Best Bubble Umbrella Reviews 2023

It’s no doubt that when it comes to rainy days, bubble umbrellas come in handy because they give optimum coverage from the weather while bringing out your style. Bubble umbrellas are bubble dome-shaped umbrellas that keep your head and shoulders from the rain or rushing wind. With the different bubble umbrella products available today, it may be difficult to make a choice of the best bubble umbrella for you. Having your interest at heart, we decided to provide you with some of the best bubble umbrella brands, and 5 great options to get you started. If the products featured don’t work for you, there’s no issue since the brands have other bubble umbrellas you can check out.
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Our Top Choice
Kung Fu Smith Bubble Dome Umbrella
Kung Fu Smith identifies with customers by providing quality products to suit their style while it seeks to better their experience through regulating its service process.
Good coverage that protects from the sun or rain. Transparent bubble dome shape.
There are few reports of the bubble umbrella being quite on the fragile side.
Automatic clear flower bubble
31.5 inches
See-through PVC
10 colors
Hook handle
Best Value
Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella
Totes, with a vision for greatness, strives to produce quality weather and comfort accessories for all customers while focusing on delivering exceptional service.
Lightweight and extensible. Comfortable grip handle made of acrylic. Deluxe silver coating. Great visibility and protection.
Known to arrive ‘dusty’ and usually has to be thoroughly cleaned before use.
Signature clear bubble
39.4 inches
11 colors
Curved acrylic handle
Galleria Enterprises, Inc Butterfly Garden Bubble Umbrella
Galleria Enterprises is a name known for its umbrellas and gift accessories which are crafted with distinction to satisfy the needs and styles of all.
Flexible and easy to use. 100% polyvinyl chloride frame. Opens manually. Matching color binding.
There are few reports of the bubble umbrella not being pinch-proof.
Butterfly garden bubble
48 inches
100% PVC
Butterfly Garden
Curved handle
Pier 17 Bubble Umbrella
Pier 17 helps to improve the styles of customers by providing them with quality products at an affordable rate.
Convenient open-and-close function. Durable polyester material. Heavy-duty and an all-season bubble umbrella.
Thin plastic may be unable to withstand heavier rainy days.
Clear bubble
31 inches
100% polyester
2 colors
Curved handle
Rainbrace Transparent Clear Bubble Umbrella
Rainbrace places its customers as a top priority when it comes to quality, by providing them with umbrellas and gift accessories that can be loved, shared, and used by all.
Durable. Provides good protection from the rain and wind with its fortified steel ribs.
It must be handled with care so that the plastic ends of the umbrella don’t get off the metal frame.
Automatic transparent bubble
32.68 inches
POE fabrics
7 colors
Plastic hook handle

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What is the Best Bubble Umbrella?

Bubble umbrellas are made in different sizes, shapes, dimensions, colors, and materials as seen in the buying guide. So, when getting the best bubble umbrella, a lot of things should be considered. After going through the buying guide, we hope you can choose wisely and right, the bubble umbrella of your dreams. Let’s go over the individual product reviews as they reveal the different bubble umbrellas and their functions.
Our Top Choice
The Kung Fu Smith Bubble Dome Flower Umbrella has a beautifully designed floral print at its top, which gives it a romantic look. It also comes with an auto-open hook handle. If you prefer a bubble umbrella with a windproof frame, you can check out the Kung Fu Smith Windproof Polka Dots Umbrella with hook handle.

Kung Fu Smith Bubble Dome Flower Umbrella – Available in 10 Colors

Since 1998, Kung Fu Smith has come to be a leading name in umbrellas and Kung-Fu apparels that can be trusted by many. With its experience, it has continued to improve on its quality rating by providing customers with better services through feedback, which in turn has led it to broaden its sales channels across North America and Europe.

The Kung Fu Smith Bubble Dome Flower Umbrella is an attractive umbrella with floral print on its top and a matching color hook handle. It opens automatically and has an open diameter of 31.5 inches and a length of 32.5 inches. It’s made from polyvinyl chloride and has a clear view feature—all at a weight of 0.75 pounds.

There are other bubble umbrellas by Kung Fu Smith, and they include:
  • The Kung Fu Smith Bubble Dome Umbrella with Eiffel Imprint - It features an auto-open and can also be used to stay protected from the harmful UV rays of the sun.
  • The Kung Fu Smith Windproof Bubble Dome Umbrella - It comes with a flower totem imprint. It’s great for any weather.
  • The Kung Fu Smith Birdcage Bubble Dome Umbrella - It features a unique birdcage imprint and a portable plastic hook handle.
  • The Kung Fu Smith Kids Bubble Dome Umbrella with Wind Protection - It’s made with fiberglass and is quite portable.
  • The Kung Fu Smith Safe Kids Bubble Dome Umbrella with Non-pinch Feature - It’s safe to use and contains colorful characters for rainy weather.
  • The Kung Fu Smith Stripes Parasol Bubble Dome Rain Umbrella for Women - It’s all-weather-resistant and is easy to operate.
Best Value
The Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella comes with a signature design which is clean and distinct, with a clear, plastic bubble canopy. Looking for a bubble umbrella for kids? Then check out the Totes Kids Bubble Umbrella which opens manually. It features tinted a PVC bubble style and matching hook handle.

Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella with Clear Bubble Canopy – Available in 11 Colors

One of the forces to be reckoned with in the world of weather accessories is Totes. Founded in 1924, Totes has captured the hearts of many outdoor lovers with its wide range of weather products which has proven to be of quality and style. With branches in the major parts of the world, Totes is advancing in guaranteeing customers' satisfaction with quality comfort products that suit their taste and style.

The Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella is plastic and features a clear bubble canopy that allows for maximum coverage. It has a distinct signature design with a comfortable acrylic handle with a silver finish. The extended dome-shaped canopy measures 52 inches while the folded length measures 37 inches. Best of all, the bubble umbrella comes with Totes’ lifetime warranty for any possible damage that may occur.

Other bubble umbrellas by Totes include:
  • Totes Women Automatic Open Bubble Umbrella - It has 51-inch coverage and an easy-to-push button.
  • Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella - It features an easy-grip, curved plastic handle. Its canopy size measures 52 inches while the folded length is 36 inches. Further, it’s backed with Totes’ lifetime warranty.
The Galleria Enterprises, Inc Butterfly Bubble Umbrella is designed with butterfly artwork and has unbreakable fiberglass ribs. If you prefer a bubble umbrella with a raindrop design, you can check out the Galleria Rainy Days Bubble Umbrella with raindrops artwork.

Galleria Enterprises, Inc Butterfly Bubble Umbrella with Unbreakable Fiberglass Ribs

Galleria Enterprises, Inc, is one of the leading names in the industry of lifestyle products and it leads with a distinction. It has provided many fun-seekers with different varieties of scarfs, bags, and umbrellas which can be used by both the frugal and flamboyant. It has seasoned customer-care representatives who are trained to guarantee the peace-of-mind of all who choose to purchase its products.

One division, under the Galleria Enterprises umbrella (yup, we couldn't avoid that pun), is Galleria Umbrellas and Gifts, which brings us this lovely Butterfly Bubble Umbrella with a beautiful artwork design all over the canopy. It’s operated manually and has unbreakable fiberglass ribs with matching color binding. The arc measures 48 inches, and is made of 100% polyvinyl chloride, promising you durability and longevity.

Galleria Enterprises has other bubble umbrellas you might prefer:
  • Galleria Goldfish Habitat Bubble Umbrella with Goldfish Artworks - This bubble umbrella is operated manually and has unbreakable fiberglass ribs to keep the umbrella in place.
  • Galleria Ladybugs Bubble Umbrella - This bubble umbrella is also made of 100% polyvinyl chloride and has artwork of ladybugs all around the canopy to give it that amazing look.
  • Galleria Clear Bubble Dome Rain Umbrella with No Trim - It’s made up of a 100% EVA Vinyl-resistant canopy, with reinforced steel ribs. It’s windproof and has a durable plastic handle that holds a 35-inch long steel pole.
The Pier 17 Bubble Umbrella comes shaped like a birdcage with a vinyl finish. It features a translucent top for a clear view and is engineered to be wind-resistant. If you prefer a travel umbrella that’s more affordable, check out the Pier 17 Travel Umbrella. It’s windproof and has an automatic open-and-close feature.

Pier 17 Clear Bubble Umbrella with Vinyl Trim & Birdcage Structure – Available in 2 Colors

Having a knack for quality and excellence, Pier 17 has come to surpass its counterparts by providing customers with ideal weather-suitable products that will keep its name lingering in their minds. To add to its traits of professionalism, it has an outstanding customer service and a wide range of affordable products. It intends for everyone to purchase a piece carved with love.

The Pier 17 Bubble Umbrella with its covering shaped like a birdcage and vinyl finish, is designed to be wind-resistant. It’s made of a high-quality, polyester material, which makes it durable, super shiny, and “transparent”. It features a clear canopy which serves as a windshield when you walk in the rain and is engineered to cut through the wind and stormy weather conditions.

It creates an optimum covering for your whole body, and also has a convenient open-and-close function along with a one-year warranty. This means that the company can, without charges, replace your umbrella if it gets damaged. Oh, and the umbrella can also be used during the spring and summer seasons.
The Rainbrace Transparent Bubble Umbrella is made up of POE fabric that allows it to be translucent. It comes in a dome shape with color finishing and has an automatic open-and-close feature. For a bubble umbrella for both boys and girls, do check out the Rainbrace Children Fashion Dome Rain Umbrella with a clear window panel.

Rainbrace Transparent Fashion Dome Bubble Umbrella with Color Trim – Available in 7 Colors

Since 2012, Rainbrace Umbrella Company Limited has designed and produced varieties of quality umbrellas which people have grown to admire and love around the world. Having its products sold in different major parts of the world, it has set a mark for emulation that others should follow when it comes to customer satisfaction. It also works hand-in-hand with its reliable suppliers and customer care experts to listen and give prompt responses to issues which may arise.

The Rainbrace Transparent Bubble Umbrella is fashionable and comfortable with its adorable bubble dome shape, a clear view, and plastic J-handle to hold. It has a sturdy structure with color trim and reinforced steel ribs that ensure protection from the weather. When it opens, the diameter measures 32.68 inches, the arc is 44.88 inches, while the length is 28.74 inches, which is big enough to give you optimal protection from the rain. It comes with an automatic push button that permits the umbrella to easily open and close.

Here’s another bubble umbrella by Rainbrace:
  • The Rainbrace Children Fashion Design Rain Umbrella with 3D Ears - It’s made for children above the ages of three, is lightweight, and is easy to use. It’s operated manually and has a weatherproof feature. It even includes a flat umbrella tip which prevents the kids from getting hurt when trying to open or close the umbrella.

How Do I Choose the Best Bubble Umbrella?

With the ever-changing weather, it’s of importance to get certain accessories that can adapt to the changes whilst keeping your style in check. Have you been in a situation where you wanted to go out with friends for lunch or karaoke, and the weather grew dull and rainy? That’s definitely a good reason to hug your pillow through the night, and sulk.

How about the days when the sun was so intense that you wondered if your skin was going to recover from the sunburn? Those days were no fun, huh? So, to avoid future occurrences, it’s ideal to get comfortable accessories that allow you to enjoy both the rainy and sunny days, and one such accessory is the bubble umbrella.

Bubble umbrellas are covers that protect from the rain and the sun. They’re light, round, and portable items that are held up by thin, collapsible ribs that can be pushed up or pulled down. There are different categories of umbrellas, but this one allows for more protection from the unfavorable weather. Now, you would ask, what’s the difference between the bubble umbrella and other regular umbrellas?

Unlike traditional umbrellas, bubble umbrellas have cute designs with canopies that come down into an arc form, like a half bubble. This shape allows it to protect from the rain or the wind as it shields the head and shoulders from getting wet. It’s made from transparent, polymer materials, to provide a clear view when walking in the rain (just don't forget your rainboots for those puddles), preventing you from bumping into people. It’s designed to be rainproof and wind-resistant, to keep the rain from getting in and the wind from tossing it. So, you don't need to worry about canceling your appointments when you own any of these beauties.

Bubble umbrellas have different handles for holding; some have plastic handles while others have steel handles. Some models maintain the traditional ‘J’-shaped hook handles while others keep it straight. No matter how they come, they still look pretty and are comfortable to use. Bubble umbrellas also vary in size, color, and dimensions, so check out the features of the umbrella thoroughly alongside your style preference before opting for one. There’s a size of bubble umbrella for anyone; hence they can be used by kids and adults alike.

The purpose of this review is to furnish you with the necessary information so you can make a wise decision when getting a bubble umbrella. So, go ahead and make that great purchase!
Bubble umbrellas are quite affordable with a price range of $9 to $38. Bear in mind that the prices of bubble umbrellas are different because of the features each individual umbrella possesses. Nonetheless, these beautiful items can fit into anyone’s budget, even for the kids. But while carrying out our research, we came across some downright cheap bubble umbrellas that couldn't be included on our list of top products, since they didn’t meet up with our standards of bubble umbrellas which can guarantee a dry and safe passage on a rainy day.
It’s of great importance when purchasing a bubble umbrella, that you know what features to look out for, so as not to be dissatisfied with the bubble umbrella. If you’re not aware of what you want, you may end up choosing a bubble umbrella that doesn’t serve the function or meet the need for which you got it. The following are factors to consider when selecting a bubble umbrella:
  • Size
  • Dimensions (D x A x L)
  • Color
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Extras
Now let’s look at these features in more detail.
Construction and Design
A bubble umbrella is designed to be used as a shield from the rain and wind, as it’s made from several materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), POE, and polyester. These plastic materials give it that transparent look it’s loved for and allow the user of the bubble umbrella to see through it while he walks through the rain. The bubble umbrella comes in just one shape: the half-bubble canopy that gives a significant amount of coverage to its user.

This type of umbrella comes with beautiful and fashionable designs and artwork which can flow with anyone’s style. Most of the artwork is of floral designs, cartoon adaptations, landscapes, and others with the aim of letting the user stay comfortable and cute while using it.
The dimensions and sizes of bubble umbrellas differ from each other as each bubble umbrella is uniquely fashioned to fit its targeted market. Some models’ canopies are big and can measure 32.68 x 44.88 x 28.74 inches for the diameter, arc, and length of the umbrella, while some are small with a measurement of 28.35 x 35.83 x 23.62 inches. Whether the size of the canopy is big or small, it’s ideal to get a piece that fits your body mass so that you can take it around smartly and with ease.

It’s also good to note that bubble umbrellas are portable and easy to move around with, which can be used by the small, fragile, and strong alike. Some models feature automatic openings while others are done manually with plastic or metal handles for a firm hold.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bubble umbrellas work perfectly for stormy days, with canopies to act as an armor to protect from the rain. Unlike other umbrellas, the bubble umbrella doesn’t turn inside-out or get tossed around, as its canopy comes down in an arc to prevent that from happening. That means you can walk longer hours in the rain and not get frustrated with your umbrella fighting against the wind. The umbrellas are usually made with clear, polymer materials to prevent rain from getting in the covering and allow you to see through it when on the move.

Bubble umbrellas are also made to be portable during transit with their lightweight feature. Another beautiful thing about these umbrellas is that they can flow with anybody’s style, whether kids or older ones. It has the uniqueness of adding grace to everyone's taste so that one can appear lovely, even on dull days.

These types of umbrellas are easy to use on both rainy and sunny days; they’re used on sunny days to protect from harmful UV rays that may burn the skin. It just needs to be hung above the head by holding it up with its handle, and then you’re good to go. However, after use, allow the umbrella to dry by shaking off the rain water from it and pushing it open for air to dry. Also, you can clean the bubble umbrella with a clean and smooth cloth to keep the bubble umbrella from scratches.

Get the Best Bubble Umbrella of 2023!

After reading the product reviews, we hope we’ve provided you with the essential information you need to choose rightly and finally put your search to an end. Let the fun begin!

Our Top Choice
Kung Fu Smith Bubble Dome Umbrella
Best Value
Totes Signature Bubble Umbrella
Galleria Enterprises, Inc Butterfly Garden Bubble Umbrella
Pier 17 Bubble Umbrella
Rainbrace Transparent Clear Bubble Umbrella