Best Cable Tie Reviews 2022

It’s easy to mentally bundle cable ties into one big category – after all, they’re just a bunch of looping, self-locking strips of plastic, right? But how much difference can it make to choose one type of cable ties over the other? It’s a lot! Cable stripes differ greatly in functionality and effectiveness based on the material, size, construction, temperature ratings, and so much more. That’s why we’ve reviewed five of the best cable tie brands that you can rely on, depending on your applications.
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Our Top Choice
Cable Matters 200 Self-Locking Cable Ties
Cable Matters offer unrivaled quality when it comes to all your technological supplies and solutions.
Used in various indoor applications. Easily increase tensile strength. Does not snag in tight spaces. Large 200 pack. Black and white ties included.
Smaller ties not as strong as expected
6 x 0.1” / 8 x 0.19” / 12 x 0.19”
200 pack
Mixed black and white
Best Value
Velcro One-Wrap Thin Ties
Velcro is an international brand that dominates when it comes to securing and fastening objects. Whether that’s for clothing, decoration or building, they’ve got you covered.
Reusable and adjustable. Wraps onto itself, providing a secure hold. Slotted head helps the strap to stay with the cord and not get lost.
Difficult to separate the ties from each other.
8 x 1.5 inches
25, 50 or 100 pack
Avantree Reusable Cable Ties
Avantree focuses on producing high-quality electronics, however they also appreciate that with electronics, come annoying, tangling cables that need to be organized.
Reusable. Mixed pack with 10, 6 and 5-Inch lengths. Colorful or black options available. Choose a pack of 20 or 50.
Poor adhesion in isolated cases
5 x 0.5” / 6 x 0.6” / 10 x 0.8”
20 or 50 pack
Fabric material
Black, white, blue, pink, yellow
TR Industrial Multipurpose Cable Ties
TR Industrial is the originator of new generation tools. The company specializes in manufacturing power tools that exceed industry quality standards, at affordable prices.
50 lbs tensile strength. Very flexible. Excellent grip. Pack of 100. 8-Inch long is suitable for multiple uses.
Tends to become brittle in the sun
8 x 1.969 inches
100 pack
Nylon 6/6
Joy Fish TIE-N-LOCK Cable Ties
Joy Fish not only provides their customers with high quality products, but excellent service and reasonable prices too!
Strong. Affordable. Comes in a pack of 100. Secure hold. 8-Inch length is suitable for various tasks. Max loading is 8kg.
Isolated complaints that they may break easily upon use
7.8 x 0.087 inches
100 pack
Nylon 6/6

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What is the Best Cable Tie?

For many people, a cable tie is just a quick way to secure or tie items like cables down. But, did you know that cable ties are not made equal? So, how do you differentiate the good and the bad? The best cable ties are made from high-quality materials like virgin nylon and are highly flexible. However, a small amount of reground nylon wouldn’t hurt and the costs will be lower. With this information in hand, dive straight to our individual reviews and pick cable ties that suit your needs and budget.
Our Top Choice
The Cable Matters (Combo Pack) 200 Self-Locking Cable Ties are light & medium duty single-use ties with rounded edges designed for various indoor applications. Looking for more color options? Go for the Cable Matters 200 Self-Locking 8-Inch Nylon Cable Ties that come in Black, White, Orange, and Blue

Cable Matters (Combo Pack) Black & White 200 Self-Locking Nylon Cable Ties - 6, 8 & 12-Inch

Cable Matters is scaling the heights in providing technological supplies and solutions with great innovative accessories like cable ties. The company doesn’t stop at producing some of the most innovative solutions. They also educate their clients on the best product offerings on cable solutions for optimal utilizations of various devices.

The Cable Matters Self-Locking nylon cable ties come is various sizes ranging from 6, 8, to 12 inches long. They are great for securing small components like organizing home theater cables and other audio, video, or Ethernet cables. Designed for small, medium, and large diameter cables for indoor use, these ties can easily double the tensile stress by incorporating two or more ties in a single row.

If you’re worried about how you’ll keep your ties useful for long-term use, the package comes with a convenient storage unit with a lifetime warranty to give you the deserved peace of mind. The packs of 200 ties come in re-sealable containers to make storage easier and more convenient.

Other features that come with these cable ties include:
  • Lightweight medium-duty ties for indoor home, office, workshop, or garage use. The white and black colors allow for some color coding or variations to suit your indoor decors.
  • The rounded edge design provides easy handling and prevents the ties from snagging in tight spaces.
  • Tensile strengths of 17 lb or 48 lb provide decent support but the strength can be improved by using two or more ties in a row.
  • The ties are made with fire resistant materials, making them applicable in relatively high temperature environments.
  • The locking-teeth head helps to secure bundles of wires or cables.
Best Value
The Velcro 100 One-Wrap Thin Ties are reusable and adjustable, letting you quickly and easily manage your electronics and appliances wires and cables. Want a variety of colors to color-code your cables, cords, and wires? Go for the Velcro One-Wrap Cable Management Self-Gripping Cable Ties.

Velcro 8 x 1/2-Inch Brand One Wrap Thin Ties – Available in 3 Pack Sizes

Many people wonder who really invented Velcro hook and loop. It all started with a tiny seed that is naturally covered in hundreds of hooks clinging onto microscopic loops that cover clothing, fur, or hair. It’s also known as the burdock burr and was an amazing marvel of nature that at first was a nuisance to those who came in contact with it. Swiss engineer George de Mestral eventually turned this irritant into an amazing innovation to create the world’s first ever hook-and-loop fastener.

Velcro is very versatile but the principal of operation remains the same. For instance, Velcro used to mount a tablet on the wall works the same way as the Velcro used by NASA to keep dinner plates from floating under zero gravity!

Velcro thin ties are economical, low profile options for fastening bundles of wires and organizing cables. They are strong and reusable and come pre-sized to make wire and cord management for electronic devices quick and easy. The slotted head design ensures the unit remains intact so you don’t lose the head from the cord. The cords are easily adjustable to suit a wide range of diameters, making it a trusted solution for data and network centers. The tie wraps onto itself to make a secure hold.

These ties come in packs of 25, 50 or 100, so you can go with what suits your application. You can cut to length or combine ties to suit your specific application.
The Avantree Reusable Cable Ties are available in 3 different sizes, making them appropriate for all kinds of cables. If you love keeping your cables and electronics organized, you might also want to consider the 100% Bamboo USB Charging Station which can fit multiple devices and will keep your desk looking smart and tidy.

Avantree Reusable Hook & Loop Cable Ties – Available in 2 Colors & 2 Pack Sizes

Avantree is a respected name when it comes to exceptional audio solutions like Bluetooth adapters and other accessories. Their high-quality cable tie is an excellent electronic solution to make cable organizing more affordable. Through their cutting-edge technology and ultra-modern designs, their cable ties make audio products look as good as they sound.

Avantree cable ties are made from flexible fabric material, making them durable and reusable. The special design comes in three different sizes of 10’’x0.8’’, 6’’x0.6’’ and 5’’x0.5’’. This makes it easy to keep any kind of cable nice and tidy.

With the variety of colors available including black, blue, yellow, white, and pink, it’s easy to color-code your cables. The special design makes it easy and quick to fix cable to the straps. The 24 months warranty gives you the peace of mind as you purchase these ties.

These ties are available in packs of 20 and 50, so choose according to your needs!
With a 50 lbs tensile strength and an 8-inch length, the TR Industrial Multipurpose Cable Ties can be used in various applications and will not run loose. Looking for longer cable ties? Check out the 14" TR Industrial Multi-Purpose Cable Ties instead!

TR Industrial 100-Pack Black 8-Inch Multipurpose Cable Ties

TR Industrial is among the pioneers of new-generation tools. The company specializes in high-quality power tools that meet or exceed the industry standards at a reasonable cost. To achieve such high standards, the company is devoted to a streamlined manufacturing process, stringent quality control processes, scrutiny of components used, and testing every product with reputable industry professionals. TR Industrial Cable Ties are made with quality while maintaining an affordable price tag.

TR Industrial cable ties are made with industrial strength 6/6 Nylon with UV resistance. The ties are 8 inches in length and lucky for you, they come in a pack of 100 so there’s more than enough for all those DIY jobs you haven’t got around to yet. They have great tensile strength of 50lbs making them sturdy for a wide range of applications and cable sizes without worries of loosening up. The working temperatures range from 40-185 degrees F or 40-85 degrees C, so you can use them in relatively high-temperature applications.
The Joy Fish TIE-N-LOCK Cable Ties feature a one-piece construction that produces a strong wrap with a permanent locking capability that ensures a solid and secure hold. Prefer heavy-duty ties? Check out the Joy Fish 8" Heavy Duty Nylon Cable Ties that also come with Anti-Acid & Anti-Corrosion capability.

Joy Fish 100 Piece 8-Inch Black TIE-N-LOCK Nylon Cable Ties

Joy Fish (originally Twin Fish) is a respected brand in consumer and commercial fishing supplies under the umbrella of Lee Fisher International, Inc. Their cable tie products are of high quality and come at competitive prices. With Joy Fish’s experience in commercial fishing, you can bet their cable ties work in a wide range of adverse environments without a hitch.

Joy Fish cable ties are a Tie-N-Lock design and come in a wide range of sizes, colors, and types. The injection molded ties come as a one-piece construction for strong and reliable wraps. The permanent locking mechanism ensures a tight and secure grip after the application. The rounded smooth edges, bent tip, positive locking teeth, and self-locking head are some of the extra features that ensure a firm wrap on a wide range of applications.

The ties are made from Nylon 6/6 with a UL rating of 94V-2 making them strong and durable. The working temperatures range from -40F to 185F, allowing for use in both low- and high-temperature applications. The package comes with 100 ties and is great for organizing cables for A/V equipment, audio systems, and much more. The zip and snip design makes the ties easy to use and comes with a good quality warranty.

How Do I Choose the Best Cable Tie?

A cable tie is not just a plastic strip for tying up or securing a bunch of wires. There’s a lot that goes into the construction of cable ties, which by extension determines the strength and reliability of these ties. There are multiple types of cable ties available on the market and choosing the wrong type can cost you a lot more than you actually spent. Every technician understands that and that’s why they can’t afford to skimp on cable ties for their tool box.

Picture yourself securing a lucrative networking job at a busy train terminus. You have all the tools and you’ve laid out all the Ethernet cables. To secure the cable to the trunking panel, you make use of a bunch of cable ties you bought from a local store on your way to the site. As soon as you complete your task, the whole bundle of cables come tumbling down. What happened? The tie strips probably slipped or snapped under the weight of these cables. Some models cannot withstand certain levels of temperature fluctuations. So, your application matters a lot when choosing cable ties.

Now, when planning for your next project, you should know how to pick the right cable ties for your needs. Though these gadgets go with different names like Ty straps, wire wraps, cable wraps, or nylon ties, the basic considerations remain the same when choosing a cable tie. First, consider the material from which the tie is made. It could be nylon, stainless steel, fluoropolymer, or detectable metal. Additionally, you can consider weather resistance, oil resistance, or heat resistance of the cable ties depending on your applications. If you’re using nylon ties, be sure to find a reliable multi tool to pull the cable ties tight before you can cut off the tail.
Cable ties vary widely in prices depending on the materials used, size, amount per package and extra features included in the construction. Nylon ties are the commonest designs and are moderately priced. Nylon cable ties are still available in various quality levels from high levels of reground nylon to virgin nylon. Other types are made from detectable metal, stainless steel, and fluoropolymer. Generally, good quality cable ties will cost between $3 and $10. Anything above that is a specialized design meant for specialty jobs while any cheap cable ties below this range could be some low-quality plastic that snaps with the slightest strain or temperature fluctuation.
Cable ties come in a variety of features that make one model stand out from the rest. It’s important to understand the environmental conditions the cable ties will be exposed to. The conditions of your application will determine which type is best for the job. Here are the features to consider:
  • The length – Cable ties come in different lengths ranging from 4 to 52 inches. Be sure to measure the diameter of the wire bundles you’re going to tie and pick the most appropriate length. It’s better to buy longer ties since they can always be trimmed after installation.
  • The material– You’ll find cable ties from a variety of materials including stainless steel, nylon, and other metals. Nylon ties are the most common types and offer great weather resistance and resistance to UV rays on low-temperature applications. Stainless steel cable ties provide a better performance in harsher environments with chemicals, heat, and other corrosive elements.
  • Special features – Some needs may not be met by standard cable ties. Most ties have a permanent locking mechanism, but some applications may need ties that can be unlocked without actually cutting the ties. Releasable cable ties are available on the market and you can choose them for special applications. There are mounted head cable ties that allow you to mount wire bundles on surfaces. They come with holes for screws and other mounting hardware.
  • Strength – Every cable tie is designed with different levels of strength. The strength of a cable tie is given as tensile strength and denoted in Newton or Pounds. This is the breaking point of the cable tie and is critical, especially when securing mission-critical cable harnesses.
  • Temperature Range – Take into consideration the inherent conditions where the ties are going to be applied. Extreme cold or heat can affect cable ties. Extreme cold temperature causes plastic ties to become more brittle and susceptible to snaps.
Construction and Design
The cable tie’s construction can either be one-piece or two-piece. One-piece construction comes as a single strip for both the tie and its locking mechanism. One-piece cable straps are generally nylon types and are relatively less costly, making them applicable in different tasks in homes and offices. Two-piece cable ties offer advanced performance and come with a smooth stainless steel locking mechanism at the end of each tie. These ties can be easily adjusted to make exactly the right fit around a bundle of wires or cables, so you don’t risk over-tightening.

The locking mechanism of a cable tie is another critical parameter to consider. Most designs use teething mechanism to lock and secure wire harnesses while specialized models incorporate metal barbs on the head to reinforce the locking mechanism. These are useful in applications that require infinite adjustment positions that don’t require gripping teeth. There are also contour cable ties with gripping teeth on the outside of the cable tie which provide less abrasion, making them ideal in the aerospace industry.
Performance and Ease of Use
Cable ties are generally straightforward to use, provided you’ve picked the right type and size. Always measure the diameter of the wire bundles you’re going to tie before you choose the right size. If you’re ordering online, there are various ways to check for defects and ensure you’re getting the best quality product.

By just feeling a cable tie strip, it’s possible to know its quality. If it feels hard and stiff, it means it can easily break. You can also hold the strip by its tail and whip the head against a table top. If it breaks, then the batch could be of low quality.

There are reusable cable ties available on the market. They may cost a little more but they offer better versatility. For example, hook and loop cable ties are adored by AV enthusiasts and cable installers since they allow you to add or change cables over and over without having to replace the cable tie each time.

Once you’ve selected the right cable ties, be sure to store them under the right conditions. Since most cable ties are made from nylon which is highly hygroscopic, ensure that they are stored in sealed bags to maintain their performance. If you keep them in areas with moisture, they can dry out and become brittle and weak. However, if the ties dry out after installation, they actually become stronger.

Get the Best Cable Tie of 2022!

Cable ties are specially designed to secure bundles of wires or cables and several other components quickly, with no slips. You’ll find a wide range of cable ties on the market with the common types being nylon and Velcro cable ties. Each type comes with its own set of features, so knowing what to look for is critical when shopping for cable ties. Hopefully, we helped you find the best cable ties to secure your handwork. These brands still offer other fabulous alternatives that you can sample as well.

Our Top Choice
Cable Matters 200 Self-Locking Cable Ties
Best Value
Velcro One-Wrap Thin Ties
Avantree Reusable Cable Ties
TR Industrial Multipurpose Cable Ties
Joy Fish TIE-N-LOCK Cable Ties