Best Bungee Cord Reviews 2023

When you need to secure something and tie it down, there’s nothing better than using a bungee cord. They come in various shapes and sizes, and choosing a product or a brand is a matter of some consideration. To aid your decision, we've written a short guide about what you need to know and how to differentiate between a good and a bad product. After that, you can check our list of five bungee cords to give yourself an idea what features a good bungee cord has.
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Hook type
Our Top Choice
Fortem Premium Quality Bungee Cord
It’s always good to see a new force in any industry. Fortem is one such force in the worlds of utility products for car and home.
Huge array of cords in all sizes. Wide variety of attachments. Plastic steel-cored hooks.
Some cords have less tensile strength than others.
5/16 inches
Plastic with steel core
18, 24, 32 & 40 inches
Nylon, rubber
24 pieces
Best Value
Kotap Ball Bungee Cord
Kotap is a very prominent distributer of lawn and garden hardware, as well as polyethylene products, and has been in business since 1982.
Strong and very versatile despite its small size. Balls on each end of the rope make it easy to tie down. Cord is quite sturdy.
Short length helps maintain strength but limits applications.
1/5 inches
6 inches
Nylon, rubber
25 pieces
Paracord Planet Shock Cord Bungee Rope
Located in Fargo, North Dakota, Paracord Planet knows all about extreme conditions and what it takes for a bungee cord to withstand them.
100% Nylon for strength and durability. Variety of colors available. Rigorously tested for defects to ensure high quality and user safety.
Hooks of any kind are not included, so you need to buy them elsewhere.
1/4 inches (others available)
N/A - bungee cord only
10, 25, 50 or 100 feet
Nylon, rubber
Bought in singles
Master Adjustable Bungee Cord with Reverse Flat Steel
Master Lock is a padlock producing company, with many good products behind it and ninety plus years of experience.
Incredibly strong and very elastic. Can stretch from 6 inches to a full 40 inches and still remain strong.
Cords do smell, so airing is advised.
3/4 inches
Plastic with steel core
20 inches
Nylon, rubber
1, 2, 4, 6 piece pack
Keeper Bungee Cord
Last on our list is Keeper, a brand that’s been around for 36 years, and specializes in cargo handling straps and cords.
Affordable price bracket. Incredibly high quality. Cord is strong and features two excellent steel hooks. Top class product in the mini category.
At 10 inches, not for every application.
1/2 inches
Two galvanized steel hooks
10 inches
Nylon, rubber
8 pieces

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What is the Best Bungee Cord?

We’ve listed some of the best products, but if they might not cater to your needs fully, feel free to explore other great bungee cords by these reputable brands. Now that you have read our guide, go ahead and check out our top picks, and you might just find something you like.
Our Top Choice
Want a more comprehensive product? Try Fortem Premium Quality Bungee Cord Set. If you’re securing luggage with your bungee cords, you might also need some collapsible space organizers, such as the Fortem Premium Quality Auto Trunk Organizer with a non-slip base.

Fortem Premium Quality Bungee Cord Assortment - 24 Piece Set with Canopy Ties and Bonus Cargo Net

Our next product comes from a rather young company, founded just last year, specializing in home, automotive and consumer electronics, space management, and helpful gadgets. It may be young, but the people at Fortem realize what customers need and want, and how to deliver high-quality products to their customers. Fortem is looking to excel at everything they do, and we expect to see them grow and expand in the coming years.

The product we’re going to review today is more comprehensive than most on the list. Instead of buying just one type of cord, Fortem decided that’s not enough, so they made a whole set, all packed in a nice little bag. This set features 24 pieces of cord, with straps, hooks, nets and everything you need in any situation. The cords are all pretty heavy-duty, packed in a durable bag that can endure a long service life.

One of the best things about these bungee cords is the UV resistant coating that extends to hooks too. The hooks are extremely useful if you want to secure your baggage on the top of your car or make bungee storage for your kayak. The hooks also have steel cores in order to be more secure and not snap under the strain of the cargo. All Fortem products come with a lifetime warranty, so you can get your money back if you end up not liking the product.

And here’s the list of features for this product.
  • Heavy duty bag
  • Very versatile
  • UV and weather-resistant coating
  • Plastic hooks with steel cores
  • A wide variety of cords
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Bungee mesh
In the end, this is one of the best products on our list. Its versatility is amazing, and we are truly thankful to Fortem for coming up with this concept. To top it all, a lifetime warranty is a great way to keep customers happy with your products.
Best Value
The Kotap The BB-6B auxiliary bungee cord is small but strong, suitable for securing tarps and other things that need to be tied down. And if you want a cord with hooks, one that is adjustable, then you can check out the Kotap Adjustable 36-Inch Bungee Cords, 10 pack.

Kotap Heavy-Duty Ball Bungee - Set of 25 6-Inch Bungee Cords

Coming up next is a product from Kotap. This company is a major retailer and distributor of garden and lawn hardware, plus a very big polyethylene products distributor. It’s been doing this since 1982, building plenty of experience and know-how in order to make superb products. Quality control is no issue with Kotap, and all their products are rigorously tested.

The product we have for you today is slightly different than what you’d expect. Their BB-6B bungee cords are small auxiliary cords used to secure tarps to canopies. They're also useful for other parts of a tent, and they're particularly useful for grommets, as they prolong their service life. The bungee cords are all 6 inches long but can stretch to 8.5 inches if need be. They're fitted with small balls at the end of the rope in order to make them easier to tie down.

The cord is made of nylon and very strong and sturdy. It’s treated to be resistant to UV light, mildew and abrasion – all common problems a bungee cord will face during its service life. The cords are 1/5-inch in diameter, with the ball being 1-inch in diameter. A single pack will contain 8 cords.

As usual, a short list of features of the product.
  • Balls for easier tying down
  • 6 inches in length
  • Stretches to 8.5 inches
  • Nylon make
  • Resistant to UV, mildew and abrasion
  • 1/5-inch diameter
The Kotap BB-6B is one of the most versatile auxiliary cords if your main ones snapped on your tent. It’s affordable and the application is near infinite, despite the small size.
A bungee cord is a very useful item to have, and, if you want the best, then check out Paracord Planet’s ¼’’ Elastic Cord. Want a cord with 5/32 inches diameter? We bet you will love the Paracord Planet Mil-Spec Type III Nylon Paracord.

Paracord Planet 1/4” Elastic Cord Crafting Stretch String with 210lb Tensile Strength Strength – Available in Multiple Colors and Various Sizes

Paracord Planet is a retailer and manufacturer of all manner of bungee cords, and a go-to place to go if you’re in need of one. Located in Fargo, North Dakota, they have a very strict quality check, with their employers hand-testing every product. Bungee cords are incredibly versatile, and any DIY enthusiast should head on down to Paracord Planet and get hold of a couple of cords.

As we said, bungee cords are incredibly versatile. With a few of Paracord Planet’s cords, you will be able to build pretty much anything, from straps, over cargo nets, hammocks and other stuff you may need. The ropes are coated with a 100% nylon jacket. Nylon is resistant to direct sunlight and mildew, strong against abrasion, and hard to tear, giving this rope a wonderful amount of ruggedness.

Planet cord bungee cords also come in many colors. Black, purple, green, brown and dark blue are just some of them. When it comes to price, they’re not the cheapest, but they still have manageable prices. The cords are all made in the USA, so you can rest assured the cords are inspected thoroughly and according to the highest quality and safety standards. It should be noted that these cords don’t come with a hook, so you’ll have to buy that elsewhere if your are making your own "bungee cords" rather than crafting with them or using them as a versatile bungee style rope for securing items. Available in a variety of sizes from 10 to 100 feet.

These cords are made in the USA and are rigorously tested for quality and defects. You can trust them to absorb shock, and they have a a tensile strength of approximately 210 pounds. All in all, Paracord Planet’s bungee ropes are excellent additions to anyone’s tool box. Paracord Planet pride themselves on excellent products, and they will settle on nothing less than perfection.
If you’re looking for a strong and stretchy bungee, check out Master Lock’s 3039DAT 6 Pack Comlock Steelcor Adjustable Bungee Cord And, if you’re looking for something a little different, take a look at the 24-Pack Master Lock 3023AT Assorted Bungee Cords.

Master Lock Pack Comlock Steelcor Adjustable Bungee Cord with Reverse Flat Steel I-Beam Hook

Our penultimate product comes from a firm that you may not immediately associate with bungee cords or products of that kind. We're talking about Master Lock, a company founded in 1921 and, as its name suggests, concentrated on creating padlocks. Master Lock is a very prominent company in that field, and one that has an array of superb products, but, safety products being a primary concern, it’s also created bungee cords alongside padlocks.

The product we're talking about today is the 3039DAT 6-pack of bungee cords. These cords possess incredible tensile strength and excellent elasticity. They can stretch from 6 inches to almost 40 inches without any problems. On top of that, they’re very strong and resistant to harsh weather conditions, as well as UV light – a known problem for bungee cords.

The cords also feature two hooks – one on the front and one on the back – with one being reversed. This allows for a more secure attachment when it's time to buckle down. The hooks are similar to those of Fortem bungees because they have a steel core inside a plastic coat. Needless to say, there’s no limit to what these cords can do, and they're useful in a wide variety of situations.

And here’s a shortened list of features for your reading convenience:
  • Extremely elastic and strong
  • Two steel-cored hooks
  • One hooks is reversed
  • 6 pieces in a pack
  • UV and weather-resistant
All in all, working with Master Lock bungee cords is a blast, and you can really see that a lot of thought has been put into them. Master Lock may not specialize in these kinds of products, but they can sure make them.
The Keeper 10" Bungee Cord comes with outstanding tensile strength and excellent elasticity, making your job easier. If you want something bigger, you can go with Keeper Super Duty Bungee Cord with Carabiner Hook

Keeper 10" Mini Bungee Cord with Double Steel Hooks - Pack of 8

Last, but certainly not least, is Keeper. This company is about the most trustworthy on our list where bungee cords are concerned. Keeper has 36 years of experience creating superb quality cargo control products, such as tie-downs, bungees, truck accessories, electric winches and a bunch of other similar products. It’s constantly looking to improve designs, which has helped build a great, trusted reputation.

The 06052 10’’ bungee cord is one of the best mini products on our list. The cord is protected by a premium grade outer jacket that’s both UV and weather-resistant, ensuring the rope keeps your cargo in check. The cord is perfect for home and workshop use and is great for camping. It features double steel hooks so you can secure the cord and buckle down.

When it comes to the inner core of the product, you're looking at a highly durable rubber. This allows the cord to be very stretchy and strong. The cords are painted in very visible colors so you can spot them better and even color-code your cargo. These bungees come in a pack of 8. And the best thing? The pack is very cheap.

Again, here’s a list of features:
  • Double steel hooks
  • A pack of 8 cords
  • High-quality materials
  • UV and weather-resistant jacket
  • Very affordable
In the end, Keeper is a company you can really trust, with products made to facilitate safe handling of cargo. Being affordable is also a plus!

How Do I Choose the Best Bungee Cord?

The main considerations you have to make when buying a bungee cord are length, diameter, and material. These three components are vital to any bungee cord, and will determine what a particular bungee cord is good for. Bungee cords can be used for everything and anything, like strapping your luggage to the top of your car or securing your camping tent. You might consider combining them with a hand winch to achieve greater security.
Where price is concerned, bungee cords vary wildly. There are items as cheap as 5 dollars, with sets costing up to 40 or 50 dollars. Bungee cords are never hugely expensive, but there are more expensive sets. The more you pay, the more bungees you’ll get in a set, and the items will be of higher quality. Naturally, fixings will also influence the product’s price too – higher quality fixings, higher price.

We do suggest you avoid particularly cheap bungee cords, as you don’t want poor materials or attachments to result in your luggage all over the highway or your tent blowing away! All the products we feature are considered good value for money. With a top product, you get what you pay for.
Being a very simple item, a bungee cord doesn’t have many elaborate features. Most bungee cords can stretch to 50% of their length (though some high end products go further), have rubber and elastic cores with woven jackets, and usually come with some kinds of fixings. The cord’s thickness determines the amount of weight can it carry.

To sum up all the features, here is a short list:
  • Stretches to 50% of its length
  • Various fixings in the form of hooks or balls
  • Elastic core that is strong and durable
  • Woven, UV-resistant, weather-resistant jacket
  • Diameter determines weight capacity
Construction and Design
Starting with length, bungee cords come in all lengths, from tiny ones to 100-feet long stretches of rope. Here, you should know that a bungee cord stretches to a maximum of 50% of its length, meaning 100-foot cord will be 150 feet long when fully stretched. Anything more will cause the cord to snap. The material is highly important, as it will determine how much will the cord stretch and, also, how strong will it be. Usually, cords are made from rubber with thermoplastic polymers for the core, and a woven fabric on the outside. The fabric on the outside is often treated to be UV and weather-resistant in order to extend the cord’s service life.

Again, bungee cords are very simple in both their design and construction. We’ve already mentioned bungee cords have rubber with thermoplastic polymer cores and woven outer jackets or sheaths. They’re very stretchy, extending to half their dormant length again, or even more. The outer jacket is supposed to be weather and UV-resistant. The material used in construction determines the stretchiness of the cord and its weight capacity, along with the cord’s thickness.
Performance and Ease of Use
Bungee cords are simple to use, and there’s no practical limit to what they can be used for. They’re used primarily to strap some cargo down and secure it, but you can also use them when setting up your tent, and for a myriad of other things. Now, when it comes to performance, the quality of the material plays a major role here. The better the material, and the better it is treated, the better the cord performs, and the longer its service life.

Diameter is also an important factor when it comes to the functionality of bungee cords. The cross-section diameter of the product will determine how much weight can a cord endure. Naturally, the thicker the cord, the more weight can it withstand. Usually, a cord with a 6 mm diameter will be able to endure 40 kg, with 8 mm cord being able to endure more than double that, and a 10 mm cord being fit to take on 96 kg of weight. As for the “bonus” consideration, the cords can have hooks, metal or plastic with steel cores, or have balls, or any other type of fixing. If you’re looking for metal hooks, look for those that are rust-resistant, if you’re looking for bare metal. If you’re looking for plastic hooks, check if the plastic is treated against UV damage and is weather-resistant.

When caring for bungee cords, ensure they have ample time to dry out before packing them away, and ensure they aren’t kept at full stretch for longer than necessary.

Get the Best Bungee Cord of 2023!

And that's it for our list. Time to wrap up our little article and leave you to contemplate about the bungee cord you want to buy. As we said, there are many products out there, so there's quite a selection to choose from. However, we hope that our guide and list have given you an idea what to look for and that you will make your choice much more easily now.

Our Top Choice
Fortem Premium Quality Bungee Cord
Best Value
Kotap Ball Bungee Cord
Paracord Planet Shock Cord Bungee Rope
Master Adjustable Bungee Cord with Reverse Flat Steel
Keeper Bungee Cord