Best Built-In Wine Cellar Reviews 2023

If you are a true wine lover, stop storing your wine bottles in the fridge, particularly if you have a large collection of reds or whites. Now is the perfect time to get yourself a beautiful, spacious and modern wine cellar. These appliances can store multiple bottles at once, and they also look exquisite in your kitchen. Take a look at the five models we picked, which come from some of the best wine cellar brands out there. These appliances will definitely impress your friends and relatives next time you take a bottle out!
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Our Top Choice
Allavino 56 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator
Allavino is a leading brand in the wine storage domain. Its products are quality tested and designed to last, being both functional and eye-catching.
This wine cellar refrigerator has five shelves and a blue illuminated interior. The temperature can range between 41-64°F, and it's perfect for both commercial and house use.
One complaint that the shelves do not pull out as much as the customer wanted to.
56 bottles
2 colors available
41-64 degrees Fahrenheit
LED interior lighting
23.6 x 23.5 x 34 inches
Best Value
Danby Silhouette 27-Bottle 12" Wine Cellar
Danby designs innovative appliances for its customers' needs. It creates multi-functional products that fit in small spaces.
This 12” wine cellar is suitable for small spaces. It has an adjustable temperature and a frost-free system that will keep your bottles cool until you decide to consume them.
One customer says that this wine cellar is a little noisy, but still recommends it.
27 bottles
39-64 degrees Fahrenheit
Blue interior lighting
24.8 x 12.1 x 34.1 inches
EdgeStar 332 Bottle 48" Built-In Wine Cooler
EdgeStar designs compact and portable furnishings that make life easier. It focuses on quality and innovation.
This wine cellar has a carbon filter, a safety lock and reversed doors. It can be built into cabinets and gives your place a great look.
One complaint that the locking mechanism doesn't have a good position and should be on the handle.
332 bottles
40-65 degrees Fahrenheit
LED interior lighting
69.8 x 23.1 x 16.1 inches
Summit 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity Wine Cellar
Summit makes over 600 models of refrigerators and freezers. Its products are made of high-quality materials and are ideal for small spaces.
This wine cellar has five black wooden shelves and a security lock. It is user-friendly and ideal for kitchens or bars, as it allows built-in or freestanding use.
One complaint that the top shelf can store only 14 bottles of champagne..
46 bottles
Stainless steel
40-65 degrees Fahrenheit
White interior lighting
29 x 29 x 39 inches
Smad 28 Bottles Built-In Wine Cellar
Smad designs superior quality products that range from refrigerators to washing machines. Its products have contemporary design and reasonable prices.
This wine cellar has a blue lighted interior and a safety lock. Its temperature ranges between 5-18C. It maintains the temperature suitable for aging wines.
One complaint that the wine cellar is a bit noisy.
28 bottles
Stainless steel
41-64 degrees Fahrenheit
LED interior lighting
15 x 21.9 x 32.5 inches

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What is the Best Built-In Wine Cellar?

Buying a wine cellar is quite an investment, and you will eventually have to live with this device for a while. If you plan to expand your wine collection, think big and buy a larger wine cellar. Do you also want one that has separate cooling areas for reds, whites or even champagne? It is a good idea to answer these questions before buying.
Our Top Choice
The Allavino FlexCount Series 56 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator can store up to 56 bottles of wine of different sizes. It has an adjustable temperature and a pleasing design. If you have more bottles of wine in your collection, you should definitely check out the Allavino FlexCount VSWR172-2BWLN Dual-Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator. It can store up to 172 bottles!

Allavino 56 Bottle Single Zone Wine Cellar Refrigerator with Right Hinge Built-In, Available in Multiple Sizes

Allavino is very well known for its high-quality wine cellar refrigerators and wine racks. It currently sells built-in wine cellars that can hold up to 200+ wine bottles. Allavino's main task is to give customers the best experience when it comes to wine and wine tasting. Allavino also makes high-quality corkscrews, and even party plates that can hold up to six wine glasses. This brand specializes in wine accessories, so it is worth browsing its products.

The Allavino FlexCount Series 56 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator has an attractive design and is great for people who like to have their wine collections organized. It is also sturdy and powerful.

Check out its highlights here:
  • 56-bottle capacity on five shelves
  • Glass door with stainless steel frame
  • Shelves extend easily
  • Digital adjustable thermostat
  • Available in two colors and four sizes
  • Energy saving features
Best Value
The Danby Silhouette 27-Bottle 12" Wine Cellar can fit almost anywhere, as it has ideal dimensions. It can hold up to 27 bottles distributed on seven shelves. Would you like a wine cellar that has a black studded teak wood face? Check out the Danby DWC040A2BDB Rustic Dual Zone 38-Bottle Wine Cellar!

Danby 27-Bottle Silhouette Wine Cellar with LED Lighting System and Programmable Temperature

Danby focuses on refrigeration and specialty appliances. Its products are durable and have pleasant designs. This brand also creates mini fridges, chest freezers and countertop microwaves. Danby is pretty popular among people because it focuses on attractive and sturdily designed products.

Danby's Silhouette 27-Bottle 12" Wine Cellar can fit in most places, and its all-black interior gives the space an elegant look. Its temperature is programmable and displayed on the LED screen. The door is made of tempered glass, and the whole structure of the wine cellar is made of metal. It can be built into almost any cabinet, because it has a 12" width.

Want to know more about its specifications? Read more below:
  • Capacity of 27 bottles distributed on seven shelves
  • Tempered glass door
  • Slim version
  • Temperature range 4C-18C
  • LED lighting system
  • Superb stainless steel finish
The EdgeStar 332 Bottle 48" Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cooler is made of stainless steel and can hold up to 332 wine bottles. It has a modern design, digital controls and is suitable for all wine types. If this one is too big for you, check out the Edgestar 242 Bottle Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cellar!

EdgeStar 332 Bottle Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cellar, Stainless Steel Construction

EdgeStar cares about quality and modern design. It also makes beverage refrigerators and kegerators that are created to store kegs. If you are into traveling, you should check out the range of portable refrigerators this brand makes. EdgeStar offers a wide variety of kitchen appliances, so regardless of your preferences or needs, you will find a suitable one for you. This brand also makes excellent dehumidifiers with energy-saving features!

Home is where the wine is. If you have an impressive wine collection, you should really consider EdgeStar's 332 Bottle 48" Built-In Side-by-Side Wine Cooler. It can hold up to 332 wine bottles in two side-by-side cabinets. You can split your favorite wines by colors, white and red. This wine cellar looks great and has an adjustable temperature to cool your wines as much as you want.

See its highlights here:
  • Side-by-side wine cellar that can store up to 332 bottles
  • Cools your wine bottles evenly
  • Odor-free interior due to the carbon filter
  • Safety locking mechanism
  • Reversible doors
The Summit 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity Built-In Wine Cellar can hold up to 46 bottles of wine. It has different storage areas for white, sparkling and red wines, with two temperature zones. If you prefer a different design and want to store more bottles, check out the Summit SWC1102 102 Bottle Capacity Single-Zone Wine Cellar.

Summit 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity Built-In Wine Cellar with Reversible Door, Digital Thermostat, White LED Lighting, Temperature & Open Door Alarm

Summit creates refrigerators for all domains, from kitchen refrigerators to medical refrigerators. It focuses on high-quality materials and user-friendly appliances. If you want to redecorate your kitchen, you should check out its refrigerators or its cooktops. Summit is known worldwide for the appliances it makes, and at the moment of this writing, it has almost 8,500 products on sale on Amazon. Check them out and pick what you like!

Wine can be good for your health, but you have to store it properly to reap all its benefits. The Summit 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity Built-In Wine Cellar is ideal for your wine bottles. It has different temperature zones and special areas to store your favorite kind of wines, whether they are white or red. Its capacity is suitable for a house, and the user-friendly system will make it easier to cool your wines at the best temperature.

Its other features include:
  • Holds 46 bottles distributed on five shelves
  • White illuminated interior
  • Auto-defrost
  • Can be cleaned easily due to the sealed back
  • The door has a lock, keeping your bottles safe from intruders
The SMAD 28 Bordeaux Bottle Stainless Steel Freestanding or Built in Wine Cooler holds up to 28 bottles on five shelves and one half shelf. It is sturdy and has a stainless steel structure. Want to cool down more bottles of wine? See the Smad Dual Zone Built-in Wine Cellar Cabinet, Stainless Steel, 46 Bottle.

Smad 28 Bordeaux Bottle Stainless Steel Freestanding or Built in Wine Cooler, 4 Sizes Available

Smad designs all kinds of appliances for everyday use. It also sells refrigerators, ice makers and beverage coolers. Because it emphasizes functionality and modern design, Smad makes portable coolers and ice makers and sells them at affordable prices. Going on a trip with your family? You might want to take a portable camping fridge with you to keep your foods and beverages cool. Smad makes plenty of portable fridges of different capacities, so it is worth taking a look at them.

A glass of wine a day keeps the doctor away. Everyone knows this saying. We like the Smad 28 Bottles Wine Cellar because it is ideal for apartments or houses. It can stand freely or be built into a cabinet. The temperature can range between 5-18C, and you can use it for aging wines as well.

Here are its main features:
  • Holds 28 bottles of standard dimensions and capacity
  • Stainless steel structure
  • Automatic defrost
  • Wooden shelves
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Blue LED interior lighting

How Do I Choose the Best Built-In Wine Cellar?

We all know that some wines are best served at room temperature, while others can be lightly cooled before being drunk. Still, no one talks about the correct temperature and humidity conditions in which wine bottles should be stored. Assuming that not everyone has a cellar at their disposal where the climatic parameters are controlled, the most recommended solution for wine lovers is a quality built-in wine cooler.

You should buy such a product if you notice that the bottles you purchase weekly take up too much space in the refrigerator. Also, given the fact that wine bottles come in different shapes and sizes, both restaurant and wine lovers should be properly equipped.

If you’re a wine lover, you most certainly have at your disposal wine glasses, a wine decanter, and of course a wine opener. The only thing you’re missing is a built-in wine cellar that can keep your bottles cool until you decide to drink them.

There’s no point in convincing you about the utility of a built-in wine cellar. If you want to buy one, there are a few more things you should think about before getting it. In a few simple paragraphs, we’ve organized a buying guide that will help you choose the best built-in wine cellar.
In terms of prices, these will vary depending on the capacity and performance of the built-in wine cellar, so it’s assumed that more expensive appliances can offer even more facilities. But of course you’ll find cheap built-in wine cellars from unknown suppliers - be careful with them and check their features and reviews before going for one, as they usually don’t cool wine down properly, or consume a huge amount of energy.

The price usually depends on the number of bottles a built-in wine cellar can cool down, and of course, upon the functions it features. For example, wine cellars that can refrigerate around 20-30 bottles cost around $700, while the ones that can hold over 50 bottles of wine can go up to $2,500.
Good wines are expensive and must be preserved and enjoyed at certain temperatures to achieve maximum satisfaction. Whether you drink them with your friends, while you dine, or just for personal pleasure, you can’t underestimate the taste of an appropriately cooled wine. A quality built-in wine cooler is more than just a mini-refrigerator. It’s designed for its specific function: to keep the wine at an optimum temperature.

Here’s what you should have in mind when purchasing a built-in wine cellar:
  • Capacity - Storage capacity is a decisive factor. This is usually expressed in number of bottles, so make sure that it will cope with your storage and cooling needs.
  • Cooling and humidity capacity - These are two essential criteria to keep wine in good condition. You must be able to adjust the temperature, preferably digitally, and to choose the exact number of degrees.
  • Noise - The noise level of a built-in wine cellar should be under 50 dB.
  • Technology - There are two main models on the market: thermoelectric cell coolers and wine cellars with compressors. If you care about how silent it is, you should go for the thermoelectric version.
Let’s see what you should know about the construction and design aspects of a built-in wine cellar.
Construction and Design
The capacity of a built-in wine cellar is an important aspect, which is why before buying one you should determine how many bottles of wine you usually store. The capacity can range from 15 to over 200 bottles, and depending on the capacity, the size will also increase.

It’s also good to go for a built-in wine cellar that allows you to choose the number of shelves and to adjust or remove them. This way, you can store larger or smaller bottles. The shelves should be made of wood so that the taste of the wine won’t be influenced.

You should opt for a built-in wine cellar that comes with several functions and systems. A quality one can be controlled with a touch screen so you can keep the wine in optimal temperature and humidity conditions. Also, an automatic defrosting model will save you a lot of work. Even reversible doors can be an appreciated option for a potential buyer. That’s because you can change the direction the door opens to, depending on the rest of the kitchen furniture.

A multi-zone function will allow you to select different temperatures for different areas. Thus, you can store red wine at 64.4 degrees and the white one at less than 50 degrees Fahrenheit.
Performance and Ease of Use
Built-in wine cellars are designed so that you can install them in your kitchen or bar. Also keep in mind that you should always place them away from the sunlight or other heat sources such as cookers or grills. By doing so, not only can you prevent serious accidents, but your wine cellar will consume less power as well.

When it comes to maintenance, you just have to clean the wooden racks from time to time. And if you want, you can apply a small amount of polisher on a cloth and rub it on the shelves.

Get the Best Built-In Wine Cellar of 2023!

At the end of the day, it is all about taste! If you enjoy a marvelous glass of wine with your loved ones and you really live in the moment, that's all that matters. These wine cellars can help you make these experiences unique, so get one now to become a true wine lover.

Our Top Choice
Allavino 56 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator
Best Value
Danby Silhouette 27-Bottle 12" Wine Cellar
EdgeStar 332 Bottle 48" Built-In Wine Cooler
Summit 5.4 cu. ft. Capacity Wine Cellar
Smad 28 Bottles Built-In Wine Cellar