Best Burette Reviews 2022

Measuring liquids with extreme accuracy may not be an everyday requirement, but if you’re working on an experiment or taking science lessons, you’ll know how important it is. A burette allows you to do just that, and we’ve researched five of the best from top brands so choosing one is as simple as reading our article!
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Our Top Choice
Corning Pyrex 10ml Dispensing Burette
Utilizing their vast experience in creating long glass objects for purposes of science, the folk working at Corning deliver high quality glassware across the board.
Class A rating. Colored measuring scale. Dust cover. Precise stopcock for control.
Not rated for advanced testing.
Scale Burette
10 ml
Borosilicate Glass
+/- 0.04 ml
560 mm
Best Value
SEOH Acrylic Burette with PTFE Stopcock
Thanks to their massive artisanship experience, the SEOH company has been responsible for some of the most impressive samples of lab equipment currently on the market!
Simple, sturdy acrylic glass build. Leak-proof stopcock. Accurate, easily read measurements.
Only for educational or simple use.
Scale Burette
100 ml
+/- 0.2 ml
610 mm
Brand Tech Titrette Bottletop Burette
Boasting a wide roster of various goods dedicated to laboratory tests and other experiments, the Brand Tech company pushes technology boundaries to produce great equipment.
Computer connection options. Large, easy-read digital display. Class A accuracy rating. Compact housing.
Steep price point.
Titrette Bottletop Burette
50 ml
Borosilicate Glass
+/- 0.1 ml
Telescoping Tube (170-330 mm)
Vee Gee Scientific Class A 10ml Burette
The Vee Gee Scientific business has been on top of its game for quite some time now when it comes to lab equipment production at reasonable price points.
Compact design with 10ml capacity. Borosilicate glass construction. Class A accuracy rating.
10ml is too small for many tasks.
Scale Burette
10 ml
Borosilicate Glass
+/- 0.02 ml
510 mm
Eisco Acrylic Burette with PTFE Stopcock
Eisco has a reputation for producing high-quality laboratory equipment and selling it abroad in over 80 countries.
Durable acrylic construction. 50ml capacity. 0.1ml graduation. Plastic plunger for safety.
Only really suitable for educational or basic purposes.
Scale Burette
50 ml
+/- 0.1 ml
101 mm

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What is the Best Burette?

If you need to measure volume, and need to do it using a reliable test-tube like contraption, we recommend you get yourself a burette! To see which one would be the best option for your needs, check out our top 5 reviews and make a confident choice.
Our Top Choice
The Corning Pyrex Dispensing Colored Scale Burette is an intricately designed piece of elongated glass perfect for schools and independent labs! For those of you who'd like to go pro with these, we recommend the Corning Pyrex Class A Burette!

Corning Pyrex Borosilicate Glass 10mL Dispensing Colored Scale Burette with Straight Bore PTFE Stopcock

For more than 160 years, the plucky Corning company has been powering through thick and thin to deliver a wide range of technical and scientific solutions to some of the trickiest problems in science. Specifically, they make cutting-edge instruments such as test tubes, vials, burettes, and other precise glassware.

The Corning Pyrex 2122A-10 is a simple and sturdy piece of lab glassware best used for testing in schools and institutional labs. Each of these comes with a permanently printed measurement scale, as well as a convenient dust cover for ensuring that no dodgy little particle compromises the measuring process!

The list of features for the Corning Pyrex 2122A-10 Burette:
  • Best Used for Schools and Laboratories
  • Supplied with a PTFE Stopcock
  • No Lubricant Contamination
  • Microfinish for a Precise Fit
  • Permanent Colored Scale
  • Dust Cover
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
So there you have it! Armed with one of these, you can measure the volume of a variety of liquids without ever worrying about compromising their cleanliness or otherwise endangering the scientific process.
Best Value
Featuring a simple design and tightly designated marks for easy readings, this SEOH Acrylic Burette is definitely a model worth checking out if you're into testing and experiments in general! If you'd like a model with a screw head stopcock, however, you can check out the SEOH Burette Rotaflo instead!

SEOH 100ml Accurately Graduated Acrylic Burette with PTFE Stopcock

Offering a wide range of products necessary for laboratory experiments, the SEOH company, short for Scientific Equipment of Houston, has made quite a name for itself in the field of scientific experiments. Whether you're dealing with some sort of industrial-scale testing of a new prototype your team of researchers has been working on, or just want to educate some youngster about the curious and exciting world of chemistry, your best bet of acquiring what you need would be to visit the SEOH web page. From test tubes and funnels to various sorts of burners, this retailer seems to have it all.

The SEOH Acrylic Burette, 100ml is a simple enough tube-like contraption that can make your measuring task a piece of cake! It's perfect for school and other educational environments, as it has a densely graduated mark (0.20 ml) as well as a fitted leak proof PTFE stopcock.

The SEOH Acrylic Burette- a list of the most prominent features:
  • Acrylic Burette
  • Accurately Graduated
  • Leak Proof PTFE Stopcock
  • Can be Filled with 100ml
As a product of a company that prides itself in producing one impressive lab-related product after another, this SEOH Acrylic Burette is a model that doesn't really need a special introduction. It’s simple, inexpensive, and does its job well. What's not to love?
With a sizeable easy-to-read display and a generous accuracy A rating, the Brand Tech Titrette Bottletop Burette can be a great choice for a true professional scientist. If you'd like an upgraded model of this one, check out their Polypropylene Titrette Bottletop Burette!

Brand Tech Borosilicate Glass 50mL Titrette Bottletop Burette with Titration and Recirculation Valve

The prospect of handling liquid, measuring it and especially making it stay in one place throughout the process of a scientific experiment can be quite an unsettling one if you don't have an appropriate instrument. Brand Tech Scientific Inc. answers this, dedicated to producing all kinds of gadgets and delicate contraptions one might need in a high-tech environment.

We're talking pipettes, microcentrifuge tubes, various plasticware, and even a pipette-wielding robot! What's more, you can also buy yourself or your colleague a cheeky 'lab rat' shirt, so they can enjoy their lab times with a new nuance of lightheartedness!

The Titrette Bottletop Burette enables you to work with a precision rate of 3 decimal places below 20 ml, which is quite an impressive stat, and also a useful one, if you're planning on achieving some results in the class A category of volume measuring!

The list of the most prominent properties pertaining to the Brand Tech Scientific Inc.'s Titrette Bottletop Burette:
  • Class A Precision
  • Compact Design
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable to Titrants up to 1mol/L
  • Screw Cap
  • Made of Borosilicate Glass
  • Easy Maintenance
Compared to other models we've featured so far, this Titrette Bottletop Burette coming from the Brand Tech folks is a true digital display-rockin' volume-measurin' behemoth (the price follows suit where the 'behemothness' is concerned, though). With one of these on your side, there’s no measurement too intricate!
When in dire need of a smallish burette for your vigorous lab shenanigans, get yourself a Vee Gee Scientific 10ml Class A Burrete, and measure away like a pro! .If you need a larger tool, check out the 50ml Class A alternative instead!

Vee Gee Scientific Class A 10ml Burette with PTFE Stopcocks & Permanent Markings

Established in the year of 1981, the Vee Gee Scientific company rose to prominence soon after releasing its first line of laboratory equipment, which sold like hot cakes among eager lab rats and school teachers alike! Whether it's simple glassware, containers made of porcelain, or some sort of high-end microscope you're in need of, chances are- the hard-working boys and girls at VG's have already produced it and are willing to sell it to you at an affordable price.

The Vee Gee Scientific Borosilicate Class A 10ml Burette is a highly successful burette model, and it prides itself on possessing a simple design reminiscent of those non-class A burettes, while actually belonging to this exclusive category of laboratory measuring tools! Also, its compact design enables the manufacturers to sell it for quite an affordable price!

The list of properties for the Vee Gee's Scientific Borosilicate Class A Burette:
  • Made from Schott Duran True-Bore Tubing
  • Comes with PTFE Stopcocks
  • The Burette Meets Class A Specifications
  • Permanent Markings
  • Easy-to-Read Numbers
Coming from a company specializing in making a wide variety of laboratory equipment, the Vee Gee Class A Burette can be a great solution for a small scale experiment which nevertheless requires top level accuracy of data. With its impressive numbers of ±0.02 ml, you can't really go wrong.
Boasting a simple construction and some well-marked numbers on its side, this Eisco model can be a great solution for a chemistry teacher's upcoming lessons! For a couple of bucks more, you may also get yourself the Class A 0.2ml Burette.

Eisco 50ml Acrylic Burette with PTFE Stopcock & 0.1ml Graduation

The story of Eisco starts over 45 years ago when it first saw the light of day as a small, family-owned business dedicated to creating lab equipment for educational purposes. Over time, however, and as their business started growing at a rapid pace, the company expanded further to cover a variety of other markets, and started delivering their sturdy fool-proof products to whoever was interested in buying them, from schools to big scientific centers across the globe! Nowadays, the Eisco leadership, as well as their numerous faithful employees, take great pride in the fact their products are successfully sold in over 85 countries.

As for the final entry on this list of top tier burettes, we're presenting you Eisco's take on this essential lab tool – the Acrylic Burette with PTFE Stopcock. This simply-designed acrylic contraption is completely leak-proof, comes with an easy-to-read line of numbers, and also has a PTFE plunger stopcock for good measure! It's as simple as it gets, and it does the job just fine.

The log of characteristics for the Eisco's PTFE Acrylic Burette:
  • Made of Durable Acrylic
  • Features a PTFE Stopcock
  • Completely Leak-Proof
  • 0.1ml Graduation
  • 50ml Capacity
  • Best Suited for Educational Purposes
If you happen to be in need of a simple measuring tool for educating a bunch of youngsters about the curious ways of chemistry, physics and other sciences, obtaining one of Eisco's burette models can be a great solution to start off your journeys into the unknown.

How Do I Choose the Best Burette?

Measuring liquid in its many states can be a tricky and at times rage-inducing task, especially if you’re not equipped for the job. To help you fix that, we’ve researched the five best burettes money can buy! A burette can join your collection of tools for experiments like a ph tester, an infrared thermometer and a stopwatch so you can carry out whatever liquid testing you need to. The world of burettes is quite diverse, and knowing a thing or two about them before you choose one can be a massive asset for an eager customer. In this section of our buying guide, we'll share our findings with you, and showcase the important features to pay attention to when buying your very own burette.

First of all, the material of the burette plays a major role in both its pricing and its prowess when it comes to measuring stuff and keeping it in place throughout the process. Usually, modern burettes are made out of either glass or acrylic, a plastic material which differs from glass in some key aspects. For example, a glass burette isn't as susceptible to scratches as the acrylic one, is somewhat clearer, but also more brittle than its acrylic counterpart. Acrylic burettes tend to be lighter and tougher than the glass variants, which may be good news for some of the clumsier lab rats out there!

The second parameter to look out for would be the measurement markings on a tube, as the density and clarity of the printed marks and symbols dictate how precisely you can measure. Pretty much all models on our list feature a well-painted permanent mark system with clearly-visible numbers, the only variation in this respect being the density of the individual marks.

Finally, a leak-proof design as well as the presence of a PTFE stopcock can be a great way to ensure your liquid of choice together with your measuring task won't be compromised, so do take that into consideration when buying yourself a burette!
Let's face it when you hear the phrase 'laboratory equipment', cheap is not really the first word that pops into your mind, and top tier burettes can cost well over a thousand dollars. That being said, obtaining a reasonably usable burette, in the sense that it gets the job done, doesn't necessarily mean your bank account will be permanently impoverished and can be done for less than $20 in some cases.

It's only when you want to get all digital and 'high-tech' that the price of your burette skyrockets to the point where you need government funding on your side to purchase it. Of course, the brand in question, as well as the size of the instrument itself play a certain role in the overall price, too, so if you're looking to save a couple of bucks, make sure to take these matters into consideration first!

As for cheap burettes, we suggest avoiding them, as we did. There’s a minimum standard of material and quality you need, or a burette’s purpose becomes moot.
The list of features to take into consideration when getting yourself your very own burette:
  • The Material for the Burette
  • The Size of the Burette
  • PTFE Stopcock
  • Graduation
  • The Degree of Precision (Class A or Lower)
  • Screw Cap
  • Meant for Educational or Professional Purposes
All in all, a class A burette might be a bit more expensive than those other ones, but it’s nevertheless worth having one around if you're about to conduct an important pro level experiment!
Construction and Design
One of the areas where burettes are quite straightforward is their design. What you get is an elongated glass or acrylic tube with some numbers printed on it, then a cap to make it dust proof, and voila! – you've got yourself a volume-measuring contraption of science and progress! Now, these would be your regular burettes you find in both educational and professional facilities, but of course, if you want to go all sci-fi, you can also find elaborate models featuring some full-blown LCD screens and automated reading! Whatever your burette of preference might be, make sure to get one from a certified retailer, to ensure the quality of the build.
Performance and Ease of Use
Once you've received your precious burette, there's not much you need to do in terms of setup. Just make sure it’s mounted vertically before filling it up with a liquid of your choice, and then reading the marks on it for some instant lab log-worthy numbers! After you've finished your task, and since these utensils are typically so brittle, make sure to wash them thoroughly and carefully, place them somewhere away from dust or moisture and Bob's your uncle!

Get the Best Burette of 2022!

In conclusion, all of the burettes we've chosen to include in this top 5 list are special and we don't let other burettes to EVER tell them otherwise! (Burette inter-bullying is a real problem that needs to be addressed ASAP) Jokes aside, whether you happen to be in need of a common burette for educational purposes or a top tier class A one for some of the more complex scientific tasks, we hope you found what you need right here in our top 5 list.

Our Top Choice
Corning Pyrex 10ml Dispensing Burette
Best Value
SEOH Acrylic Burette with PTFE Stopcock
Brand Tech Titrette Bottletop Burette
Vee Gee Scientific Class A 10ml Burette
Eisco Acrylic Burette with PTFE Stopcock