Best Bulletin Board Reviews 2023

The market is filled with different types of bulletin boards and narrowing down to one that will be the most effective for you may be tough. Though bulletin boards have evolved through the years into different types of mediums and options, there are always basic factors to consider when shopping for a bulletin board that can best meet your needs. In this review we have chosen some of the best bulletin board brands, showcasing a great product from each one. These brands we chose have other selections you can browse through in case you were looking for something more suited to your taste.
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Our Top Choice
Navy Penguin 24” x 18” Bulletin Board
Not every good product comes from giant brands. This is affirmed by Navy Penguins, a brand with only a handful of quality products.
Top-quality sturdy material. Aluminum frame. Easy to install. Landscape orientation. Multi-functional. Lifetime placement guarantee.
Size can be limiting.
Push pin
16 x 8" / 24 x 18”
Horizontal orientation
Best Value
The Board Dudes Cork & Dry Erase Board
As the name suggest, The Board Dudes’ mission is to help us be more organized by designing some of the best cork boards, dry-erase boards, combination boards, and dry-erase markers
Impressive versatility- pin, write or use a magnet. No stain and wipe-easy white board. Self-healing cork surface. A modern look. Installation hardware is included.
No pen shelf to place a duster or markers.
Magnetic dry-erase, push pin
Magnetic and self-healing
22 x 18”
Horizontal orientation
MasterVision Bulletin Enclosed Board
MasterVision’s mission is to help individuals and teams to communicate better through a wide range of visual communications products.
Tempered glass sliding doors. Fabric surface doesn’t show holes. Reinforced corners. Easy installation.
Surface fabric pulling up at the edges
Push pin
48 x 36”
Horizontal orientation
Graphite Aluminum
Umbra Magnetic Bulletin Board
Umbra is a trend setter when it comes to modern or casual, original, functional, and affordable houseware products.
Unique design. Thin, lightweight perforated metal. Easy to mount. Versatile horizontal or vertical placement.
Issues on poor craftsmanship and construction
Magnetic, pushpin
Perforated metal
21 x 15”
Horizontal or vertical orientation
U Brands Cork Bulletin Board
U Brands believes that sometimes “normal” is boring. That’s why they specialize in designing unique, inspiring, and original home office products and stationery.
Self-healing surface. Hassle-free mounting. Impressive pin gripping. Versatile horizontal or vertical placement.
Cork surface material a bit firm and stiff. Difficult to push pins through.
Push pin
23 x 17” / 35 x 23" / 47 x 35"
Horizontal or vertical orientation

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What is the Best Bulletin Board?

Material and design will be the main considerations when scouting for the best bulletin board to meet your needs. There are small- and big-sized boards, others with a combination of a dry-erase surface and a fabric section. Continue reading through this review to understand the different materials used to make bulletin boards and to help you decide which one to go for.
Our Top Choice
The Navy Penguin 24” x 18” Bulletin Board is a premium set that comes with 10 push pins and is perfect for presentation and display in both the home and office. If you need a unit with whiteboard and cork board sections, Navy Penguin Whiteboard and Bulletin Set is a great fit. You also get magnets, magnet markers, and colored pins.

Navy Penguin Fabric Mini Bullet Board with Aluminum Frame - Available in 2 Sizes & 3 Colors

Navy Penguin is a small brand with just 10 products on the market. And it’s not by luck that most of their products are best-sellers. Apart from bulletin boards, other products from this brand include a USB 5-port charging dock, a kneeling pad, bath toy organizer, USB oil diffuser, and a drawer organizer. In their office product line, they have a magnetic whiteboard and a chalkboard.

Because we were looking for a premium, top quality bulletin board, we decided to go with the Navy Penguin Fabric Bulletin Board. This board measures 24” x 18” and can be easily mounted in a landscape orientation. The board has movable hanging hooks making it easy for you to adjust its positioning.

Navy Penguin gives a lifetime replacement assurance because it is confident of its quality bulletin boards. The fabric used and the heavy-duty aluminum frame adds to its durability. As a multi-functional bulletin board, it can serve as a cork board during presentations, or be suitably mounted for cubicles, offices, schools, dorm rooms, locker rooms, even in a child’s room for display purposes.

In this review, we featured the blue fabric 24 x 18 inches option. If you’d want a different color, it’s available in cork and green and if you were after a different size, you could opt for the 16 by 12 inch one!
Best Value
The Board Dudes 22 x 18 inch Combo Board is a 3-in-1 board. Its versatility allows you to write on the dry- erase surface, tuck notes on the cork board, or use magnets to hold papers and notes on the magnetic board. If you’re looking for a bigger cork board, check out The Board Dudes Cork Board that measures 35 x 22 inches and made of self-healing cork material.

The Board Dudes 18” x 22” Magnetic Dry Erase and Cork Combo Bulletin Board

The Board Dudes brand has an inspiring story. In 1994, two “dudes” decided to start manufacturing branded dry-erase boards for businesses and locals. Their business picked up well, and in 2000, they rebranded from “Innovative Ideas” to “The Board Dudes”. Later in 2006, the company was acquired by Mega Brands Inc. Today, the company product lines include dry-erase, cork boards, combo boards, markers, and other board accessories

We decided to feature The Board Dudes Cork and Dry-Erase Combo Board as we were looking for a unit that combines a magnetic dry erase and cork board. This unit measures 22 by 18 inches and is divided into two. The magnetic dry-erase area offer you space for creating charts, writing or leaving messages at home or in business.

You’ll love the magnetic board as it doesn’t stain, it’s easy to write on using either medium or fine dry markers and wipes easily. Another benefit of the magnetic section is the ability to hang papers and notes using the provided magnets.

The cork section is made of self-healing material. The benefit of this is that the holes disappear/heal after removing the pins. This keeps it looking new even after extensive use. It comes with mounting hardware and two magnets for the dry- erase section.
Designed for places where there is need for controlled notes display, the MasterVision 36 x 48 inch Bulletin Board Cabinet has glass sliding doors and a lock to protect the board and notices. If you’d like a cork board instead of a fabric surface, try the MasterVision 18” x 24” Bulletin Board with an aluminum frame, available in five different sizes.

MasterVision 36 x 48 Inches Fabric Bulletin Board Cabinet - Available in 2 Colors & 4 Styles

Displaying a message on the wall or board is not enough. If you want to draw attention to it, make the display outstanding. That’s where MasterVision comes in. The brand has a wide range of products for home, school or business applications, from dry-erase boards, bulletin boards to interactive solutions.

We settled on the MasterVision 36 x 48 inches Bulletin Board Cabinet for its generous size, which makes it ideal for workplaces and public areas such as hospitals. This bulletin board is enclosed in a cabinet with glass sliding doors and has a lock. So if you’re looking for a bulletin board where only authorized persons can display message and where notices can’t be tempered with, this is one of our recommendations. The enclosure also makes it great for use on the outdoors.

The board is made of gray fabric that is easy to tack pins and doesn’t show pin holes. This keeps it looking brand new even after years of use. You’ll also love the graphite frame finish that enhances its look. For ease of installation, the board comes with all mounting hardware.

In this review, we’ve featured the enclosed bulletin board cabinet design, if you’d like a different style there are dry-erase combo and fabric options. These versions are available in gray and black colors.
The Umbra Magnetic Bulletin Board is uniquely designed with lightweight perforated metal that accommodates both the use of magnets and pushpins. If you’d prefer a different styled metal-made bulletin board, we recommend the Umbra 20 x 15 inch Trigon Metal Bulletin Board that use both push pins and magnets

Umbra Bulletboard 15 x 21 inches Perforated Metal Magnetic Bulletin Board

Founded about 3 decades ago, Umbra brings out thought, originality, and creativity in every product they release. Today, Umbra products are sold in over 120 countries across the globe. Some of their product lines include furniture, hooks and closets, wall decor, frames, jewelry storage, trash cans, and bath products. Every product is original and unique.

We decided to go with Umbra 15 x 21 inch Bulletin Board for its design. Instead of the usual materials of many other bulletin boards like fabric, this one is made of perforated metal. It is a patented design that makes it versatile in the use of both magnets and pushpins to display notes and papers. When you buy it, you get 12 magnets and pushpins each. You can also use the generic pins we use at home.

This bulletin board can be used almost anywhere, either horizontally or vertically. And if this one is small for you, you can place two of them side-by-side, since they have rounded edges. Most users appreciate the fact that this bulletin board is lightweight compared to fabric-made boards.
U Brands Cork Bulletin Board mounts horizontally or vertically and is great for home, office and commercial applications. The cork surface is self-healing and firmly grips the pins. If you’re looking for a magnetic board, try the 20 x 16 inches U Brands Magnetic Dry-Erase Board with a monthly calendar feature.

U Brands Cork Bulletin Board with Light Birch Wood Frame - Available in 3 Sizes

U Brands teaches us that sometimes we just need some bit of innovation and creativity to make heads turn at even the most basic item. They have some of the most beautiful office stationery, writing products, novelty items, filing and desktop utilities, markers and presentation boards on the market.

The reason why we decided to feature U Brands Cork Bulletin Board in our list of some of the best bulletin boards is because of its design. It’s usable for any home, office, or commercial facilities to display notes and messages. Since it’s made of cork, it only uses pushpins. When you don’t have push pins, you can use map pins or thumb tacks too.

The surface is made of dense material, which securely holds the reminders, menus, calendars, pictures or whatever is being displayed. To keep it looking neat, the material is self-healing, which hides holes after pins are removed. The universal mounting system allows you to hang it horizontally or vertically, letting you customize it depending on the nature of your space.

For quick and easy installation, you get all the installation hardware upon purchase. In this review, we’ve featured the 23 x 17-inch board. If you’d prefer a larger board, you can opt for the 35 by 23-inch or 47 by 35-inch options!

How Do I Choose the Best Bulletin Board?

Does your recipe book get lost in the house and you have to spend ages looking for it? What about if you get a bulletin board for your kitchen and use it to display your favorite recipes or meal plans? It’s not just in the kitchen; bulletin boards are great for your children. You can use them to display their recent artworks or even write notes or reminders. If you usually leave your better-half asleep in the morning, it’s a great place to tack a love note.

Apart from homes, bulletin boards are also used in government buildings, hospitals, public institutions, schools, and a host of other places to display important notices. While most bulletin boards are usable in different places, there are specific boards for specific places. This holds true for places where there is heavy usage and for large open areas.

Over the years, bulletin boards have evolved from just being a notice board to forming part of the interior decor. That’s why you will find them in a wide range of bright and dim colors. Others give you the freedom to dress them how you like to compliment your space decor. Apart from colors, they are available in different types each with unique benefits. For example, with a dry erase board you can use either a marker pen or a normal fountain pen to write or attach notices using a magnet. The best thing is that they are easy to install. With a ladder, you’re able to place them where you wish.

Before we reveal the best bulletin boards on the market, let’s first discuss what you should consider in a bulletin board and how to differentiate the different types.
So, how much does a bulletin board cost? It depends on several factors. This can either be according to size, type, and the design. For big-sized bulletin boards, they will cost you more compared with small-sized bulletin boards for home use. The other main determinant is the design of the board. In most cases, a combo board, which combines both a cork board and magnetic board, will cost more than a cork board alone. We also noticed that brands also influence the price.

On average, you will get a good bulletin board between $20 and $200 depending on the factors highlighted above. There are cheap bulletin boards costing as low as $5. However, in this review, we didn’t include them since we don’t believe they can stand the test of time. On the other hand, there are boards that cost up to $700. Most of these are designed for large spaces and are mostly enclosed. With price in mind, let’s now see what features you should consider when choosing a bulletin board.
Not every bulletin board in the market can serve you well. To get the best deal, identify your specific needs and match them with the bulletin board that can meet them. Some of these considerations include the size of your space and how you want to display your messages.

Here are some factors to consider when buying a bulletin board:
  • Board size
  • Board type
  • Frame type and color
  • Material
  • Mounting style
  • Display options
  • Available colors
Let’s now discuss how these factors affect the design and performance of a bulletin board.
Construction and Design
One of the main distinguishing features of a bulletin board is the design. Unlike some years back when size was the main distinguishing feature, today there are more. Before moving on, let’s check out the broad types of bulletin boards.

Movable Bulletin Boards:
As the name suggest, the edge with this type is the mobility. They’re made with casters allowing you easily relocate them from place to place. This type is usable anywhere the normal bulletin board will be limiting. When it comes to price, they are a bit expensive but not like the cabinet-type.

Folding Bulletin Boards:
Folding bulletin boards combines mobility and the ability to fold, making them travel-friendly. The best thing with this type is that they are bigger in size but flexible and portable. However, they’re not stable.

Combo Display Boards:
Combo display boards are one of the most popular boards these days thanks to their versatility. This type combines fabric and magnetic methods of displaying message. One section is made of fabric, where you use pushpins to hold papers and notices. On the other end is a dry-erase surface where you use a marker pen to write or use a magnet to attach notes if the material is magnetic.

Cabinet Display Boards:
The additional feature here is a tempered glass cover, sliding doors, and a lock. This type is best where message displaying is restricted to specific users. Unless you have the key, you can’t display your message. Another great deal in this type is that the notices are safe from intruders. They are the most expensive and are a bit bulky.

Bulletin boards can also be categorized depending on how notices will be and the surface material of the board. This classification is relevant because the material used determines how the message will be attached. Here are the different materials that can be used make a bulletin board:

Fabric and cork materials are the most popular bulletin boards materials. Fabric is a great option for classroom and office bulletin boards. Fabric allows you to use pushpins, Velcro, traditional pins, or staples to hold the notes. Fabric is bacteria resistant, it’s easy to push pins through, and when pins are removed, you can’t notice the holes.

Cork is a material harvested from the bark of cork oak tree. Cork material is flexible, lightweight, and thermally- and sound-insulating. The best thing with cork bulletin boards is that you can dress them to match your space decor. This type is best for offices and public areas where notice display and removal is frequent.

Vinyl and Rubber:
The other two materials that are sometimes use to make bulletin boards are rubber and vinyl. Vinyl boards are anti-microbial making them one of the best types for healthcare and school environments. Rubber composite material is attractive, durable, and environmentally-friendly. They are best for heavy use, especially in the outdoors since they can resist moisture.

The newest material in bulletin board making is metal. This type stands out for its durability and uniqueness. While some are made of metal sheets, others are made of perforated metal sheet. This allows you to use either pins or magnetic to hold notices and messages. Unlike what you’d be expecting them to be bulky, they are lightweight.

Dry-erase Material:
Dry erase bulletin boards are usually made of aluminum or special materials provided they’re magnetic. The special thing with this type is that you can write on them using a marker pen and then erase them using an eraser. Apart from using a marker pen, their surfaces can be magnetic, giving you two options of displaying your message.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to performance, there are a few things to consider to ensure that the board will be easy to mount and will fit in your space. Here are three elements to consider when assessing the performance and ease of use of a bulletin board:

Size and Displaying Options:
Bulletin boards are available in a wide range of sizes. The perfect size depends on where you intend to use it. For commercial facilities, hospitals, public areas, and schools, the best option is the large size. For mode of displaying it refers to how you will place the board, this is either horizontally or vertically.

Mounting System:
Another significant consideration is the ease of mounting the board. Before buying, check if it has all the necessary mounting hardware, to avoid other expenditures.

Frame and Colors:
These two factors play a great role in the appearance of a bulletin board. No one deserves a boring looking bulletin board. Ensure you get a color that complements your interior design, especially if you intend to use it indoors.

Get the Best Bulletin Board of 2023!

From the many types of bulletin boards in the market, there’s one just suited for you. We hope that our reviews will help you choose the best bulletin board to meet your needs. If not, these brands have more options to offer. Check them out!

Our Top Choice
Navy Penguin 24” x 18” Bulletin Board
Best Value
The Board Dudes Cork & Dry Erase Board
MasterVision Bulletin Enclosed Board
Umbra Magnetic Bulletin Board
U Brands Cork Bulletin Board