Best Buoyancy Belt Reviews 2022

Buoyancy belts are made in different styles, of which there are numerous options available on the market today. As usual, we’re here to help narrow your search and do the grunt work for you. After an intense research on several brands with buoyancy belts, we came up with the top 5 brands that have the best buoyancy belts in the market. Although one product from each of the featured brands was reviewed in this work, we think it’s necessary to point out that these brands have other models that you may find interesting and so we’ve included their navigation links in this review.
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Our Top Choice
WaterGym Water Aerobics Float Belt
WaterGym’s products and services are aimed at exploring the use of water as a powerful gym tool in a fun, inspiring and extremely effective way.
Tapered design prevents friction. Micro closed foam cell is soft and ideal for salt and chlorinated water use. Designed to follow contours of the body.
Limited color options.
Single piece
10.6 x 6 x 5.8 inches; 0.7lbs
Soft foam
Recreational use
Best Value
Aqua Sphere Aqua Gym Starter Kit
Aqua Sphere employs advanced technology to produce swimwear and accessories that are super comfortable and of the highest quality available.
Made from compression-molded, non-absorbing EVA foam. The workout guide is laminated for use under water. Comes with 2 Ergobells.
However, it does ride up a bit but this does not really interfere with your exercise.
14.3 x 12 x 6.7 inches; 1.7lbs
EVA foam
Chest muscle toning
Aqua Jogger Pro Plus Blue Belt
Aqua Jogger manufactures high quality products whose sole purpose is to improve health, fitness and sports performance using water as the medium.
Its sturdy foam with a closed cell system is non-absorbent, quick-drying and is chlorine-resistant. The comfortable elastic belt moves with each breath easily.
Some difficulties keeping the belt on.
Single piece
13 x 8 x 6 inches; 0.9lbs
Closed cell foam
Abdominal muscle toning
Water Gear Aqua Trim Flotation Belt
Water Gear Incorporated is fully dedicated to the provision of assorted types of quality equipment to water aficionados and enthusiasts at an unbeatable price.
Made of soft, resilient EVA foam material. Its nylon belt is fully adjustable and holds securely with a quick-release buckle.
Reported to ride up and rest underneath the armpits, especially on thin people
Single piece
48 x 4 x 1 inches; 2.2lbs
EVA foam
Lumbar support
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt
Speedo manufactures products that are comfortable, performance-oriented and stylish for aqua fitness, competitive swimming or creating fun memories at the beach.
Increases arm strength and tones abdominal muscles. Ideal as an aqua therapy tool. Material is chlorine-resistant.
Foam comes apart rather easily.
Single piece
26 x 1 x 10 inches; 1.4lbs
Webbed foam
Burn calories

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What is the Best Buoyancy Belt?

Just as the name indicates, a buoyancy belt helps to keep you floating in water. It comes with various important features which ought to be noted and so, having gone through our buying guide, we’re sure you’re conversant with the features to look out for and should be able to make an informed choice of a great buoyancy belt from the list of products in our product review section.
Our Top Choice
The WaterGym Water Aerobics Float Belt is ergonomic, comes in 4 different colors, tapers at strategic points and is perfectly streamlined to follow the contours of the body. If you prefer a smaller sized buoyancy belt, the WaterGym Small Blue Water Aerobics Float Belt might be the one for you. It is made of solid foam throughout.

WaterGym Blue Water Aerobics Float Belt for Aqua Jogging and Deep Water Exercise in Medium/Large

WaterGym is committed to providing products and services aimed at exploring the use of water as a powerful gym tool in a fun, educative, inspiring and extremely effective way to enhance all aspects of the human body physical fitness. It empowers people of diverse ages all over the world and motivates them towards optimum health and fitness and overall well-being. It was established in 1989 in California by Suzanne Paynovich, a veteran of water aerobics with over 30 years’ hands-on experience. Every one of its unique water aerobics product is proudly designed and manufactured in the USA and on sale in over 100 countries globally.

The WaterGym Water Aerobics Float Belt is ergonomically designed for your total comfort and maximum freedom while water jogging or doing other water exercises. The belt helps you stay vertical and buoyant while preventing chafing and breathing restrictions.

Some other features include:
  • Ergonomically designed and tapered at strategic points where its most needed like under the arms to prevent friction and chafing while swimming and in front to allow for deep breaths and eliminate rib digging
  • Made from top quality and super soft foam that doesn’t bruise or add unnecessary weight to your midriff
  • Perfectly streamlined to follow the contours of your body without adding unsightly and unflattering inches of bulky foam around you
  • It stays securely in place and never rides up awkwardly
  • The foam has micro closed cells that exclude the buildup of germs or mildew and makes it well-suited to salt water, chlorinated water and even harsh UV rays
  • The US-milled elastic strap has a strong side buckle that expands and breathes with you allowing you breathe deeply and freely during strenuous workouts
  • An excess black strap is neatly woven into the holes for an appealing and aesthetic look
  • Because the foam is solid all through, it’s easily repairable in the event of an accidental tear by simply applying super glue and the black elastic strap is easily replaceable as well
  • The whole unit is designed and manufactured in the USA with high quality materials that are reliable and durable
  • It comes with a worry-free 30-days money back guarantee
Best Value
The Aqua Sphere Aqua Gym Starter Kit comes with Ergobelt multifloat belt, a pair of Ergobells and workout guide including a 1 year product warranty. If you need a buoyancy belt with an articulated belt that moves in tandem with your movement, see the Aqua Sphere Aqua X Core Belt with its adjustable two-way buckle.

Aqua Sphere Aqua Gym Starter Kit - Includes ErgoBelt, Ergobells, and Laminated Workout Guide

Aqua Sphere is a company with a reputation for producing swim wears and accessories that are super comfortable and of the highest quality available. It employs advanced technology in its manufacturing processes to ensure that its products are engineered for reliability, durability and the utmost user comfort. It was established in 1998 and its first product was the groundbreaking and innovative Seal swim mask eye protection that offers excellent peripheral vision with curved lenses and adjustable, comfortable straps. Today, it offers a full range of swimwear, wetsuits, eyewear and accessories that are top quality, super comfortable and highly desired by water enthusiasts, active swimmers and triathletes.

The Aqua Sphere Aqua Gym Starter Kit is designed with all the basic essentials needed for a successful venture into the aquatic fitness routine. If you’re looking to start out on the path to healthier lifestyle through aqua fitness exercises, then this product will be the perfect choice for you with its flotation belt, a pair of Ergobells and workout guide.

The other beneficial features of this great item include:
  • A flotation belt that is designed with comfy hip pads, well-rounded edges to eliminate chafing and allows comfortable freedom while swimming and exercising
  • The ErgoBelt multifloat belt is made from EVA foam that’s compression-molded to prevent water absorption and resist deterioration from chlorine quick drying
  • The Ergobells have several hand holding positions designed to tone the chest, sculpt the shoulder and strengthen the arms and can be used in either shallow or deep water
  • The Ergobells provide efficient upper body and core strengthening workout using a low-impact, continuous resistance calorie-burning mechanism
  • the ErgoBelt multifloat belt provides buoyancy for deep water running and other water aerobics activities
  • The ErgoBelt also provides stability and lower body support for full body aerobics workout so you can fully concentrate on the exercise without worrying about balance
  • Comes with a laminated workout guide that can be used in the water with step-by-step illustrations for different isolated and full body workouts
  • 1-year product warranty coverage
The Aqua Jogger Pro Plus Belt’s foam features a closed cell system, contoured design and can be worn with the foam at the back, front or upside down. For a buoyancy belt specifically designed for women, see Aqua Jogger's Women's Classic Buoyancy Belt with its thermoplastic squeeze-style, quick-release buckle.

Aqua Jogger Pro Plus Blue Belt for Average Waisted Men with More Muscle Mass

Aqua Jogger is a registered trademark and division of Excel Sports Science Incorporated and it was established as a special unit that specializes in water fitness activities. Its sole purpose is to improve health, fitness and sports performance using water as the medium. It achieves this by manufacturing high quality products used in water fitness exercises and activities including water fitness sandals, buoyancy belts, water dumbbells, and many others. It also has talented instructors and guards that are willing to work with you and train your body to keep in form or for weight loss with minimum injuries sustained. Its vast line of products are ergonomically designed with great functionality and durability.

The Aqua Jogger Pro Plus Belt is designed especially for men or athletes with more body muscle mass or average sized waists. It’s highly functional and supportive, providing more than 50% buoyancy as against the Aqua Jogger Classic. It’s a great tool for low impact workout in water and comes with several distinguishing features, which include:
  • Manufactured using a resilient and strong foam with a closed cell system that’s non-absorbent, quick drying and resists damage from chlorine
  • A custom-weave elastic belt that has a quick-release buckle and is super easy to use
  • The elastic belt is form-fitting and comfortably moves as you breathe thereby eliminating breath constriction
  • The foam has a patented contour design that gives support to the lower back while strengthening it as well
  • The flexible and soft foam tapers at the waist for added comfort and freedom of movement
  • Ability to tone the abdominal muscles as the user is required to continually use the abdominal muscles in maintaining correct posture when using the belt, thereby eliminating every need for sit-ups
  • Versatile belt design that allows users to wear it with the foam either at the back, in the front or even upside down so as to accommodate different body shapes
The Water Gear Aqua Trim Flotation Belt features an EVA foam material, sturdy nylon belt, designed for maximum lumber support, free movement and easy breathing. If you’re looking for a more basic, beginner-friendly buoyancy belt that buckles easily and securely, check out the Instructional Swim Belt, which consists of four cubes of non-chip, break-proof EVA foam.

Water Gear Aqua Trim Nylon Adjustable Flotation Belt – Available in 3 Sizes

Water Gear Incorporated is fully dedicated to the provision of assorted types of quality equipment to water aficionados and enthusiasts at an unbeatable price. Its product line features over 250 items including goggles, caps, pool games, snorkels and aqua aerobics equipment that are designed to give you the best performance in aqua fitness and swim training. It was founded in 1994 by Reed Rothhammer and ever since then it’s been making quality, durable and affordable water equipment and gears available to all at an extremely competitive price. Its products are made in the USA and the customer service team is unparalleled, responding promptly to enquiries and proffering solutions to any issues that may arise.

The Water Gear Aqua Trim Flotation Belt is designed to provide maximum support for the lumber spine and the much needed vertical balance for water aerobics. Its sturdy nylon belt is fully adjustable with a secure and comfortable hold at the waist. The EVA foam material is soft and resilient, chip and break-proof and non-absorbing and it’s designed to allow free movement with a greater ease of breathing.

Here are other buoyancy belts from Water Gear that might interest you:
  • The Water Gear H2O Jogger is designed for deep water activities with a symmetrical shape that provides adequate vertical balance. It’s made from durable and soft EVA foam and web nylon belt that is adjustable and secure
  • Water Gear Water Runner Flotation Belt has a super comfortable shape and fit that relieves stress on the lower back, is made from soft EVA foam that will neither chip nor break and won’t absorb water and the nylon belt gives a secure and adjustable fit
  • The Water Gear Professional Belt Float is designed with five cubes of soft, resilient EVA foam that is chip and break-proof and non-absorbing, threaded on a 60 inches long nylon belt with an easy and secure buckle
  • Water Gear Replacement Belt is a black web nylon belt and easy squeeze buckle that can be used to replace the worn out belt on any of your Water Gear buoyancy belt
The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt has an ergonomic design made of chlorine-resistant material that keeps you afloat vertically. For a belt particularly resistant to the effects of water you can check out the Speedo Hydro Resistant Jog Belt, which is made from soft neoprene foam that dries fast and is super comfortable.

Speedo Aqua Jog Water Aerobic Swim Training Belt with 6 Month Warranty – Available in 2 Sizes

Speedo is the world’s number 1 swimwear brand and a top favorite with athletes and water enthusiasts. Established in 1928, it has set and broken countless world records and has won more gold medals in the Olympics than any other brand. Based on its tradition for quality and performance, it manufactures products that are super comfortable, performance-oriented and stylish to all who use it either for creating fun memories at the beach, aqua fitness regimen or competitive swimming. It has introduced several innovative breakthrough products and designs that are now the benchmark for quality and performance in the industry. Using advanced materials, technology and design in manufacturing, its products have won several awards and are widely distributed globally.

The Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt is an ergonomically designed buoyancy belt that effortlessly keeps you afloat vertically. It’s highly affordable and gives great value for your money, extremely durable and entirely made of solid foam. It comes in a stylish charcoal and red color combination that’s aesthetically appealing and has a smooth feel.

Some of its other great features include:
  • Chlorine resistant foam that is unaffected by pool water and also dries extremely fast
  • It’s a great means of increasing arm strength and effectively toning the abdominal muscles without having to do sit-ups
  • Aids low impact workout for the lower body with little or no injuries sustained
  • A fully adjustable waist belt that sports a quick-release and convenient buckle
  • It’s a perfect tool for cross-training, especially for novices training to become professional swimmers
  • Because it provides stability and support for the lower back, it can be used as part of aqua therapy for rehabilitation from injuries
  • Is fully covered by a 6 months’ warranty against manufacturing defects

How Do I Choose the Best Buoyancy Belt?

Ordinarily, when you hear or think of water, your mind automatically goes to swimming as the natural activity or sports that’s commonly carried out in the water. The same thing happens when you hear anything about fitness or exercise, the natural tendency is to think about a gymnasium or an open field. Recently, there’s been an increase in the awareness that one can actually do more than swimming to keep fit. This awareness has led to the invention of a whole new line of exercise and fitness regimen known as aqua fitness. Aqua fitness is a trendy, low-impact and rehabilitative way of keeping fit and healthy, and you can keep showing off your favorite swimsuit. This type of exercise is recommended for everyone, but most especially for people who had sustained injury that needs a low-impact form of rehab for them to fully recuperate.

There are different kinds of equipment available for aqua fitness exercises, and one of the more important kinds is the buoyancy belt. The buoyancy belt serves primarily to keep you afloat vertically in the water so you can take your mind off balancing and stability and concentrate fully on the exercise you’re using, whether water jogging or weight lifting. It also provides support to the lumber spine and the lower back thus making it ideal as a rehabilitative tool for injuries that affect one’s balance system. It’s an important and integral part of any type of aqua fitness regimen because of its balancing and stability function.

Although a buoyancy belt isn’t a life jacket, it can be used effectively for snorkeling and also by novice swimmers who are just learning the ropes when it comes to swimming. It’s used by individuals who wish to tone their abdominal muscles without having to go through strenuous sit-ups.

A buoyancy belt comes with features that enhances its functionality and makes it super easy to use. These features are important and include the strap, material, size, type and last but not the least, the cost. Our buying guide treats these features in great details so you’re encouraged to read on in order to make an informed choice.
When it comes to the pricing of a product, there are so many factors that come into play, with the most prominent one being the features available in the product. For buoyancy belts, its most determining factor is the type of material used in manufacturing it. Real foam buoyancy belts are better and more expensive than the plastic ones, so you can plan your budget according to what kind of quality you want.

The price range of our featured buoyancy belts is between $20 and $70, which includes quality products from reputable brands. In the course of our research, we came across many cheap brands and models made from flimsy components that’ll fall apart or fail to perform in a short while, so we didn’t bother with them, as we’re always on the lookout for quality and durable products for your satisfaction.
An ideal buoyancy belt should have some key features that enhance its functionality and make it reliable and easy to use.
These features include:
  • Type or style
  • Size
  • Straps
  • Material
  • Extra features
Construction and Design
Different brands design their buoyancy belts in different styles or types. We have the single piece buoyancy belts as well as 4 or 5 or 6 piece belts. The single piece buoyancy belt is one solid piece of material designed in a particular shape according to what the manufacturer has in mind to achieve. This type can be wide or narrow, but most of them are contoured to follow or complement the midriff part of the body. The multi-piece belt, on the other hand, consists of small cubes of material held together by the belt threaded between them. The cubes are also contoured for better fitting and are usually 4 – 6 in number on one belt.

Buoyancy belts are designed to be lightweight. It’s this particular feature that confers on them the ability to help you stay buoyant and float vertically on the water. Wearing a heavy buoyancy belt will be tantamount to tying a brick to your midriff — the result will be the same, sinking instead of floating. So you might want to check the weight of the belt you want to buy, although all the products in our product review section are super lightweight models.

There are different materials that can be used in manufacturing buoyancy belts: some manufacturers use plastic while others use foam. Plastic materials, although light, are quite heavy when compared to foam and therefore not really well-suited to be used for buoyancy belts. A foam material is extremely light which is needed for the buoyancy belt to function optimally. There are different types of foams used in the manufacture of buoyancy belts, with the most common type being the EVA foam. The type of foam used goes a long way in determining the durability and longevity of the buoyancy belt, so be sure to look at the foam specifications of the belt you’re interested in.

A buoyancy belt typically comes with a strap to hold the two ends together. The strap can be made of different materials depending on the brand, but the common materials that we came across are nylon and webbing. The strap is an important part of the buoyancy belt; most brands equip their belts with an adjustable strap so you can adjust it to fit your frame. They also come with a quick-release, easy to operate and secure buckle that keeps the belt firmly in place so it doesn’t ride up.
Performance and Ease of Use
Generally, buoyancy belts are pretty straightforward and easy to use. They usually don’t come with too many bells and whistles, just a vest you simply click into place on your midriff and you’re good to go, though you can usually make a few minor adjustments here and there for a better fit.

Although the straps are designed to hold the belt securely in place, the material is oftentimes breathable, such that it doesn’t restrict breathing but rather moves with each breath taken. In the event that the strap gets broken, you don’t need to abandon the entire buoyancy belt, as there are readily available replacement strap from the company that you can get and easily fix on your belt.

The foam material used in manufacturing buoyancy belts are usually soft and resilient. Most of them are treated to be chlorine-resistant so they don’t get damaged by the chlorinated water of the pool; they’re also designed with different types of cell closures that ensure they don’t absorb water. For instance, the WaterGym product we reviewed has its belt made from a foam that’s not only safe from chlorine, but is also salt water safe, so it can be used in the open sea. The foams are designed in such a way as to be perfectly comfortable for the user. Some of them have tapered designs underneath the armpits and in front to increase its performance by effectively eliminating friction and chafing during use.

For better performance and ease of use, some buoyancy belts are designed so the user can wear them with the foam in front, at the back or even upside down. This helps to accommodate different body structures and shapes and stops the user from worrying so much about whether it’s worn correctly or not.
Because the abdominal muscles are needed in most cases to hold the buoyancy belt correctly, this action tends to help tone the abdominal muscles even more, and in a less stressful way than normal sit-ups. They’re also designed to provide support and stability for the lower back, which comes in handy for recuperative aqua therapy sessions.

Get the Best Buoyancy Belt of 2022!

Now that you’ve gone through our product reviews, and now that you know which to pick from thanks to our buying guide above, we urge you to go ahead and make your choice from one of the great buoyancy belts we’ve listed and reviewed. Thanks for reading!

Our Top Choice
WaterGym Water Aerobics Float Belt
Best Value
Aqua Sphere Aqua Gym Starter Kit
Aqua Jogger Pro Plus Blue Belt
Water Gear Aqua Trim Flotation Belt
Speedo Aquatic Fitness Jog Belt