Best Bunting Bag Reviews 2020

Bunting bags are a great addition to your baby care items and they come in various forms. However, they are rumored to have lingering safety issue hanging about them. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to make sure you pick the one with the best features that will ensure the security and wellbeing of your little one. With this in mind, and after thorough investigation, we’ve come up with and reviewed five great products from the top five brands with the best bunting bags in the market today. You could also take a moment or two to go through other bunting bag models from the featured brands, in case you didn’t find what you’re looking for from our selection.
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Our Top Choice
7AM Enfant 212 Evolution Bunting Bag
7AM Enfant offers a wide selection of well-designed baby accessories that are made with the finest materials and craftsmanship to provide comfort and luxury for your baby.
Can adapt to any car seat or stroller. Hook and loop attachments increase safety. Elastic adjuster with button. Removable non-slip back panel.
Hood is large and not adjustable.
Evolution extendable for stroller
36.2 × 17.7 × 3.9 inches; 2.6lbs
100% synthetic materials
3 colors
Best Value
JJ Cole Bundleme Bunting Bag
JJ Cole provides customers with baby care products that uphold convenience and utility while remaining fashionable and meeting the needs of today’s parents.
100% polyester. Safety straps included. Crash tested for safety. Removable top for temperature control. Can be used with strollers and most car seats.
This bunting bag with all its perks, does not fit into all car seat models.
Car seats/strollers/joggers
26 × 22 × 1.5 inches; 1.2lbs
1-3 years
100% polyester
8 colors
Fareskind Baby Go Cozy Bunting Bag
Fareskind is a household name known to provide quality sheepskin products with a distinct style that guarantee maximum warmth and comfort while caring for your baby.
Made of high grade Australian sheepskin. 2-in-1 liner. Water resistant. Safety certified for infants and babies. Detachable top and side for opening and temperature control.
Care must be taken when handling in order to prevent the zip from pulling off.
Sheepskin for strollers
32 × 15.5 × 3 inches; 2.6lbs
0-12 months
Black, blue, pink
Skip Hop Stroll-and-Go Toddler Footmuff
With a passion for well-designed essentials for parents and their babies, Skip Hop merges quality and functionality to create accessories that meet demand and style.
Windproof. Water-resistant outer shell. Adjustable collar and zip-open hood. Bottom unzips. Snap-on winter layer for extra warmth. Black cover for protection.
The snap of the bunting bag may sometimes be too difficult to close.
Three-season stroller
23 × 3 × 40 inches; 0.5lbs
0-1 year +
Polyester and polyfill
Bebeenvy Universal Bunting Bag
Bebeenvy, through its knowledge of quality and style, creates comfort accessories that add can value to both parents and infants while ensuring them a taste of luxury.
Shark-shape design. Multifunctional; blanket, sleeping bag, swaddle wrap. All seasons; air conditioned or warming room. Made with 100% soft cotton.
Some areas of the bunting bag that needs opening come are sewn up, so when opening, caution must be applied so as not to ruin the material.
Shark outdoor stroller
17 × 12 × 1 inches; 0.95lbs
100% cotton
Black and grey

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What is the Best Bunting Bag?

Choosing the right bunting bag for your baby is serious business, especially as you need to consider the safety and protective features of the bunting bag. Having carefully gone over our detailed product review where we discussed different bunting bags with a wide array of features, you should now be able to confidently pick the bunting bag that best suits your child.
Our Top Choice
The 7AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution is a bunting bag made from 100% synthetic material which extends in length and width for easy entry. It features a comfort designed hood and removable non-slip back panel. If you want a bunting bag with somewhat different features, check out the 7AM Enfant Polar Igloo Extendable Baby Bunting Bag. It has a removable front, embellished with comfy coral fur.

7AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution Extendable Bunting Bag – Available in 3 Colors

Established by French Designer, Rebecca Campora, the 7AM Enfant brand is focused on designing elegant baby accessories, with the blend of innovation, quality, form, and function. With its base in New York City, the company reflects its philosophy of getting through to parents regarding their unique needs for their babies. The brand is a strong one, with its razor sharp ideologies and high standards. All these have helped shape its identity, which it intends to further improve in the years to come.

The 7AM Enfant Blanket 212 Evolution is an award winning bunting bag that is made from 100% synthetic material and equipped with fastened length and width extensions. It is a 2.6 pound, 36.2 x 17.7 x 3.9 inches bunting bag that reflects the emerging trend of contemporary city style and evolving demands of outdoor living. Its well fashioned hood comes with a safe-buttoned elastic adjuster and a removable slip resistant back panel, which prevents the baby’s back from directly touching the car seat. The bunting bag also allows quick reach to a five-point harness and is collectively used with all car seats and strollers with extensions of loops and hoops. It is also machine washable and grows with your child to preschool.

7AM Enfant has other bunting bags you could look at;
  • The 7AM Enfant Pookie Poncho Baby Bunting Bag features interchangeable hoods that allow for easy conversion. It has a pouch for the baby’s body and legs, and buttoned openings for the child’s and parent’s hands. It is machine washable and comes with an ultra-soft premium insulation that is evenly distributed to increase warmth
  • The 7AM Enfant Papoose Lightweight Baby Bunting Bag has an elasticized hood which protects against the weather elements, and hooks and loop bands to adapt to any stroller or car seat. It has a five points harness openings and a non-slip back panel to hold the bunting bag in place. It can also be turned inside-out to act as a cozy stroller lining for the little ones
  • The 7AM Enfant Baby Shield Extendable Bunting Bag comes with detachable front panels that can be used separately as blankets. It has an adjustable collar with a drawstring that can be pulled up to protect your baby’s face from weather elements and comes with large front pockets for baby essentials. It also allows access to the five-point harness and has a non-slip back panel to keep footmuff in place on the stroller
Best Value
The JJ Cole Bundleme Bunting Bag features safety bands that rest directly on the child and a detachable top for temperature regulation. It is used with strollers and car seats and made from 100% polyester. If you want a bunting bag that will literally grow with your child until they are four, then we recommend the JJ Cole Polar Bundleme Sassy Bunting Bag with an extended bottom.

JJ Cole Original Bundleme Bunting Bag – Available in 9 Colors and 2 Sizes

JJ Cole Collection has evolved over the years as a name that is associated with comfort and convenience when it comes to baby accessories, as it provides today’s parents with products that stand out in quality and function. They have a team of progressive innovators that help to push their mission forward, fusing comfort with style, to give optimum satisfaction to customers. The company manufactures a broad range of baby and toddler products for the busy and frequently moving parent.

The JJ Cole Bundleme Bunting Bag provides comfort and warmth for your baby with its plush inner faux shearling and soft, outer thermal plush for easy temperature control. It is a 1.2 pound, 26 x 22 x 1.5 inches bunting bag that is suitable for car seats and carriers. It is crash-tested for eventualities and allows the safety band to secure the child firmly. It is used with strollers and car seats and is convenient for infants and toddlers. This bunting bag is easy to wash and install.

Other bunting bags by JJ Cole include;
  • The JJ Cole Knit Bundleme eliminates the need for blankets and jackets with its detachable top and has a plush inner faux shearling. It includes a matching knit hat
  • The JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, made from 100% polyester and is resistant to wind and water. It has a removable top for easy temperature control and is crash-tested to guarantee your child’s total protection. The bands are in contact with the child for added protection
  • The JJ Cole Muslin Bundleme, with its lightweight muslin fabric, comes with a detachable top for easy temperature control
  • The JJ Cole Sporty Bundleme is a polyester material bunting bag that is machine washable. It features reflective safety lines for security in the dark and at nights
  • The JJ Cole Car Canopy Seat has a lightweight fabric with elastic bands, well fitted for car seats
  • The JJ Cole Agility Stretch Carrier is a bunting bag with comfortable shoulder support and comfy carry for the user. It has a stretch fabric, with a sash inclusive
The Fareskind Baby Go Cozy Bunting Bag is made of 100% sheepskin from Australia and has a 2-in-1 liner that keeps babies dry in summer and cozy warm in winter. It is designed for all weather and is water resistant. For a more affordable bunting bag, but still great quality, check out the Fareskind Easy Liner Bunting Bag that is the right size for babies 0 to 36 months.

Fareskind Baby Go Cozy Sheepskin Bunting Bag with 2-in-1 Liner – Available in 2 Colors

Fareskind is a brand known to provide customers with quality baby accessories that cut across style and luxury. The company carries out its craft with distinction, and seeks to ensure that every baby experiences a delicate touch of comfort while growing up. They have seasoned professionals who are schooled in attending to complaints and assuring customers of their baby's care, as well as their own.

The Fareskind Baby Go Cozy Bunting Bag is made of 100% sheepskin from Australia and comes in a 2-in-1 liner that keeps baby warm and dry. It includes a detachable top with adjustable dual side opening and toggle buttons for easy temperature control and protection from intense cold. It is resistant to water and wind and features universal five-point harness openings for all five point strollers and baby carriers. The Fareskind Baby Go Cozy Bunting Bag weighs 2.6 pounds and has dimensions 32 x 15.5 x 3 inches. It is safety certified for use for infants from age 0 to 12 months.

Fareskind has another bunting bag to check out;
  • The Fareskind Comfy Cruiser Bunting Bag features an adjustable hood, Velcro fasteners and zips for easy temperature regulation. It has a reflective finishing for visibility at night, non-slip back paneling and a replaceable base for extensibility. It is used by infants from 0 to 4 years
The Skip Hop Stroll-and-Go Toddler Footmuff is windproof and has a water-resistant outer shell. It features an adjustable collar and zip-open hood to regulate temperature and a bottom that unzips for dirty shoes. If you’re looking for a simple car seat cover bunting bag, then check out the Skip Hop Stroll & Go Car Seat Cover Bunting Bag. It comes with soft fabric and an ultra-plush flip-open collar.

Skip Hop Black Stroll-and-Go Three-Season Footmuff Bunting Bag

Founded in 2003, Skip Hop is one of the best-selling and globally-recognized brands for parents, kids, and babies. It has helped parents redefine their style through its well-curated products that are designed with tenderness and has embraced families who crave smartly designed and highly functional solutions that simplify decision-making. Whenever Skip Hop is needed, it is made available and on time. The company has amongst its staff, communication experts who seek to attend to customers’ issues and work hard to ensure their maximum gratification. Excellent client service and efficiency is one of the hallmarks of Skip Hop’s business orientation.

The Skip Hop Stroll-and-Go Toddler Footmuff works with strollers and offers a convenient level of warmth for your baby, with its fleece-line adjustable collar and zip-open hood. It is a lightweight bunting bag, weighing 8 ounces, with dimensions of 23 x 3 x 40 inches. It is made of comfortable polyester fabric. This bunting bag is an all-season baby’s accessory that provides a great deal of comfort and warmth for your child. It features a windproof and water resistant outer casing that prevents wind and water from getting into the bunting bag.

This bunting bag features a non-slip backing that ensures that it stays put. It has a bottom that unzips, in which dirty shoes can be placed. It has amongst its features, a secure cover which can be rolled away when not needed or in use. One layer can be used for spring and during winter the other layer is snapped on for extra warmth for your baby. The Skip Hop Stroll-and-Go Footmuff is available in infant and toddler sizes.

Skip Hop has another product you may want to check:
  • The Skip Hop Cool Touch Stroller Liner: This is a polyester stroller liner with various slots and can suit most strollers. It is easy to install and is available in different colors
The Bebeenvy Universal Bunting Bag comes in a shark-shape design and is fit for all seasons. It is designed to be multipurpose in its function, as it can serve as blanket, sleeping bag, toy, swaddle wrap and storage bag. If what you want is a bunting bag for ages 1 to 2 years, then check out the Bebeenvy Joyren Cool Weather Outdoor Sleeping Bag with Animal Print. It is windproof and has a water-repellent exterior.

Bebeenvy Universal Shark-Shaped Bunting Bag

With quality products and stylish designs, Bebeenvy has increased its relevance in the world of baby care products. It provides parents with value, while ensuring their bundle of joy enjoys a taste of luxury. Just as its founders, Bebeenvy has knowledgeable customer service representatives that care for and proffer solutions to problems that may arise in the course of using its products.

The Bebeenvy Universal Bunting Bag with shark-shape design keeps baby warm and comfortable without the need of outer blankets. It is used for all weather conditions and is well adjusted to work in air-conditioned and warming rooms. It comes in 100% cotton and features a side zip that can be undone with ease, allowing you to control the temperature whilst the baby is still asleep.

This bunting bag weighs 15.2 ounces and its dimensions are 17 x 12 x 1 inches. It has buttonholes that make sure the safety bands hold the child in place, which reduces the need for re-adjustment and works perfectly for a lot of car seat types. Another feature of this bunting bag is that it is multipurpose and can be used as a blanket, swaddling cloth, sleeping bag or toy storage bag.

How Do I Choose the Best Bunting Bag?

There are times when as much as you’ll want to stay cocooned in the cozy comfort of your home with your baby, you may be left with little option than to take your little one along with you. This is applicable in extremely cold weather or subzero temperatures, when even your exhaled breath tends to form vapors in front of you. Babies are supposed to be kept warm at most times, though not overly warm, and there are many products like baby receiving blankets, duvets and sleeping bags that work well for this purpose. Although they’re considered safe options because they leave the baby’s face free of any material, blankets and sleeping bags are good for mild and not-so-cold weather conditions. In this case, you’ll need a good bunting bag to provide adequate warmth and comfort for your baby.

Bunting bags are made with thick materials which enfold your little one completely, allowing just a little portion for their face to peek out from. It’s specifically designed to provide warmth and comfort for babies and most modern bunting bags in the market are compatible with baby strollers, joggers and prams, bike trailers and car seats, which means you can take your baby along with you regardless of the weather and the form of transportation.

Bunting bags come in different forms, sizes and colors. They provide toasty and comfortable microclimate for your little one outdoors and on-the-go, so you don’t have to worry about the baby being exposed to inclement weather. Bunting bags come in handy in extreme cold weather because of their extra thick nature, which if wrongly used, may lead to overheating of the baby. To prevent this from happening, you might need to have a handy thermometer to check the temperature if you’re not too sure whether to use the bunting bag or a normal baby blanket.

Now that we know why you may likely need a bunting bag, lets delve into the discussion on some important features, like size and type of bunting bag, material, safety and the cost, that will likely affect your final choice of a great bunting bag.
There are many features that affect prices of products, and in the case of a bunting bag, the type of material used in designing the bag is a major contributing factor. Bunting bags made from natural woolen materials cost more than synthetic bunting bags because they have better insulating properties and also keep the baby dry and comfortable when used as blankets in warmer weather.

The prices of the bunting bags in our review range from around $20 to $190 and whichever product you choose, you’re assured of top notch quality from renowned brands featured in this review. In the course of our research, we encountered some cheap bunting bags made from poor insulating materials and since we wouldn’t want to deal with products that may be hazardous to your baby or at best, not perform well, we decided to ignore them and present only trusted products and brands to you.
Choosing and buying a great bunting bag is a matter that should be researched upon thoroughly before making your final decision as the safety of your baby is top priority here. Here are some of the features that determine the performance and safety level of the ideal bunting bag:
  • Type of bunting bag
  • Size
  • Safety measures
  • Extra features
  • Material
Construction and Design
Bunting bags usually come in two styles or types. There are those that are designed to be used with car seats and those that are used to wrap around the baby only.

Those for car seats: The bunting bags compatible with car seats and strollers come with provisions allowing the car seat and stroller’s straps to pass through and lock both the baby and bunting bag firmly in place.
Blanket type: The other type that wraps around the baby like a blanket or wrap can also be used with car seats, baby strollers or joggers but they have a higher risk margin. They should therefore be used like a regular blanket when temperatures are getting very low.

The next thing to consider now you know which type of bunting bag you’d like, is choosing the size. Bunting bags come in all the usual sizes; small, medium, large and sizes based on age. Whilst you might usually choose a size up from what your child needs to allow them to “grow into it” we wouldn’t recommend that in the case of a bunting bag. The bag should fit snuggly around your child so there’s no risk of them slipping down into the material. Also, snug fitting bunting bags in most cases generate more warmth and are much more comfortable for the baby. So, as you try to make your choice, we recommend that you should go for any bunting bag that gives a custom fit for your child instead of going for a generic one-size-fits-all bag.

Finally, the material used will be a big determining factor in your purchase. Different brands make use of different materials in designing their bunting bags and they can be natural or synthetic materials. Some of the more common materials used are wool, fleece, felt, polyester, neoprene, vinyl and many others. Bunting bags made from natural materials, like sheepskin, are more expensive than those made from synthetic materials. During winter, the natural fiber’s great insulation power comes into play and in the summer time its excellent whisking ability helps remove moisture from the baby’s skin, keeping it dry and smooth. Synthetic material bunting bags are equally good and are less expensive than those made from natural materials, so there should be a good fit for everyone.
Performance and Ease of Use
When it comes to the ease of use of your bunting bag, you’ll want to consider a few things; how easy it is to put on and off, how easy it is to clean, safety aspects of the product and whether they can be converted to use in different climates. Let’s take a look at those in some more detail:
  • Ease of use - Although most bunting bags look big and bulky, there’s no need to fear as they’re super easy to use and it doesn’t take much to figure out where all the zippers and buttons go. It should be pretty simple to get your child in and out of theirs.
  • Care - Children are messy! We don’t need to tell you that, so having a bunting bag that can be machine washed and maybe even tumble dried would be very handy! Some may only be machine washable, or others might be hand wash, so make sure to check out the care instructions first!
  • Safety - When it comes to the safety of your child, nothing takes a higher priority. Manufacturers, to enhance performance and safety, equip their bunting bags with harnesses and safety belts that hold the baby in place and prevent him from sliding around or getting his nose and mouth covered with the material. The harnesses may be three or five point harnesses and often rests directly on the baby for better hold.
  • Extras - Some bunting bags will come with zippers at the bottom so your child can stick their dirty shoes out (very handy if you ask us!). Others will be convertible for different temperatures. Most modern bunting bag sets are convertible and can be used in both winter and summer by a simple addition or removal of a single or double detachable layer of material from the bunting bag unit. This detachable layer is attached to the bag by either quick-release Velcro, a zipper or press button, and increases the functionality of the bunting bag.

Get the Best Bunting Bag of 2020!

Now that you have taken the time to go through our review, we are sure that you will be able to choose the bunting bag that will afford you peace of mind and protect your baby. So go ahead and place an order from our unique top product selection!

Our Top Choice
7AM Enfant 212 Evolution Bunting Bag
Best Value
JJ Cole Bundleme Bunting Bag
Fareskind Baby Go Cozy Bunting Bag
Skip Hop Stroll-and-Go Toddler Footmuff
Bebeenvy Universal Bunting Bag