Best Bulb Planter Reviews 2022

Enthusiasts of gardening enjoy the dual benefits of relaxation and calorie burning, however, we know how much the presence or absence of the right tools, especially things like bulb planters, in particular, affect the level of satisfaction one gets from this productive pastime. This is why we have taken upon ourselves the task of searching through the many brands offering this tool and have brought you five of the best bulb planters. These are reputable brands and the products featured here are not all they have. Yes, there are more where these came from, and we invite you to take a good look at them if our selection doesn’t provide exactly what you are looking for.
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Our Top Choice
Joseph Bentley Long Handled Bulb Planter
Joseph Bentley has been a trusted name in the gardening industry for over a hundred years, and its garden tools have borne and still bear to this day its mark of quality.  
It eliminates the need for a lot of bending. It’s a well-made tool with a comfortable handle. It’s also easy to use and clean.
There are isolated reports of the metal part bending at the point where your foot presses on it.
Long handled bulb planter
39.4 × 10.2 × 3.9 inches; 18lbs
Stainless steel head w/tread edges
Solid oak handle
Planting ornamental bulbs
Best Value
Flexrake Adjustable Bulb Planter
Flexrake is among America's top brand names in the manufacture and delivery of high grade cutting, digging, cultivating, weeding and clean-up tools which are made in America.
It has a hinge release function that allows you to release the soil when you are ready, not before. It’s easy to use and plants lots of bulbs in a shorter time.
It doesn’t work so well with clay soil.
Adjustable hinged bulb planter
9.5 × 3.8 × 2.9 inches; 0.8lbs
Chrome plated steel
Poly handle
Releasing soil
DeWit Professional Bulb Planter
A sapient combination of the latest equipment and techniques with historical craftsmanship make DeWit one of the most forward-looking garden tool manufacturers in the world.  
It can also be used as a hole digger. You can stand up straight while making holes with it. It’s fast and easy to use.
Its light weight might reduce its efficiency on harder soils.
Professional bulb planter
43 × 6 × 6 inches; 4lbs
Hand-forged boron steel
Hardwood handle
Digging bulb holes in hard soil
Power Planter Extended Length Bulb Auger
Power Planter is a family-owned brand that has served its growing customer base for over two decades. It makes and sells its high quality augers in different sizes and models.
It’s a very versatile tool. It has hex flats on the chuck end to prevent slipping in the drill chuck. It does not bend and fits any normal drill.
The auger is only held onto the shaft by two spot welds.
Extended length bulb planter
25 × 4 × 4 inches; 3lbs
5/8" steel shaft
Info NOT provided
Post hole digging
Bond Garden Bulb Planter
Bond is one of the industry’s leading lawn, garden and outdoor living brands, and it is focused on giving its customers innovative products and designs at great prices.
It has a sturdy construction. It’s strain-free, so easy to use and eliminates the need for self-filling of holes.
It may get a little uncomfortable to use for a long period of time and may not do well with hard clay soil.
Plymouth garden bulb planter
8.4 × 4 × 3 inches; 0.7lbs
Durable hammertone finish
Wood handle

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What is the Best Bulb Planter?

While deciding on which bulb planter will work best for you, it’s worth you bearing in mind your budget, level of gardening (small or large scale), and the type of soil you’ll be working with. Since you’ve read through our buying guide, you shouldn’t have a problem knowing what to look for in a great bulb planter. So look at the following individual reviews and pick what works best for you.
Our Top Choice
This Long-Handled Bulb Planter, 7cm in diameter, provides room for bulbs of all sizes. It has an embossed depth chart so that you plant at the right level and it is useful in both soft and hard soils. If you want something different, the Stainless Steel Dutch Hoe with a steel head is another garden tool from this brand with which you can cut down small weeds and break up surface soil with ease.

Joseph Bentley Traditional Garden Tools Stainless Steel Long-Handled Bulb Planter with Engraved 4-Inch Scale & Solid Oak Handle, For Soft and Hard Soil

Founded in 1895, Joseph Bentley is a brand of Growe. This brand’s range of traditional garden tools is loved for its heritage look and feel of quality. They boast the widest collection of stainless steel tools in the market, which expands beyond the obvious core line of garden tools. Joseph Bentley continues to deliver great traditional garden tools and can be reached at Meridian, Mississippi 39305.

The Stainless Steel Long Handled Bulb Planter has a reinforced stainless steel head for durability. It gives perfectly sized holes for bulb planting. Its long handle and tread-edge wings are perfect for digging up soil effortlessly without the use of Wellingtons. To use this tool, drive the bulb planter into the soil and turn clock-wise and counter-clockwise a few times to loosen up the dirt, then pull up. You may need to use your hands or a small spade to remove excess dirt from the hole. Here are some other features of this bulb planter:
  • An embossed 4-inch scale for accurate planting depth measurements
  • FSC certified oak handle finish
  • Dimensions of 3.94 x 10.24 x 39.37 inches
  • It weighs 1.76 pounds
  • It makes holes that are 6” deep and 3.5” wide
Maintaining this tool is as easy as wiping it dry with a clean rag and then spraying lightly with penetrating oil such as WD40.
Best Value
This garden series bulb planter is a chrome-plated garden tool which has a hinged soil opening to release soil with ease, and convenient depth marker on both sides to help in all bulb planting. If you would rather plant flowers and vegetables, Flexrake’s Classic Flower and Vegetable Planter with durable carbon steel blades and non-slip grip is a piece of gardening tool you should check out.

Flexrake Adjustable (Hinged) Bulb Planter - Chrome Plated with Molded Poly Grip

Flexrake Corp. was established in 1945 and is a family-owned business located at 9620 Gidley St, Temple City, CA. Its founder, George Brock, designed and manufactured a durable and lightweight metal rake. This rake was the first to feature curved tines that penetrated the surface of the turf in response to the needs of the agricultural and landscape professionals after World War II. Today, Flexrake continues to build on the foundation of enthusiasm for manufacturing great products that its founder started sixty-five years ago.

The Adjustable Hinged Bulb Planter is made of chrome-plated steel and comes with a molded poly handle for comfortable handling. Its cutting edge is not a perfect circle, because it consists of two overlapping C-shaped pieces so its inner diameter ranges from 2.25” to 2.39”. Some of its other features include:
  • Dimensions of 9.5 x 3.8 x 2.9 inches
  • Weighs 0.8 pounds
  • A depth of 4 inches
  • Strong enough to cut through grass
This easy-to-use planter makes beds look beautiful and professionally done.
This simply-designed professional bulb planter makes planting bulbs and perennials an easy task. With its long handles, you get to stand up straight instead of bending over while working with it. If you prefer dibbling, this brand has got you covered. The Dewit Dibbler with its hand-forged boron-steel head and well-crafted handles is a good tool for making holes; you should check it out too.

DeWit Professional Bulb Planter with Extra Long Handles

Willem de Wit began his blacksmith company in Kornhorn, a small village in northern Holland on the 1st day of April in the year 1898. Today, the fourth generation of this forging family has literally and figuratively kept the fire burning by its continued combination of old-fashioned quality with modern designs. Its commitment to quality has made it the ultimate gardener’s choice for more than a century.

The Dewitt Professional Bulb Planter has a head that is attached to a well-crafted ash hardwood handle. To use this planter in soft soil, twist the closed planter to make a hole and then drop in a bulb; another way is to place the bulb in the closed planter, push the closed planter containing the bulb into the soil, open the planter, remove it and cover the bulb with soil. Below are more of its features:
  • Dimensions of 6 x 6 x 43 inches
  • Weighs 3.75 pounds
  • Makes a 3-inch diameter hole
  • FSC certified wood
  • Lifetime guarantee
With this lightweight planter, your bulb and perennial planting will be done in a snap.
The Extended Length Bulb Auger, which has 12 to 18 inches of tough, 10-gauge flighting on a strong 5/8-inch shaft, made completely of steel, is a heavy-duty, multi-functional tool that digs up to 23-47 inches deep. If you are making shallower holes, then we suggest you check out the 3"x7" Power Planter Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger which makes a 5-inch hole, fits any 3/8” drill and drills holes in any type of soil.

Power Planter3"x24" Extended Length Bulb & Bedding Plant Auger – 3 Sizes Available

Wayne Niewold, the founder of Power Planter, invented the first garden-friendly Power Planter auger more than twenty years ago in Illinois where the company is still located. Now this third-generation, family-owned auger manufacturer has grown and expanded its reach to serve customers across the US, Canada, Australia and even countries in Europe. It has remained committed to its values of creating augers with high quality, durable craftsmanship that are 100% made in the USA. It is also dedicated to delivering one-on-one customer service.

The Extended Length Bulb Auger is an efficient auger for planting bulbs and bedding plants. It works well in hard, dry soil and has a durable, well-built screw blade. A very versatile tool, this auger is not just good for planting bulbs and potted plants alone; it can also be used for post-hole digging, planting bare root trees or shrubs or mixing batches of mortar for hardscapes. Other features of this auger include:
  • Dimensions of 25 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Painted glossy black
  • 3” diameter
  • Minimum voltage recommendation of 18V-20V
  • Electric drill with side handle preferred for safety
The Plymouth Garden Bulb Planter is a simple planter for small-scale gardening, planting or transplanting bulbs or plants. It gives great value for money and has good customer reviews on the web. The Releasable Bulb Planter by Bond with an easy squeeze handle is an adjustable planter that comes in 3 different colors and has a comfortable non-slip grip. You can check that out too.

Bond Bloom Plymouth Garden Bulb Planter

In its fifty years of operations, Bond Manufacturing has grown from an importer of bamboo products into a leader in the outdoor consumer products category. It has earned its customers’ trust by always standing fully behind every product and program it presents. Through efficient and cost effective production, it offers the balance of quality and value. Through constant improvement of products, merchandising and point of purchase vehicles, it continues to deliver positive results and sales growth in all its business categories.

Bond’s Plymouth Garden Bulb Planter is a powder coated planter with wooden handle. It’s a great, easy-to-use gardening tool with notches on its outer side showing depth. To use this tool, simply rotate it back and forth a few times, then pull. You will find dirt coming out with it. This tool has dimensions of 8.4 x 4 x 3 inches, weighs 11.2 ounces and makes holes up to 4 inches deep.

How Do I Choose the Best Bulb Planter?

Gardening is one fine way to combine activity and serenity. Those already into it know how enjoyable it can be caring for your plants, feeding them with bloom booster, protecting them in a portable greenhouse or a cold frame. Arguably, no garden is complete without those beautiful bulb flowers. The bright color of daffodils, the calming nature of tulips, and the varieties of lilies will breathe life and glory to your garden and the surrounding environment. Can you perceive the aroma of those lovely bulb flowers? Sweet, isn’t it?

Creating such a serene environment can be tricky, even for those who know what they’re doing. Using a bulb planter makes the process easy, and even fun. A bulb planter is a simple tool that is used to core out soil to create a hole to plant seeds.

The best bulb planters are sturdy and easily bore into the ground. They have a mechanism that can core out the soil so you don’t have to do it. Bulb planters come as short hand or standing designs. They are made with a combination of steel and plastic; wood is sometimes also used for the handle. The handles are comfortable and easy to use. As you read on, we will provide more information to help you determine the best bulb planter for you.
The price of a bulb planter is often influenced by a number things like the material used and its design. High-end and versatile bulb planters will cost around $100 while the less expensive ones that will still adequately serve their purpose will go for about $10. The cheap bulb planters we came across during our research are a waste of money, as they are made with inferior materials and will break after a short while, so we didn’t bother with them in our selection.
Gardening is such a relaxing activity but can quickly become tedious if you’re not using the right tools for certain activities. Planting seeds requires some digging which can be a lot of work without the right help. Bulb planters make this chore quick and easy, and consequently enjoyable.

Here are some of the features to look out for if you want to buy a bulb planter:
  • Type
  • Size
  • Material
  • Handle
  • Care
The sections below will enlighten you on how these features affect the efficacy of bulb planters.
Construction and Design
There are two main types of bulb planters, and they are the short hand and the standing planters. The short hand, as the name implies, has a short handle. This is an ideal choice for those who feel at home with as much contact with the earth as possible, as it requires you to kneel on the soil while you dig.

On the other hand, standing planters have an extended handle, sometimes as long as 36 inches, making it ideal for people who are not comfortable bending so often. These types usually have a sort of foot rest you can put your weight on to force the planter into the ground. Some bulb planters, whether the short or long variant, have plungers that scoop up dirt, hold it, and release it back into the hole after you must have placed in the seeds.

Ideally, gardening tools should not be prone to rust. This why brands use materials that are durable and non-corrosive. Different variants of steel are used for crafting bulb planters. Chrome-plated steel and stainless steel are the most commonly used. They are sturdy, stand the test of time, and are fortified against rust. The handle of bulb planters is often made with different materials such as wood or hardened plastic, but some planters have steel handles too.

Bulb planters come in various shapes and sizes which reflect in their weights and dimensions. The bulb planter you go for has to be influenced by how you intend to use it as that is how you will get the best out of the bulb planter you choose.
Performance and Ease of Use
When in use, bulb planters are an extension of your hand; and the point of contact (the handle) determines how comfortable it is to use. Some bulb planters have handles like a garden shear, which are usually for standing use. The material used could be any kind and will require the use of both hands. This type is ideal for hard soils as you have the advantage of using both hands.

There’s a type of functional handle which is mostly made with hardened plastic and is the spring-loaded. This works by pushing the male side into the female with your thumb which causes the bulb planter to core out some dirt, creating a hole in the ground. Releasing it will let back out the soil onto the seeds you have planted. Sleek, isn’t it? Another type of handle has a lever in which pulling it does essentially the same thing as the spring-loaded variant.

We all want our lovely garden tools to last long. As such, we must play our part in making that happen by caring for them – it is the least we can do after all the work they have done for us, after all. Bulb planters are easy to clean because of the material they are made of. Typically, you can just use water to clean off the dirt from the day’s work and wipe dry with a cloth or leave it to air dry, but be sure to read the manufacturer’s instruction to know the recommended way to clean the bulb planter you opt for.

Get the Best Bulb Planter of 2022!

Now that you’re armed with sufficient information on bulb planters, we believe you can now make your choice of the best bulb planter for you with confidence.

Our Top Choice
Joseph Bentley Long Handled Bulb Planter
Best Value
Flexrake Adjustable Bulb Planter
DeWit Professional Bulb Planter
Power Planter Extended Length Bulb Auger
Bond Garden Bulb Planter