Best Bubble Machine Reviews 2023

It is interesting to see the effects bubbles can have on an occasion. The sudden emergence of bubbles can bring unexpected life and excitement to any party. Choosing the best bubble machine for your exact needs can be a chore, especially with the many different products from different brands, with every brand claiming their product is the best. To help you with this, we’ve researched different brands and their products, have come up with five of the best bubble machines from which you can make your choice. Although we only chose one product from each selected brand, kindly note that these brands have other products you may also want to consider.
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Power Source
Our Top Choice
Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Committed to enriching the lives of families and bringing joy to generations, Fisher-Price puts the safety and quality of its products ahead of all else.
This product comes with all-terrain tires, making navigation easy on most surfaces. In addition to making bubbles, it also makes a realistic motor sound when pushed around.
It does not make bubbles until pushed at the right speed, which could be too fast for some toddlers.
Bubble mower
Powered by wheels
Rinse with water
Best Value
Babrit Battery Bubble Machine
Babrit is a brand that many have come to expect nothing but the best from. Its products are built to high standards and are also backed by awesome customer service.
This machine is portable yet sturdily built. It is easy to carry and easy to operate. This deceptively powerful machine makes hundreds of bubbles per minutes.
It requires supervision to prevent it from tipping while in use.
Bubble machine
6 AA batteries
ADJ Products Bubbletron Machine
Over the years, ADJ Products has been committed to producing innovative lighting and effect equipment that adhere to the strictest quality standards.
This bubble machine is extremely portable and very easy to use. It is also very powerful, releasing hundreds of bubbles per minute.
The body is made of molded plastic and so may appear cheap. There is also no way to regulate the amount of bubbles produced for when you need fewer.
Bubble machine
AC 120-230 V, 50/60 Hz
1 L/2 hrs.
Molded plastic
Rinse out fluid tank
1byone Professional Bubble Machine
The 1byone philosophy is built around developing products that make people’s lives better, easier, and more fulfilling. It achieves this with passion and technological innovation.
It is compactly built, solid yet lightweight, delivers thousands of bubbles in minutes, and is easy to use and maintain.
Some users may not find this machine suitable for indoor use because of the amount of bubbles produced. There is no way to reduce the amount of bubbles produced.
Bubble machine
AC 12 V
Lightweight metal
Remove reservoir and clean
Kidsthrill Bubble Shooter Gun
Kidsthrill is a company that is all about creating toys that thrill your kids. All of its products are made to provide your kids with fun entertainment.
This bubble shooter comes with sounds and music, is easy to use, and comes with two bubble solutions. It is also leak-proof, making it mess-free.
This bubble shooter is perfect for individual use but won’t do well anywhere a large amount of bubbles are required.
Bubble shooter gun
Battery powered

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What is the Best Bubble Machine?

When selecting a bubble machine, two important things to consider are: Who will use it? How and where will it be used? These questions will help you decide what features you want on your device. With this in mind, go ahead and read our review of individual brands/products. This will help you choose the best bubble machine for you.
Our Top Choice
The Fisher-Price Bubble Mower is built like a lawnmower, complete with a realistic motor sound, speed throttle, and all-terrain tires. It combines the fun of pretend lawn mowing with the joys of bubble making and can be used indoors and outdoors without a hitch. If you are looking for something slightly different, you may want to consider the Fisher-Price Disney\/Pixar Cars 2 Bubble Mater. This product is a replica of Disney’s tow truck, Mater.

Fisher-Price Bubble Mower with One Touch Refills

Since 1931, with the introduction of the first of many products such as Dr. Doodle and Granny Doodle, Fisher-Price has remained true to its goals of enriching the lives of families and bringing joy to generations. It has done this by designing toys that are not just highly entertaining and engaging, but also by consistently putting safety and quality at the forefront of all its products.

The Fisher-Price Bubble Mower (MSRP $29.99) is a bubble machine styled like a lawnmower. It combines the joys of bubble making with the exhilaration of make-believe lawn mowing. With its all-terrain tires, this bubble mower will move easily over different surfaces while making a realistic motor sound. While it can be used without the bubbles, the one-touch refill system ensures that fewer refills are required.

This product features a colorful design children will love. It’s made of plastic but is sturdily built. Its realistic start-up switch and speed throttle further add to the fun a child will have with it. Add to this the motor sound and bubbles, and you have a toy no child will want to stay away from.
Best Value
The Babrit Automatic Battery Powered Bubble machine is an environmentally- and child-friendly bubble machine that delivers top level performance. It’s sure to light up the faces of your little ones. If you prefer a different design and color but the same top quality output, you can take a look at the Babrit Automatic Battery Powered Bubble Maker - Pink.

Babrit Automatic Battery Powered Large Party Bubble Machine with 2 Refill Bubble Solutions

It’s one thing to have great products and another to excel at providing after-sales services. Babrit excels at both, offering over a hundred top quality products all supported by amazing after-sales service.

The Babrit Automatic Battery Powered Bubble Machine (Selling for $27.98, the last time we checked at Amazon) is an example of one of the high-quality products offered by Babrit. Made from environmentally-friendly materials, this machine is very safe. It features an easy-to-carry handle designed for small hands, a simple on/off switch, and a quiet battery-powered motor packaged in a cute plastic body which kids will love.

Producing hundreds of bubbles per minute, this machine, which comes with two free bubble solutions, is great for your children’s parties.
The Bubbletron Bubble Machine from ADJ Products is a portable yet highly powerful bubble machine which releases hundreds of bubbles per minute. If you love this bubble machine but need something stronger and with more functions, you can go for the Bubble Blast Bubble Machine, also from ADJ Products.

ADJ Products Bubbletron Molded Plastic Bubble Machine

Since 1985, which was when ADJ Group started as a supplier of lighting equipment, they have grown in many regards. The company is still being run by its founders, making it easy for them to continue to uphold the visionary philosophy of innovation on which the company was built. Today, their products (which adhere to the strictest quality standards) have been featured in major events such as WWE Wrestling and concerts by Elton John and Jay-Z and others.

The Bubbletron Bubble Machine (MSRP $99.99) is a very powerful machine packaged in a very portable molded plastic body. Its deceptively simple look hides a powerful core that releases hundreds of bubbles per minute. This bubble machine’s features include:
  • A durable plastic casing with EZ-Access front fluid tank
  • A large high velocity fan makes bubbles rise quickly in the air
  • ON/OFF switch on rear of unit
  • ON/OFF wired remote control with 25 ft./8 m cable
  • Carrying handle
  • A fluid consumption rate of 1 liter every two hours
  • Power consumption – 24 W
  • Multi-voltage: AC120-230V, 50/60 Hz
If you are in the market for a serious bubble machine then your search ends with the 1byone Professional Bubble Machine. It’s built for the serious user and delivers thousands of bubbles in minutes. If you are looking for something other than a bubble machine, you can go for the 1byone Halloween Fog Machine.

1byone Professional Bubble Machine with High Output & Automatic Blowing Mechanism for Outdoor and Indoor Use

1byone is all about giving the customer the ultimate experience. This starts in the manufacture of its products, which it puts a lot of passion and technological innovations into, to the final delivery and after-sales relationship. With a commitment to providing products that make people’s lives better, easier, and more fulfilling, 1byone is constantly improving its technology and raising the bar of what is the acceptable quality for their products.

The 1byone Professional Bubble Machine (MSRP $39.99) is a product that much thought has gone into. It is sturdily built yet lightweight because of the type of metal used. It delivers professional level outputs and is very easy to use. A simple on/off switch starts the fun. With a speed of 18 to 22 rotations per minute, this machine creates thousands of bubbles, making it a hit for many occasions.
The Kidsthrill Dog Bubble Shooter Gun is a simple but effective bubble shooter. It is very easy to use and is sure to be a hit with every child. If you need something more professional, you can go for the Kidsthrill Portable Automatic Bubble Blower Machine.

Kidsthrill Dog Bubble Shooter Gun Sounds And Music – 2 Bubble Solution Included - PINK

Kidsthrill, as its name implies, is a company focused on creating toys that will thrill children everywhere. With products made for children of different ages, Kidsthrill has continued to cater to the needs of fun- and entertainment-seeking kids everywhere.

The Kidsthrill Dog Bubble Shooter Gun (MSRP $11.99) is a simple yet effective bubble shooter designed like a dog. It comes with sounds and music to increase the fun. It is also leak-proof, reducing the risk of mess being made while in use. The Kidsthrill Dog Bubble Shooter Gun comes ready to use with included bubble solutions and batteries.

How Do I Choose the Best Bubble Machine?

When someone with pent-up emotions finds the urge to let loose, they usually do so by screaming out loud. It could be from the back seat of a motorcycle or by raising their heads out of convertibles and screaming their hearts out. While everyone in real life has experienced the urge to let loose, few have had the luxury of finding the right place, time, or even urge to actually scream. This means that, for the majority of us, we have to find a way to ease up, lighten up, brighten up, and just have fun.

The bubble machine is an invention that has done so for both children and adults alike. While your kids are sure to have fun with an activity cube, kids tablet, train set, or any other well-thought play thing, a bubble machine presents certain unique advantages. It provides children with a fun way to develop their cognitive, mental, and reasoning skills with the beauty and excitement that comes with watching the bubbles float around and pop. It also promotes their motor skills and visual tracking; you can trust that kids will try to hunt down the bubbles. Add language development from interacting with their peers and you’ll see the immense value in this machine. But the best of bubble machine isn’t limited to only children’s delight, as adults can find release and have loads of fun and excitement through the serene ambiance that bubbles can create.

Bubble machines can be used anywhere, at any time, and for any occasion (maybe except funerals). Since bubbles can do more than just making kids happy and smart or relieving stress and anxiety among adults, it is not only a birthday-party feature. The best bubble machine will produce bubbles either indoors and outdoors and will do so for years with proper maintenance. You can use your bubble machine to keep the atmosphere light and fun when hanging out with your friends and family or you can go solo and enjoy your life in your privacy.
Bubble machines are of different construction and utilize features. These differences invariably affect the cost of each bubble machine, nevertheless, during our research, we discovered you would find a good bubble machine for between $12 and $100. What affects the price of a bubble machine includes the number of bubbles it can produce per minute, its design, and construction among other factors.

We also discovered some cheap bubble machines, but our counsel for you is that you shouldn’t even consider them. While their ridiculous price tags may tempt you, they are not built to last or serve you in any satisfactory way.
The best bubble machine for you is a direct product of why you need a bubble machine and what kind of use you have for it. If you are interested in a bubble machine you can keep for personal and regular use, a bubble shooter gun may offer you all the excitement and fun you require, but here are features you must consider to choose the right one:
  • Type – this has to do with the construction of the machine itself either as a mower, shooter gun, or full bubble machine
  • Power – is the machine powered by wheels, electricity, or batteries?
  • Capacity – this has to do with the number of bubbles that can be produced and for how long
  • Design – this is the material the bubble machine is made of, whether plastic or lightweight metal
  • Maintenance – how the machine is to be cleaned from time to time, especially if the parts can’t be taken apart.
As you read on, you will get a better understanding of how these features affect the performance of a bubble machine.
Construction and Design
As earlier stated, the type of bubble machine you buy is largely a factor of what you need it for. Seeing as different types suit different needs, ensure that you buy one that will perfectly cater to your own needs. It also means you may need to buy more than one. For example, while the bubble shooter gun is more suitable for personal use, and you should have it, you will need a bubble machine or mower for parties, weddings, or just to have a fun time with larger groups.

How the bubble machine is powered also matters. Bubble machines that are battery powered can be used anywhere and are usually portable, but they may be underpowered for a large space and will only be effective until the life of the battery runs out. You should consider where it will be used to determine an appropriate power source.

The capacity of the bubble machine results in the number of bubbles it can blow per minute which is also a factor of the bubble solution in the machine. The bubble solution can be made at home or bought from the store, but you should ensure your manufacturer approves of homemade solution before using it. Solutions that have high glycerin content are likely to produce the strongest bubbles, and some are tinted with dye to enhance special effects, making them more visually appealing.

How the bubble machine is designed affects its weight and flexibility. For example, bubble machine casings that are made of plastic can’t be taken apart. Bubble machines typically have a tank that contains a waterproof reservoir for storing bubble solution, the motor which runs the electric fan and the fan which expels the bubble solution. The strength of the bubble machine fan determines the type of solution that will work best for it, so it’s important to stick to the manufacturer's stipulations to get the best of your bubble machine. The air from the fan is what stretches the soapy solution to form the bubbles. These devices also differ in that while some are built with all-terrain tires to enhance mobility, some are simply bubble shooters which are more suitable for individual use, and of course, there are bubble machines which can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Performance and Ease of Use
The bubble machines covered in our review are built to last for years, but you have the responsibility of using it according to the guidelines. Many people shorten the lifespan of their bubble machine by using just any solution with it, but you need to avoid that. Some solutions may be too weak for the strength with which the fan blows. If you want to use a solution apart from the regular liquid soap, water and glycerin, check your manufacturer’s guidelines first.

Another area that can affect how long and well your bubble machine serves you is maintenance. Ensure you clean it often and thoroughly, but only within the confines stated by your manual, and be sure not to force the machine apart for any reason, risking breakage.

Now you have it, a sound knowledge of bubble machines. You can now decide the type you want based on your specific needs.

Get the Best Bubble Machine of 2023!

You’ve gone through our review. Hopefully, you have enough information to help you choose the best bubble machine that is just right for your needs. Now it’s time to act. Get that bubble machine and have some real fun!

Our Top Choice
Fisher-Price Bubble Mower
Best Value
Babrit Battery Bubble Machine
ADJ Products Bubbletron Machine
1byone Professional Bubble Machine
Kidsthrill Bubble Shooter Gun