Best Bubble Wrap Reviews 2022

Have you ever ordered something off the internet, only to receive your package all dented and scuffed? A scuffed package can be a serious mood killer. And it’s bound to feel worse when you realize it could have been avoided if only a small component were added: bubble wrap. As fun as it is to pop tens of bubbles at a go, bubble wrap can make the difference between an undamaged product and the hassle of having to return a package. To find out more, read our guide, grab a handful of bubble wrap, and get popping.
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Bubble Size
Our Top Choice
ValueMailers 3/16” Bubble Wrap
ValueMailers is a recognized and trusted manufacturer of shipping and packaging products such as stretch film, bubble wrap and ziplock bags.
Whether you’re shipping china, a painting out of state or just moving out, the polyethylene material keeps your valuables in place. The perforations also help cut up even portions of the wrap.
While the perforations are conveniently placed, they might tear unevenly, ruining bits of the wrap.
Whole roll
175 feet
12 inches
3/16 Inch
Every 12-Inches
Best Value
Duck Original Bubble Wrap
Duck Brand is the DIY enthusiast’s playground. With 8 product categories, you can have your moving and relocation needs met as well as painting and weatherization.
The Duck Original Bubble Wrap is a clear, durable wrap that’s also lightweight, and measures a total of 200 square feet with air loss prevention.
Even though it has nylon air retention, the bubbles aren’t inflated to full capacity.
Whole roll
150 feet
12 inches
3/16 inch
Every 12 inches
EcoBox Small Bubble Wrap
Ecobox has been a mover’s companion since its founding, providing cost-effective and earth-friendly solutions to its clients. They also offer other options such as tape and edge protectors.
The Ecobox Small Bubble Wrap is great for delicate items and bigger, more valuable items. For easy handling, it is perforated every 12 inches.
The only drawback to this wrap is how thin it is. To make sure you're getting the most of it, you may have to use more wrap.
100 feet
24 inches
3/16 inch
Every 12 inches
Pratt Plus Industrial Air Bubble Roll
You don’t get to play with corrugated packaging industry big shots by luck alone. Pratt Plus has a history of reliable products and excellent customer service.
This wrap is made from polyethylene material, with bubbles 3/16” high for extra padding against knocks and bumps. It is also 100% biodegradable.
While the material is strong and works well, the perforations aren’t doing this wrap any favors. You might have to put some extra effort into tearing pieces off.
Bubble roll
300 feet
12 inches
3/16 inch
Every 12 inches
Uboxes Blue Bubble Wrap
Uboxes checks all the boxes in service, delivery, quality, and affordability. For years, they have been growing to become a reliable source of moving equipment.
Uboxes Blue Bubble Wrap is a shade of blue that is clearly visible. The bubbles measure 3/16 and will serve you well when you want to leave your things unattended for a while.
Uboxes Blue Bubble Wrap is the definition of straightforward. 30 feet of bubble wrap may be a little short, and you may end up dipping deeper into your pockets for more of it.
Bubble roll
30 feet
12 inches
3/16 inch
Every 12 inches

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What is the Best Bubble Wrap?

When you say bubble wrap, the first thought that comes to mind is that super satisfactory feeling you get when you squeeze a piece of bubble wrap, and it pops. But what if you just want to get a package to a client or friend in one piece? How do you choose the best wrap? Size, the cushion of the wrap, and eco-friendliness are all factors you need to consider after settling on a brand – like one of our featured ones.
Our Top Choice
The ValueMailers 3/16” Bubble Wrap is 350 square feet of pure polyethylene strength. The air cushioning guarantees safe arrival of your packages. On the other hand, if 350 square feet aren't enough for your needs, the Wrap Medium 400' x 12" - 5\/16" Bubbles measures a total 400 square feet and will only cost you about $40.

ValueMailers 350ft 3/16 Inch Small Bubble Cushioning Wrap – 12” Wide & Perforated Every 12”


Since 2000, ValueMailers has been catering to people’s packaging and shipping needs by providing quality products at affordable prices. It offers a wide range of reliable merchandise, ensuring that its customers come away happy with their choice.

The ValueMailers 3/16” Bubble Wrap covers a large area and can be divided conveniently using its spaced perforations. It is made of strong polyethylene to give you the peace of mind you need to send off all your delicate items.

These are the features that make this wrap highly-rated:

  • Strong and durable co-extruded polyethylene
  • 350 square foot total area
  • It comes backed in two rolls for easier handling
  • Perforations every 12 inches for easy tearing
  • The bubbles are all filled to maximum capacity for increased resistance to shock and abrasions
  • 100% recyclable material
  • Extra resistant material
Best Value
Duck Original Bubble Wrap is clear and fills any voids to ensure your items stay in position. For increased visibility and a bit more flair, try out the Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Color Cushioning, which will also cost you a lot less, but you get only about 30ft.

Duck Brand Original Clear Cushioning Bubble Wrap 12 Inches Wide – Available in 7 Sizes


Duck Brand started as Melvin A. Anderson Company in the 1950’s. It underwent plenty of branding and rebranding, but still offered the same quality people had come to trust. Duck officially stepped into the limelight when Jack Kahl launched the Duck-branded tape. To date, the company holds true to its value and continues to manufacture great products.

Duck Original Bubble Wrap is strength packaged in simplicity. The nylon air retention bubbles make sure the wrap doesn't lose its air, giving you maximum protection for all your packaging needs.

Not convinced yet? These are the wrap’s other features:

  • The bubbles measure 3/16 inch for better cushioning
  • Easily takes the shape of items
  • Perforation for easy tearing
  • Only weighs about 2.1 pounds
  • Nylon air retention for minimal air loss
The Ecobox Small Bubble Wrap is an expansive, mildly colored wrap with 3/16 bubbles for that extra bit of support. If you're looking to pack fewer items, the EcoBox 48-Inch x 60-Feet Biodegradable Bubble Roll comes in the same color, can be used for medium-sized items and costs less.

EcoBox Small Biodegradable Bubble Wrap – Available in 8 Sizes


Ecobox started out in 1994 with intentions to make moving less hectic. Using both new and old boxes, they have helped many satisfied clients start afresh with their possessions intact. Presently, their range of products includes custom made boxes, wraps, and Kraft paper.

The Ecobox Small Bubble Wrap measures about 24 inches high and 300 feet, and is rolled into a package that can be transported easily. It can be used for light and heavy items as well thanks to its 3/16 bubble height.

Here are the features to expect with this bubble roll:

  • Perforations every 12 inches to tear easily
  • Comforms easily to the shape of items
  • Weighs only 4 pounds
  • 3/16 bubbles offer extra insulation against shock
  • Made in the States
  • 100% biodegradable

Ecobox have anti-static and custom width options for their bubble wraps.

When you need to move your merchandise safely and static-free, the Pratt Plus Industrial Air Bubble Roll is a great bed due to its bubble size, strong material, and antistatic feature. Pink doesn’t motivate you to wrap faster? Would you like something lighter? The Pratt Polyethylene Perforated Industrial Economy Air Bubble Roll comes in a bundle of 4 and is more lightweight to boot.

Pratt Plus 300' x 12" Industrial Anti-Static Bubble Roll 3/16, Thick, Pink


20 years ago, a dream to offer sustainable packaging solution was put into practice. Now, Pratt Plus boasts of a 6000-person army of environmentally conscious professionals all working to keep the Pratt Plus vision alive.

The Pratt Plus Industrial Air Bubble Roll is the definition of earth-friendly. Made from 20% resin, zero nylon, and polyethylene, this bubble wrap will fit nicely into any voids. It is also static-free so you have even less to worry about during shipping.

This wrap will set you back about $35 but with these features, it’s worth every dime:

  • 100% recyclable material that educes pollution
  • Non-slip polyethylene for better handling
  • Anti-static
  • Perforations every 12 inches
  • 3/16 bubble height for increased resistance to shock
  • Nylon free
  • Fills voids and protects edges
If you're looking to move, be it short or long-distance, Uboxes Blue Bubble Wrap should be at the top of your checklist. The bubble size enhances cushioning, keeping your things as you when you sent them. For long distance moves or delicate valuables, the Bubble Cushioning Medium Bubbles 5\/16" may cost a little more but you’d get more strength and even more cushioning.

Uboxes 30-Feet Roll Blue Bubble Small 3/16" Wrap x 12" Wide


For 30 years, Uboxes has been on a steady rise to the top of the packaging and shipping industry. So far, the company has grown to become one of the biggest companies in their field. By putting resources in research and development, Uboxes has left a trail of happy customers.

The bubble wrap is a calming blue, and the bubbles measure 3/16 for that extra cushion. Also, it comes mildly perforated every 12 inches for easy and mess-free tears.

These are some of the features you can count on from this wrap:

  • Perforations every 12 inches
  • 3/16 size bubbles
  • Only weighs 8 ounces
  • Brightly colored

How Do I Choose the Best Bubble Wrap?

So you found a new home! It's all nice and exciting until you start to think about how much stuff you have. From the fragile dinnerware that mom gave you on your wedding day, to the tiniest and most fragile of things such as the light bulbs. Now you just have to figure out how you’re going to transport all your possessions safely and in the most economical way.

We’ve all come across bubble wrap at some point. Remember the fun and immense happiness you had while popping those air bubbles? Well, while they can be used as a stress buster, bubble wrap offers the most convenient way for packing and securing delicate items for safe storage or shipping. Now you can rest assured that you’ll receive those beautiful champagne glasses safe and intact as the tight air bubbles will keep them secure and suspended while in transit.

The highly versatile nature of this packaging material renders it perfect packaging material as it can fit any shape, no matter the size, and can easily be secured using packing tape. But how do you single out the right bubble wrap for your packaging needs? Not too fast! You need first to understand that bubbles come in different sizes and forms.

You can find some with large or small bubbles, and others that are self-adhesive making them easy to use. For larger items, you might want to consider getting large air bubbles for the perfect fit and protection, and smaller air bubbles if you’re planning to ship delicate items. A perforated bubble roll makes it hassle-free to measure and cut the needed size, while storing the remaining bubble wrap in an efficient manner.

Allow us to shed some light on the crucial factors to consider when buying the best bubble wrap to help you make the right call!


Packaging can be expensive. But with the right packaging material, you can significantly cut down on your shipping and packaging expenses. A bubble wrap is one of the most preferred packaging materials for its efficiency and affordability. So, how much can you spend on bubble wrap? You can get a quality wrap for a retail price of between $8 and $20.

The difference in pricing is mainly brought about by the type, bubble size, and features included. You’ll have to spend more on models that are biodegradable, perforated, and are of superior quality. Such premium models aren’t only eco-friendly, but also help you save incredibly as you can reuse them multiple times.

What’s in store for those on a tight budget? Well, there are endless options for you, too. You can choose from the various cheap bubble wraps available, which guarantee a safe transit of your fragile valuables, but you’ll miss out on some of the perks that come with high-end wraps.


Before you rush into buying the first bubble wrap you come across, understanding the different features is essential to getting the most useful and effective wrap. Here are some of the features to look out for when purchasing the best bubble wrap in the market:

  • Type - From biodegradable or whole roll, to blue bubble wraps, each type is designed for different purposes, so you should choose the ones that best suit your needs.
  • Length - Total length of roll or lengths available are important to consider, depending on the size of your project.
  • Width - How wide do you want the roll to be? The width will mainly depend on the type and size of your items. Getting the widest roll and later cutting it down into the required size can help you minimize.
  • Bubble Size - Choose the right size of bubbles based on how heavy your item is.
  • Perforation - Do you want a perforated bubble wrap or not? If yes, how often do you want your perforations to be?

Now that you know what things to take note of while buying bubble wrap, how about we find out how these factors influence your rolls’ quality and level of performance?

Construction and Design

Bubble wrap is constructed by sealing two polyethylene sheets together with a layer of air trapped in the middle to create a pattern of bubbles. The sealed air pockets offer excellent cushioning against undesirable shocks and vibrations, and also prevent an item from breaking if it’s dropped on a hard surface. Wrapping your items with this material ensures that they’re well-protected from scratches and scuffs as well as any dirt and dust.

Bubble wraps are designed in different forms such as sheets or bags, and sizes of bubbles with perforations every 12 inches having standard sizes of 3/16-inch, 5/16-inch, and ½-inch. Thus, you should easily select the wrap with the ideal bubble size for your moving and storage needs.

Large bubble sizes offer unmatched protection for heavier items and vice-versa. No matter the size of bubble you choose, make sure that your wrap can withstand the shock or vibration placed on it by your goods during transportation.

Bubble wraps also come in varying widths, which allows you to wrap your items conveniently. Go for one with a 12-inch width if you want to wrap small or medium-sized goods, and a 24-inch width for large item packaging. Moreover, bubble wraps are lightweight, ensuring your shipping costs are kept at a minimum.

Performance and Ease of Use

Bubble wraps offer great ease-of-use – all that’s required of you is to wrap your item and seal it securely with packing tape. The best thing about bubble wrap is that it easily conforms to an object’s shape for a snug fit, enabling you to wrap virtually any item irrespective of the shape or size.

Those that are perforated make it easy for you to customize your wrap by cutting it to the appropriate size for the item you intend to pack. Bio-degradable bubble wraps are eco-friendly and can be easily disposed – they degrade without causing any harm to nature.

These packaging materials provide perfect cushioning, eliminating the need for additional packing supplies for guaranteed safety of your items. This, in turn, reduces the total cost of your moving. Some are also reusable, meaning you don’t have to spend again on new wrap during your next move.

Get the Best Bubble Wrap of 2022!

Bubble wrap has provided us with some cheap thrills. However, if you care about service and delivery, bubble wrap needs to be in your shipping must-haves. If the featured products don’t appeal to you, the web is your oyster. The perfect wrap for you is out there.

Our Top Choice
ValueMailers 3/16” Bubble Wrap
Best Value
Duck Original Bubble Wrap
EcoBox Small Bubble Wrap
Pratt Plus Industrial Air Bubble Roll
Uboxes Blue Bubble Wrap