Best Butterfly House Reviews 2023

Would you believe that there are over 20,000 species of butterflies in the world? Hosting these beautiful creatures is a welcome addition to your home and will help make a statement that you are an ardent nature lover. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of products from some of the best butterfly house brands in the market that’ll help you revamp your garden.
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Our Top Choice
Nature Gift Store Giant Round Butterfly House
Nature Gift House is an online store that provides unique and quality nature themed products at an affordable price.
29’’ tall; extra large space for many butterflies; natural looking; appropriate number of slots; removable bottom for easy placing of twigs.
Huge size requires a lot of garden space
Round-shaped, removable bottom
Extra large
Best Value
Backyard Safari Butterfly Habitat
Backyard Safari creates outdoor products for kids, allowing them to explore and bond with nature.
Lightweight and easily portable; airy mesh for up-close butterfly viewing; caterpillar friendly; expandable up to 15 inches; collapsible for easy storage.
Design requires modification for easy cleaning.
Expandable & collapsible
Round-shaped, removable top
Heartwood Mademoiselle Butterfly House
20 years ago, Heartwood was started by two talented brothers who had a passion for creating unique and effective wood products.
Handcrafted for an authentic look; includes screw-on post; durable shingle roof; removable top for easy cleaning; copper trim on roof.
Doesn’t house a large number of butterflies
Rests on screw-on post
Rectangular, removable top
Gardener’s Supply Company Woven Bamboo Butterfly House
Gardener’s Supply Company was founded in 1983 to encourage people around its environs to apply sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods.
Made of 100% natural bamboo; well-ventilated and porous; well-sized & narrow slots; includes hanging loop; unique and popular design.
A perch would’ve been a nice addition
Tear-drop shape, removable sides
Toysmith Paint-A-Butterfly House
Toysmith was started to help children learn through a fun and playful way that allows for exploration and creativity.
Allows for personalization; cute design; made using treated wood; features ventilation slots and removable lid.
Not enough paint for your child’s wild imagination
Rectangular, removable top

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What is the Best Butterfly House?

From the material used to make the butterfly house to the capacity of the habitat, there are various things to consider when buying a butterfly habitat. Let’s continue exploring more pointers to help you with your purchase.
Our Top Choice
The Nature Gift Store Giant Round Butterfly House stands tall at 29 inches, which makes for enough room to shield a great number of butterflies from bad weather right in your garden. Don’t have much space for such a huge butterfly house? How about the smaller Nature Gift Store 10 Inch Round Butterfly House instead?

Nature Gift Store 29-Inch Round-Shaped Butterfly House

The Washington-based Nature Gift Store has provided nature lovers with an impressive range of quality and nature-friendly products. Whether you’re a young kid or a senior, this brand has something for you that’ll help you bond with nature. Are you looking to give your ladybugs, frogs, ants, worms or butterflies a place to call home? Then the Nature Gift Store is the place for you!

One of its outstanding products is the Giant Round Butterfly House, which was designed for butterfly lovers with an insatiable appetite for these flying beauties. This enormous house stands tall at 29 inches and will definitely stand out in your garden. Such a magnificent home will attract a large number of butterflies into your garden as they seek shelter from harsh weather.

What else does this butterfly house have in store? Here’s more:
  • Made using treated natural wood, making it last for years
  • Has adequately sized slots for butterflies’ entry & exit
  • Removable bottom allowing you to place twigs inside and easy cleaning
  • Allows you to add a PVC pole inside through its bottom
  • Has an attractive and natural looking design
  • Round shaped with a wide diameter of 6.5 inches
  • Designed for outdoor use
Best Value
The Backyard Safari Adventure Butterfly Habitat has an airy mesh that allows your kid to closely admire the beauty of butterflies flying around in it. Do you prefer a smaller sized butterfly house for your little champ? We believe that you’ll love the Backyard Safari Mini Pop-up Habitat that expands up to 8 inches.

Backyard Safari Adventures Expandable and Collapsible Butterfly Habitat

Backyard Safari is all about giving your little adventurer authentic products meant to help them explore nature. Whether your little buddy loves hosting playmates in the backyard or just gets excited by collecting tiny creatures, this brand has something for such adventures. As part of the Apex Brands family, Backyard Safari lives up to the professionalism associated with this reputable name. It offers affordable gear to help your little adventurer go for a ‘safari’ at the beach, in your backyard or even at the park.

Is your little one obsessed with monarchs or any other type of butterfly? Then the Backyard Safari Adventure Butterfly Habitat is a welcome addition to their large collection of toys. This child-friendly butterfly house is perfect for a kid who wants to observe butterflies grow right from the caterpillar stage. It’s not a wonder to find your kid endlessly kneeling beside it, eagerly waiting for the caterpillar to transform into a beautiful butterfly!

These are the features that this butterfly habitat offers:
  • An airy and long-lasting mesh for up-close butterfly viewing
  • Light in weight with a handle for easy carrying
  • Includes a patch to attach to kid’s backpack
  • Expandable height of up to 15 inches
  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • A lid for easy access and release of butterflies
  • Includes an adventure guide to help your kid with butterfly explorations
  • Ideal for boys & girls aged 5 years plus
The handcrafted Heartwood Mademoiselle Butterfly House stands tall on a screw-on post, making it a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Not feeling this design? We believe that you’ll dig the Heartwood Flutterbye Butterfly House that boasts of a pointed copper roof and a much roomier capacity.

Heartwood Petite Mademoiselle Butterfly House with Copper Trim

The Mississippi-based company Heartwood was started about 20 years ago by two brothers who had a passion for artistic creations. Originally, the two brothers, Jerry and Larry, used to build fantastic homes, but after a successful display of their lovely birdhouses at an international fair in Atlanta, Heartwood was born. Due to the exceptional craftsmanship of its products, Heartwood has gotten a large following of customers who adore its birdhouses, bee hives as well as other wooden wares. Heartwood employs quality staff and the team operates at a high level of professionalism, respect and friendship.

Heartwood’s Mademoiselle Butterfly House is a smaller version of its Madame Butterfly House, which was much larger in size. The Mademoiselle Butterfly House is designed for those that want to attract these beautiful winged creatures into their garden but have limited space. The house stands out since it’s not only masterly crafted but also rests nicely on a screw-on post that’s included in the package.

What are the features of this beautiful lady-like habitat? Here they are:
  • Durable handcrafted shingles roof
  • The rooftop is detachable for easy cleaning
  • Made using quality and treated cypress wood
  • Slots to allow butterflies to fly in and out
  • Copper accents on the edges add to its beauty
Is this pop of yellow not doing for you? Don’t worry. The Mademoiselle Butterfly House is also available in red, green, white, and gray.
The Gardener’s Supply Company Woven Bamboo Butterfly House is made of 100% natural bamboo that’s not only porous but also well-ventilated, providing a cozy home for these lovely winged pollinators. Are you looking for an alternative way to attract butterflies to your garden? How about enticing them using the Gardener’s Supply Company Butterfly Feeder instead?

Gardener’s Supply Company Enticing Woven Bamboo Butterfly Habitat

Gardener’s Supply Company is based in Vermont and prides itself on being 100% owned by its hardworking employees. Its founder and current chairman, Will Raap, has a passion for the environmental sustainability which is what the company is all about. This brand operates on three principles that have made the successful company it is today. One of them is its unrelenting customer service that allows you to give feedback, whether positive or negative, about your experience with them. Another is that its staff is thoroughly motivated since their hard work is generously rewarded through owning stocks in the company. Third but not least is the company’s dedication to sound farming practices that will keep the planet running for generations to come.

True to its dedication to eco-friendly farming practices, the Gardener’s Supply Company Woven Bamboo Butterfly House is made using 100% natural bamboo. The material is intricately woven to provide a beautiful shelter for all types of butterflies. The use of bamboo is by design since the material is porous, allowing the house to shed water in case it rains. This good-looking material is also well-ventilated, allowing air to circulate freely inside the butterfly house.

Here’s more about this eco-friendly butterfly house:
  • A metallic loop to help you hang it
  • Narrow slots to keep away predators
  • Shaped in an elegant tear drop design
  • Allowance to place twigs for the butterflies to roost
  • Offers shelter against harsh weather elements
  • Enticing to pollinators hence adding value to your garden
The Toysmith Paint-A-Butterfly House has a paint brush and three fun primary colors that allow your child to personalize it as they exercise their imagination. Does your little one love birds instead? Help them explore their imagination by getting them the Toysmith Paint-A-Birdhouse Kit.

Toysmith Fully Assembled Paint A Butterfly House — Available in Packs of 1 or 2

Bill and Nancy Smith founded Toysmith in their garage out of their vision to provide kids with fun filled learning tools that allow them to explore their imagination. Since 1981, their humble company has grown remarkably, earning a reputation of having quality products and is respected by its peers in the toy industry. As much as the founding couple has retired, their enthusiastic team continues their dream of providing kids with toys that let them be creative and explore their imagination.

One such toy is the Toysmith Paint-A-Butterfly House that doubles up as cute habitat for your kids’ beautiful monarchs. This fancy butterfly house comes with a paintbrush and 3 colors that can be mixed up allowing your child to paint and come up with creative designs. Such personalization is a perfect way to engage your child and help them bond with nature.

Here’s more to this unique monarch house:
  • Made using safe and treated wood
  • Has ventilation slots to keep it airy
  • Removable lid for easy cleaning
  • Has a chain to help hang it
  • Comes already assembled
  • Sturdily built to last for ages
  • Stands tall at 9.25 inches

How Do I Choose the Best Butterfly House?

Did you know a cluster of butterflies is called a kaleidoscope? Well, now you do! If there are two winged creatures that fascinate people by the beauty of their artistic bodies it’s ladybugs and butterflies. Just how magical is it that at one moment a tiny caterpillar is crawling on the ground and the next minute it transforms into a beautiful wonder of nature in the form of a butterfly! Butterflies, just like any other living creature, need a home, which is why you can have them flocking into your garden by having a butterfly house in it.

As more and more people adopt collecting butterflies as a hobby, various brands are coming up with different designs to house these magnificent creatures. Just like having a bonsai tree adds a natural look to your house, so does a butterfly house make a statement in your garden. Butterflies aren’t only beautiful to look at, but also act as pollinators. Therefore, placing a butterfly habitat next to your cold frame isn’t a bad idea at all!

That said, there are a few things you need to look out for in order to get the best butterfly house for your home. One is that the material used to make the house should be eco-friendly — after all, you’re trying to create a natural home for the monarchs of nature. Another important consideration is the presence of ventilations in order to keep the house full of oxygen. All in all, whether you hang the butterfly house on a tree in your garden or place it near your fence, its presence will display to the world that you love nature and care about the environment.
Unlike your mortgage or monthly rent, providing a home for butterflies to live in doesn’t have to make a dent in your pocket. The price of butterfly houses is relatively inexpensive, ranging between $10 and $80. In this range, you’ll find quality habitats made using eco-friendly materials such as treated wood and bamboo. There are also houses above this price range that are more high end which are often customized and made with highly durable hard woods such as mahogany and ebony.

Getting a cheap butterfly house, on the other hand, may not be a good idea, because such houses often lack ventilations to let air into them which isn’t fair to the butterflies. Such houses are also not sturdily built, hence they easily fall apart after just a short while. Just like you love a cozy home with free and fresh air, so do these beautiful and colorful creations.
Here are the features to look out for before adding a butterfly house to your shopping cart:
  • Type — There are two common types of butterfly houses designed for home use: free-standing houses or those that require to hang on a post or tree branch.
  • Design — Butterfly houses come in various designs that include a round shaped house with a lid on top or a rectangular shape with slots on the side.
  • Size — The size of the butterfly house depends on how much space you have in your garden since there are those ideal for a small space while others require a large space.
  • Material — Eco-friendly materials are recommended for constructing a butterfly house such as treated wood and bamboo.
  • Capacity — Do you have an insatiable appetite for monarchs? Then you need to get a bigger butterfly house which can house a large number of butterflies.
Construction and Design
Butterfly houses are designed differently, naturally depending on the manufacturer. You may find some that are sturdily built using treated wood such as cypress while others are made using a plastic mesh. For the wooden designs, they often have sizeable slots on the sides which keep the houses well-ventilated as well as keep predators at bay. Another common design is one which can be expanded to a certain height in order to place your butterflies. It can also be collapsed for easy storage.

Some of the high-end butterfly houses have roof tops made using shingles that give such habitats an authentic look. Depending on the design, you may find some houses that are free standing while others require hanging on a tree using a loop. It’s important that a butterfly house is made using eco-friendly and attractive materials that’ll have monarchs flocking to your garden. A perch can also be present, or even twigs to allow your butterflies to roost in their cozy home away from harsh weather elements.
Performance and Ease of Use
Using a butterfly house is pretty easy since all you have to do is set it up in your garden and wait for the butterflies. These habitats require minimal assembly and the good ones come with instructions on how to go about the setting up. For those that aren’t free-standing and require hanging, a metal hook may be provided to facilitate such an installation. Others may feature a screw-on post on which the house rests.

Cleaning the house depends on the design of the house, but most feature a removable roof that easily detaches, allowing you access. You may have to constantly remove the dry twigs or barks placed inside the house and replace them with fresh cuts in order to maintain a lively and secure home. All in all, butterfly houses are a worthy addition to your garden and will help shield these lovely creatures when the weather outside is hardly favorable.

Get the Best Butterfly House of 2023!

Hopefully, you found this review helpful and you’re now in a better position to get the best butterfly house for your garden or patio. Not there yet? Don’t worry; these expert brands have many other options that’ll help you attract large clusters of butterflies into your space.

Our Top Choice
Nature Gift Store Giant Round Butterfly House
Best Value
Backyard Safari Butterfly Habitat
Heartwood Mademoiselle Butterfly House
Gardener’s Supply Company Woven Bamboo Butterfly House
Toysmith Paint-A-Butterfly House