Best Bugle Reviews 2022

When it comes to the world of music, the bugle by far outshines the other instruments. It has been around for decades since the civil war era and is still going strong. Well, today’s version is almost everything like the good old bugle, and it’s always getting better, both inside and out. And these are just some of the reasons you can’t help falling in love with this age-old icon. Fortunately, some of the best bugles brands around are ensuring this legacy lives on. But selecting the right bugle is not always a walk in the park, and that is why we are here to help. So we did an exclusive review to help you make the right decision.
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Our Top Choice
U.S Regulation Bugle Brass with Mouthpiece
Quality is at the heart of U.S. Regulation Bugle, with the company taking it to extremes in their premium bugles.
Built from polished brass. Has a great look and lasting solid make. Well designed mouthpiece to produce soft melodies. Designed with a fully tapered bell.
Hitting high notes may be difficult—but with practice, you will get there.
Amateurs and professionals
High grade brass
Key G with F slide
Bell up to 5 inches
16.2 inches, 2 pounds
Best Value
Merano Red Lacquer Bugle
Merano has an outstanding devotion for providing customers a collection of uniquely handcrafted instruments from bowed strings to wind.
:: Has a standard mouthpiece. The mouthpiece can detach for easy cleaning. The red-lacquer finish gives a sleek appearance. An ideal bell size produces unique tunes.
It is not as complex as its counterparts.
Red lacquer-plated
Key G
Bell up to 4.8 inches
20.8 inches, 1.1 pounds
Regiment Bugle with Mouthpiece
Regiment believes in the joy of creating music and is inclined to making this a reality through its quality instruments.
Has a two-key design. Super easy to use and fun no matter your experience. Detachable mouthpiece for easy cleaning and storing. Features a clear sturdy lacquered brass finish.
It might not produce great sound when new— but regains its edge with time.
Clear lacquered brass
Key G with F slide
Bell up to 4.25 inches
16 inches, 4 pounds
Abbeyhorn Large Handcrafted Bugle
For almost a century now, Abbeyhorn has been making a wide range of products with ever growing reliability and trust in the industry.
It is made from natural ox horn. It is unique and durable. The leather strap makes storage easy. A plastic mouthpiece means you don’t taste the bone while using.
The mouthpiece is plastic—but helpful if you don’t want to blow directly to the horn.
Beginners and professionals
Natural ox horn
Low pitch
Bell up to 3.25 inches
Large; 16.5” / Extra-large; 28.3”
1To1Music Orange Plastic Bugle
Despite basing of online sales, 1To1Music focuses on offering quality instruments as well as the ideal friendly service that customers would expect in a local instruments store.
Made of quality materials. It boasts of a durable frame. You can play up to four notes with it. Great instrument for making standard bugle calls.
The plastic material may not be a favorite for many—but still does a great job.
Key B flat
Bell up to 5.9 inches
19.7 inches, 5.5 pounds

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What is the Best Bugle?

The good news is there are plenty of bugles in the market, therefore choosing the right one for you might be a daunting task. But we are here to help you. Since you are aware of the key features to look out for in a bugle, lets jump to our review.
Our Top Choice
The U.S Regulation Bugle Brass Lacquer with Mouthpiece is built from polished brass that gives it a great look and lasting solid make. If you are looking for a bugle with a highly polished lacquered finish of nickel silver that comes with a book and bag, then check out U.S Regulation Bugle Nickel Silver with Mouthpiece.

U.S Regulation Bugle Brass Bugle Lacquer with Mouthpiece

If there is one thing U.S. Regulation Bugle boasts of, it is the wide reception of its products in the Armed Forces and Boy Scouts of America as well as VFW units across the globe. The company offers bugles that are sought after across these and other sectors, thanks to their devotion to offering the best long lasting musical instruments.

The U.S Regulation Bugle Brass Lacquer with Mouthpiece features a highly polished brass lacquered finish for a great look and lasting service. The fully tapered bell produces the best voice that you could expect in a bugle and is built to last, made by highly experienced and skilled craftsmen with the finest quality brass.

A traditional fluted mouthpiece makes it easy and fun use. If you love two-keyed bugles, then this one is for you, with its key G and key F slide, you can make a great tune for multiple purposes. The bugle is super easy to use, and offers great sound that’s applicable for both professionals and amateurs alike. This bugle is packed with interesting features that make it ideal for any music fanatic.
Best Value
The Merano Bugle Red Lacquer delivers beyond expectation with its standard size mouthpiece, which can be detached for easy cleaning. If the red-lacquer finish is not for you then check out Merano Silver-Bugle with a nickel polish finish that will give you several years of service.

Merano New Red Lacquer-Plated Bugle

Merano has something for everyone, from students to intermediate players to pros. This is all thanks to the company’s combination of top quality artisanship and extensive experience, centered around making the best instruments for customers to delight in.

The Merano Bugle Red Lacquer features a great and easy to use mouthpiece, so if you are a beginner who is just learning the tunes, then this one is for you. Made with a professional touch and a wide bell, it not only has a great appearance but can also produce outstanding sound.

The magnificent red-lacquer-plated finish gives it stunning and lasting appeal coupled with a removable mouthpiece to keep you in control of the cleaning and storage.
The Regiment Bugle with Mouthpiece two-key design produces clear sound, accompanied by ease of use and fun no matter your experience level. If your looking for free-blowing lanyard rings and a carry bag for your bugle then check out Regiment Regulation Bugle with Bag.

Regiment Bugle with Nickel Plated Mouthpiece

Aside from their superior abilities in crafting some of the best musical instruments, Regiment holds the high ground in commitment to offering the best customer support aimed at developing everyone’s musical ability, from the novice to professionals. The company presents all the right resources to benefit its customers across the board.

The Regiment Bugle with Mouthpiece is excellent for blow taps and includes a detachable mouthpiece for easy cleaning and a carrying bag for transportation. Being made from brass, this bugle is a sturdy musical instrument that can last for years when well-taken care. Coming with two keys (G & F) and adjustable slide, this equipment is easy to learn, and produces radiant sounds.
The Abbeyhorn Large Handcrafted Bugle is made from natural ox horn, which makes it unique and durable than most of its counterparts. How about pairing your purchase with the Abbeyhorn Polished Ox Horn Tankard, it will hold around a pint of your favourite beverage for you to enjoy while enjoying the sweet melodies of your bugle.

Abbeyhorn Traditionally Handcrafted Large Ox Horn Bugle — Available in Large and Extra Large

Abbeyhorn is among the most sophisticated crafts-folks in the cello industry. Making instruments from horns requires care, and this company has been achieving this since 1749 with a combination of practice and persistence.

The Abbeyhorn Large Handcrafted Bugle produces clear and loud sound, even when blown slightly, making it a great option for use in camping. It's tough and durable leather cord ensures carrying your bugle or hanging it after use is as simple as can be.

A plastic mouthpiece means you won’t taste the bone after several hours of use. It is also durable when taken care of, as it is made from natural horn so that you can get a good return on your money. And since it features two different sizes, either large or extra large, you can be sure to get the right one to suffice your needs.
It is made of a high-grade brass finish, this 1To1Music Orange Plastic Bugle boasts of a unparalleled strong and durable frame. If you prefer a bugle in black with a white mouth piece then check out 1To1Music Contemporary Black and White Plastic Bugle.

1To1Music Contemporary Orange Plastic Bugle with Mouthpiece

With complete devotion to offering the best service offered in local stores, 1To1Music has grown trust from customers, getting up to a quarter of a million customers and counting. They also support the local music scene and stock from local music shops. The company is further seeking to better its services through faster deliveries and better shopping service for its customers.

The high-grade brass finish of the 1To1Music Orange Plastic Bugle adds to its durability and longevity and if you are looking to achieve standard bugle calls, you can count on this one with production of up to about four notes. The combination of an ideal mouthpiece and a well-molded design exudes inspiring sound.

It is as loud as a regular trumpet, but perhaps the best thing about this bugle is its simple-to-use nature, making it an ideal tool for studying purposes as well as use in rough environments, such as camping trips.

How Do I Choose the Best Bugle?

Obviously, you can’t afford to miss the approaching scout event and a bugle is something you will not only need but one you can easily have trouble obtaining. You may have gotten several travel necessities for the event, but because this is something you will be using for years to come, and probably pass it down to later generations, nothing can stand in for this instrument.

Now, for the camping enthusiasts, the bugle is absolutely a must-have. From creating cool symphonies on a calm evening by the fire to waking your comrades at the break of dawn without the use of a travel clock, the use and value of this item cannot be understated. Aside from a bugle and a camera to capture those priceless moments, what more do you really need?

Getting the best bugle on the market packed with a wide variety of features can be a daunting task, but using a poor quality one is far more frustrating. The good news is you can look out for such factors; from the right keys, a slide, an ideal bell, a decorative cord or a tassel, and a strap for carrying to spare yourself an unnecessary headache. The best thing about the bugle is that it works well for either professional or learning purposes.

We reviewed five of the best bugles in the market to help you decide wisely, but first, check out these cool features that you should look out for.
One awesome thing about bugles is their fair price tag. If you are looking for a good bugle, you can get one at a price range of between $25 and $150. Unfortunately, the market is streaming with cheap bugles that you might confuse for the real ones, but they’re not difficult to spot and, for the music die-hards, these will likely stop you right on your tracks. Most of the low-cost types lack important features such as proper keys, slides, or durable finish, which are essential for a quality bugle.
One of the things that make bugles stand out is their diversity of unique features with a wide range of diverse and interesting qualities.

Here are some of the things you need to check out:
  • User – Bugles come in a wide range of options, from the simplest to the complex ones. Whether you need one for studying or professional use, you will always find a match for your needs.
  • Design – The design in different bugles comes in a wide range of options for varying functions, not to mention the wide variety of material used to make each of them suit the intended use.
  • Key – Whether you are looking for a particular key or ready-to-work type, these instruments are tailored to different key functions to cater for everyone’s preference.
  • Bell – Different bugles feature different bell sizes, enhancing the of sound that the instrument produces. As such, you can determine what you want and go for the bugle with the right bell for that purpose.
  • Size – Whether you are a beginner or a pro in using a bugle, you can always count on the wide range of sizes out there to find one that you can handle without difficulties.
Construction and Design
When it comes to the construction and design, bugles never disappoint. From various colors to the different modules and materials, these instruments have something for everyone.

Natural brass - These do not feature manual tone controls, but instead, have straight or coiled tubing with only a in-built harmony series. In earlier days, these instruments were handcrafted, but with the increased demand for these instruments and the need for accuracy, it’s far more common to find machine made options.

Vintage brass - Vintage brasses were usually crafted from animal horns before the metal ones started coming into the market. The industry has evolved for well over a century, but some of them are still available, with most of the instruments made from horns being natural and ideal for both learning and heavy-duty use, providing outstanding sound.

The bugle finish - Although bugles feature different finishes, they are usually designed for the best appeal possible and which one to choose all boils down to personal preference. The lacquered ones have a shiny exterior but require consistent maintenance to retain the initial appearance. On the other hand, silver plating is usually a bit costlier, but it retains its shine for longer and is easy to clean.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bugles are built to perform, and in most cases, they beat their counterparts at this. The secret in these instruments comes down to several unique aspects that are rare in most types of musical tools.

Key slide - Slide functions are essential for controlling sounds and eliminate the conventional use of valves. Slides are far reaching when it comes to setting the pitch of the notes, making this an ideal option for users who prefer extensive sound and various harmonies.

The key - Keys in bugles make all the difference in the type of sound the instrument produces, as different keys produce different notes. Whether you are a novice or a professional bugler, using the keys is not a challenge. Boy scouts traditionally used the G and F keys, with the G key being an ideal note and a half step lower than the B-flat key of a trumpet, making the bugle easier to use for beginners. This key plays b3, b4, d4, d5, g4 and g5 notes, whereas F options produce a4, a5, c4, c5 and f5 notes, and the B flat bugle plays c4, c5, g4, g5 as well as e5 notes.

Durability - The material used is very important for both durability and performance of any bugle. Most of these instruments are made of different types of brass, and others are made of copper, however, some bugles also feature other types of materials, from natural ox horns to plastic, although they are all built to deliver the same results.

Get the Best Bugle of 2022!

After reading our review, we believe by now you can make an informed decision on selecting a good bugle from the lot. However, if you are yet to find what you are looking for, no need to worry. You can always browse more from these reputable brands for some of the best bugles around. You will not be disappointed, go for it!

Our Top Choice
U.S Regulation Bugle Brass with Mouthpiece
Best Value
Merano Red Lacquer Bugle
Regiment Bugle with Mouthpiece
Abbeyhorn Large Handcrafted Bugle
1To1Music Orange Plastic Bugle