Best Bronzer Reviews 2023

Beautiful on the inside, glowing on the outside. If that would best describe you, we have some bronzers to keep you tan even when you haven’t seen the sun in a while. Everyone wants a healthy, fresh-from-the-outdoors glow to their skin, but the problem is we’re too busy. Working in the office, going to school, taking care of the kids, we just need a little boost to achieve that pop of color and radiance on our skin. That is why our team has compiled a list of five great bronzers from some of the best bronzer brands in the market for you.
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Our Top Choice
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends Bronzer
Having started as a small cosmetics company run by Emanuel Stolaroff in 1930, Neutrogena began with cosmetics and soaps that didn’t interfere with the body’s natural PH level.
Enhances your beauty and makes you look like you’ve been relaxing in the sun all day. A multi-color matrix of tones to create the perfect shade for you. Oil and fragrance-free.
The hinge on the case could be sturdier.
Sunkissed 30
4.8 ounces
Natural, healthy look
Won’t clog pores
Best Value
Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer
The mood-altering effects of this line creates a ‘Too Faced’ woman. Founded by Jeremy Johnson and Jerrod Blandino to make women feel pretty in pink again.
An adorable little heart-shaped compact with mirror that offers a shimmering bronze powder, plus a blush hue for a healthy glow. This bronzer is Paraben-free.
Lovely rich hues in two color options, but may be too rich a tone for fair-skinned women in the winter months.
Carrie & Big
3.8 ounces
Radiant bronze w/coral blush
No parabens or sulfates
Lorac Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo
Lorac creator Carol Shaw is sharing her secrets of a red carpet-ready look with the rest of the world in this high-quality, all-natural makeup line.
Mimics the effect of natural light. Contours the face perfectly with a soft highlighter color, and a deep bronzer for the shadows. Free of skin irritants.
The limited palette colors won’t be perfect for every skin tone.
2.4 ounces
Highlighter and bronzer
No streaking
NYX Cosmetics Matte Body Bronzer
NYX founder Toni Ko aims to bridge the gap between cheap makeup and costly prestige brands with high-quality makeup at accessible prices.
Made in the USA, this matte bronzer enhances your tan, or provides one for you without spending a lot of time outdoors. A great price for natural skin toning without shimmer.
Some people find the medium doesn’t suit their skin tone, and is too orange. There are other shades to choose from to find the right hue for you.
Medium Bronzer
2.4 ounces
Natural glow
Tropical scent
Rimmel Natural Waterproof Bronzing Powder
“Get the London look” with British-based Rimmel cosmetics, founded by Eugene Rimmel in the 1800’s, combining perfume, personal hygiene, and cosmetics into one brand.
A natural-looking honey shade that brings warm hues to your skin tone. Matte finish is flattering and sits lightly on your skin. Three shades available, even works for pale skin.
For paler skin, go lightly on application and blend it well.
Sun Bronze
1.4 ounces
Natural bronzer

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What is the Best Bronzer?

Buying a bronzer is a brilliant decision. Find a bronzer in your favorite shade to enhance your natural skin complexion from our selection. It’s time for you to get the bronzer of your choice to give you that natural, sun-kissed glow that you have always longed for.
Our Top Choice
This sheer bronzing powder by Neutrogena enhances your color without oil or fragrances, so your skin will look and feel great.
As an alternative, why not try the Neutrogena Healthy Skin Custom Glow, which has more of a shimmery finish, and you can choose between two colors.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends Natural Radiance Bronzer – Available in 3 Colors

Neutrogena hit the market in 1930 under the original brand name Natone. Founder Emanuel Stolaroff started with a small cosmetic line, which he supplied to beauty salons. Over the next decade, he teamed up with Dr. Edmond Fromont, who had created a soap called Neutrogena that returned the skin to its natural PH level quickly. It was such a hit that the company changed its name to Neutrogena. It was bought by the Johnson & Johnson company in 1994.

As a terrific way to brighten up your skin and your look, a good bronzer will make you appear to have been relaxing in the sun all day. The best part is that you’ve avoided the sun damage! Problem solved with this sheer, oil-free, fragrance-free radiant bronzer by Neutrogena, the healthy skin brand.

This multi-color matrix of tones allows you to create the perfect mix of color through the changing seasons. What’s even better is that the subtle shimmer of this bronzer was developed by dermatologists and won’t clog your pores.

Choose from three varieties: Clean offers neutral tones, Pure is made of a combination of delicate and vibrant pinks, and Sunkissed has rich and radiant bronze hues.
Best Value
This heart-shaped compact by Too Faced offers a shimmering bronzer with a complementing blush to provide a healthy glow to your skin. If this shade isn’t for you, try the Milk Chocolate Soleil Light\/Medium Matte Bronzer; it’s mini-sized so you can try it before you buy the real deal!

Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer - Carrie & Big

Inspired by Paris, co-founders Jeremy and Jerrod aim to make women pretty in pink again. Jeremy Johnson honed his skills with Armani, Chanel, and Estee Lauder. Tired of the dark, brooding style of the 1990s, Jeremy partnered with Jerrod Blandino to bring a soft, feminine, glowing makeup line to the market.

The brand name was encouraged by Jerrod, who referred to the mood-altering effects of great makeup as creating a “Too Faced” woman. Working at a department store makeup counter, he loved transforming his customers’ looks so much, he began creating his own blends to suit his style. Soon, Too Faced Cosmetics was born. Partners in life and business, Jerrod and Jeremy make women pretty on the outside, and empowered on the inside.

Served up in a very feminine, heart-shaped compact case, this Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer by Too Faced offers a duo of warm bronzing powder and a pop of blush for a healthy, flushed glow to your face. A cruelty-free brand, this bronzer is also free of Parabens, Phthalates, and Sulfates.

There are two palettes to choose from: Carrie & Big is a light-medium bronzer with a coral blush, and Ross & Rachel is a medium-deep bronzer with a pink blush. Both offer the perfect pairings for a little flush and shimmer in your life.
Let the light illuminate you with this highlighter and bronzer compact duo called Tantalizer by Lorac. If you need a little bronzer that you can just throw into any overnight or going-out bag, you need the Travel Size Tantalizer Baked Bronzer, the perfect go-to beauty enhancer to get you through any day or night.

Lorac TANtalizer Highlighter and Matte Bronzer Duo

Lorac creator Carol Shaw hails from a family that was ensconced in the beauty business. Receiving a life-changing makeover from a Beverly Hills Salon as a teenager, Carol decided she wanted to make others feel as incredible as she did that day.

Taking her considerable skills to the famous faces of Hollywood, Carol found that her top-notch clients wanted the benefits of looking glamorous for the Academy Awards, but with a higher-quality makeup product. So Carol created the Lorac line of fragrance-free, oil-free, natural makeup and found that her clients loved it!

Taking her specialty in Red Carpet-Ready Makeup to the everyday woman, this Lorac Tantalizer Bronzer is two colors in one. The trick to good makeup is recognizing that light hits each area of the face differently, changing based on the contours of the face. Keeping this in mind, this Duo Compact has a highlight color on one side to illuminate areas where the light naturally lands, like the top of the cheekbone and the brow ridge. Then there is a matte bronzing powder which creates a complementing contrast in the shallows of the cheeks and on other areas where a shadow is needed.

Good for all skin types, this Tantalizer Bronzer and Highlighter Set is free of fragrances, oil, parabens, and talc.
This self-tanning pressed powder by NYX comes in a few shades and offers an instant summer glow at the right price. If the medium tone isn’t right for your skin, try the Matte Body Bronzer Deep Tan and see if it’s a better fit.

NYX Cosmetics Matte Body Bronzer in Medium

Starting their company legacy with the Jumbo Eye Pencil that works like a hybrid pencil and eyeshadow all in one convenient beauty tool, NYX (pronounced “Niks”) is firmly dedicated to keeping their prices low and their quality high.

Founder Toni Ko noticed a huge gap between cheap, accessible makeup and high-end prestigious brands that cost a small fortune to use. Therefore, she created NYX in 1999 to bridge that gap, and found a ready audience for her products. The NYX stores have a few locations in California and the WillowBrook Mall in Wayne, New Jersey. They offer a beauty bar with tutorials, and the company is expanding its locations into the South and Midwest, due to its popularity.

Available in five russet shades, this self-tanner gives you that summer glow all year long. Enhanced with a tropical scent to keep you looking and smelling good, you can use this body bronzer in all the right places to keep your looks healthy and vibrant. A pressed powder with a sponge applicator, a light dusting goes a long way to enhancing your look, and comes at a very affordable price.
With this light, natural bronzer in a matte finish by Rimmel, you won’t have to worry about looking heavily made up. Want your skin to literally shimmer in the light? Rimmel has just the bronzer for you in the Rimmel Sunshimmer Maxi Bronzer, Sun Star.

Rimmel Natural Waterproof Bronzing Powder 022 Sun Bronze 14g

“Get the London look” with British-based Rimmel cosmetics, founded by Eugene Rimmel in the 1800’s. Rimmel used his experience to combine perfume, personal hygiene, and cosmetics into one brand.

Rimmel continued to grow under the management of Eugene’s two sons, focusing on their popular mascara line and various eye-enhancing makeup. Using advertising to spread the word, Rimmel has become an international cosmetics brand.

If you’re in the market for a bronzing powder that won’t sit ‘heavy’ on your face, this one is a terrific pick. Light and natural, it provides a gentle tan even if you never set foot outdoors. Look like you’ve been on the beach or a boat all day long with this subtle bronzer that comes in a matte finish.

This natural bronzer by Rimmel of London is waterproof and goes by the name Sun Bronze.

How Do I Choose the Best Bronzer?

The skin is the only human organ that covers most of your body. In case you did not know, skin makes up 6 -10% of your total weight. On average, the skin covers 22 square feet for a full-grown adult. This means that the skin is something we need to maintain at all costs.

Whether you’re a woman or man, skin care should be your first priority. Your makeup kit should contain all the necessary tools, a bronzer included. There is no need to get your makeup done at a salon. No. Even though a self tanner can improve your skin’s look, you can also apply a bronzer to wet skin for streak-free results.

Skin care is not all about applying expensive makeup to your face. It is more than that. In fact, it starts with the way you clean your face when you wake up in the morning. Most of us use our hands to clean our faces. You can also use a face cleansing brush to give your skin a smooth feel before you apply your bronzer to get that perfect glowing skin you have always wanted.

Your skin can tell a lot about you. Most people guess the age of others by looking at their skin. It is unfortunate to have someone think you are older than your age. In case you have never had this experience before, I must tell you for free that it really hurts. Do not rely on a blush; a bronzer will keep your skin tone in good condition, making you look younger forever.
The price of bronzers varies considerably. Primarily, the price of a bronzer depends on the size, enhancement, and other extra features. Being from a prestigious brand can also drive up the price. You can expect to pay anywhere between $3 and $40 for a quality bronzer. Be aware that a cheap bronzer may not have the ability to give you the best results. For that reason, you have to pay a little more to get a bronzer that will give you the perfect results.
There are many bronzer brands in the market. It is up to you to decide the kind of bronzer you want. Thus, here are some aspects to look for when shopping for a bronzer.
  • Color- Look for a bronzer that matches your skin tone.
  • Size- Bronzers come in different sizes for you to choose from.
  • Enhancement- Every bronzer has different capabilities of skin enhancement. It is up to you to find the one that is best for you.
  • Finish- Different bronzers have different finishes, ranging from sheer, shimmer to matte.
  • Shape- Bronzers are designed in different shapes.
  • Extra- Some bronzers have extra features, like a tropical scent, waterproof, and no streaking.
It is important to get a better understanding of these specifications. The following detailed guide will give you more information on what to expect when buying a bronzer, either for your personal use or as a gift.
Construction and Design
Color is one element in our world that is unique. People have their own color preferences, especially when shopping for clothes and household products. However, there comes a time when color has to dictate what suits you. Sometimes you have to buy something not just because you like it but because that is what you really need. For instance, your skin color determines the color of bronzer you need to apply to your skin. Below are some of the available colors from our selection.
  • Sunkissed 30
  • TANtalizer
  • Medium Bronze
  • Sun Bronze
Many people only carry the essentials when they travel. This is because they find it uncomfortable to lug bulky bags around. To reduce your stress, we’ve listed portable bronzers to keep your skin glowing whenever you go out.

Are you that person who cherishes style? Worry no more. Bronzers are made in different models for your liking. Whereas most of them are circular, some are rectangular and oval. After looking at color, buy the bronzer with the shape that you like most.
Performance and Ease of Use
Try to imagine our lives without makeup and skin care products, just cleaning your face with water and soap. It sounds funny, but it could feel like a disaster to some people. That is why, with innovation in the cosmetic industry, we have bronzers with the following extra abilities:
  • Won’t Clog Pores
  • No Parabens or Sulfates
  • No Streaking
  • Tropical Scent
  • Waterproof
Remember, just like all people don’t have the same capabilities, the same with other things. Perhaps, some are thin and weak while others are big and strong. The same case applies to bronzers. Even though most of them can give you a natural glow, they have different enhancement levels.

Like other makeup tools, bronzers are easy to use. You only need to wash your face using warm water and a cleanser before applying your bronzer. Most importantly, apply a bronzer that’s a bit darker than your natural skin tone.

Get the Best Bronzer of 2023!

You don’t have to spend all day outdoors to look like you did. Skip the tanning salon, and go for a compact bronzer that you can take with you anywhere, enhancing your beauty and giving that vibrant glow to your skin.

Our Top Choice
Neutrogena Healthy Skin Blends Bronzer
Best Value
Too Faced Soul Mates Blushing Bronzer
Lorac Highlighter & Matte Bronzer Duo
NYX Cosmetics Matte Body Bronzer
Rimmel Natural Waterproof Bronzing Powder