Best C Clamp Reviews 2023

Are you looking for a C-clamp to help you stabilize your working surface? The many models on the market can make picking the right C-clamp a hassle. Therefore, we’ve researched five top C-clamp brands on the market, showcasing a model from each to help you find a suitable clamp for your specific job.
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Jaw Opening
Our Top Choice
TEKTON Malleable Iron C-Clamp
TEKTON builds strong and powerful tools such as wrenches, punches and hammers for both DIY and professional use.
Easy to use and versatile. Strong and durable. Applies pressure evenly. Provides optimal handle leverage. Powerful and dependable.
Quite big and heavy.
I-beam design
12 inches
Non-slip low impact grip
Malleable iron
Enamel finish
Best Value
CH Hanson Long Reach C-Clamp
Founded in 1866, CH Hanson boasts of at least 150 years of successful business in making premium tools in a multitude of different industries.
Self-adjusts so it requires no knobs. Works with varying pressures. Lightweight, durable & easy-to-use. Offers consistent grip.
Not ideal for high clamping power jobs
Self-adjusting, long reach
19 inches
Non-slip texture grip
Chrome finish
Kant Twist Deep Throat Jaw C Clamp
Founded in 1973, Kant Twist is a popular American company that manufactures premium multipurpose clamps for people who know what they’re doing.
Powerful, durable and versatile. 3-in-1 design. Easy-to-use. Compact for easy storage. Rugged construction.
More expensive than most C-clamps.
Deep-throat jaws
10 inches
Non-slip strong grip
Tensile steel
Stainless steel finish
Bessey Double Jaws DHCC C Clamp
Bessey is a family-owned German company founded in 1889 and today it manufactures at least 1300 distinguished hand tools for wood and metal work.
Distributes force over a large area. Has a durable alloy cast frame. Easy to use, comes in a compact design. Affordable.
Not ideal for heavy duty clamping jobs
Double jaws
6 inches
Double non-slip grip
Malleable iron
Powder coat finish
IRWIN 100 Series C Clamp
IRWIN was founded in 1885 to manufacture professional power and hand tools and accessories for trade professionals everywhere.
Reduces hand fatigue. Supports stability & prevents scratches. Affordable. Ideal for all kinds of clamping jobs.
Chips and rusts easily.
Regular throat
4 inches
Non-slip quick grip
Enamel finish

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What is the Best C Clamp?

Choose a C-clamp with the right clamping capacity to suit your intended job application. The best C-clamps are sturdy and built from strong metals such as steel to withstand varying pressure on different application areas. Find out if one of our recommended c clamps is what you need by going through our buying guide and product reviews.
Our Top Choice
The TEKTON Malleable Iron C-Clamp is made of the toughest materials and has an adjustable jaw opening of up to 12 inches for powerful performance and versatile use. It’s dependable, ensuring that gluing, assembly, welding or fastening parts stay where you secure them. If you want a similar C-Clamp, but one that’s lighter with a smaller jaw opening for working with smaller parts, opt for the TEKTON 6-Inch Malleable Iron C-Clamp. It’s also versatile, durable and leverages your hand position on the handle.

TEKTON 12-Inch Malleable Iron C-Clamp — Available in 9 Sizes

TEKTON aims at manufacturing premium hand tools based on standardized quality to give you the best experience and consistent results. The company backs all of its tools with a warranty and money-back guarantee, with the former offering protection from manufacturing faults. As a family-owned business, TEKTON ensures that all its tools are tested and inspected before being released. Furthermore, it uses top quality materials to meet each of its customers’ needs.

The TEKTON Malleable Iron C-Clamp is made of the toughest materials, giving it the strength and robustness you need in your clamp to work on varied part-securing jobs. This clamp comes in an I-beam design, which ensures that your tool isn’t just strong enough to withstand the intensity of your jobs, but is also agile to support easy movement when working.

The tool also ensures that your tasks glide easily without sticking, thanks to its Acme-threaded screw. At the top of the screw lies a ball and socket joint that holds the swivel jaw pad. With this joint, the pad distributes pressure evenly due to the low-resistance joint beneath it. You don’t need special skills to use this C-clamp because the sliding T-handle offers a comfortable grip and the best leverage of the handle so you can use it from multiple positions. The Malleable Iron C-Clamp comes in 9 total sizes, from the compact 1-inch clamp to the featured 12-inch model.

Here are a few other TEKTON C-clamps you might like:
  • TEKTON Heavy Duty C Clamp — in a set of 3
  • TEKTON Swivel Pad Locking C Clamp — 18-inch jaw opening
  • TEKTON Mini C-Clamp — in a set of 3
Best Value
The CH Hanson Long Reach C-Clamp is automatic and works with varying pressure. It’s constructed in a durable steel body with a molybdenum chrome finish. Do you prefer a self-adjusting C-clamp with a smaller jaw opening, swivel pads and short-reach capability? Opt for the CH Hanson 7-Inch Self-Adjusting C-Clamp with a shorter throat depth and jaw opening for clamping jobs within reach.

CH Hanson 19” Long Reach C-Clamp with Swivel Pads — Available in 6 Sizes

CH Hanson has been in business for more than a century, and is particularly known for manufacturing one-of-a-kind hand tools. It focuses on designing tools that aren’t just of top quality, but simplifies jobs for professionals in various sectors. The company also manufactures custom-made products to suit the unique needs of some of its customers. With constant innovations, CH Hanson has successfully shaken the industry with tools like no other.

The CH Hanson Long Reach C-Clamp is built to self-adjust, meaning it automatically locks on various objects without the need of using a knob. This makes it easier for you to work on different jobs, changing from one piece-size to another. Whatever job you’re working on, this clamp can allow you to set a desired clamp pressure as it’s built to withstand varying pressure levels from slight to extreme.

What’s more, your C-clamp is intelligent enough to remember your last settings for the next job in case you need to use the same pressure settings. You don’t have to use both hands when handling this clamp as it comes with ergonomic handles to enable you use one hand with ease. The C-clamp’s release lever mechanism is also easy to engage as it supports easy squeezing to bring the jaws together, and vice versa.

Don’t worry about your hands getting pinched because the manufacturer has taken care of this with the anti-pinch flare built onto the lever to protect you. The non-slip texture grip ensures that you can hold the c-clamp easily without your hands slipping while working. The chrome finish on the steel frame adds to the clamp’s durability without increasing its weight. This C-clamp comes in 6 other designs and 6 other sizes, so if you need a needle nose clamp or a smaller long-reach model, CH Hanson has you covered.
The Kant Twist Deep Jaw C-Clamp is built with a high capacity of up to 3500 pounds and offers a great grip for use on un-parallel surfaces. It works as a deep, parallel, and C-clamp in a single design. If you want a similar clamp, but with a lower holding capacity at a more cost-effective price, opt for the Kant Twist Universal Clamp. It has a smaller jaw opening of one inch and a capacity of 350 pounds.

Kant Twist 10” Deep Throat Jaw Opening C Clamp — Available in 4 Sizes

Kant Twist is a family-owned business that’s been in operation for decades, meaning that it’s been in the industry long enough to know what tradesmen look for in their tools and provides them with precisely that. The company is popular for its heavy duty, multipurpose clamps designed for industrial use. The company targets metal, automotive, welding and construction industries with its range of powerful professional-grade tools.

Built for large-scale industrial application in busy workshops, the Kant Twist Deep Jaw C-Clamp has a capacity of about 3500 pounds. This makes it ideal for use in heavy-duty application areas. Constructed from tensile steel, you can expect this clamp to last your company years of use. Whether you’re working on parallel or un-parallel surfaces, this is your go-to clamp; this is especially thanks to the free-floating jaws, which easily adjust in order for you to work on un-parallel surfaces.

What makes this clamp ideal for welding is the fact that it has its jaws, handles and screws built from copper. Since the screw is padded to prevent your working parts or surface from getting in direct contact with the clamp, you can be confident that the clamp won’t distort the surface whatsoever. Moreover, the clamp is built to give a firm, non-slip grip for a stable working surface, which increases your job accuracy, efficiency and productivity. In addition to the featured 10” D model, this clamp also comes in 2 1/2” D, 4 1/2” D, and 6” D sizes.

Here are a few other Kant Twist clamps you might like:
  • Kant Twist Standard T Handle Clamp — up to 12 inches clamping capacity
  • Kant Twist Multipurpose T Handle Clamp — 2000-pound holding capacity
  • Kant Twist Hold Down Clamp — ideal for drilling presses
The Bessey Double Jaws DHCC C-Clamp is built with double pressure points at the top for light duty clamping applications in crafts, hobbies and light trades. It features a sturdy frame with non-marring pads for protection of your working parts and surfaces. However, if you prefer a malleable C-clamp with a smaller jaw opening and in a different design for deep reach use, opt for the Bessey 3-Inch Malleable Deep Reach C Clamp. It has a swivel pad for easy adjustment to different surfaces and is built for light DIY and general purpose jobs.

Bessey Double Jaws Double Headed C Clamp with Two Pressure Points

Bessey is a renowned manufacturer of world-class tools in North America. The company made its first set of malleable cast iron clamps in 1936 and later introduced the steel variations in 1952. With its products retailing in at least one hundred countries worldwide, the company boasts of over 1300 different clamps for metal and wood work. It also uses innovative technologies to produce highly functional tools.

The Bessey Double Jaws DHCC C Clamp is built with two fixed jaws at the top to ease your clamping jobs by ensuring that any force or pressure exerted is evenly distributed. Soft pads are included on the two jaws and the spindle to protect your working surface from getting scratched up. What’s more, the jaws and spindle clutch against your working surface to create a double non-slip grip. This ensures that your clamping jobs are stabilized, hence you’ll be able to complete them more quickly without compromising any quality.

Constructed in an alloy cast frame, this C-clamp is sturdy and durable to withstand use on light duty clamping jobs. You can expect to use this clamp for many years as it can withstand regular use. The frame is given a powder finish to ensure it’s completely smooth so you don’t get your hands cut, in addition to increasing the clamp’s strength. You can also be sure that your hands won’t slide off the clamp while working.

Here are a few other Bessey C-clamps you might like:
  • Bessey 3-Inch Malleable C Clamp — 3 x 2 inches
  • Bessey Drop Forged C Clamp — 12 x 5-3/4 inches, black oxide spindle
  • Bessey Quick Release C Clamp — 3 inches
The IRWIN 100 Series C-Clamp features a double-rolled thread to help you do your clamping jobs faster on a stable surface without causing any scratches. The longer handle allows you to leverage it for faster action. Opt for the IRWIN Deep Throat Quick-Grip C Clamp if you want a tool that works on both large and small projects. It has a larger swivel pad for increased stability and will leave your working surface scratch-free.

IRWIN Quick-Grip C Clamp — Available in 9 Sizes

IRWIN understands that trade professionals are in need of durable tools built for superior performance. It strives to ensure that it meets it customers’ varied needs. With an auger bit as its first product, the company has grown over the years and currently boasts of a significant product portfolio ranging from saw blades and bar clamps to locking tools. The company is also continuously enhancing its products not just to improve productivity, but also to meet users’ evolving needs.

The IRWIN C Clamp is your ideal tool if you want to get your clamping jobs completed faster without spending a lot of cash. It comes with a large swivel pad to stabilize your working surface quickly without leaving scratches on it. This C-clamp is also the one for you if you’re concerned about your hands getting tired. Thanks to its efficient design you can easily apply great pressure on the long handle for prolonged work without your hands getting weary and sore.

You can use this clamp on surfaces of up to three inches thick. It also has a clamping capacity of four inches and weighs just 2.2 pounds. This means that the C-clamp is lightweight for prolonged use. However, it also means that it’s only ideal for light duty clamping tasks at home such as DIY projects. If you want a bigger, as well as a smaller, C-clamp, this model comes in a total of 9 different sizes, including two deep throat variants.

Here are a few other IRWIN c clamps to consider:
  • IRWIN Vise-Grip Original Locking C Clamp — with swivel pads, 11 inches
  • IRWIN Vise-Grip Locking C Clamp — regular tip, fast release, 6 inches
  • IRWIN Vise-Grip C Clamp — swivel pads

How Do I Choose the Best C Clamp?

Running a workshop or an auto shop or working as a trades professional can be challenging; more often than not you’ll be required to hold parts, cut pieces to size, loosen nuts and bolts, or join pieces together. C-clamps have a wide range of uses in carpentry and metal work. If you’re a welder, plumber, fabricator, carpenter, mechanic or simply a DIY enthusiast, you know that the best C-clamp comes in handy when you need to hold large or heavy pieces.

With a good C-clamp, you’re able to hold a piece onto your working surface so that it doesn’t move as you work on it. This increases your efficiency as you’re able to complete the task at hand faster. With the piece held in place, you can also be able to work accurately as you get to work on a more stable surface. A C-clamp also allows you to work in an ergonomically comfortable stance, which means that you’re able to avoid the kind of health problems that could occur as a result of working in awkward positions.

C-clamps also ensure that your working surface is safe, and can easily increase your productivity, especially when a lot of work needs to be done. They’re also versatile and can be used for various other reasons around the home. For instance, you can use them on bookshelves as rustic bookends to keep your books upright.

Just like an adjustable wrench, a bypass lopper and a hammer, C-clamps are built with long handles to reduce hand fatigue. You can also use C-clamps to carry things around your workshop by using them as handles. They also find use as garage door fasteners when you intend to travel and be away for a long period. Decide whether you want an automatic or a manual C-clamp before making any purchase and make sure your choice can fit in your tool box.

This is a review of both self-adjusting and manual C-clamps. We hope it can help you find the best tool for your clamping jobs, regardless of the trade you work in.
C-clamps come in different prices depending on the size and design. The price is also determined by the material used in the construction of the clamp and the finishing. Heavy duty C-clamps for big projects cost more than light duty ones that can be used for light home projects. Self-adjusting C-clamps are also more costly than their manual counterparts. Be on the lookout for cheap C-clamps that won’t be able to last long, especially when you need one for regular use.

Poor quality C-clamps are made of soft materials that cannot withstand the work that a C-clamp is subjected to. Therefore, you’ll end up spending more when you have to get a replacement for the broken tool. Invest in a C-clamp that can withstand the kind of job you intend to subject it to. If you’re a professional, buy a C-clamp you’ll use for many years and ensure it’s versatile for use in varied applications. You’ll find them in a price range of $10 to $130.
While buying a C-clamp, the biggest consideration is its durability and robustness. You need a clamp that can hold all the different sizes of objects that you need to work on. It should also be built to withstand different conditions such as rust and welding sparks. Whereas some C-clamps are built for light use and others for heavy use, there are also those with deep throats meant to handle a variety of project sizes.

Here are some of the features to look for in a good C-clamp:
  • Long handle for great pressure and less effort
  • Hard casting material or drop-forged frames for durable construction
  • High quality finish for durability and safe use
  • Sliding T-handle for firm, non-slip use
  • Copper screws for fastening jobs
  • The right clamping capacity suitable for your application area
  • Strong materials to withstand welding sparks
With the right C-clamp, you’ll be able to work on different surfaces and objects with varying widths without compromising performance and tiring your hands.
Construction and Design
Design — C-clamps are built in different designs to suit various application needs. Choose a design suitable for your application area. You can either have a deep reach C-clamp or a regular one. With a deep reach design, you can move further into the pieces that are being held together. On the other hand, regular designs can allow you to hold more pieces depending on the clearance of the jaws.

Choose a design that allows you to reach the pieces or objects where you want to. This is really important especially when you’re gluing two parts together and need to apply pressure on them at different positions so that they can join properly. A deep reach clamp also allows you to hold on to pieces that are irregularly shaped.

Jaw opening — The jaw opening of a c clamp determines how thick your pieces can be. If your work requires holding big pieces together, you’ll need to buy a clamp that can open up to accommodate your pieces. Most C-clamps open up from two to eight inches. A C-clamp with a big jaw opening is the most favorable because it’ll give you more clearance when you need to hold on to big pieces.

Grip – The C-clamp you choose should be able to give you a great grip for the pieces that you intend to hold. Remember to stop when the clamp tightens to avoid destroying the pieces you’re working on. You can use small pieces of scrap wood between the jaws of the clamp and the piece you intend to hold to minimize damages.

However, some C-clamps come with soft pads to prevent the marring of your surfaces. The threads of the screw handle should be strong enough to provide a tight grip on the pieces being worked on.

Material — The material used to make the C-clamp should be able to withstand the elements and the force it’ll be exposed to. The best materials are usually steel, iron, aluminum and copper. The material used should also be able to withstand sparks from welding. Finally, it should be resistant to rust, and of course it shouldn’t fold up when being struck by something.

Finish — The finishing determines the durability of the clamp. A good finish enhances the strength and toughness of the material. The best finishes include forged or heating, zinc plating, powder or enamel coating, and many others. Look out for a C-clamp with a superb finish so that it can serve you a long time and resist the elements it’s subjected to in the workshop.
Performance and Ease of Use
The handle of the C-clamp should be long enough to allow you to turn the screw with ease. Look for a sliding handle so that you can move it easily and work effectively from different positions. Consider a clamp with a copper screw, especially if you intend to use the clamp to hold parts for welding. Make sure the tip of the screw is covered with a soft pad to resist the impact on the pieces or working surface to reduce damages.

Lightweight clamps are easy to carry around and use with brittle pieces. When the C-clamp’s screw moves with ease, you can easily hold the parts onto your working surface. Some manufacturers use distinct colors on the clamps so that they’re easy to identify in a tool box or workshop full of equipment. Whichever C-clamp you opt for, make sure it’s strong, sturdy and durable, but also affordable; you shouldn’t have to invest your life savings in order to get a simple C-clamp!

Get the Best C Clamp of 2023!

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a professional tradesman, there’s a C-clamp out there designed to meet your specific needs. We hope that this review of some of the best C-clamps around was helpful and that you were able to find the type of clamp you needed. In case you need something different, check out our other tool reviews.

Our Top Choice
TEKTON Malleable Iron C-Clamp
Best Value
CH Hanson Long Reach C-Clamp
Kant Twist Deep Throat Jaw C Clamp
Bessey Double Jaws DHCC C Clamp
IRWIN 100 Series C Clamp