Best Bungee Chair Reviews 2022

A bungee chair is a type of chair with a seat featuring shock-absorbing woven bungee cords. It’s useful for living rooms, dormitories, and sporting events. It can be difficult choosing the right one for your particular circumstance. To make your choice easier, we've researched some of the best bungee chairs brands in the market, presenting to you one great from each. Note that these brands have more bungee chairs than we featured here. You can always check them out.
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Our Top Choice
Zenithen Bunjo Bungee Chair
Zenithen has the vision of producing a range of exquisite and sustainable furniture that provides more than what a customer demands.
This chair can be carried around easily, takes up little space and has a great color and design.
This bungee chair has poor grommet reinforcement and some customers have complained of discomfort after sitting in it for a long time as the bungee cords dig deep into the body.
Dish chair
Black 600D polyester rum frame
Info NOT provided
33×33×2 inches; 8lbs
Best Value
Coleman Comfortsmart Suspension Chair
Coleman Furniture remains one of the biggest online furniture retailers, offering quality products to its customers at a relatively fair and affordable price.
This chair is easy to set up and folds back easily as well. It is also quite comfortable with a nice construction.
It fades easily, especially under sunlight. Its cup holder is narrow, doesn’t hold much weight and is easily broken.
Comfort smart suspension chair
Steel frame
Nylon mesh fabric
47×9×7 inches; 12.2lbs
Eurø Style Bungie High Back Office Chair
Eurø Style has a complete design approach which focuses on the newest contemporary designs that can be used in bars, offices, dining/living rooms and many outdoor events.
This lightweight chair is quite comfortable, can be easily assembled and is easy to move around.
Has a very narrow seat and some users don’t like the short arm.
High black adjustable office chair
Powder coated steel
50mm black nylon casters
27×23×43 inches; 26.4lbs
Info NOT provided
Blu Dot Mini Bungee Chair
Blu Dot, a Minneapolis-based designer of modern furniture, rocks the world of furniture lovers by making tastefully designed products that add an extra glow to rooms and offices.
This chair is compact, high quality and folds easily, making it easy to store away.
It is somewhat pricey.
Super-bugee chair mini
Info NOT provided
Info NOT provided
32 ×2×32 inches; 11.2lbs
Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair
Caravan sets the pace in furnishings. Its in-manufacturing process enables it to keep an eye on the entire process in order to meet its customers’ standards, always.
This bungee chair with an excellent design has a removable headrest, can be locked at different angles and comes at a great price.
It has a difficult locking system and cannot get into a layback position. There are no cup holders and it has a fragile support system.
Infinity zero gravity chair
Steel frame
Durable textaline
28.6×11.4×26.4 inches; 18.2lbs

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What is the Best Bungee Chair?

Factors including type, quality, price, and capacity influence one’s choice of a bungee chair. Hoping that our guide has helped you get a clear idea of what to look for, let’s now take a look at the individual brand and product reviews.
Our Top Choice
This bungee chair has a 220 lbs. carrying capacity and is made of a steel frame for strength and durability. It is lightweight and can be carried to games or during camping trips. If you are looking for a bungee chair that is teal colored, has a 225 lbs carrying capacity and comes in a pack of two, we suggest you check out the Zenithen IC544S-TV04 Bunjo Bungee Dish Chair.

Zenithen Bunjo Bungee Folding Dish Chair in Black & Teal

Year after year, the Zenithen brand continues to introduce innovative furniture that is durable, portable and readily available. Its commitment to satisfying the needs of its customer base by making furniture with perfect finishes has gained them recognition at the global level.

The Zenithen Bunjo Bungee Folding Dish Chair in Black & Teal comes with netted bungee cords which offer resistance, ensuring stability and comfort while sitting. The elasticity of the cords allows easier standing as well.
Other features of this bungee chair:
  • Weighs 8 pounds
  • Comes in blue and black color
  • 600D polyester rim
  • Dimension of 33 x 33 x 2 inches
Best Value
With a mesh back that allows breeze in to cool one on a hot day and the GlassP™ drink holder that can hold a tea cup and wine glass, this Coleman bungee chair delivers great comfort. If you prefer a chair that can serve as a foldable camping chair and has a heavy-duty steel frame, the Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler is a good alternative.

Coleman Steel Comfortsmart Suspension Chair with Cup Holder

Coleman Furniture was established in 1999 and its sales have continued to grow since then. It has many awards, including the prestigious Inc. 500 award in 2013. It has also been tagged the 126th fastest growing private company in America as well as America’s 6th largest retail agency. It has favorable reviews in home delivery services as it works with the very best delivery companies.

Selling for $49.00, the Coleman Steel Comfortsmart Suspension Chair has padded solid arms which allow you to relax comfortably for longer hours. If you weigh up to 300 lbs., (136.08kg), this bungee is designed to hold you with ease. It has a very strong steel frame so that you can use your chair for a longer period of time. Its other features include the following:
  • One-year warranty
  • Polyester carry bag for the chair when folded
  • Weight of 12.2 pounds
  • Comfortable sitting height of 19.7 inches
  • 9.8 in x 11.8 in x 46.1 in dimension when folded
  • 16.9 in x 22.4 in x 40.6 in when unfolded
The Eurø Style Bungie High Back Office Chair has an adjustable height and swivel. It also has a powder coated steel frame and a foam cover on the top of the frame. If you prefer an adjustable chair but with a low back, the Eurø Style Bungie Low Back Adjustable Office Chair will be a great alternative.

Eurø Style Bungie High Back Adjustable Office Chair with Arms and Foam Top Cover – Available in 3 Colors

Being a world class company is a feat the Eurø Style brand has achieved by making products that are available and affordable. In 1985, Trig Liljestrand started the early days of the company by importing beautifully crafted furniture with Swedish designs into the United States. Today, over 30 years later, this brand boasts of the best possible styles and designs available in the market.

Euro Style’s High Back Adjustable Chair has strong bungee cords which make it durable. It has a back with nylon fittings, making the chair super ventilated. Following are some of its other features:
  • Soft black polyurethane armrest for resting the arms
  • Tilt mechanism having two locking positions
  • One year limited warranty
  • Height of 43 inches; weight of 26.4lb
The Super-Bungee Chair Mini is designed with a wide seat diameter of 32 inches, making sitting really comfortable. Furthermore, it can be folded with ease. If your preference is a bungee chair that has a rather larger size, the flexible and soft Super-Bungee Chair with a built-in storage for small materials should be an excellent alternative.

Blu Dot Super-Bungee Chair Mini in Black

Blu Dot makes a variety of products including sofas, lounge chairs, and other furniture and accessories for your living room, bedroom, dining room and office or outdoor space. It was founded in 1997 by three college students, and delights in modern designs that are accessible and affordable. In twenty years, the Blu Dot brand has carved a niche for itself in the category of top furniture manufacturers.

The Blu Dot Super-Bungee Chair Mini in Black is nicely made with a weight limit of 220 lbs. It lends a sophisticated look to any room in which you place it. With dimensions of 32 x 2 x 32 inches and a weight of 11.2 pounds, this bungee chair is really functional and comfortable.
The Infinity Zero Gravity Chair from the dependable Caravan brand boasts of a 300 lbs. weight carrying capacity; a unique property that no other zero gravity chair has. If this product does not interest you but you still desire a bungee system suspension chair, you can check out the Caravan Sports Suspension Chair, Grey, X-Large that also has a 300 lbs. weight capacity.

Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair – Available in 12 Colors

Caravan Sports continues to thrill its customers with portable, durable and easy to use products. It manufactures products with guaranteed quality. Excellence flows from every product this company designs makes.

The Caravan Sports Infinity Zero Gravity Chair is available in different colors and has a dual finger locking system that allows the chair to be adjusted to many sitting positions. Some of its other features include:
  • A steel frame
  • Black coating frame finish
  • 660g textilene fabric
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Leg tube diameter of 22m x1.2m

How Do I Choose the Best Bungee Chair?

Memory foam mattresses and pillows are so comfortable because they respond to pressure and heat to mold to your body’s form and distribute your weight evenly without resistance. Bungee chairs provide a similarly blissful experience when your body sinks into the seat made from tensioned bungee cords. The cords are arranged to be parallel or a mesh, creating breathable patterns that allow airflow through the seat and backrest.

The best bungee chairs come in various elegant designs. They are comfortable and can be used in different environments such as schools, offices, recreation houses, and other spaces. They are lightweight with sturdy frames that provide balance and durability. Bungee chair frames are mostly made of metal or plastic and often come in different creative designs. They are rising in popularity due to their immense comfort, so much so that some office chairs are going bungee. Keep reading for detailed information on choosing the best bungee chair to suit your needs.
Materials, design, and size are the primary factors that determine the pricing of bungee chairs. While the most expensive, high-end bungee chair can cost up to $500, a less expensive, simple bungee chair can go for about $40. Although most are generally inexpensive, one still needs to watch out for cheap bungee chairs. They are made with inferior materials that won’t last.
Bungee chairs were almost unknown a decade ago, but their comfort, durability, and versatility have led to a spike in popularity. If you plan on enjoying these benefits too, here are some of the features to look out for:
  • Type
  • Frame
  • Fabric
  • Size
  • Capacity
Let this list serve as your guide towards choosing the best bungee chair for you.
Construction and Design
Bungee chairs are special because they incorporate bungee cords in one way or another. They are so comfortable that they are used in several different applications. Three main types of bungee chairs are office chairs, lounge chairs, and folding chairs.

The interwoven bands of bungee cords can now be found in office chairs. The standard swivel and adjustable construct of office chairs still hold, but the seat and lumbar support are made with bungee cords. These office chairs are quite comfortable, even for extended periods. Lounge bungee chairs also keep their regular reclined design, but the seat and backrest made of bungee cords add an extra dimension of comfort. The folding bungee chair is simply a bungee chair that can be folded for portability.

There are a plethora of frame designs out there so you will be spoiled for choice. Metal and plastic are the main materials used for constructing the frame of bungee chairs. They are crafted in all sorts of creative designs that take the aesthetics of bungee chairs to a whole new level.

Just as bungee chairs come in all kinds of shapes, you will find them in different sizes as well. Some of them are single seaters; others, especially the lounge chairs, sometimes accommodate two persons. The dimension of bungee chairs varies as much as the assorted designs. When choosing a bungee chair, it is essential to know how much space you have to accommodate it. If you don’t have much space, the folding type is an excellent choice.
Performance and Ease of Use
The seat and backrest of a bungee chair is made from bungee cords or bands woven into patterns. Other fabrics are sometimes woven in to create variety. Some bungee chairs are padded with cushion and others have textile fabrics woven in patterns with the bungee cords to give it a colorful and appealing appearance.

Not that bungee chairs are flimsy and have a limit to the weight they can support. The weight capacity of bungee chairs has to do with a combination of its frame and the bungee mesh. Some bungee chairs can hold a weight of up to 300 pounds. The office version, which is sturdier, can carry much more weight. Make sure a particular chair has the capacity to hold your weight before committing to a purchase.

Get the Best Bungee Chair of 2022!

We hope the information in our reviews will guide your choice of the best bungee chair for you. Have a great time shopping.

Our Top Choice
Zenithen Bunjo Bungee Chair
Best Value
Coleman Comfortsmart Suspension Chair
Eurø Style Bungie High Back Office Chair
Blu Dot Mini Bungee Chair
Caravan Sports Zero Gravity Chair