6" laptop wherever you go.
  • The bag has several compartments where you can store your gadgets or your documents and files.
  • This model from Samsonite can be washed by hand. Thanks to the high-quality leather and stitching, it will not deteriorate easily.
You might be happy to learn that Samsonite specializes in leather briefcases. If this particular model is not appealing to you, Samsonite has other bags you might like. These products differ in color, size and design, so you will definitely find something suitable for you.
Best Value
The Executive Leather Briefcase from Solo is a bag that will turn many heads as you walk down the street. It can easily hold your 16" laptop, and it has compartments for your tablet and MP3 player as well. If your budget is lower, check out the hybrid briefcase from Solo. The hybrid briefcase is less expensive, and can carry 15.6" laptops.
Solo Messenger Bag Made from Leather w/ Front Organizer and Removable Shoulder Strap

Solo Business Bag - D535 Espresso

"Bring me Solo and the Wookie" is a famous quote from an equally famous movie! In this review, we will only bring you Solo, but we promise it is a good one! Solo is a brand that specializes in travel accessories, particularly leather briefcases. It has numerous models on sale that are specially designed to satisfy the carrying needs of people of all ages from around the world. For example, the Executive leather messenger bag in espresso color is a veritable gem! It looks good, it is spacious, and it will probably still be in good condition when your kids have grown and they need it to go to college.

Let's explore the features of this briefcase.
  • It comes with 2 spacious front pockets that can accommodate your gadgets (including your tablet).
  • The bag features buckle enclosures to keep your 16" laptop safe.
  • It is made entirely from high-quality, full-grain leather which looks gorgeous and feels great.
  • You also get a shoulder strap which is padded and can be removed if necessary.
  • The briefcase comes with a rear pocket that is perfect for storing your files and documents.
  • The carry handle is also padded for increased comfort.
If you are looking for a business-style attache briefcase, the Turner model from McKleinUSA might be suitable for you. It can hold your laptop, files and gadgets, and it has an elegant design. If you require more storage space, then go for the rolling business case from McKleinUSA, a bag that also has wheels and a handle.
McKleinUSA Messenger Expandable Bag w/ 3 Digit Security System and Multiple Compartments

McKleinUSA Laptop Bag – 80485 Black

McKleinUSA makes a multitude of leather briefcases for both men and women. It gracefully combines style with functionality to create exquisite, top-quality messenger bags that are strong and durable. For the purpose of this review, we focused our attention on the black leather attache briefcase, which is an excellent business travel accessory.

Here are more details about this product, so that you know if it fits your needs.
  • It comes with an organizer section that can hold your cell phone, calculator, and other gadgets.
  • The bag keeps your personal belongings safe, as it has a 3-digit security lock.
  • It can be positioned upright, and it has easily accessible compartments.
  • You can get this leather briefcase in both black or brown color options.
  • The design of this product is absolutely fabulous, and it is suitable for both men and women.
  • On the bottom of the briefcase, you will find 4 protective feet which improve stability and prevent floor scratching.
The Faux Leather Briefcase from ECOSUSI is perfect for women who are always on the go and want to look stylish and elegant. This bag has multiple compartments and can hold laptops up to 14" in screen size. If you prefer an old-school design, check out the Vintage Faux Leather Messenger Bag from ECOSUSI.
ECOSUSI Laptop Briefcase for Women w/ Metal Hardware, Zipper Closures, Available in 4 Colors

ECOSUSI Messenger Bag Ecoou012926001 - Black

While we were doing research for this review, we were impressed by the multitude of high-quality products made by ECOSUSI. This brand manufactures top-quality bags, briefcases and travel accessories and sells them at reasonable prices. We picked the faux leather model, which is specially designed for ladies, because it has already been well received by the public. It is a practical and versatile briefcase, and it also looks elegant.

Let's take a closer look at the features of the ECOSUSI Messenger Bag.
  • This bag is available in black, blue, red and brown, so you can pick whatever you like.
  • The faux leather is durable, so chances are you will be using this bag for years to come.
  • The briefcase comes with multiple interior compartments, and one of them is zippered, perfect for storing your keys or your cell phone.
  • It comes with a padded handle for increased comfort.
  • The bag itself is compact and lightweight, perfect for people who travel a lot.
  • You can carry your large tablet or small laptop easily and safely using this bag, as it can accommodate laptops up to 14" in screen size.
The Vintage Leather Briefcase from Berchirly will make you stand out from the crowd next time you walk around town. It can hold small laptops, and has compartments for your wallet and cell phone. If you are looking for a bag designed specially for men, check out the Vintage Military Men Canvas Messenger Bag from the same manufacturer.
Berchirly Travel Briefcase, High-Quality Leather, Available in 3 Colors, Adjustable Shoulder Strap

Berchirly Messenger Bag BC28817 – Dark Coffee

If you are looking for a high-quality product that has a vintage feel, but doesn’t look outdated, then a briefcase from Berchirly might be suitable for you. This brand crafts eye-catching travel bags with old-school designs, and its products will set you apart from the crowd. For the purpose of this review, we have selected a messenger bag made from PU leather, because it already has good reviews on Amazon and comes at a reasonable price.

Check out the features of this travel accessory.
  • You can get this satchel bag in 3 colors.
  • It can be used to carry your small laptop (preferably up to 14" in screen size), and other gadgets such as your tablet and phone.
  • The briefcase has a removable padded shoulder strap.
  • It comes with several zipped compartments for increased security.
  • The bag is made from PU leather, which feels great and can last for years.
  • You might be happy to find out that this briefcase is suitable for both men and women. It is a great travel accessory wherever you go.

Get the Best Briefcase of 2017!

It is not that difficult to pick a good briefcase when you know exactly what you should look for. A good briefcase will ultimately help you transport your gadgets and documents in a professional manner, keep your goodies secure and even add to your image. Pick any of our 5 featured briefcases, and your money will be well spent!

Our Top Choice
Samsonite Colombian Leather Flap-Over Briefcase
Best Value
Solo Executive Leather Briefcase for 16" Laptops
McKleinUSA TURNER Black Leather Attache Briefcase
ECOSUSI Ladies Faux Leather Briefcase (Holds Up to 14" Laptop)
Berchirly Vintage Leather Laptop Briefcase